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February  2014

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Clarifying The Two Types of Ascension


An T'na:


Greetings to you all. I am An T'na, bringing you another informative message from members of the Intergalactic Board of Council. You are invited to give heed to the clarifications that They present in this communiqué because it will add to your understanding of the ascension process.

Good day to each of you. We wish to focus your attention on the topic of that which is the ascension process itself.

We are noticing that there is still quite some amount of confusion regarding ascension. We discussed this to a minimal degree in previous communiqués. We shall now expound upon this matter so as to add to your clarity of understanding.

When We speak of ascension, We are referring to all souls who are ready to ascend or evolve out of the Lower Triad in order to enter into the Upper Triad.

There is another type of process that many migrating souls are engaging for their continued evolution, and this process could technically be termed an ascension process, but We wish to clarify the difference between these two types of ascension for indeed they are two different paths leading to two different outcomes.

You have most likely come across people who claim that they are ascending; yet, you notice that they do not think or behave as one who is ascending, yet they insist that this is what they are doing. Please note with an open mind that this might apply to oneself as well.

While technically correct by definition, We wish to get specific with a clarification regarding this matter.

In order to clarify what is going on per this confusion, as We discuss this matter We ask you to keep in-mind that there are two types of ascension occurring. In order to keep these two processes of ascension distinct from one another, We must assign terminologies to each one that allows the mind to perceive which is which.

While We speak of ascension occurring for all souls who are ready to leave the Lower Triad, there are souls within the Lower Triad who are, by definition, ascending but not out of the Lower Triad. They are ascending within the Lower Triad, evolving from their current level of understanding to a higher level of understanding.


This act is not the same as the ascension we refer to for all souls who are leaving the Lower Triad.

Now, we know that these are terms of semantics but We urge you to grasp what is being said herein since the perception you embrace of ascension will clarify or confuse your understanding of what other souls are doing per their evolutionary processes.

To begin with, We clarify that all souls who are ascending out of the Lower Triad possess a type of consciousness and energy, plus its relative behavior, who are ready to let go of all that exists within the Lower Triad. Such souls are ready to go beyond all that has been known and created within the Lower Triad.


The consciousness and energy configurations composing the Lower Triad no longer offer these souls new information or energy for stimulating further evolution.

By this We refer to anything and everything within the Lower Triad that you can know, see, be, do, have, and where you can go. Ascending souls know that they have been there done it all. They know, consequently, that they are being vibrationally attracted to another area of this universe that holds a whole new set of configurations of consciousness and energy to be experienced for continued evolution.

In-lieu of that, this vibrational attraction that is stimulating the soul to leave the Lower Triad, the soul feels no regret or sadness at the thought of leaving behind anything and everything within the Lower Triad. There is no sense of loss. There is no feeling of angst. There is no sense of perhaps missing out on something, or of missing someone who remains in the Lower Triad.

When ascending out of the Lower Triad you do so through the joy of understanding - understanding that which your soul is doing and why it is doing so. Then there is no experience of biological or emotional disharmony.

We have stated before that if you are indeed ascending, and if you are experiencing discomfort while doing so, then this is your body's signal to your mind that your focus in consciousness is not harmonized with the flow of ascension. The thoughts contained within the flow of ascension are those that are relative to the thoughts contained within the Upper Triad.

To get an idea of what some of these thoughts are, imagine your life being everything you want it to be without an opposite to any of it. In the Upper Triad there is no opposing thought to another thought.

We understand that this might be a perplexing concept for you to grasp since you have been so used to thinking in terms of opposites and duality. But in the Upper Triad there are no such configurations in consciousness and energy to be focused upon.


Making an effort to get your psychological patterns beyond the habit of dualized thinking is an important mental task that you can do now that assists you toward remaining centered in the flow of ascension.

As We have said before, once you decide what it is that you want, or how you want something in your life to be like, then let go of all its potential opposites, cease to focus upon them. Since the opposites never existed until you focused upon them and vibrationally attracted them into your vibrational field, then you can reverse this act by declaring to yourself that they no longer exist because you have already chosen the one that you want.


