Session 1
Received on January 10, 2013

Ascension as a Real Event
3 Waves of Volunteers and Their Chosen Missions
Ascension - Why Now?
Lower Triad, Upper Triad, and their Respective Dimensions
Ascension of This Universe and the Creation of a New Universe
Appearances of Their "Ships" and Contact
and much more...

'C' and 'D' = session facilitators

A = An T'na


A: Good morning.


On behalf of the Intergalactic Board of Council, we greet you. We are ready to impart to you knowledge that will bring forth clarity of the things that are transpiring at this time, of things that have occurred, of things to come, and we shall expand upon that which is brought forth.

I am An T'na. (It is pronounced as "awn teh-NAW"). I speak through our oracle on behalf of all those who are of our group, who work together on this mission. Our oracle has worked for us many times in this capacity before she incarnated on your planet, but this particular process is different than how she did it before.


We are happy she is willing to do this for us again.

We have information that pertains more to a couple of groups of people on your planet than to the rest of the population. This information is for clarification sake, for those who are ascending, and for our Volunteers, for there is much that has been of a limited understanding, and has been greatly distorted in-general.


It is not that one who is ascending must have absolute understanding of ascension, or that our Volunteers must fully remember who they are as volunteers of our mission, but that having an understanding in its clarity and purity contributes to the acceleration of the ascension process overall. It contributes to the awareness of what can be expected without the confusion of getting something different than what was expected, you see.

It is at this time that we bring this information forth because the ascension event overall is going forward more quickly than ever before. You can feel that, and witness it by means of the acceleration of time as you've known it. That is an obvious 'sign' that things are accelerating, and you can count on that as evidence of the fact. It is reliable proof.

You have been told that there are other signs of ascension which some call "symptoms" of the body.


While some of these symptoms have been put out for you to assume as proof of ascension, for most people most of them are ascension side-effects of 'ascension resistance', so to speak. It is important for you to understand which so-called symptoms are signs that are supporting you in the ascension process, and which are signs that are a resistance to it.


In-short, the symptoms that are resistance to ascension cause pain in the body stemming from a rejection of the ascending frequencies, and this pertains mostly to the souls who are not ascending. It is important for you to understand where any pain is coming from so you can resolve it and release it.

It is just as important for those of you who are ascending to acknowledge where the signs of support and upliftment are coming from, and acknowledge them as contributing to your ascension process. Those signs do not cause pain, but they do cause a noticeable difference in the way that you are feeling and behaving.


But there is another type of discomfort that some of our Volunteers and ascending souls may experience from time to time that is connected to the planet, and we shall discuss this later although this type of discomfort is not necessarily signs of ascension.

Some of you are experiencing the ascension process in stops and starts as your body makes adjustments to a given level of frequency before it makes an ascension to the next level.

But now this, we will call it a 'pulse' of ascension, these 'pulsing moments' are, we shall say, beating more evenly, the pulses are drawing together in such a way that there are not quite the long lapses in between. So, as you ascend it becomes a more smooth process, a more unbroken pattern.


Now is the time when you have entered that phase of the ascension event.


So, it is important that you go with the flow of it. The end of what you call your Mayan Calendar and others, were markers of when the "pulsing of time", as it was known, evens out into a uniform flow, as well as other indicators of change as the universe ascends.

There is much to confer, so now we would like to shift our discussion to the matter of our Volunteers who began coming here in what we call "The 3 Waves of Ascension".

These 3 Waves of Volunteers have all originated, or come to your planet from higher dimensions.


The purpose for that has been that they would bring to the planet exceedingly developed souls who are capable of harnessing higher dimensional energy, with which they are already familiar, then anchoring that greater energy directly into the planet.

Now, there has been much confusion as to what the purpose of these Volunteers is.


As Beings who have already ascended, which we term Ascended Beings, their purpose on this planet is not to assist the ascension of the Terran species itself, for every soul is wholly responsible for its own ascension process and, due to the Prime Directive, we cannot interfere with that.


That is actually what the Prime Directive is all about - not interfering with the ascension of a soul's process and the way they choose to do so.


We can inspire, and we can offer vibrations of love, but we cannot interfere with a soul's process in how they choose to experience the creation of their own ascension process.


It must be done uniquely unto each soul, because if it is not, if it is intervened, interfered, interwoven, with another's thoughts and dictates of how to experience it, then that soul does not recognize that the experience is their own creation.

So, our Volunteers are not here to "save souls", as is popularly believed.


That is a concept that originates with another group of entities, which shall be discussed at a later time. Our Volunteers are not here to save anybody. They are here to help this planet ascend, and by so doing they are, vicariously, contributing the capacity of ascension of all souls who are ready who are ready to do so.


Our Volunteers anchor the necessary energy into the planet that, in-turn, makes it available to any soul who is ready to partake of it. So, it is through an indirect manner that the ascension of Terran souls is being aided, but that is not the primary purpose for which our Volunteers are here.


They are here to assist the planet into its own ascension.

The planet is a living, evolving entity and it is ready to ascend. While there are many souls on the planet who are ready to ascend as well, they are enabled, of their own choosing, to partake of the ascension process that the planet is undergoing.

Our word for your planet is 'Terra' and we call her inhabitants 'Terrans'. For the most part, most people who are here are what we refer to as "native Terrans" because they've been here for so long, so many lifetimes, and so we refer to them as the natives of this planet. This is their home because they have been here for so long.

Our Volunteers have come here to help the planet ascend and in so doing you are vicariously helping some, but not all, Terran souls ascend along with it.

This is a joint process, between souls and the planet. We refer to it as an experiment of sorts because the ascension of a planet along with its occupants has never occurred before. Over eons of time throughout this universe there have been many planets that have been ascended, and many of our Volunteers have assisted in the ascension of some of these planets and all of nature that is on them.


Some Volunteers who assist in the ascension of planets have done so many times before. Not all Volunteers who are here on this planet have done so before, but many of you have.

There is a reason why Ascended Beings assist the ascension of planets. It is because planets, moons, stars, so on, have no 'higher will' of their own beyond their naturally impulsed genetic blueprint that you refer to as "instinct". The instinct to evolve occurs through encoded processes.


Eventually their genetic encodings are fulfilled, so that the next step for them is the point of ascension.


Due to having no higher will to engage their own ascension, we discovered that it is necessary for sentient Ascended Beings, who have themselves already ascended, to unite or unify themselves with the object or the creatures that are ready to ascend thereby bringing the planet or the creature to their new Home in the Higher Dimensional Realms.


This unification is adds a component of the Ascended Beings' consciousness to the non-sentient state of the planet which in-turn directs the planet, or creature, in the pathway to its new Home. It is a vibrational pathway. It is this additional aspect of consciousness, of Ascended Beings, which brings it forth into the vibrational pathway and to its new Home.

So, some of our Volunteers have done this before, so they already know how to do it.


They know that this is, simply, the way it is done. They themselves have ascended and this is part of the work, which we call "activity", of Ascended Beings - to assist nature - planets, creatures, even suns to ascend when they reach that point.

It has been assumed that the Higher Dimensional Realms are just a void. With nothing there? No. There is plenty there.


It has been assumed that because it is a Higher Dimensional Realm, it is all non-physical, just light. Well, it is light. It is light here on your dimension. It is light everywhere. It's just in various densities.

The Higher Dimensional Realms have density. You call it "physicality". All realms have physicality. Some are denser than others.

So, to clarify, ascension does not mean going into a Higher Dimensional Realm of nothing but wisps and spheres of light. It does not mean that that is all that you will be either. It means going to a realm, with your bodies, of absolute beauty of all the things that exist there, which are beyond your wildest dreams because your vision of what is possible, of what can exist, is limited to your planet.


Not only are there objects in the Higher Dimensional Realms - the creatures, the plants - but the way that you can interact with them, even stone, is so vastly different from the way you interact with such things on your planet. It's all a great and grand and glorious adventure that those who are ascending will be embarking upon, and which our Volunteers will be returning to.

So, to clarify again, our Volunteers are here to assist the planet in its ascension to its new Home, which includes all of its nature of plants and creatures. All souls who are ready to ascend are being conveyed along with the planet's ascension to its new Home.


And that is the experimental part of this whole endeavor - that it is done all together. For it has always been before that when planets ascend, the sentient occupants of a planet would ascend prior to their planet, and if the planet was ready to ascend, then the occupants would, in-turn, ascend their planet as well.


That has been the case when there has been mass ascensions on other planets.

And, of course, there has always been individual ascensions occurring, here and there throughout the universe, by those who had evolved themselves to the point where they would move on to higher dimensions, but in this case their home-world was left behind.

But, now we have a whole new and different situation going on here, yet your planet is not the only one where ascension is happening.


While the ascension of your occupied planet is an experiment, there are other planets that are also ascending with their occupants who are ready, right at this time.

Why at this time?

There is a major universal shifting that is occurring. It is not just occurring only on this planet. It is not occurring only in your solar system. Not just in your galaxy. This is a universal shift.

What is occurring is that the universe itself is very much alive and evolving because the universe is that which the Source is.


The Source of the universe itself is evolving. The universe is the Source. As the Source evolves, it releases its lower energies because those lower energies no longer provide the Source with ongoing expansion of itself because those lower energies have been outmoded and no longer provide the necessary stimulation for further expansion.


When that occurs, those lower energies become less and less engaged for expansion so that the lower energies lose their vibrational strength and integrity.

Consequently now, the universe has reached a point in its evolution where the lower frequencies of vibration within the Source field are diminishing and shall soon cease to exist. Your secret science has evidence of this, which baffles them, but it is information which they do not allow you to know about.

We could say that these lower frequencies, which you call the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dimensions, are collapsing in on themselves, they are folding up, much like when you pull the string to draw your window's blinds up. The area between each slat on the blind represents a given dimension, so when you pull the string so that the lower 3 slats fold up together, the spaces between the slats do not exist anymore. This is a highly simplified analogy of what is occurring.

We call the lower 3 dimensions the "Lower Triad". Each dimension exists as a triad of dimensions. They do not exist alone in and of themselves, but in triads. Now you know why the triad has always been so revered in your cultures and religions and other fields of philosophy and practice.

Between each triad is what we call a Way-Station Portal that acts as a barrier or a force-field that protects the energies of one triad from mixing together with the one above or below it. So the force-field barriers are like a shield keeping the energies contained within each triad thereby flowing in an orderly manner amongst each of its 3 dimensions.


This area is what you refer to as the 4th dimension, of which you refer to as the dimension of time. There is a degree of truth to this but it is far more than just that. We will discuss this more in-depth at a later time.

Each of the dimensions of 1, 2, and 3 composes a "triad". That triad, which we call the Lower Triad remember, is diminishing in strength and is folding up even now.

