Session 9

The Difference Between Disclosure and Contact
Initiated By the People, vs. By the Government

Q - Question

A - An T'na



Q: Please give us further clarification regarding citizen-based disclosure and contact with members of the Galactic Society, as distinguished from the one that our government leaders have planned for us at an official level.

A: With regard to what is occurring per official levels, you currently have a scenario that has developed over a long period of time - a program handed down and refined over time.

In a previous communiqué, we spoke of two groups of self-aggrandizing aliens who made contact and connections with some of the leaders of your planet. We are speaking of your more recent past, for the planet's past is replete with visiting and residing extraterrestrials from a number of places throughout and beyond your galaxy.


The third group who made contact with your leaders were of a benevolent nature, and upon your leaders' orders, this group departed from your planet. We shall discuss them in this communiqué later on.

These two more self-centered groups of aliens are still very much involved with your leaders, and each group is busily engaged in the respective agendas that they came here to accomplish.

We ask you to remember that while these groups have, for decades, been doing their thing, so to speak, with your leaders, understand that there have also been other benevolent extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings making contact and interacting with some of your common people. A small portion of this interaction has been done through person-to-person modes of contact, but for the most part it has been done through non-physical modes of telepathy and other types of interface such as lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences and so on.

These passive types of interaction are still transpiring except that it is with only a smaller number of common people compared to a much larger number that your government people are in contact with.

In-lieu of that, we shall confine our discussion to your question of how contact and the outcome thereof, as initiated by the people of your planet, differs from contact brought on by your governments.

It is immensely important that you understand the difference between them because you can expect two very different outcomes from each one. Once you understand the difference between them then you will be able to focus yourselves upon the contact path that results in the kind of future that you want to have as your next step in personal and global experience.

Previously we stated that your governments have fought as much as possible against you having any knowledge about the matter, going so far as to make it illegal for you to have such knowledge, and never having any degree of contact with non-terrestrial beings.

The controlling elite has infested every area of your academics, religion, and media with their subordinate moles who are ordered to create the twisted bunk that is to be fed to the public regarding all-things-extraterrestrial and extradimensional. It is their sworn oath, to their higher-ups, to keep the truth from you under all circumstances.


Consciously aware of it or not, this extremely strict order comes to them from the highest of their echelons who, each in their own ways, participated in hijacking the favorable destiny of this planet from you-the-people.


Clear evidence of this hijacking was observed with their assassination of a president named John Kennedy, whence they began a more overt yet craftily disguised takeover of your government leaders and policies.

It is to their advantage that you have no knowledge of the presence of these invaders who want nothing to do with you except to keep you enslaved in order to accomplish for them whatever their agendas might be from one stage to the next. They are the ones unto whom your governments sold out your opportunity for increasing personal freedom, global peace and species advancement.

Is it any wonder then why your leaders have been so adamant about helping their non-terrestrial cohorts keep the truth hidden from you?

But, you must understand that this situation came about as a result of these leaders originally making this sell-out numerous decades ago. Many of them have since died and many others are close to it today. Other influential cronies who are loyal to the same groups of entities have replaced some of the ones who have died.


But others of them have been replaced, covertly by us, by worthy people who's intent it is to break down the walls of secrecy and laws of forbiddance that were constructed on the foundations of the lack that had, so very long ago, generated the extreme fear and thus greed of one of these two groups of aliens.

How did they come to be in a state of lack? We said that long ago when the last group of non-terrestrial Beings were on your planet, most of them left Terra in order to return to their own home planets…and some of them remained behind because they felt they had better opportunities right where they were, on Terra.

It was the departure of their fellow people, who took with them all of their ships, all of their technology, and all of the information for creating it, that the ones who remained behind were thrown into a situation of lack.


It very much angered them to loose their space shuttles and all their technology so that they had become stranded on this planet… not at all what they had planned to be the case for themselves, for indeed they had anticipated being able to carry on their journeys for the conquest of space, your planet being but merely one of them.


For eons of time, the ultimate takeover of your planet had been a private plot amongst themselves. And this is another discussion for another time.

So, why did their own people leave in the first place? They had done all that they came here to do, and then some, until it became wholly boring and, you might say, evolutionarily outmoded for them to remain here any longer.


They had interacted with enough Terrans to know that the species of this planet had quite a bit of evolving yet to do for, in-fact, their own species, save for the few who remained behind, had evolved themselves to higher levels of understanding about what they had done, to the point where they no longer felt vibrationally aligned with the Terrans who they had helped, to some degree, refine as a resident species of this planet.