Realize fully that the one that you want is, consequently, the only reality that exists for you.


When you do this the all opposing potentials disappear from becoming your reality. They will not disappear completely from the Lower Triad's configuration of consciousness and energy for they remain as potentials for others to experience.


But they will disappear from your experience. You see?

Now, your body is a part of nature, and nature is of the planet, and the planet is ascending. Your bodies are continuously endeavoring to ascend because that biological act is in-harmony with the planet's flow of ascension.


When there is biological or psychological discomfort, it is your body's manner of conveying to your consciousness that you have moved off center of the planet's flow of ascension, thus off center of your own flow with it.

To correct this "straying from the path" of ascension, address the conflicting thoughts you are focused upon. Those thoughts are not part of the flow to the Upper Triad. They are relative only to the Lower Triad.


Once you adjust your mind back in the flow of what We call Upper Triad thinking, then your body will stop producing the signals of "disharmony" that are alerting you to thinking amiss.

We know that some people have very lengthy lists of what they call "ascension symptoms" indicating that a person will experience one or more of those listed symptoms as the body ascends. This misconception is coming from a lack of clarity about how ascension to the Upper Triad actually works.


They do not understand that these symptoms are biological signals notifying you that you are not harmonized with the flow of ascension and to get back into it as soon as possible. Such symptoms are not signals that you are ascending - at least not out of the Lower Triad.

One exception would be occasional and mild occurring heart palpitations or flutterings.


This is an indication that the bioelectrical system of the body is adjusting its vibratory rate of flow as it attunes to the greater flow of the planet's ascension. If you are having regular or harsh or painful experiences of it, then you are advised that this is not an ascension attunement but is a sign by your body that you need to see your care practitioner.

Souls ascending out of the Lower Triad will sometimes "wander astray" from the flow of ascension thereby bringing on the bio-psychological discomforts as a mild and temporary warning to correct your course. Through the method stated a moment ago, these souls are capable of making the necessary course corrections, which in a short time consequently brings about relief from the discomforts.

We add this ascension symptom information to our discussion because it is part of how you determine where a soul is ascending - meaning out of the Lower Triad or within it.

Now, keep this clarification in-mind as We move on to discuss the other type of ascension.

For clarification purposes, this other ascension process is what We refer to as consciousness raising. You may have heard or read much about this term as used by others. While the term itself is what it conveys by definition, what it is by experience is another thing.

To distinguish the experience of it from the definition of it, We shall insert a hyphen between the 2 words, as in, consciousness-raising.

Consciousness raising (without the hyphen) involves the process of seeing things anew so that what is being perceived is done so through a higher level of understanding.

Consciousness-raising takes this understanding and puts it into action as refined behavior patterns. To perceive a better way is not the same as to live that better way as well.

Consciousness-raising is what many migrating souls are doing throughout the Lower Triad as part of their ongoing evolution. These souls have not yet evolved through all that the Lower Triad has to offer. They are still eagerly involved with experiencing the remainder of all Lower Triad configurations of consciousness and energy.


And while they are doing so, their souls are rising up through the 7 levels of consciousness and energy configurations that exist within the Lower Triad.

We have said before that each dimension is composed of 7 main sub-dimensions. Each sub-dimension is composed of a particular type of consciousness and energy configuration - what We refer to as levels of "awareness".


When a soul has gained the understanding that configures a particular sub-dimension, then that soul has gained a broader sense of awareness about itself. Then through vibrational stimulation that soul compels its consciousness to behave in ways that are relative to that level of self-awareness.

Upon thus having become a "soul reborn" by this new understanding of self-awareness, the soul raises it consciousness up to the next sub-dimension wherein a new type of understanding awaits experience for gaining further self-awareness.

This process occurs from the foundational sub-dimension all the way through to the highest one which is the 7th level of understanding.