As the energies of the lower dimensions diminish there is less and less of the lower, slower energies that are, we would say, contaminating the higher energies. Yet you must be attuned to the higher energies in order to notice the difference. Many are not, so they do not experience what you are experiencing.

Now, as the lower 3 dimensions diminish in strength and integrity they move close and closer towards the force-field barrier. Eventually, once the universe had completed the folding up of its Lower Triad, then the force-field barrier, which once existed between the Lower Triad and Upper Triad, is added to the protective layering or membrane surrounding the universe which in-turn shields this universe from the exterior energies flowing around the universe.

You see, there are more universes out there. Each universe has a barrier or skin around it, like a cell membrane, that protects it from exterior energies thereby keeping its unique creation confined and intact within the order and organization of that universe as it has come to evolve itself to be.

As the lower dimension energies dissipate and the Lower Triad folds up, you are being pressed more and more towards the barrier of time, and it is that compression towards this barrier of time that causes you to experience the speeding up of time itself.


This is the reason why time seems to be speeding up - because it is.


It is a compression of the vibrational beat of energy. It compresses closer and closer together - remember that earlier we said that the impulse gaps in the beat of ascension are narrowing - eventually compressing all things through the 4th dimension of time and into the 5th dimension of the Ascended Realm.

But we must make it clear that there are souls who are resisting this universally occurring process. They are resisting it not out of defiance but out of a choice, by the soul, to continue their experience in the Lower Triad.


Because this universe is folding up its Lower Triad, these souls who choose to continue their experience in the format of a Lower Triad are being pressed into another direction, what we refer to as "sideways" towards that which is a new universe that is being created as a side-effect of the universe's ascension.


This new universe will contain the residual lower energies of the Lower Triad, and all non-ascending souls migrate to it in order to continue their experience of the evolutionary process.

So it is that every soul gets what they want. Those who are ready to ascend, will ascend. Those who are not ready, will migrate to a new universe. Yet those who are not ascending are no worse off, they are not any more wrong or bad than those who are ascending. It's all a matter of personal preference.


We wish for you to "get" this fact because it is important in your ability to unconditionally allow them to make that choice.

C: So this ascension that we're doing, is this in our consciousness, or consciousness and physicality?

A: Both. All things. Everything. The universe itself is all things. It is all aspects. It is consciousness. It is energy. It is matter.


The ascension of the universe brings forth that which is a dynamics of processes that are very, we would say, scientifically complex where there is an interconnection, to keep it simple, between consciousness, energy and matter, and what affects one affects the other.


And the universe is no different. The Source is no different.

C: So, for the Volunteers here helping with this ascension process, how long do we have left to Volunteer here?

A: It varies. There is what we would call a phasing of a few older Volunteers, of when they are ready to leave their loved ones who are not ascending.


As far as a timeline, the ascension process itself can occur at any moment from one planet to another.


The folding up of the Lower Triad, or what your scientists would call a major change to the universe, is a process that most people assume takes millions upon millions of years to occur, but most people forget that millions upon millions of years has already occurred! And we are now at the point where the ascension of the universe to its next stage of evolution is occurring, thus the folding up is occurring.

Were it not occurring now, our Volunteers would not need to be here. Why put them here if it's not going to occur for hundreds, or thousands, or millions of years to come? They are here now because it is occurring now. And as one Ascended Being has said, you best have your act together because the plug on this experiment is about to be pulled by the universe itself.


The universe is, so to speak, demanding it of us all because the universe itself is ascending.

Now, whatever energy is left in the Lower Triad upon the ascension of the universe and the folding up of its Lower Triad gets pressed into the womb of the new universe. That energy becomes the new constituents and particles of energy which the non-ascending souls, who are migrating to that new universe to become the residents thereof, they will use that energy to produce all that they desire to create in that new universe.

Again, this ascension event that we all are involved in at this moment is occurring in this lifetime. Why put our Volunteers here if it's not going to occur now? Why put all the information here that has been coming forth through many people, current and past, now at this time, if this is not the time?

We are not saying that it's going to happen tomorrow - that the Lower Triad is going to cease to exist tomorrow, for you've still got more than enough time. The folding up process occurs at an exponentially increasing rate but you haven't reached critical point yet, so don't panic. But it is occurring in what we would call the lifetime of those on your planet.


We cannot pinpoint an exact time on it because the universe is the one that is in control, so to speak. For us to deliberately hasten or stall it, which we could do, but it would be a disastrous outcome. So it must play itself out organically.


So, we're all going along for the ride one way or the other, into the "higher dimension" or into the "new universe," and it doesn't make any difference which one we choose because we all will continue to exist and continue our evolution.


So it's all OK. It doesn't matter!


Those souls who choose to go into the new universe are still going to evolve. They're not going to disappear, cease to exist. They're going to go do what they want to do which is great!

It's how it should be. It is the universe, the Source, honoring free will and so should you.

All of you knew before you came here what your job would be. You knew that your job was going to be to ascend the planet, and you knew that you would do that simply by having your presence here on the planet, your soul being able to hold the higher dimensional energy in your body then anchoring it into the planet.


It is that energy that is magnetizing the planet to the Higher Dimension, you see. That energy is coming down into this dimension then it's going back. You're already doing it. You have been doing it since the moment you arrived here. So there is nothing special you need to do besides be here.

But, we might add, the better you take care of your body, the better the Higher Dimensional energy comes into you and into the planet because the body is the vehicle that allows you to be here so as to anchor that energy into the physical planet.

So, in-short, you're here in-totality with the planet that's here in-totality, and you're bringing in that Higher Dimensional energy, and that Higher Dimensional energy anchors into the planet and brings it to its new Home.

Now, what you choose to do with your personal life, while you're here doing your volunteer job, is totally up to you. It's up to each Volunteer to do whatever they choose to do in their personal life while they're here doing the greater job they came here to do.


So there's nothing special that you need to do as a Volunteer - nothing out of the ordinary other than to be good and loving to your body because it is the very thing that is allowing you to be here to do your job.

So, if you feel a desire in your personal life to do one thing or another, you are free to do that.

Now, we will be discussing more information, and we will bring it forth in ways that will be of a subject unto themselves, yet interconnected; to bring forth clarity and to bring forth information of what is yet to come so that our Volunteers can be prepared within themselves for what they will be experiencing in the days to come, for there is coming a great event that is connected to the ascension of the planet.


And that event is the appearance of our ships, and our people.

The reason that this will happen is because the "veil" as you would say, between the 3rd and barrier of 4th dimension is thinning, so we and our ships will be increasingly visible.


As this occurs, contact by us, Ascended Beings, will be made, but not to all on your planet.


This contact will be specifically for the souls who are ascending and our Volunteers. Our Volunteers are already familiar with the Beings and our ships. This contact will prepare ascending souls to become familiar with us and our ships as a means of accustoming them to the new kind of life which they are entering into as they journey to their new Home.


They have never been There before - not as Ascended Beings. They've never done this before. This is their first ascension, and they are in need of firsthand information to help them understand, or get a clearer picture of what they can expect to experience in their days to come, to prepare them for it.


Our Volunteers have been preparing for it ever since they left us and incarnated onto Terra, and they are ready to rejoin their people. The life they will be returning to is nothing new for them. But for the ascending souls, it is very new to them. So we bring forth this information to help them in their journey to their new Home.

The non-ascending souls will find the contact events of interest, if they are around to experience it.


But they will not feel very connected to what they are witnessing. Many will fear it. Others will have no opinion, won't care to be concerned or involved finding it too difficult to believe, so for them ignorance is bliss, as you would say.


It will vary from person to person how they experience it. But for the non-ascending souls who do pay attention, their core interests will be more in the nuts-and-bolts, so to speak, of the ships - what makes them drive, what makes them go.


They are interested in the mechanics and how they can use it to their own advantages.

Yet, there will be other groups of entities who will make contact as well, and some of them are the ones that the non-ascending souls will be vibrationally attracted to.


We will address this matter at greater length later.

D: OK. So, are you talking about, when the ascension event happens, that we will be leaving the physical body, or is it more of a soul, spirit that is leaving?

A: If you're ascending then the body is going with you. It is a spiritually-induced biological ascension.

D: OK. And that is true for the people remaining in the Lower Triad?

A: No.

D: They will go in spirit?

A: Yes, but there is more to it.


They are making their transition to the new universe - those who are choosing that destiny for themselves - while the planet itself is ascending, it's body is going with it. It is physical. It is just like your body is going with you.

The non-ascending souls have, for a very long time, been in a position where they must make a choice to ascend or go into the new universe. Those who are still living when the Lower Triad finally folds up do not have to die to go there.


As they migrate to the new universe they will take with them some level of their body, which we refer to as the "phantom body", which becomes part of the energy to play with in the new universe. Upon their vibrational migration toward the new universe, what's left of the physical matter of the body will be dispersed.


At the very end, they will find themselves, if still in the body, going into sleep-like trance state, so to speak, as the soul migrates closer toward the entrance of this new universe. All physical matter gets dispersed along the way, you see.

The new universe has an entrance. There is a black hole, as you would call it, where-into this new universe is being formed. It is much like a womb where this existing universe is giving birth to a new universe. It's done all the time by universes - universes giving rise or birth to new universes.


All non-ascended matter disperses into its energy constituents and flows into womb the new universe wherein it becomes the energy of the new universe's Lower Triad.

C: Is it possible that our universe is ascending because on our particular planet we've outgrown the space, with more and more people being born here?

A: No. That has nothing to do with the reason why the universe is ascending.


This planet is capable of handling a very large population, as it is. It is just being extremely mismanaged, or perhaps a more appropriate term is, deliberately dismanaged, by those in control of your planet. That is the problem.

D: Then perhaps it is because we're destroying the planet?

A: No. The planet is ascending because it is evolutionarily ready to ascend within itself.


It has reached a certain degree of instinctual evolution, as I said before, and this is where by Ascended Beings comes in - to connect with the planet vibrationally, and draw it Home vibrationally, to the new place where it will be dwelling henceforth.


But the planet is being assisted in its ascension by Ascended Beings in direct response to the universe ascending which is folding up its Lower Triad, which is where this and all other planets in the Lower Triad have resided… till now.

Once you ascend, whether you are a Volunteer or a new souls ascending for the first time, your body will be restored to its natural impeccable blueprint. Your body will be transformed to its original blueprint that has never changed since you created it when you came into the body (incarnated).

Once you ascend you can restructure your form however you so choose. You can make yourself taller if you so choose. You can make yourself however you choose to have your appearance or, let's say your physical functioning apparatus.

C: And will our pets go with us?

A: Absolutely. All creatures are ascending. All of nature is going. Those creatures that have become extinct, have ascended. You didn't know that but that's what happened.