They wanted to bring the Terran species, unto whom they felt a sense of responsibility as their creators, if you will, into their fold, make them equal with themselves as partners, no longer as slaves.


But a small group of their own people felt otherwise and refused to allow this to occur. The more evolved of them chose to leave the planet rather than fight amongst themselves over the matter, which they no longer wanted to do.

We stated before that many species have come and gone on this planet, and this group is one of them. Their departure, at that time, was the largest one in your recent history pertaining to this matter.

We have already spoken to some degree about one of the two groups you call the Grays, who are still here but, as we said, are less interactive with you as a dying species.

For this other group we have been referring to now, you have a couple of popular names for them, which are Anunnaki and Nefilim. These are but two names used by a couple of cultures in your history. Other cultures had their own names for these so-called "gods of yore".


And the history about them that has been handed down to you is considered "folklore" and "myth" but more correctly can be said to be a combination of both fact and fiction for indeed over much time the facts have been interwoven with fiction into something that we could call "factitious".

The recognition and separation of fact from fiction will be revealed to you once contact has been made…meaning contact initiated by the people, for the people.

Now, contact as planned by your governments will certainly not result in you having any knowledge beyond what they deem you to need to know…which, in their eyes will not be any more truth than what you have now. Remember that we just mentioned the matter of legal issues that would confront them should they "tell all" to you.

Although some country's leaders are beginning to cooperate with their citizens' initiatives for disclosure, it is the intent of your U.S. government, and that of a few other allied governments, to present you with a plan of disclosure and contact that fills your confused minds with information that misrepresents the selfish aliens who they want you to believe you are having benevolent contact with. In other words, they will tell you that these aliens are good and caring when they have no intention of being thusly toward you-their-slaves.


They are selectively good and caring only amongst themselves and their Terran minions.

Bear in mind that even if this kind of disclosure and contact occurs, you will probably never see the real aliens, those who are the controlling ones.


They prefer to remain as "the hidden, unknown, unseen, unnamable Gods" for indeed how can you take revenge on someone you have never seen or know not where they dwell.


You will most likely only see their minions, their chosen or ordained priests, just as it has been for a very long time. Even at this moment, they dwell on your planet and you know not who they are or where they are. And they want to keep it that way for reasons that serve their greater good, not yours.

So, your leaders will give you falsified data, a rewritten history of who they are with regard to their affairs with you as a species. They will give you information that has been spun toward the furthering of your loyalty unto them thereby getting you to accomplish their agendas, part of which is to keep you enslaved for their own aggrandizement.

Government-generated disclosure and contact will not occur in any sense that generates the kind of destiny you want to have which makes your planet a member of a Galactic Society. You will not be admitted into the Galactic Society that you desire admittance into, for it is a sure thing that it is their plan to never allow that event to occur for you.


They will tell you that you will be joining one, but it will be a mock-up non-terrestrial society composed of their own people and another collaborating species.

Were they to actually allow you to be admitted into the real Galactic Society then they would have to begin cooperating with your citizen-based initiatives for disclosure, and then they would have to allow contact with us to occur unto all people at personal levels, interacting openly and freely with all benevolent extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings.


Their agenda does not allow for this because they have other plans to the contrary for you. We know for certainty that there is absolutely no sign whatsoever that these aliens, or your leaders, are cooperating with benevolent Beings for disclosure and contact.

They have, instead, gone so far as to develop elaborate devices and systems and methods of deceiving you into believing that what you are witnessing and experiencing as "contact" is real, but in-fact it will be a holographic illusion.


It would all be part of an elaborate ruse, but only the very beginning of an incredibly extensive one designed to keep you as blind about the truth as you ever have been; yet, the ruse itself would serve as a counter to the real disclosure and contact.

Should they succeed in pursuing such a plan then the outcome would be one of ongoing enslavement to an ever-burgeoning technological mode of life that is wholly intended to remove from you, at an increasing rate, your ability to access the innate powers that lie dormant in your souls.

They know that they themselves can never remove your power from your souls, but they do know that they can remove your access of your powers by displacing your natural innate line of access through getting you more and more hooked into the use of technological devices, replacing your awareness of the lines of access with an ignorance of its existence as part of who you truly are.