Mind you, since there are 3 dimensions composing the Lower Triad and each dimension has 7 sub-dimensions, there is a total of 21 sub-dimensions within the Lower Triad.

What We are specifically referring to herein are the 7 sub-dimensions contained within the 3rd dimension. All souls existing within the 3rd dimension have already evolved through the lower dimensions of 1 and 2 with their corresponding 7 sub-dimensions.

So, when We refer to the 7 sub-dimensions of the 3rd dimension, this is a point in evolution to which you have thus far evolved yourselves.


All souls in the 3rd dimension are at various levels of understanding in their evolution. Some souls are at the first sub-dimension level of understanding. A few souls are at the 7th, and most souls are at various levels in between.

You are, shall We say, existing in the 3rd dimensional universe that contains 7 sub-dimensions. Your experience of the universe as you know and see it is relative to your existence in this particular "configuration layer", we shall say, of the entire universe.

Each of the 7 sub-dimensions has its own type of density in physicality, each composed by 1 of 7 frequency resonance configurations.

Bearing that in-mind then, your thoughts and feelings do have density, thus they are things that you interact with every moment of your life. They are not merely non-physical images of entertainment in your head.

Souls who are ascending out of the Lower Triad are gaining an understanding of this fact. Consequently, these souls endeavor to choose wisely which thoughts and feelings they are going to interact with.

Migrating souls, being in the process of consciousness-raising within the Lower Triad, have not yet understood why this as a fact of life so they are not careful or concerned about the thoughts and feelings they interact with.

Now, since most souls within the 3rd dimension are engaging themselves in consciousness-raising, it is only those souls who have reached the highest level of self-awareness within the 7th sub-dimension [within the 3rd dimension] who are raising their consciousness's beyond the Lower Triad.


As a result they are being vibrationally attracted to the Upper Triad.


They are literally leaving the Lower Triad because there is no other configuration of consciousness and energy available to them by which to promote consciousness-raising for furthering their own self-awareness. They have reached a kind of dead-end street with it, as you would say.


There is nowhere else within the Lower Triad for them to evolve toward to so as to become. This is why they are ascending out of the Lower Triad and into the Upper Triad.

But, through consciousness-raising, all migrating souls are still evolving through the 7 sub-dimensions of understanding for further self-awareness. You could label this as a type of "ascension" but to circumvent confusion We avoid applying that term to migrating souls who are in the process of completing their consciousness-raising progression through the 7 levels of understanding.


To do this they are not ascending out of the Lower Triad.

Consciousness-raising migrating souls can be known by their uneasiness or inability to perceive and conceive of life beyond that which the 3rd dimension of the Lower Triad has to offer.

You will find that they have trouble with the idea of letting go of life as they have known it; that the idea of doing so is a disconcerting concept to them. If they could conceive of it, they would ask you why they would ever want to leave behind that which is known and enter into that which is unknown. They have no desire to do so because they still have more self-awareness to gain from the 7 sub-levels of understanding.

Until they are ready to ascend out of the Lower Triad, there is no vibrational attraction stimulating them to leave the Lower Triad. And that is as it should be. They are in the flow of running the gamut of Lower Triad adventures in consciousness and energy.


The 3rd dimension of the Lower Triad is their playground of creation and they are not through playing in it yet. We wish you to honor and respect them for where they are in their point of personal evolution.

They will also have uneasy feelings' resulting from the idea that ascension means leaving behind all of the things that they enjoy doing, and most of the loved ones who are not ascending.

They develop a sense of angst at the thought of no longer being immersed in consciousness and energy configurations of the familiar because their souls have not yet been compelled to focus on the idea of what that truly means until they have been there done it all.

To the contrary, ascending souls have a clear understanding of what that means. They are comfortable with moving into the unknown and the unfamiliar because their souls are compelling them to become explorers of the unknown and make it known unto themselves, and voyagers the unfamiliar that will become familiar to them.