As the planet ascends, all of nature on it is connected to it. The planet is nature and nature is the planet, so it ascends as an integrated unit.

The Ascended Realm has no limitations. It is a place of exquisite creation - creation by imagination, so there is no limit to what you can create, and what you can do when you are in the Ascended Realms.

Ascending planets there, from their dwelling places in the Lower Triad, provides the Ascended Realms with a basis, or fundamental objects with which to expand upon and to enhance the creation that's already there in ways that will dazzle your minds.

As for businesses, there is no need for business There. You have been told, in your ancient scripts, that in the end times there will be not one building left standing.


Do you know why? Because all of your buildings are created by the consciousness of duality and that state of consciousness exists only in the Lower Triad. They were created out of specific needs for which there will be no need for in the Higher Dimensions. You see?

There will be no need for these buildings that are here because there is no need for businesses. There is no commerce, no economy, no such things that you have here because everything is very different there.


There is no need for houses either for there is no need for shelter from the elements because our bodies are in-tune with the elements, but also we simply create whatever environment we so desire in the moment. We are never at-odds with our environment.

For example, the knowledge about herbs that many of you have, you will have no need for such medicinal therapies There because there is no sickness, nor accidents, hence, no need for what you refer to as "healing". There are plants existing There because they are part of nature that is this planet, remember.

The Higher Dimensional Realm, it exists in another state of consciousness which we call the "Singularity". You have duality consciousness, we have Singularity Consciousness. And by that we mean that there is no opposition, there is no reversal to life.


There is only a continual forward-flowing movement of what has been created, and an ongoing refinement of and enhancement upon itself. It never goes back. It doesn't reverse. It doesn't decay. It doesn't become diseased or ill. Those are all states of being that belong to the consciousness and energy of duality that exists only in the Lower Triad.


When you get into the Upper Triad, which we would call for you the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions as the Upper Triad, there is no duality. This is something that many do not understand and which needs to be clarified.

Existence in the Upper Triad is why life There is considered "heaven", "paradise", "Nirvana", "Shambala", "Shangri-La", and so on. There is nothing There that goes contrary to the forward motion of life creating itself ever-anew.

C: Once you're in that dimension, or those 3 dimensions, can you meet up with family that has passed on, or is that in a different dimension?

A: That all depends on whether they have chosen to ascend, or whether they have chosen to go into the new universe. For those who are deceased the same choice applies.


Some souls choose to ascend and others choose to go into the new universe and continue their existence there.

Now those who choose to ascend, who are already deceased, they have a different, shall we say, kind of physicality than those souls who ascend with their embodiment.

Now, there is a reason for ascending with the embodiment. It adds another level, aspect, component, and dimension to yourself as a biologically Ascended Being. You become biologically multi-dimensional in nature, meaning you can come and go at will into any dimension you so choose to interact upon.

The souls who have already deceased and ascended in spirit have a type of form that is more vaporous, shall we say, than the bodies that you will have. Your ascended bodies will not be the same density that they have in the Lower Triad. They will be the same density as our bodies that we have, which are not as dense as yours, yet we do have physicality.

As far as the 3rd density goes, you are all the same, your bodies are all equal in density. They may be different in shape and weight and size, but they are all the same vibrational density.

Now, the idea that being quite heavy in physical weight means that you are holding larger amounts of light energy into your planet is an incorrect perception. Physical weight has nothing to do with your ability to hold the higher vibrational energy into the planet.


Holding the energy here has everything to do with you, your soul being capable of holding Higher Dimensional frequencies which the souls who are native to the planet, who are not ascending, do not have the capability to hold within themselves.


Their souls have evolved to hold only Lower Triad energies, and their weight has nothing to do with that either.

So for our Volunteers, as ascended souls, it is the soul that is capable of holding the energy in the body then anchoring it into the planet, it is not the body which is doing it. It is the soul doing it. The body is the vehicle for the soul that is holding the light, or energy if you will.


This is why this experiment requires the presence, on the planet itself, of embodied souls that are evolved enough to access, hold, then anchor that Higher Dimension energy into the planet. You see?

Now, if the body is putting on weight, this excess energy is more to do with biological stress stemming from emotional stress than anything else. It has nothing to do with how much energy you're capable of holding on the planet. That is the function of the soul.


As long as the ascended soul is in the body, then the Higher Dimensional frequencies are able to anchor into the body by means of the soul holding it there, but that doesn't mean that the body becomes heavier or bigger or denser.


It means that the ascended soul is capable of handling Higher Dimensional frequencies, not in quantity but in quality; that these higher vibrational frequencies are anchored into the soul, and the soul, through the body, anchors it into the planet.

Because our Volunteers are anchored to the planet, you are able to feel what is going on in other places, so any discomforts that you feel are sometimes related to what is going on within the planet. When an event occurs anywhere on your planet and you tune into it, that information is coming to you psychically.

Now as an Ascended Being you have, let's say, a greater attunement to other people on the planet because the part of your brain, the pineal gland's psychic center, is more open to what is being created by others on the planet, whether it is something good or something not good.


So you can have days when you're flying high because you may be tuned in to something good that's happening somewhere else, or you could have days where you're in deep, deep sorrow, or fatigue. That is part of what our Volunteers experience from time to time.


They have come here and were not prepared, really, for the tremendous amount of anguish that can go on upon this planet. And it is very disturbing to them because they are not used to that, shall we call it, "psychic pain".


But remember that when it happens, you are merely tuning in to something that is going on with someone else, somewhere else. And the best thing you can do is bless them and cease focusing on it.

Recently there were 20 children who were killed in a tragic manner. Their souls had made no so-called contracts to be there at that time in order to make the changes needed on this earth, or within your government or within your states. They are souls who chose to go to the new universe.


There are souls who are choosing to go there together in groups. So they vibrationally attract one another to each other, and an event is created, by each participating soul, even the perpetrator, by which they can then make their migration to the new universe together because those souls understood the value of making a group transition to their new destiny.


They underwent this seemingly tragic event with great courage and awareness of the manner by which they chose to migrate to the new universe.

Understand, though, that souls who are ascending do not put themselves into such conditions or situations because ascension is an uplifting event unto the soul. It is not an event that causes disruption in the soul's progress toward ascension.

So this event had nothing to do with these souls coming together as a group to generate changes within your governments or whatever. The countries on your planet will not exist much longer because the planet is ascending, remember. All of that has to be kept in perspective of the greater event that is occurring this moment.

Many of the souls who are in, let's say, major positions of control on your planet, at the soul level they are aware of what's going on. They know.


The embodiments that they are inhabiting and the altered egos that they have created are subconsciously aware that something is going on that many of them don't want to go on. They do not want the planet to ascend. They do not want to have to make a choice. They only want things to continue as they are so that their agendas can continue to unfold.


Why do you think you keep hearing them say, "Stay the course"? It has a much deeper message than you have been aware of, yet they understand it.

Your president, for example, is a soul who is ascending. He is not a Volunteer, but he is ascending.


Although it doesn't look like it superficially, on the deeper levels he is keeping a balance on the planet so that the souls who are ascending can make the transition as quickly and easily and smoothly as possible, because there is the opposite force at work, by those who are trying to prevent all of that from happening by creating as much chaos and fear as possible in everyone, especially within ascending souls.

Now they know they cannot prevent the ascension event itself from happening, but they do know that through various means of influence they can still manipulate the souls who are ascending. They haven't ascended yet. They're not there yet. They're on their way there but they're still vulnerable-by-influence, so to speak, by the opposing forces. They can still be swayed to the other side.


And this is 'the war' that's going on, so to speak. It is a battle over souls, and it plays out physically as your embattlements on ground and whatnot, but the real battle is over souls - between the souls who are ascending and the souls who are not.

Now, one of the things that we have noticed here is that some Terrans feel that there is not a, let's say, negative presence or force trying to influence or prevent this ascension of souls from happening. But there is.

There is an alternative… let's call them a "faction", a negative faction, an opposing faction, who is and has been trying to prevent not only souls from ascending, but also trying to prevent our Volunteers from succeeding at their job.

They have succeeded with a few Volunteers who have been influenced and distracted away through the negative energy stimulus of these opposing forces. These Volunteers who have, shall we say, been led astray from their jobs, they may still return Home, but their souls are barely still anchoring energy into the planet because they have allowed themselves to be immersed in other activities or other negative focuses in consciousness.


But that has not completely interfered with their ability to anchor some degree of energy into the planet.

It does not require that a Volunteer fully remember who they are and why they are here. It is their presence, as a Higher Dimensional soul incarnated into the physical body, which makes them capable of anchoring the Higher Dimensional energy into their soul and into the planet. That's their job.


So if they are, in their personal life, focused on saving the animals or the rainforests, or whatever it is, that is their personal choice and they can do that. But it is not interfering with their main objective of why they are here, so long as they have not resorted to negative energies of violence and destruction.

Some of our Volunteers have been in contact with them physically and non-physically. We all have. All our Volunteers have. And when I say "we" I am including those of us who here in our ships. We too have come in contact with them, physically and non-physically.

Yet you are still here because you're doing your job. You are here by so-called divine providence because of your job that you're here to do. They cannot take away the job that we came here to do. They can try to interfere with it. They can distract you but they are not powerful enough to prevent you from doing your job. They think they are.


But do remember this, their adversely-focused power is dissipating, as I said, as the Lower Triad folds up. That energy is becoming weakened and it is diffusing.

The planet's ascension is assured. It is ascending. The ascension event has reached a point now where that kind of activity is no longer engaged as it used to be. It is in the process now of shedding its old 'skin', so to speak. That old skin is composed of the consciousness and energy of the non-ascending souls. It is what we refer to as the phantom planet.


There is now a completion of that which is the new skin of the planet which is created by the higher consciousness all ascending souls, our Volunteers, and the Ascended Beings who are assisting.

So, once you ascend, and once those who have chosen to go into the new universe are birthed into it, then what happens to Earth? Is it just going to be a dead star?

No. The planet, Earth, is ascending physically, in-totality. All ascending souls are ascending with the planet, Earth, which we call Terra.


Our Volunteers are bringing the physical planet to its new Home. That is the whole point for this experiment, so to speak, of this planet and other planets at this time, coming into the Higher Dimension all together.


We are here bring the planet, Earth, Terra, to its Higher Dimensional state of existence, and all ascending souls are ascending with the planet, not vice versa. Understand?

So, at the same time, the ascension of the souls and the ascension of the planet is what you refer to as a feedback-looped system. They are ascending aspects working together synergistically. So at the soul level there is a coordinated effort that is happening.

