Session 8

The Grays Futile Attempts to Ascend,
And Your New Cousins

Q - Question

A - An T'na



Q: An T'na, in a previous communiqué you mentioned that the unevolved group of extraterrestrials who contacted our governments, back in the 1950's, did so because they wanted to take resources and DNA from us and from our planet. Would you clarify, please, the reasons why they would want to do this?

A: Yes. The common view of a lot of people in your UFO and extraterrestrial community is limited in the extent of the purpose for this act, and the subject has also been the product of much speculation.

Let us enlighten you a bit more about this matter.

While you have assumed that the taking of your resources and DNA has been done for the purpose of gathering compatible genetic material in order to rescue, through genetic modification, their own species from physical extinction - who, in this case in particular, are those you call the Grays - and this endeavor is but half of the fact, half of the all-inclusive purpose for which it has been done.


While not completely false in nature, this assumption for the undertaking is true, but it is also nonetheless only a portion of their overall, greater objective.


There has been a real madness to their desperate motives, in a literal sense, and we shall elaborate upon this for your understanding.

The history of how these Beings came to find themselves on the precipice of biological extinction is a lengthy one that shall be revealed in-full once contact has been made. The information that you have thus far acquired regarding this history is but the tip of a much larger iceberg, as you would say; yet, its premise is fairly correct.

For now, suffice it to say that these Beings arrived on their path of near-extinction by their own choices and doings - in other words, they were not externally forced into this dire situation.

These Beings have been well aware, for a very long time, of the pending collapse of the Lower Triad. But they were already well on the path to extinction by the time they learned about this cosmic fact.

You must keep in mind that their lifetimes span a much greater portion of time than does that of the Terran species. So when we speak of time relative to them, we mean it in terms of many, many hundreds of thousands of years relative to you.

Searching endlessly and frantically throughout the Lower Triad portion of the universe for a species whose genetics were compatible with their own - and not just any species' genetics would do, but, they discovered, it had to be one that was capable of assisting them into making a very rapid recovery of their own genetics because they knew that they had a deadline to meet - and you can take that as a pun on your terms, but for them it is a serious one.

Eventually they came upon the Terran species native to your planet and found that there was genetic compatibility. But they knew they could not just barge in and invade your planet so as to herd all of you into cages for the purpose of acquiring your DNA, because their fragile bodies cannot withstand the repercussions of you fighting back; plus your planet's atmosphere is not compatible with the kind of gasses, air pressure, and so on that allows their bodies to thrive.


So the genetic project would have to be an off-world task, done while in orbit around your planet, disguised, or cloaked, as you would say, from your view thus your awareness of their presence and intentions with you.

So, their council determined that they would do the next best thing to an all-out invasion - they would make a covert bargain with the major national leaders of the time. And the scheme worked beautifully for them. Without question, due to their own continuous need for greed your leaders bought into the duplicitous nature of the Grays.


You can read about these historical events, so far as known, in Michael's book and other books on the subject.

But what is not commonly known within all of this is that through the course of this bargaining process, these duplicitous Beings had inadvertently pitted all your major nations against one another - they themselves consequently served a Machiavellian role in their interactions with you.


At first they were not aware that this increase of international distrust would be the outcome of their surreptitious dealings with your global governments, and when they discovered what had developed, they cared not about it one bit.


The damage that they had instigated was already done and well on its way to further disrupting what little peace was left on your precious planet. They would get what they needed from you and then leave you to sort out the global impairment that they had set into motion.

Now, we have already stated that your own national government leaders sold out your opportunity for global peace in exchange for extraterrestrial technologies capable of creating evermore sophisticated thus lethal weapons of mass destruction, as you refer to it.


Once the exchange had been made between your governments and their dubious extraterrestrial partners, distrust moved into each country like a wild winter blizzard wind freezing the hearts of your leaders into cold-hearted war mongers who could not get enough blood on their hands fast enough to procure absolute power of control unto themselves.


They had dealt themselves in behind walls of fortified security and dealt you out into a whirlwind of increasing greed that by now has found its way into every aspect of your lives.

This has been the outcome of the self-aggrandizing Gray's interactions with your own self-aggrandizing leaders.


Remember, this is the result of like-attracting-like in this relative-based universe. It's not that your leaders didn't have a choice in electing to accept the helpful offer of the benevolent Beings, for they certainly did - even they have a heart, but instead they willfully chose to go with the flow of suspicion and fear of their own species, intolerances which resided in their altered egos for such was the imbalance within them between heart and head.