In the purview of migrating souls, ascending souls are, to them, bewildering strangers who are bent on trekking off on some new fantastical adventure leading to a pie-in-the-starry-sky strange land, so to speak.

They appear to be the ultimate wishful thinkers, dreamers with vivid imaginations of the impossible and the unreal. Yet, migrating souls are baffled by the fact that there is no psychosis in these ascending people.

They are well grounded in life.

They are highly intelligent and tremendously wise.

They are compassionate, patient and understanding of others because they themselves have already experienced everything that the migrating soul is undergoing and will yet experience. Ascended souls can empathetically relate to the plights and delights of migrating souls because they have already been there done it all for themselves.

They fear not the unknown or the unfamiliar but to the contrary, they welcome it with open excitement.

They are soothing people to be around. Migrating souls will sense an unidentifiable charisma coming from an ascending soul. Yet at the same time, ascending souls are a mystery to migrating souls who simply cannot relate to the unfathomable destiny tenaciously held by ascending souls.

Migrating souls cannot relate to the vivid imagination, that promotes within ascended souls, that high sense of adventure and need for an exploration that is out of this world. Indeed, it is entirely out of this Lower Triad!

So, in-lieu of all that We have just said, what are you to do with this information?

We wish you to keep it for your personal clarity regarding ascension so you understand the difference between it, as what you are doing, and consciousness-raising that migrating souls are doing even though they insist on calling it "ascension".

They may call it "ascension", yet they will talk about ascending into a "new world" that fundamentally is not much different from this one. It is one that still relies on governments, economics, commerce, education, religion, court systems to settle disputes, and other such functions of external control, but the glaring difference is that it will be done through higher values, morals, principles, ethics, and so on.

This is many migrating souls' vision of the new world that they hope to bring about. This is a world that has been refined form its current state by migrating souls who have embraced enough consciousness-raising to have evolved into a higher sub-level of understanding of how life can be while still existing within the Lower Triad.

You have a term for it, which would be a utopic- or Galactic- or Star Trek-like civilization. There are many such civilizations throughout the 3rd dimensional universe, as well as many that are beyond even that kind of civilization, but they all exist within the Lower Triad.

But this is not how life is in the Upper Triad.

In the Upper Triad there is absolutely no government, no economics, and so on.

There are no cities, states, nations, or boundaries. Of what need is there for such things when the souls dwelling there are free to roam wherever they please in a boundariless universe?

And wherever they are there in the Upper Triad is no need for shelter or roads or such things when they have control over their personal environment and can teleport themselves in an instant to another place?

To those dwelling in the Upper Triad, of what need is there for governments when every soul is self-governing through principles and morals that exceed even those deemed the highest within the Lower Triad?

Of what use to those in the Upper Triad is economics, commerce, trade, money or credits or bartering, and so on, when anything and everything desired is manifested in less than the blink of your eye?

Of what use to those in the Upper Triad is religion when they know fully who they are and what their lives are all about?

Now, We need to add another topic that is quite inconceivable to many migrating souls. You will know them by the fruits of their perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, and actions regarding this topic - that of personal relationships, the family unit, and marriage.

In the Upper Triad there is no such thing as marriage, no giving of self into marriage nor taking of others in marriage with you, or anything close to it or even like it. It simply does not exist. Interrelations are experienced through a whole different concept that you have not conceived of.

Yet even at this time on your planet many souls are moving beyond the concepts of marriage to perceive ways of interrelating that are far superior to marriage; ways that mutually benefit all involved.


We shall not go into describing this matter at this time, but you can find information on your internet systems that focus on this matter as evidence that some of your societies are moving more into this higher sub-level of understanding.

Our point here is that most migrating souls on your planet are unable to relate to a reality where marriage simply does not exist, and where interpersonal and intimate relationships are based upon values, principles and morals that exceed those that have been known and engaged on your planet.

You will recognize migrating souls by their difficulty to feel comfortable with the idea of a world that has no "coupling" as you have known it; a world that engages personal intimacy and a family structure that is so unlike the manner by which it is done on your planet yet is a higher way of life that is common to people on most other planets that are ascending.