To reiterate, because the souls who are ascending have not ascended before, they could not anchor enough Higher Dimensional energy onto the planet to magnetically transform the planet to its Higher Dimensional state. That act required the embodiment of the Higher Dimensional souls to alter the planet vibrationally to its Higher Dimensional state of being.

Now let us address the matter of pain in the body being a resistance.

Some of you have correlated the pain with something going on with the planet; you believe that the planetary events are the cause or the origin of that pain.

A lot of our Volunteers have brought with them their higher abilities which, let's say, vicariously tunes them in psychically and physically to these natural events that are occurring.


There is a way for you to lessen the pain by visualizing yourself in the higher vibrational light energy and sending it to where the pain is.


And you are also, in the moment that you're doing this, drawing the planet in vibration towards its new Home. That's the job you are here to do, and when you do that consciously then the planet moves more easily and quickly to its new Home.

To be here in the body and not be conscious of what your job is, is one thing, but to be conscious of it and to deliberately focus on bringing the planet with you to its new Home, you have added another layer or, let us say, degree of power to making that happen.

We are ready to end our session now. We thank you for this opportunity to have spoken to you. We do have much more information to impart. We will be with you again soon.

That is all.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council



The Soft Spot of Newly Ascended Beings
Volunteers Rarely Come Together as Mates

Q = Questioner

A = An T'na

Q: In Session 1 you stated that all your Volunteers are Ascended Beings. Then later on you said that it is rare that Volunteers would find each other as mates. Please clarify this more for us.

A: We did say it is rare that 2 Volunteers would find each other as mates.


We point out now that we did not say that you would not eventually, towards the latter time of the ascension event, find each other as friends, and in other situations.

There are some souls who are participating as volunteers "with a twist", as you would say.

Remember that we said of our Volunteers, with regard to the negative faction who is trying to have its way with you, that you each have a "soft spot", not just biologically or psychologically, but it also resides in the soul.

Let us clarify: Prior to your incarnation on the planet, even though you had already ascended and your former soft spot in the soul had become well closed up, upon immersion back into the energies of the Lower Triad, and upon incarnation back into life on your planet, your mind, body and soul developed another soft spot which is vulnerable to certain stimuli, and when that stimuli is imbibed in enough then you can "lose your way", so to speak.


That is free will remember.


Even as an Ascended Being you are never locked into anything without having a choice about it.

Now, in the Upper Triad there are some souls, not many, mind you, who ascended but for personal reasons chose to return to the Lower Triad to teach other family members and friends about ascension. These newly ascended eager-beaver souls, shall we say, would frequently come and go between the Upper Triad and Lower Triad, endeavoring to "show the way Home".


Some of them would spend increasingly more time in the Lower Triad, teaching while at the same time becoming subtly more attracted, once again, to some of things that life on the planet has to offer, for there some pleasantries there as well.

For some newly ascended souls who have so soon endeavored to return to the Lower Triad, their connection began to shift from being dominantly that of the Upper Triad energies to that of the Lower Triad. They became more and more drawn to the life which they once knew in the Lower Triad until finally they fully reoriented their energies to their former dimension of existence.


Upon so doing, they lived out their lives in the Lower Triad, died, then found themselves desiring to ascend, again, with another body. So they started the process all over again with another incarnation on their respective planets. They did not dread this for their souls knew implicitly that they had much valuable information to offer those people with whom they would interact in the next lifetime.

These formerly Ascended Beings had their personal "fall from their own grace", so to speak, yet having done so was not wrong or bad. They are not condemned or in any other way dishonored. They are recognized as being very compassionate souls who engaged a noble gesture that merely took them off onto a different path, that's all.


Free will happened, that's all. And free will is engaged upon personal soul preference, period.

It is well-known by everyone in the Upper Triad that right after ascending There, engaging oneself so soon in this endeavor is a very risky ordeal because until that soft spot in the soul is firmly "closed up", an ascended newbie visiting the Lower Triad is still vulnerable to being enticed by the stimuli that once fed the soul's soft spot.


This is why, when choosing to engage themselves in such an endeavor, it is vital that they limit the length of their stay and the frequency of their subsequent returns. Some did and some didn't. But either way, it is of no adverse consequence to the soul. It is merely a different path, that's all.

So, in the particular case we are referring to herein, one of the Volunteers is a former Ascended Being, who is one of but a very few on your planet who has reincarnated several times since. This compassionate soul, having the memories of a prior ascension, resonated deeply with the needs of the Mission which you are on and volunteered to participate as a support to other Ascended Volunteers and Ascending Souls on the planet.

This is why this soul is a "Volunteer" but not having come here directly from the Upper Triad, as did the other Volunteer we are referring to in this case.

Other previously Ascended Souls here on this planet, and on other planets that are currently being ascended, are also participating in this same manner as "Volunteers" in the Mission. We are grateful for their additional contribution.

We hope that this has clarified the matter for you.

That is all for now.

I am AnT'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council



The Job of Volunteers

and the Risks Involved

Q = Questioner

A = AnT'na

Q: During a previous session it was said that each Volunteer need not be consciously aware of their "job", of holding Higher Dimensional light onto the planet, in order to perform that job; and that we are free to do with our personal lives as we so choose.


Is there anything we might do which could prevent us from doing our job and even from returning Home? And if so then has this already happened to some Volunteers?

A: It is true that you need not be fully aware of your Volunteer identity in order for you to anchor the light-energy through your body and into the planet.


And it is true that you are free to do as you choose with your personal life, but we did not mean that everything you could choose to do would be to your benefit to performing your job or going Home, for it is true that there are things you can do which will diminish your ability to hold enough Higher Dimensional energy in order to do your job well, and which could jeopardize your ability to return Home.

As Volunteers even you are susceptible to the Lower Triad energies, as we explained in a previous communiqué. If lower attitudes and behaviors persist strong enough, for long enough, then you literally flip your vibration from its connection to the Upper Triad to that of the Lower Triad, and when this occurs then the level of energy that you are able to access is no more powerful than that which the non-ascending souls access.

What would cause one of our Volunteers to do this? For one thing, being influenced by the wrong crowd, so to speak.


While you came to this planet and into the body for the specific purpose of being a light-energy anchorer, your mind is free to focus upon whatever is flowing around you to view, to dwell upon, to engage in.


And because you are free to choose your thoughts, if you are not living from the core of your Being where your soul memory guides you per your Volunteer work on the planet, then you are more susceptibly influenced into counteractive directions of attitudes and behaviors which can vibrationally interfere with the job you chose to do.


In other words, you can sink so low to the level of disempowering yourself from the Higher Dimensional power that you originally brought to the planet with you.

In our last session we discussed the fact that there is a large negative faction dwelling on this planet who are deliberately endeavoring to sabotage the entire mission by doing whatever is necessary, by them, to influence our Volunteers into counteractive, counterproductive directions.


They are doing this through whatever means will work from one Volunteer to another, each of you having your "soft spot", as spoken of previously.


Consequently, the less attuned and connected you become to your soul memory as your dominant guidance and source of personal information, so that you remember, even a little bit, who you are which allows you to engage your Volunteer work more effectively, the more possible it is that you could fall prey to their influences instead, becoming more easily caught-up in the trappings of life, sinking into the manner of living in the energies of Lower Triad.

There is a fine line here that is crossed, and while it requires of you a great deal of disregard or ignorance of your soul memory, that line can so subtly sneak up on you that before you know it you've crossed the line and flipped over from your Upper Triad connection to the Lower Triad.

Now, while this can happen to any of you, it has not happened to very many of you at all.


A few have completely succumbed to the pitfalls which the negative faction has put in your way, and due to these "fallen Volunteers" vibrations having been lowered from that of their original Higher Dimensional frequencies, they have consequently "lost" their entire connection to the Higher Dimensional Realm itself.


They have lowered themselves back down in frequency to the level of the Lower Triad. But that is not to be considered wrong or bad of them, for free will ruled, and that is a divine intent of this universe. These souls simply chose another path to engage for themselves, so all is well with them.

So, this is one of the great risks that all of our Volunteers knew about and signed-up for when choosing to join this mission. You did not come into this mission without understanding the inherent risks involved.

This is why, while in your Higher Dimensional Life, the people you were closest to felt great concern for you when you chose to join this mission.


They did not discourage you from joining; they did not try to dissuade you from participating, for free will is honored There, unconditionally. They were not in fear of what might happen to you, for there is no fear in the Higher Dimensional Realm.


But they did know about the risks inherently involved in this mission, which made it a challenge for them to see you go to a place of such extreme chaos and struggle such as occurs on Terra, because they knew how it would make you feel once exposed to it all. That was their concern.


Having ascended, they still have the soul memories of what life is like in the Lower Triad, so they knew what you had destined yourselves for again. And so did you! Yet you bravely took on the mission, undaunted by the tremendous challenges that lay ahead of you because you felt that whatever the risks, it was going to be worth it all in the end.

So, there you are on Terra, immersed in all its chaotic swinging to and fro in every aspect of life, trying to maintain a balance within yourselves while endeavoring to consciously do the divine activity that you agreed to do while, conversely, the negative faction endeavors, simultaneously, to undo it all for you.

Our advice to you - stay out of their way and stay out of their fray. Do not give heed nor attention to their influences or concepts of who you are, of what your life is all about, of how you should live it.


Instead, embrace the soul memory of who you are as a Volunteer on Terra, and engage your divine activity, your "divine job", consciously, deliberately. Ascending Souls, embrace who you truly are as a Source-Being evolving to a new understanding of yourselves and of a new way of life in a Higher Dimensional reality where your new Home awaits you.

For a few minutes each day, visualize the light-energy that you are anchoring into the planet becoming stronger, brighter, whiter, lighter, because your conscious focus adds another degree of power to that which is already being done through you without your conscious focus.


Visualize this light-energy anchoring into the planet's core, and radiating out from there to surround it in a field of Higher Dimensional light that is literally transmuting the entire planet, all of nature included, into its pure pristine state of existence as an ascended planet.

Your conscious focus on this also helps keep strong your personal connection to the Higher Dimensional Realm, your Home.

We suggest this same activity to all Ascending Souls as well. The more, the better. This will help to vibrationally attract you to your new Home in the Higher Dimensional Realm.

Now, when we suggest that you do this to the planet, for assisting the ascension of the planet, we do not mean that you do this for any soul dwelling on it, for "personal salvation", so to speak, is not your business to engage - that's why it is termed "personal".

Like a fish in water, every soul is directly immersed in this light-energy, and every soul is capable of knowing whether or not it is time to embrace that light for its own evolution, or its own ascension, or not at all.


Every soul knows exactly what it is doing, what it needs for its own evolution, and when. It is not up to any of us to assess, judge or decide that for another soul, consequently we do not anchor the light into them like we do into the planet.