Once the lines of access are replaced by ignorance of them, you subsequently no longer have the ability to activate and engage your natural powers as a sovereign soul unto yourself. You will never be able to know who you truly are, and progressing you to that condition of Self-ignorance is the whole point of their goal.

In other words, you will ignorantly belong to them because you will have no way to know that you actually do not.

Now, to be more specific with the kind of disclosure and contact that they will provide you with, it will be done through the afore-mentioned show of intimidation put on by the use of holographic technology. They plan to stage a scenario depicting themselves in charge of battling away the so-called "evil aliens" that one of your presidents spoke of so long ago to another world leader.


The objective of such a monstrous display would be to make you believe that they are saving your planet from the evil ones so that you will then perceive, and believe your absurd leaders are the true saviors of your day.

But what is not commonly known, even by most of your UFO/extraterrestrial investigators and researchers who have spoken publicly of such things, is that the reason why this so-called official plan has not yet been initiated by them into action is because your leaders have been awaiting not only the specific day when benevolent extraterrestrials arrive in your local skies but also when Ascended Beings arrive amongst you for open contact.

This plan is intended to intercept and destroy, and fight away from your planet, all extraterrestrial ships arriving in peace and goodwill and desiring to initiate open contact with each of you equally.


Your leaders have known that this day is bound to come and, for decades, they have been getting ready for it.

If having peaceful contact with benevolent Beings were actually part of their plan, then long ago they would have prepared the people of your planet for it, and it would have already occurred by now. Hence, there would never have been any secrecy about it nor laws made against it.


The fact that there still are these forbiddances in place testifies to the further fact that they are not cooperating with benevolent extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings for open disclosure and contact that uplifts everyone equally.


It blatantly testifies to the fact that their agenda is one of ongoing disempowerment of your awareness of who you truly are and thus how powerful you truly are.

Having you know that fact scares them more than anything else. It is a truth above and beyond all of the highest top-secret extraterrestrial subjects. Who you truly are tops and trumps everything else! When you understand that, then all the seemingly dumb stuff that they do begins to add up, but it is a twisted, despicable, dishonorable logic.

They know that once you have contact with benevolent Beings… both extraterrestrial and Ascended…then their self-aggrandizing game is up because you will come to know who you truly are so that your innate power never allows yourselves to be enslaved ever, ever again.

So, the big deal with having a cover-up of all-things-extraterrestrial is actually a much bigger deal with them having securely in-place a cover-up against you knowing and being who you truly are.

This entire cover-up is being executed not only by means of secrecy and lawmaking, but also punishments for not obeying it. Consequently we could rightly say that these punishments, inherent in the cover-up's laws against you knowing about all-things-extraterrestrial, is really all about punishing you for coming to know who you truly are. Astounding, isn't it.

This is why we stipulate and emphasize that if you don't take action to create your own citizen-initiated disclosure program, and do it soon, then your ability to access your soul's awareness of who you truly are, and the power that lies dormant therein, remains threatened.

As we have said before, any delays and procrastination with engaging a citizen-initiated disclosure program is to your own unpleasant undoing.

We refuse to force you into taking your initial steps toward this accomplishment. You must show interest and make obvious your choice by living like you are ready to join the Galactic Society; you take the initial steps, and we will meet you there.

Now, what would be the outcome of a citizen-initiated disclosure and contact? As we have stated before, it will be different than the one portrayed by your fiction writers and as seen on your films, and by some research-futurists on the matter.

First of all, many species, not just one or two, will contact you. You will not be going into one of their ships right away and dashing off into space.

Each species will have many of their own teachers joining your disclosure educational network groups worldwide, and they will expand your understanding in all-things-extraterrestrial.

And for all Ascending Souls, they will receive from Ascended Beings their knowledge of all-things-extradimensional.

In other words, for a period of time, you will all be in school stretching your minds, so to speak, so as to hold all the truths that have been withheld from you by a criminal group of people, and their menacing alien bosses who are being removed off your planet over time. More than that, we shall not divulge at this time.


Even when they are removed you still have your own loyalist leaders to keep the ball rolling for their alien bosses.

Now, regarding this worldwide schooling of truth, you will not be tested on anything. This is neither an exam nor a trial. You will each be evaluated for your own personal readiness to participate in programs and activities that you individually resonate with.

These are programs that are designed for bringing all of your own people out of poverty; out of hunger; out of disease; out of homelessness; out of crime - for what is crime but a lack of any of the things of necessity or desire; out of unemployment and employment as the slaves that you have been, working endlessly to build and maintain the ostentatious hives for the royal echelons.