If you are one of these people who cannot conceive of this, who feel discomforted by the thought of not having such a way of life, then you should assess where you truly are in your point of evolution - still a migrating souls within the Lower Triad, or an soul ascending out of it - for indeed an ascending soul will have no problem understanding and living such a higher state of existence.

We wish to say that for eons your negative factions have held you back in the dark ages with regard to gaining an awareness of what a relationship can actually be.


You have been held back from knowing what a family unit can be like and how to live it to the highest benefit of all.

Your awareness of such truth does not serve well the group of migrating souls who are bent on maintaining control within their slave populace. And marriage and your current type of interrelationships and family structure is a form, in nice, neat little social-packets of control that helps them keep control over you.


For them to allow you to live your interpersonal relations in ways that are beyond these methods of control would cause them to loose control over you. So you have been kept in control by these archaic, outmoded and obsolete notions.

By now you all should be living your interpersonal experiences through modes of interaction that are more akin to those engaged by people who live on other planets that are being ascended. It is not that you could not evolve to be ready to live like that, but your negative factions have held you back from it.


But you are free to let go of these control factors any time you are ready to do so, and they will be unable to do anything about it.

At this point in your social civilization, holding on to these archaic concepts are not to your greatest benefit, especially if you are ascending.

If you are an ascending soul, then know this; you will have no difficulty seeing these control factors for what they actually are. You will thus have no trouble letting go of them because you are able to conceive of ways of interrelating that far better and extensively more loving.

Yet, if you are already "married" to a migrating soul who does not relate to your ascended awareness about this matter, then We advise you to listen to the dictates of your soul. Do as you are guided to do from within.

We do not wish you to engage in arguments with anyone regarding this matter. We do not impart this knowledge to you for that purpose. We wish that you not use this knowledge for the sake of debate or as a pretext that attempts to convert others to your understanding.

If a migrating soul wants to believe they are "ascending" yet you know they are not ascending out of the Lower Triad, then keep it to yourselves. Do not attempt to convince them otherwise. That is not what this information is for or is about. It is to help you prevent and avoid getting involved in such incidences with others, or from you initiating them yourselves.

If migrating souls insist upon believing in the concept of interpersonal relationships, marriage, the family structure, as you have known it, then allow them to do so while understanding that this is the level within the 7 sub-levels of self-awareness that they are at. Know that no attempts to convince them otherwise will change their mind.

The only exception would be the one where they genuinely want to know because their soul ready to move to the next level in understanding of the matter. Then they will ask you for your input, and that is when you can freely give it.

Although many of you may be ascending souls who are in a marriage situation to a migrating soul, it is not necessary that you "get a divorce" or "leave your family unit" just because your understanding about these matters has changed through your own ascension process.

You can live within the framework of your higher understanding while still being externally engaged in the "old ways". Your higher understanding will be engaged externally either during some future period of your life in the Lower Triad that your life is reconstructed toward living the "new way", or you will, in all certainty, live it once you are in the Upper Triad.

We wish you to remain in joy by following your heart of ease. Go in a direction of life where you feel the most peace and greatest sense of comfort. It is the job of your soul to lead you on the path of ascension. And to do that your soul will guide you to make whatever adjustments are necessary in order to keep you on that path. It is your job to listen and give heed to your soul's guidance.

We hope that this communiqué has added some clarity to your understanding of our terms and descriptions of ascension for all souls who are ascending into the Upper Triad, and of consciousness-raising for all migrating souls who are remaining in the Lower Triad.

We have other clarifications to impart unto you in forthcoming communiqués.


As An T'na said in the beginning, We appreciate your attention to this topic for it will enhance your own understanding about ascension, and that is what these communiqués are intended to do.

Be happy to stay well. Farewell for now.

On behalf of the members of the Intergalactic Board of Council, I am An T'na.

That is all for now.

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