The planet is enfolding every soul in the light-energy and each soul can partake of it or reject it. That is free will.


Your job as Volunteers is to be a provider of the Higher Dimensional energy, anchor it into the planet by way of your embodiment which, in-turn, vicariously makes that light more available to all souls who are ready to open up, let it in, and engage it within themselves, for themselves.

That is all for now.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council




The 3 Waves

of Volunteers & Returning Home

Q = questioner

A = An T'na

Q: In the previous session the subject of the "3 Waves of Volunteers" was brought up, but more clarity is needed.


Please share with us your definition about it, with regard to what others have said about it, and when the first Wave started incarnating. And correlated with that matter, during our last session it was mentioned that some Volunteers would return Home soon.


Please clarify these things for us.

A: Long before the Mission Plan was put into action, when it was in its formulation stage, a major Council was convened in order to coordinate the Mission's plans so that everyone would be "on the same page", as you put it.


It was determined and agreed, amongst the many groups participating in this Mission, that the most appropriate course of action to take was "infiltration by incarnation". This meant that all Volunteers were to be sent forth in what would amount to as 3 stages of incarnation.


This part of the Mission was then commonly referred to as "The 3 Waves of Volunteers", or in-short, "The 3 Waves". This is why some of our Volunteers use this term - they are receiving it from soul memory.

Each Wave of incarnating Volunteers agreed to become the parents of the 2nd Wave of incarnating Volunteers, who would then be that parents of the 3rd Wave.

It was determined that, by the time the 3rd Wave had matured to adulthood, the Greater Objective of this Mission would be completed, meaning that there were no further plans for another incarnating Wave.

What was the overall Greater Objective of the Mission? To insert a critical number of Higher Dimensional Volunteers amongst the planet's population, whose souls are evolved enough to hold high-capacity intensities of Higher Dimensional energy which in-turn would be anchored into the planet's core.

It was predetermined how many Higher Dimensional souls would be necessary to do this successfully, taking into account that there was always the odds in free will that a few souls would "fall" in vibratory frequency from performing their agreed-upon "job".


So, more souls than was necessary were calculated to composed the number required for success.

The Greater Objective of the Volunteer's missions would be to anchor as much Higher Dimensional energy into the planet as possible during what would be the typical life span of the native species on the planet - for remember, this same Mission is occurring on other ascending planets as well whose life spans are different than it is on your planet.

For this planet, it was determined that the total span of 75 years would suffice.


The necessary numbers of souls incarnating during the span of each of the 3 Waves were assigned a span of 25 years for each Wave interval. This would allow each Wave of Volunteers the needed time to mature and become stabilized as independent adults capable of parenting their peer Volunteers who would incarnate in the successive Wave.

During the Volunteer briefings regarding the Mission Plan, the first 2 Waves were informed that they would parent the next Wave of Volunteers. The 3rd Wave would not parent more Volunteers but would parent other incarnating souls, some who are on the path of ascension and others who are not.

So, in all eagerness the Volunteers of the first 2 Waves, prior to incarnation, assessed amongst themselves who would be the Volunteer children and who would be their Volunteer parents. Their birth path was predetermined and fully known prior to incarnating.

The first Wave of Volunteers, of course, had no Volunteer parents to incarnate through as would the 2nd and 3rd Wave Volunteers. To address this matter, the councils agreed that it would be necessary, therefore, to seek out native Terrans who were on evolutionary paths that would suffice the hosting of our Volunteer souls. It was determined that at least one of the two parents were somewhat spiritually evolved.


Two would be better, but we have found that that is a rare situation among Terran mates.

At any rate, all of the would-be Terran parents were carefully screened by us for their ability to live up to the task, so to speak. These so-called "chosen ones" were souls who chose to agree to participate in the Mission.

During sleep each night they were taken out-of-body to a so-called "training center" located in what you call would call a sub-space dimension, where they would receive the necessary "grooming" of how to host and treat the Volunteer souls incarnating into their family life.


They understood that their role was to raise and protect their Volunteer children to the best of their ability. They were strongly cautioned against abuse of any sort. Free will being what it is, some lived up to that command, while some didn't do so well.

This 1st Wave of Volunteers began incarnating into their Terran family situations around the year 1944-45. They, the 1st Wave, did so over a span of 25 years, some 1st Wave Volunteers incarnated sooner than did the others but all within that 25 year span of time.

This staggering of incarnations within each Wave served the purpose of keeping the light-energy steadily increasing over time rather than having it increase all at once thereby alarming your planetary controllers and alerting them to our Volunteers presence.

By around 1969-70 the 2nd Wave of Volunteers began incarnating. You must remember that once the oldest of the 1st Wave of Volunteers were ready to be parents, the successive Wave of Volunteers began to come in, again not all at once but incrementally as each set of parents were ready.

You must also remember, as previously discussed, that it was predetermined by the Councils that due to the rapidly increasing population on this planet, the widespread placement of each Volunteer around the world would result in Volunteers being located so far apart from one another that coming together as mates who would parent Volunteer children, was understood to be near impossible.

Prior to incarnation, at the Volunteer briefings onboard your respective ships or planets of departure, it was well-understood by all Volunteers that they would pair up not with a fellow-Volunteer but with a native Terran whether or not they were ascending, but most likely not ascending, as you will learn further on.


You all knew this before you incarnated, and you accepted it as the way it would be for you.

So, prior to incarnating, your mission duty was to seek out Terran mates, who were not yet born, but to find their souls, make contact with them, inform them of the Mission, and invite them to participate. Not every soul approached with this invitation chose to accept it.


You each spent much time doing your research until you found a native Terran soul who agreed to do this with you. Your Terran mates were then given the same grooming procedures at the training center, as had the parents of the 1st Wave of Volunteers.

Now you must also understand that you knew that these native Terran souls were unlikely to be souls with whom you had any prior involvement with. You are ascended Volunteers who already existed for eons in the Upper Triad, while these Terran souls have been existing for eons in the Lower Triad.


This made it highly unlikely that you had any one-on-one involvement in the Lower Triad with these unascended souls.


In other words, reuniting with "old friends or flings", so to speak, was not going to happen, and was also not the point of, nor pertinent to, this Mission.


Except for the 3rd Wave, your Greater Objective was to find Terran souls who, as mates, would help you bring onto the planet the Volunteer souls who agreed to be those known as your "children".

So, on Terra, when you were ready, you intuitively hooked up with your native Terran mate, and who perhaps turned out to be a dud, aye!


Well, noble-you had great expectations for a good life, but the odds that life as the spouse of a native Terran would be a bowl of cherries went out the door when the honeymoon wore off and Terran reality set in. Didn't it?

But you also knew that the Terrans you would hook-up with would be directly immersed in-your-line-of-firelight, so to speak, so that regardless of whatever else happened, these souls would in some way benefit vicariously by your presence in their lives, benefiting from it to whatever degree they were ready to evolve in this lifetime or the next.


Yet you knew that it was not your job to "save them", although before you remembered who you truly are some of you did try to do that and utterly failed.


But in your soul, you knew that you did not come to the planet to "save souls", nor even to directly assist their evolution or ascension, but instead to assist the planet's ascension which in-turn would assist all Terrans to have access to Higher Dimensional light which they could embrace unto themselves for their own evolution, or for their ascension as the case may be, or not at all as they so choose.


So, your mates "were in the line of firelight" the most, and they most likely have resisted it the most. Yes? It is OK, as it needs to be for them.

So, remember that you did not come to this planet with the expectations of hooking-up with your fellow Volunteers as mates. You knew the odds of that were slim-to-none. Instead, you came here wholly expecting to be the parent of one or more Volunteers who would be your embodied "children".

Now you know why the Terran mates you have been with have seemed so primitive, backwards, unevolved, thick-headed, and that is because when compared to your point in evolution you are light years ahead of them. But there can be no judgment in that because they are still the same Source that you are, just at a lesser stage of the soul's evolution. Nothing wrong with that, or bad about it. It just is.

So by now, the 3 Waves of Volunteers have all incarnated. This part of the Mission, Infiltration by Incarnation, has been accomplished. You are all anchoring much Higher Dimensional light onto the planet so that its ascension is occurring, its pathway Home is thus assured.

In-lieu of that, many evolving Terrans are souls who are ascending for the first time beyond the Lower Triad. Remember that you are not responsible for causing their ascension to occur. They are their own cause of it.


Your presence on the planet merely added to the lesser vibratory frequencies which were already on the planet for them to embrace and engage per their own ascension. Your high energy presence anchored through the planet has been like a booster-shot for them.

Most of the 3rd Wave Volunteers are now mature adults who are becoming the parents of a wide variety of souls evolved to different stages. Remember, this Wave is not giving birth to more Volunteers. All our Volunteers are currently incarnated and in-place on-planet.

Now, there is a misconception, mostly amongst new age people, that many of the children incarnating now are highly evolved souls, and various labels have been assigned to them. This is simply not the case.


There has been an attempt to justify the unruly behavior of many children who are, supposedly, souls more 'evolved' than even you; the claims being made are that while they are highly evolved, they are simply maladjusted to the dysfunctional life on your planet so they rebel against it in often crude, rude, hurtful and destructive ways.


Yet this is simply not what is going on. That is merely more dysfunction compounding the existing dysfunction.

But we shall reserve this matter for a discussion at another time.

For now, your last question was in regard to when Volunteers would return Home.

We are well-aware that there is a lot of asking going on, by Volunteers, to return Home. We hear it all, all the time and we empathize with you. We understand why this is occurring. But, remember, you did sign-up for the duration.


In other words, you signed-up to remain on the planet, holding your soul's light-energy in-place until the planet is ascended to her new Home in the Upper Triad. This is why your so-called prayers, verbal or silent, have gone unanswered - because you gave yourselves that answer when you signed up for the job.


It is not our place to revoke that for you except in the unlikely case of your lives being threatened by the negative faction bent on destroying you along with the planet.

When, in the previous session we said that some Volunteers would return Home sooner, we were referring to those who's health is now failing for one reason or another. Although they will physically die soon and return Home spiritually, the death of their Terran embodiment will prevent them from ascending their Terran body Home with them as their "prize" for a "job-well-done", so to speak.


Yet, because all our Volunteers are Beings who have already biologically ascended, upon leaving the Upper Triad to incarnate into their Lower Triad Terran bodies, they do still have their "other bodies" lying in-stasis into which they will return their spirits and be revived, to live their lives in the Upper Triad once again. So, these Volunteers will not be left body-less upon their Terran deaths.

But this is also another topic of discussion for another time.

As much as you would love to hear us say that all of you are returning Home soon, that our Volunteers will be disappearing off the planet in Waves, the truth is that the bulk of our Volunteers will remain on the planet, holding their soul's energy in its core as it ascends. That is what you signed-up for.