And so even today it remains this way within some of your current leaders.

And this is why you must do the job yourselves of bringing forth a public disclosure program without their sanction, without their help, without their blessing.

Now, what has developed with the Grays' attempts to genetically modify themselves is that of one failure occurring after another. It is not that they cannot get the genetic modification to work, but that it won't work fast enough in time for their own embodiments to reach the point of biological ascension for, indeed, genetics alone will not do the trick, and this much they have learned after all this time of trying to make it happen.


They have discovered that no one can biologically ascend by taking a genetically modified shortcut to heaven, so to speak, for that which creates ascension of the embodiment is far beyond what can be done by DNA-tweaking processes.

It is the full-range of emotion that is the magic key to unlocking the strands of ascension in the body. And the Grays long ago bred out their ability to be fully emotional in the ways that matter the most.


That is not to say that they are completely devoid of emotion, but by tweaking-out all genes that are directly affected by the specific emotions that unlock the strands of ascension in the body, they became their own genetic undoing, unknowingly ensuring in the process that they would eventually never be able to biologically ascend either.

You see, there is no shortcut to heaven, to the Ascended Realms in the Upper Triad, and these Beings have proven that very blatantly. You must earn your own way there through the evolution of your own consciousness and energy. And many souls on your planet are accomplishing this marvelous feat on their own efforts and merits, all done without the help of technology for the reasons discussed in a previous communiqué.

So, the Grays are not to be trusted for they are a duplicitous species by nature. Leave them alone. They are not to be pitied for what they have done to themselves for it all amounts to lessons someday learned within their souls. Bless them and leave them alone.


Yet neither are they to be shunned for they have managed to save themselves in a roundabout manner by creating hybridized Beings by mixing your genetics and theirs, as Beings who we call Zeta-Terrans, for their former place of origin was in the Zeta Reticuli star system.

Although they have been unsuccessful with creating the ascension of their own embodiments, they did manage to create a viable hybridized species who would, through another manner, carry on some of the genetics of the Gray species suspended within the blood of this new Zeta-Terran.

The Zeta-Terran embodiment has been tweaked in its appearance so as to be undistinguishable from your full-blooded Terran embodiments, yet the truth can be discovered only through genetic testing that reveals the markers of the Zeta-Gray genes.

In that these Zeta-Terrans are a fairly new introduction onto your planet, few of you will come across them. They have been living for the most part in protected garrisons disguised as businesses, in underground facilities, and the like, watched over and monitored by their "creators", their "guardians" who orbit above the planet.

What gives away the Zeta-Terran more than appearance is behavior. In that the souls who inhabit these Zeta-Terran embodiments are those of the Gray species, once they are incarnated or transferred into their Zeta-Terran embodiments, they being new to the ways and conduct of Terran life, their strange and unusual behavior stands out as what you would consider awkward.


Until they learn to become more Terran, they will remain secluded for the most part.

In the meantime, their off-world Gray protector-guardians are dying out as their inability to reproduce their own Zeta embodiments takes its toll on their very small and quickly dwindling population. The entire species will be extinct well before the Lower Triad folds up.

The Zeta-Gray souls who manage to survive, by inhabiting the hybridized Zeta-Terran embodiments, nonetheless will not be able to engage biological ascension into the Upper Triad after all. The Zeta-Terrans are aware of this fact so they are resigned to becoming part of the vast number of groups of souls who are migrating to the new universe, to become the creators of that new adventure.

Having seen the personal evolutionary benefits of this new adventure, the Zeta-Terrans are now willing and eager to participate in this divine destiny that they so long ago set-in-stone for themselves, for indeed, whether one ascends with this universe or one migrates to reside in the new universe, both options are equally divine and necessary unto the existence of those universes.


We ask you to remember this so you do not egotistically turn this cosmic fact into some form of duality of good/bad, right/wrong, better/worse, heaven/hell for there is no such thing regarding it.

Although a few Zeta-Terrans have already oriented themselves to live amongst you, once contact has been made you will see the open emergence of all of your Zeta-Terran cousins, for that is truly what they are genetically.


We ask you to welcome them just as lovingly as you would any other beloved family member for, indeed, they are but only one of many other extraterrestrial species who will be making their physical presences known to you, interacting directly with you, assisting you in the ways that are relative to the current point in personal evolution of each one of you.

We hope that this has enhanced and broadened your understanding, and has brought forth clarity of the matter.

That is all for now. Stay well and be happy.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council

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