You will have no further need of those mega-buildings of commerce and business and marketing and so on that have been used to keep the slave business intact. You will turn them into housing for the needy and homeless. In rural areas, you will build or rebuild houses for those in need of home repairs and upgrades to decent living conditions.

You will be engaging in activities that disregard all the boundaries and borders and all barriers that have been designed to separate and divide you from one another. You will be able to freely move about, visit, and relocate anywhere on the planet that you so desire, for it is your planet and you should never be barred from accessing any portion of it.

You will have different kinds of vehicles for travel that are unlike what you use now, consequently you will turn all roadways into playgrounds and parks and gardens of beauty for all people to enjoy.

You will close and tear down all zoos, and return the animals to their wild habitats. All animals will be healed of all diseases, and your pets will be free to roam with you without restrictions.

You will clean up and restore your precious planet.

You will not perform these tasks alone. It will not take many decades to complete for we will assist you by showing you how to do the tasks using modes of action that you haven't been privy to know you possess, individually or in groups.

With our assistance you will heal and restore your entire planet in a year's time for there are certainly enough of you currently living on your planet to get the job done efficiently and effectively, very quickly. Teach 7 billion people how to do their specialized task and imagine what can get done, and how quickly it can occur! Imagine how rewarding it will be for all of you - children and adults alike.

In other words, you will all be very busy, we assure you! But it will all be so very fun and gratifying because you will be engaged in the creation of productivity that uplifts yourself and all alike. Everyone will benefit, equally, including your beloved planet and all its wondrous creatures.

Eventually many of you will choose to leave your planet in order to take assignments on starships, or on what you refer to as motherships, and at other planets, happily engaged in activities amongst species you resonate with in idea and experience.

So, what will be the outcome when you-the-people create your own citizen-based disclosure and contact programs, rather than relying on your government leaders to do it for you?…


We assure you that it will be a grand and wondrous education in truth, and an outrageous life of freedom, peace and renewal in fabulous ways you haven't yet dreamed of.

All Ascending Souls will receive an education from our Ascended Being Volunteers and visiting Ascended Beings, receiving knowledge that is relative to existing as an Ascended Being in the Upper Triad. And in time, they will ascend with the planet, to dwell amongst other Ascended Beings with whom they resonate harmoniously.

All our Ascended Being Volunteers will return Home to the lives that they put on-hold long ago in order to engage the volunteer assignments they agreed to do with us, on your behalf. After a period of reorientation, they will resume their former activities.

So, all-in-all, what will make our contact with you different from that which you can expect from your governments' contact plans for you?

If your leaders plans go through for you, the most noticeable thing will be that life, as you know it will not change much. It will change more in ways that provide you with more and more technological devices by which to further drown your soul with, but not free it.


You will continue to be enslaved to many of the same old ways and means of living as you are now but which will become more sophisticated-appearing. It's all just another ploy of seeming "advances in life".


Your technological landscape will be the biggest change and you will be told that that is "progress", and that your job is to keep it up and even make it better. Well, not better for you, but better for your enslavers.

Your planet will continue to suffer from ongoing disregard to its needs. Advances in genetics will bring about greater divisions of people into genetic caste systems. You will find a fair depiction of this in your film called, "Gattaca".

Advances in robotics and cyborg systems will create an army of warriors worthy of battling other star systems for dominance and control in outer space. Your planet will become a kind of star wars headquarters for the ruling elite who have, for ages, been here on your planet with this goal in mind.

Compare that scenario to the one that we just described to you as the outcome if you choose to create and implement your own citizen-based disclosure and contact programs.

We wish you to recognize something important underlying all of this: You are now standing in front of your own past whence your planet was offered two choices of destiny by two different groups of aliens visiting your planet. (See * below. -G-) You-the-people are now being offered the opportunity to choose the destiny that is best for you rather than for your governments.

Where in the past your governments made an inappropriate choice for your planet's destiny, you are now presented with another opportunity to make the appropriate choice for yourselves. You are being given an opportunity to right the wrong done by your leaders so long ago.

We are here to present you with information that is relevant to the two options confronting you once again. Once you've made the choice of creating a citizen-based destiny then we will make open contact with you for direct assistance and camaraderie.

The proverbial space-ball is in your court, to have fun with you. Choose wisely. Be happy. We shall commune with you again soon.

That is all.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council

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