Plus, as the planet ascends you are serving to literally create for it a vibrational pathway of transcendence into its new Home, a path it has never taken before, to a place it has never been before.


Your souls, anchoring the energy from the Higher Dimension into the planet, acts much like an umbilical cord by which you are, literally, vibrationally transcending the planet into the Upper Triad. You are its lifeline, so to speak, and all of nature upon it, within it, around it.


To "cut that cord" prematurely would be devastating to the planet, and would be a disastrous disruption to the entire Mission Plan.

But let this fact cheer you up: as you remain on the planet during its ascension to its new Home, all of natural life gets a total makeover, yourselves included. And this is another topic to be discussed later.

But we want you to feel better about remaining on the planet by knowing that as it is ascending, your personal lives improve even though you may observe the lives of non-ascending souls getting worse as they continue to struggle with their lessons, as the folding-up of the Lower Triad literally "squeezes" them, so to speak, off of the physical planet.


We put it this way to explain that their unevolved souls simply cannot withstand the increasing intensity of the incoming higher-frequency-pressure that is being exerted upon the state of their lower-pressurized soul. It's a complex metaphysics thing.

But simply put, these souls are being vibrationally squeezed off the planet as it ascends in frequency. Once deceased, they are in-turn forced by the naturally exerted frequency-pressure to withdraw from the planet and its vicinity, and to seek another place to reside that is vibrationally attuned with their own soul's frequency-pressure.


Due to what is transpiring with the ascension of the universe itself and the folding up of its Lower Triad, the only other place where they can reside now are on some primitive planets grouped together near the womb, or black hole, of the new universe. And that is yet another topic to discuss later.

We joyously wish our Volunteers to know that your lives are becoming and will continue to be increasingly more fulfilled, more free, more fun, as will the lives of all Ascending Souls.


But, we emphasize, it is up to you to access, embrace and engage that truth as your personal experience of the ascension event.


You cannot, on the one hand, be on a path of ascension where the frequencies are continuously becoming more "divine", shall we say, while on the other hand you continue to experience the increasing lower negative events which you are consistently leaving behind.


As you ascend, your life and the life of the planet itself becomes better and better, so why would you expect it to do otherwise? That defies the very metaphysics of the nature of reality.

On the other hand, if you expect life for you and the planet to stay bad or get worse, then you have shifted yourself off the path of ascension to the Upper Triad and onto the path of descension, if we may use such a word, into the Lower Triad where your fellow perceivers are the non-ascending souls.

Our message to you is that so long as you expect your life to get better because of the ascension that is occurring, your life will get better, because that is simply how it works.

As you observe the life of non-ascending souls remaining bad or getting worse, there is no need for you to panic, believing that it need in any way affect you. It won't unless you "fall from the grace of your own state" into fear that it will, and so it will. You see? You have free will in this, so which will do you choose?

And it is not your job as a Volunteer to endeavor to jump in and try to save non-ascending souls from their unpleasant lives. It is their soul's path of evolution, and it is your job to allow them to engage it without your input or interference - which is the real Prime Directive - the other Prime Directive you've heard of is fantasy being advocated as fact. Ignore it.


But, if these suffering souls consciously ask you for your assistance then give it to them, for if they are ready to ask for assistance then they are ready to receive it. Otherwise, butt-out and leave them alone on the path which they need to be on.

So, in closing to this topic; sadly you will not be returning Home tomorrow or next week or next year. Happily though, your lives will become increasingly better and more joyous over the next several increasingly short years, as the beat-of-time continues to speed up. Know that as a fact.


Focus on it as a fact. And so it shall be for you. To do otherwise is to crucify yourselves, so to speak.

Know that you will return Home, with planet-in-tow and body-intact, and that a great day of celebration awaits you all. You can count on that. The festivity plans are in the works even now.

That is all for now.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council




Ascension of the Planet, Its "Vibrational Skin",
& The "Splitting" of the Planet

Q = Questioner

A = An T'na

Q: In the first session it was stated that this planet is ascending, meaning it is making a physical ascension to the Higher Dimensional Triad. It was also stated that as it is ascending it is leaving behind a kind of "skin" that is being retained by the souls who are not ascending.


Please clarify what you mean by this; how does this serve those souls when the Lower Triad is folding-up, and when all that which remains in the Lower Triad is being vibrationally attracted to the creation of the new universe.


And, does this correlate to some people's ideas that this planet is splitting off into 2 or more versions of itself?

A: It is true that the planet is making a physical ascension, just like your bodies are making a biological ascension.


For those who are ready, their embodiments are biologically responding to the planet's physical ascension, and vice-versa. You see? The 2 are interconnected, and this is why the planet is ascending physically, rather than as some have speculated, as merely a spiritual ascension.


You do not need a body, you do not need to be physical in order to generate spiritual ascension.

Your embodiments are a direct part of the nature of this planet. Because the body's biology is directly connected to rest of the planet's natural creation, as the planet and all of nature on it ascends, your embodiment naturally endeavors to ascend with it because your body's know they are of that which the planet is, as is all of nature.


The planet is ascending, period. All of nature is ascending, period. All Terran embodiments are naturally attempting to ascend, period. But there is a big 'but' here.

All Terrans possess a soul, which has soul-consciousness, which through free will, allows the soul to resist ascension by process of resisting its own evolution when an ascension event is occurring.

It was previously discussed that the ascension of the planet generates a frequency pressure and this pressure in-turn acts directly upon the soul. As ascension is resisted by the soul, for its own needful purposes, this frequency pressure creates a vibrational tension between the body's natural response to the planet's ascension, and the souls choice not to ascend.


This vibrational tension becomes stressful to the biology of the body, which eventually results in various crippling illnesses, fatal diseases, plus fatal and crippling accidents due to dwindling mental and nerve functions, as well as accelerated aging processes due to the acceleration of the beat of time.

So while the planet and all of nature is ascending, only the bodies of those souls who are ascension-ready are fully hooked-up with the natural flow of the planet's ascension. The embodiments of non-ascending souls are naturally hooked-in as well, but the resistance of the soul does, over time, gradually disconnect the body's biology from the ascension processes.

By now, by this point in the ascension of the planet and all of nature, all Ascending Souls are shifting into an acceleration of health and wellbeing, while all non-ascending souls are shifting into an acceleration of diseases, illnesses, accidents, and aging.

Keeping all of that in-mind, the ascension of the planet, of all of its natural creations, including your ascending embodiments, are transcending out of the vibrational framework of the Lower Triad, and as that occurs a transformation of matter takes place.

There is that which we call the "scaffold" upon which all matter adheres itself into the density relative to the dimension it is manifesting upon. This scaffold is much like how coral is formed. If you look at the coral you see that it has tiny holes in it.


But if you look it more closely you see that these holes are formed by a scaffold structure upon which the mineral substances adhere to. If you look at the densest thickest part of the coral, it appears to be solid but when you put it under your microscopes you see that the scaffold is there as well.


The closer you look, the more scaffolding you see.

All matter has its basis upon this scaffolding. The scaffolding structures itself according to the pattern of the idea, of the image held in consciousness that is to be created into physical form. This process occurs on all dimensions, not just the one you are on, but it occurs relative to the level of density generated by a given dimension.

So, in the Lower Triad the level of density depends upon which dimension you are dwelling upon - the 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Each of these 3 dimensions has their own level of density. The level of density where you are, which you refer to as the 3rd dimension, has a scaffolding custom-tailored to match the vibration of the 3rd density within the 3rd dimension.

Your deceased souls descend back into the 2nd density level, and this occurs because death is a step back from going forward in consciousness to a higher vibration within the Lower Triad, which would be the 4th level of understanding. The 3rd dimension's 4th level of understanding has its own density.


But the 3rd dimension's 4th level of consciousness is not the same thing as that which you call the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is beyond the Lower Triad's vibration of the 3rd dimension wherein there are 7 sub-levels of understanding and density. This matter is another subject of discussion for another time.

Now, the planet and all of nature is ascending by means of a transformation occurring within the scaffolding itself. The scaffolding is patterned after the ideal blueprint of the planet, as are all things created by the planet itself, including your embodiments. The ideal blueprint never degenerates or disintegrates, regardless of how much change or decay occurs within the materialized form.


The nature of the ideal blueprint is to be constantly improved upon; the only change it accepts is toward a constant state of enhancement and refinement.

Since before the planet's material formation, there was an ideal blueprint designed, held firm within the consciousness of the Source, which we all are. The entire planet and all of nature has its own ideal blueprint, including your embodiments. Even your soul has an ideal blueprint that it is constantly striving to enhance and refine.

So, the planet's scaffolding is itself being transformed from that of a 3rd density structure to that of a 5th density structure. Now, those of you who are ascending along with the planet will not physically notice much change, not yet, because your body's scaffoldings are transforming in-tandem with the planet's scaffolding transformation.

In other words, as the planet's scaffolding shifts from a 3D state to a 5D state, your bodies are doing the same thing right along with it. This natural entrainment process causes you to not notice any difference in density relative to that of the planet because your body's ascending vibrational rate of speed is the same as that of the ascending planet.


Consequently, you can still feel or touch the physicality of the ascending planet and all that is around you. This has to do with meta-physics. Like to like and all of that.

Now, for those who are not ascending, their scaffolding gradually looses vibrational touch with that of the planet as it ascends. While the planet's scaffolding is vibrationally shifting to its new 5D structure, their scaffolding remains as that of a 3D structure.


As this gap between the 2 states of scaffolding structure grows greater, a little bit each day, the non-ascenders have no sense that the planet itself is ascending, and the reason is this - something else is simultaneously occurring for them.

As the physical planet ascends, meaning, it is taking its 'body' with it to its new Home in the Upper Triad, its former 3D scaffolding is left behind. Now relate this to our coral analogy; what is left behind by the planet's ascension is, basically, a somewhat 'ethereal skin' composed of the 3D vibrational scaffolding that is becoming increasingly vacant of all 3rd density matter.


Just as old dead coral looses the minerals that once gave it a density of substance, so this is similar to what occurs with all things as they ascend. This is what is occurring with your embodiments as well.


The increasing transformation of the vibrational scaffold into the higher 5D state causes an atomic dislodging or shedding of all substance of a 3D nature. This 3D substance which was once held-fast to the scaffolding, loses its integration-capacity to adhere. These dislodged atoms and subatomic substances then become "free-floating building-blocks", if you will, within the field of the Lower Triad.

As you and the planet ascends further into a 5D scaffolding with its relative density and substance, the planet's former 3D scaffold-skin is gradually left behind as the 5D scaffolding increasingly sheds its non-adhereable matter. The vibrational scaffold-skin of the former 3D planet becomes increasingly porous, like that of the porous layer of coral - its 'skin'.

For those souls who are not ascending but have chosen to remain in the Lower Triad for continued evolution, their embodiments are still very much attuned to the 3D vibrational skin - the 3D scaffold which the ascending planet was once composed of.

The embodiments of non-ascending souls are losing their ability to adhere 3D substance upon their 3D scaffolding, which itself is losing its adherence function. In other words, the biological 3D scaffolds are breaking down over time.

As the 3D vibrational skin loses its adherence function, it loses its ability to retain substance unto itself, thus it sheds the remaining substance that it has left and is unable to adhere more substance unto itself, so the non-ascending souls body's scaffolding itself increasingly becomes more porous.


Eventually the scaffolding dis-integrates into its former original idea or image of its former state of existence, having "fallen" back, or descended into the 2nd level of density, which is where your deceased dwell as what you call ghostly images of their former selves.

Those souls who are not ascending are undergoing the same 'loss-of-vibrational-integrity' process as the planet's 3D scaffold-skin is doing. Their embodiments are literally, shall we say, dematerializing backward into the same level of density of your deceased souls - to the level of their image patterning, which you call ghosts.


But, since their embodiments are vibrationally attuned and connected to the vibration of the dematerializing skin of the planet, they do not notice anything out of the ordinary occurring either. They are literally experiencing the vibrational opposite of what you who are ascending are experiencing. You see?

Both processes are occurring simultaneously, superimposed upon one another.


Each of the planet's states of existence is transpiring simultaneously yet not they are connected together. The 2 states are moving in opposite directions of vibrational resonance from where they were - one moving higher in vibration, the other moving lower in vibration.

Now, in that all dimensions are superimposed one upon another, the ascending and descending aspects of the planet is really not going anywhere directionally in space. The planet remains stationary while each aspect of its transformation shifts into a different flow of vibrational-time relative to where it is going.

Its ascending vibration is releasing itself of its former 3D scaffold, right here and now, where it is. Eventually the ascending planet will no longer be seen or interacted with, except by those in the Upper Triad where the planet is becoming increasingly more visible and interactable in its new 5D state.

At the same time, the 3D skin of the planet is de-densifying into a dis-integrated condition of the planet's former 3D state in matter, and this process is also occurring right where you are, right under your feet, so to speak.

So, this dual shifting of the planet, vibrating out of one state and into another, transpires gradually over time, but the planet is moving nowhere in space as it accelerates itself in one direction, while decelerating itself in the reverse direction. To give you another analogy, it is like 2 sides of the same coin having 2 different reality-experiences transpiring at the same time.

We do hope you are getting this because it will help you understand your next question of how the vibrational skin of the planet hosts the non-ascending souls, and their creation of the new universe, which applies to the universe folding up its Lower Triad.

As the physical planet ascends out of the Lower Triad to the Upper Triad, its continued existence in this universe itself is assured.

As the planet's 3D skin or scaffold disintegrates into the 2nd dimension, possessing a 2nd level density, along with the embodiments of all souls who are not ascending, those non-ascending souls will find that things are slightly different from how they used to be.

Ascending souls will have simply vanished from their presence by means that they would consider to be mysteriously unexplainable, while simultaneously the deceased souls who are not ascending will have just as mysteriously seemed to have been "resurrected from the dead" back onto what they perceived as their former planet.


But in reality the planet that they are seeing is actually as much a ghostly image patterning of their former planet, as they themselves are of their own former image.

While the disintegrating scaffold-skin of the planet will have descended back in vibration to a non-matter state of existence, it will seem real to those non-ascending souls who vibrate at the same rate of speed.

The non-ascending souls' collective remembrance of their former planet projects an image-patterning upon the disintegrating scaffolding so that it appears to be real to them, which we refer to as a "phantom planet", and yet in time, even that phantom planet will give-way to the ongoing dis-integration processes.

Now, with that in-mind, the Lower Triad of the universe, which consists of dimensions 1, 2, and 3, remember, is no longer providing the Source of this universe with any vibrations that stimulates the expansion and refinement of itself. The evolving Source is outgrowing its use for the vibrations in the Lower Triad.

Its increasing non-use of these lower vibrations is generating a weakening of the vibrations relative to each of the 3 dimensions in the Lower Triad.


This vibrational abating generates a collapsing of vibrations within each dimension. In other words, the vibrational scaffolding of each dimension is weakening and, consequently, collapsing in on itself, much like a disintegrating piece of coral will do over time. The overall vibrational function and capacity of each dimension to hold itself together is breaking down.

This is occurring, again, by the increasing non-use of these vibrations by the Source. As the Source's need for those lower vibrations decreases, the vibrations likewise decrease in strength. An analogy of this would be like your muscles of which you have a saying, "Use it or lose it". The non-use generates the loss of strength, whether it is a muscle or a vibration.

Yet there still exists within the Lower Triad the non-ascending souls who retain, in their soul memory, everything they have ever experienced during their numerous journeys throughout the Lower Triad.

Many non-ascending souls will not be aware that they have actually died, meaning that they have descended down in frequency, without having actually gone through a physical death because the body dematerializes into its 2nd density image, which we refer to as the "phantom body", you call it ghosts.


As the Lower Triad's vibrations weaken, their phantom body's scaffold continues to dis-integrate until all that is left is the soul itself. They are then souls of pure spirit; no density left whatsoever, yet they are not aware of that change in density.


They just know that they still "exist".

Eventually the Lower Triad will have lost all substance so that all that remains is a gradual weakening of vibration. Before the Lower Triad's vibration is totally flatlined, so to speak, some of the vibrations of the Lower Triad are even now being magnetically drawn toward an area of the universe where the we-the-Source created a womb for the insertion and holding of the unused vibrations of the Lower Triad.

More and more non-ascending souls feel vibrationally compelled to migrate toward this womb. For them it is a very natural and comfortable experience because it is the desire of the soul, which is directing them there for continued evolution. The soul simply knows where its next path of evolution is, so it innately moves itself there.

As this womb of the new universe gathers unto itself all that remains of the Lower Triad, including all non-ascending souls, a stage is eventually reached when it is 'developed' to the point where this new infant universe can sustain itself on its own, without being symbiotically attached to its mother universe, we shall say.


The new universe then separates itself from its mother universe and is free to evolve itself independently of any and all outside influences.

The explosive 'big bang' theory that your scientists have given you is not an accurate description of a much more gentle process of how universes are created. There is a "big separation" that occurs, but it's not in the form of an explosive big bang.

So, all that remains of the Lower Triad will give rise to an entirely new universe, replete with everything necessary to boot-up new life therein, including the intelligent souls who will do it. They are the new Creators of that new universe. They are the new Source from where all creation will come.


They are off on a new adventure of being the Creators of their own whole new universe. So, this is where your non-ascended loved ones will go and what they will do there. So grieve not for those who are not ascending with this universe, for they are ready for their new adventure.

Now in-lieu of that, guess where we, all who are here in this universe, came from?


Yes, we were the souls who once existed in another universe, and we all chose not to ascend with that universe, but instead we chose to remain oriented in that universe's Lower Triad. So, we "migrated sideways" into the womb of the newly forming universe that had been created there.

Upon its separation from its mother universe, we all became the Creators of this universe, the Source of all that is in it! How did we become the Source?


We took the potential latent energy, which came through with us, and through brilliant ideas, we created the scaffoldings of those ideas upon which the energy would adhere to, in order to become substance, relative to the dimension we were creating upon, and we imbued "life" unto that substance.

You think that life just happened, all on its own, as your scientists want you to believe is the case? No. It took a vast intelligence to make it all happen, and that intelligence is you and me and all of us together.


Ever heard of what you call "intelligent design"? That is us. Every one of us. We are the intelligence and the designers.


Is this not the definition of a Creator and the Source of that which it creates? Are we the energy that came with us into this universe when it was birthed? Of course we are that energy.


The soul consists of that energy arranged into the unique scaffoldings that composes your soul and my soul and every soul in existence. Everything has a soul and it consists of the energies of the universes that each soul traverses through.

So where did the energy itself first come from? What is its origin? That is the great mystery of all mysteries and no one has the answer to that. It just is. It is the unsolved mystery that shall forever remain unsolved. Yet, here we are, so solving the mystery would not change the fact that "we exist".

Consequently, since we are the souls who chose not to ascend with our former universe, but instead chose to migrate into this one, how can we justifiably condemn those non-ascending souls here for choosing to do the very same thing now? We cannot. So cease with any belittling or demeaning of those who are currently migrating toward the womb in order to become the Source-Creators of their new universe.


They are not "going to hell" or any such version thereof, for there is no such thing.


You can safely toss and can that hogwash, as you would call it. They are becoming Creators of their own new universe. And how cool is that, because look at us - we did it here, and it is marvelous. Many of us are ascending with this universe, while many are becoming residents of a new universe, yet life in each direction goes on just as well.


So it's all OK. OK?

Now, as the Source of this universe ascends, it means that this universe is ascending because we are the Source who is ascending ourselves firstly. The universe is responding in-kind to our own ascension as the Creators of it. It is all interconnected, you see.


But we are initiating the ascension event itself. All of life in the universe is going along for the ride, with the exception, of course, of all non-ascending entity-souls who have chosen a different, yet just as wonderful, destiny.

Now, something else is transpiring as well.


As we-Creators have less and less need for and use of the vibrations of the Lower Triad, and the Lower Triad collapses in on itself and its energies are vibrationally magnetized to the womb, simultaneously while this is occurring there is a whole new Triad that is coming into this universe, and this new Triad is what some are referring to as the 9th, 10th, and 11th dimensions.


The 8th dimension is becoming a new time-portal, the new barrier between the 2 sets of Triads, one upper set and one lower. This is how and why the universe is ascending. This new Triad of higher vibration is being brought in. This is the nature, thus definition of ascension.

As the Source-Creators of this universe, we are vibrationally attracting this new Triad into this universe because of our increasing desire and need for new vibrations with which to continue creating diversity, thus expanding, enhancing and refining our universe, which is our playground.

This new Upper Triad of higher vibrations offers us new types of energy that we can combine together in unique never-before seen forms of substance thus matter. An analogy; we are getting new toys to play with in our cosmic playground.

Now, there is scientific-astronomic evidence that confirms that there is new energy coming into this universe. It has been seen by them, if not quantified and understood by them. But this fact is not publicly well-known. However, now you know about it.

So, your next question regarding claims of this planet splitting itself off into 2 or more versions of itself: this is a misconception of what we have already said is transpiring. There is a misconception of the process we've already discussed which stems from the uneducated viewers or perceivers of the process who have drawn inaccurate conclusions of what is actually transpiring.


Seeing it and understanding what you are seeing are two very different things.

The so-called split-off planets, which are being viewed by some perceivers, through dreams and intuition and so on, they are seeing the phantom image of the planet as it descends into the 2nd dimensional level. It is understandable that the appearance is that of second or twin planet being formed, but that is a misunderstanding of what is actually occurring.


What they are actually seeing is the superimposed images of the phantom planet that is descending from the 3rd to the 2nd density state, and the physical planet that is ascending from the 3rd to its 5th density state. This event is not a "splitting off", nor a "cloning of" this planet into 2 separate physical versions of itself. That is a misconception of what they are observing in their visions.

So, the answer to that question is 'no', especially the idea of some Terrans who claim that one version is positive and the other is negative.


That is the thinking of uneducated minds that are still thinking in terms of moral duality. What is transpiring is how we have presented it to you herein, and there is no negative-positive about any of it. It is simply the nature of the ascending universe and all souls who exist in it.

Now, one other thing: because we are the Creators of this universe, therefore the Source of all that is in it, the folding up of the Lower Triad is not the first time that this event has occurred.

The folding up of the original Lower Triad occurred after our most basic creation plans for this universe were no longer needed.

Let us give you another analogy: when you want to build a house, you draw up a set of plans according to how you want the house to be arranged and so on. Once the house is built, you no longer have need or use for those plans. The house you've built can now be enhanced and refined upon with new plans added to the already existing house.

This is what happened when we created this universe. We all participated in formulating the original set of plans by which to construct our new universe. Once our universal-house was 'built', so to speak, we no longer had need or use of those architectural cosmic plans.

The vibrations of those plans composed the Lower Triad that existed at that time. Eventually we stopped referring to the plans so that the non-use of the vibrations in that original Lower Triad weakened and diminished. Consequently we folded-up that Lower Triad and sent the residual energy into a black hole pocket which would later become the womb for the new universe.

And, just as we are doing now, so back then we vibrationally brought into this universe a whole new higher Triad to replace the former Lower Triad, with which to continue creating this universe. This set of Triads is the current ones which we have now.


But, as then so now, as the current Lower Triad is once again being disused for enhancing and refining the universe, therefore the vibrations in the Lower Triad are weakening and diminishing, we are about to fold it up as well, once again. Simultaneously we are drawing-in a whole new Triad of fresh unexplored vibrations for our ongoing creation.

Those souls who do not want to do this with us have chosen to migrate to the new universe to be the Creators of something entirely new and different there. So on and on it goes, as new universes are born, replete with the Creator-souls who prefer to create something totally new and different. At the soul level they are already eagerly engaged together, conceiving the creation of their new universe.


Why wait when you know where you are going and there are plans to be made!

So, from the Source comes something for everyone. Right?

We do hope this helps clarify the matter for you. We enjoy sharing such information with you so as to help our Volunteers remember these things, and to help Ascending Souls gain your initial understanding of them.

That is all for now.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council



The Ascended Planet –
When All things Manmade Shall Cease to Exist,
&  Global Economic and Political Matters

Q = Questioner

A = An T'na

Q: How do you see the money market right now? Can you offer some guidance on this?

In a previous session it was stated that once the planet has ascended to its new Home in the Upper Triad that all things of man will cease to exist; that ancient scripts mention that not one stone shall remain standing upon another, that all things manmade shall become as dust upon the planet.


Please clarify what is meant by this perception.

A: I have requested that these 2 questions be addressed together, for the one will help clarify the other.

First of all, we do not give heed to the economic matters of the planet because we know that these things are constantly adjusting themselves to whatever the current needs may be nationally and globally.


We do know that all such things are in a constant flux of change, therefore, to pinpoint specific outcomes on any of them is futile and can be misleading to those seeking answers for the current or long-run future.

If you feel you must know what the trends are in these matters, then we suggest that you give attention to what those souls who are not ascending are seeing as the possibilities or the outcomes. We suggest this because they are the ones who creating it, firstly, thus they are the most concerned about such matters, therefore they are the ones most controlling of them.


This is true due to the fact that their perceptions in life, concerning their survival and wellbeing, is still rooted in the issues of the Lower Triad thoughts and corresponding energies. In other words, they are non-ascending souls who continue to live their lives around whatever is occurring externally to themselves.


Hence, they can and most often do live in the fear and anxieties that these matters evoke, based upon developing events that they feel is beyond their control. This in-turn generates competition amongst one another for winning the best booty that fulfills their imagined needs and desires.

Our focus here with Terrans on this planet is, as we have stated from the start, to assist all Ascending Souls and our Volunteers with clarity about the events that are occurring above and beyond those of the Lower Triad events of existence.


We know that Ascending Souls and our Volunteers are aware that their livelihood and wellbeing is rooted within their own consciousness, hence they also know that it is within their own control, meaning that they do not rely upon the trends or outcomes thereof for their personal existence.


Their focus is not upon matters external to themselves, but upon matters internal to themselves. They know that they, as Ascending Souls and Volunteers, are senior to all external matters, which means that the manner in which they live their lives is what determines whether they thrive, or merely subsist and survive, consequently thriving according to their internal environment, not the external environment.

In-lieu of that fact, for us to give advice regarding the political and economic affairs of your world, as having any major significance to you personally, is for us to turn your attention and energy away from your internal environment, which is of major significance to you personally, thereby influencing you to join the non-ascending souls' dependency upon externalized matters and the fears and anxieties that goes along with it.

Instead, if you are indeed an Ascending Soul, we suggest that you "go within" and behold the state and condition of your own internal environment so as to be sure that you are immersed in the higher frequencies that are above and beyond those of the Lower Triad.


If you are immersed in the higher frequencies then you will feel confident that regardless of whatever occurs in your external environment, all will nonetheless be well with you personally, and you will feel encouraged by your confidence to remain in a state of certainty about it. You see?

As Ascending Souls you will find yourselves becoming less and less concerned about what transpires externally to you and more and more concerned with what transpires internally.


In so doing, it is not that you are putting yourselves into positions of potential situations of hardship, or that you are being unprepared for whatever political or economic disasters may befall the masses; it is that as Ascending Souls you come to understand that whatever does befall anyone external to you is exactly where their soul needs them to be, and where your soul needs you to be, for the purpose of gaining an understanding about such things.

As Ascending Souls, your increasing internal paradigm shift away from external matters is a natural part of the ascension process. This is when you begin to rely more on your own personal point of power as the Creator-Source that you truly are, and less on the impersonal power of those around you whose personal agenda it is to make their agendas yours as well.

As Ascending Souls you will come to realize that the place to where you are ascending has no such matters to be concerned over. The lesson here, right now, for you is to move yourselves beyond these Lower Triad thoughts and energies because nothing like them will not exist in the Upper Triad for you to focus upon.


In other words, if you insist on clinging to the consciousness and energy that the Lower Triad is composed of, with all its polarized beliefs and ways of existence, then the natural result of that is that you will not vibrationally align and engage the higher consciousness and energy that composes the Upper Triad, hence "you will in no way enter into that kingdom", or dimensional realm, as your scripts state.

What we are teaching you here is the greater understanding of that which you call the laws of relativity, like-to-like and all of that. So, how does this information fit into the next question?

As this planet continues to ascend, changes are made to the scaffolding that holds all things together in their 3rd dimensional state of being. We have already touched upon this matter to some degree in prior communiqués, so we ask you to read or reread those entries in order to comprehend this teaching.

Once the planet has made its final transcendence into the Upper Triad, there is no 3rd dimensional scaffolding left on the planet for the adherence of anything possessing a 3rd dimensional atomic structure.


All your buildings and apparatuses that have been constructed by Terrans for uses beyond that which naturally occurs in nature, have been so constructed by the consciousness of need that in-turn must meet the needs of the social structures that have been conceived of in the minds of Terrans existing within the framework of survival which the Lower Triad offers.


It is not that these manmade constructions were at all necessary in order for you to exist in your experience of the Lower Triad, but it is that such are what you as a species chose to do; it is how your lives have been shaped and funneled, if you will, more recently in history by the greed of your planetary controllers determining how life shall be and not be for you. You are thus living in a very artificial construct manner of existence.

In that these artificial constructs originate from within the minds of Lower Triad thoughts and energies, they are held together by 3rd dimensional scaffoldings.


As the planet ascends, it is losing its ability to retain this Lower Triad scaffolding, and once it has been secured permanently within the higher frequencies of the Upper Triad, all such manmade constructs simply lose their ability to adhere atomically. As we stated before, the Upper Triad does not have atoms.


That which adheres together in the Upper Triad does so by constituents that are not atomic-based.

So you see, we encourage all Ascending Souls to understand that you can expect that once the planet has entered into its new state of existence in the Upper Triad, you will not even find your homes left standing for such constructs will have no use there within a type of environment that requires no separation or isolation between you and it.


Your 3rd dimensional homes have been artificially constructed as a means of protecting you from your natural environment because you are not living in harmony with it. In the Upper Triad there is no such thing.


Your attitudes and understanding about this must change here and now in order to accept this as your new reality, thus align yourselves with the new environment you will find yourselves existing in.

All of your buildings of business and politics, and so on; all of your modes of transportation and so on, will also lose their atomic-integrity so that they too will be "returned to the dust from where they came" - in other words, the material from which they are made will literally dis-integrate and be returned back into their non-atomic state, for all things of an atomic nature exist in a non-atomic state first.

In the Upper Triad there is no need for politics, or business, or economics, or any of the concepts that Lower Triad Terrans have dreamed-up as so-called "necessary" aspects of existence. The Upper Triad functions upon a very different type of consciousness and its relative energies, which we have touched upon briefly in other communiqués, and more will be said later about that.

In that no such concepts or states of being exist in the Upper Triad to where all Ascending Souls are ascending and to where our Volunteers are returning, we want all of you to know that this is why we do not focus our attention nor yours upon manmade matters and constructs which all non-ascending souls continue to hold near and dear to themselves as their perceived, and we will say more correctly, misperceived means of survival.


For us to focus you upon such things would be for us to dishonor your personal power as a Creator-Source and, in-lieu of that, to influence you to remain focused in the same direction and aligned with the same energy in evolution as the non-ascending souls.

But we reiterate what we have said before, which is that if you choose to focus yourselves in that direction you are indeed free to do so and we consider that choice to be the right one for you, for your soul innately knows where its destiny in evolution lies.


And, into whatever direction your soul needs go, it is not a matter of right or wrong, or of good or bad, or of better or worse; it is a matter of necessary personal evolution about which there is nothing right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse.


And from that point of understanding we honor and respect and celebrate your choices, for that is, in-turn, honoring and respecting and celebrating free will itself.

We hope that this has clarified both questions.

That is all for now.

I am An T'na, of the Intergalactic Board of Council

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