by Jim Euclid
11 June, 2013
from Regolish Website



Many years ago, when I got into an altercation trying to save a friend from a drug-addict, I found myself in the unenviable position of being in a full-on fight one-on-one.


I was not unduly perturbed at the time, as I was younger and skilled in martial arts. After managing to wrestle him to the ground, I called out to my friend to call the police, which she did.

I waited, and waited, while this cursing, foul-mouthed tyrant threatened to kill me if I let him go. After an hour, the police finally did arrive, but long after I disarmed the guy and rendered him incapacitated.

The story was a very painful reminder to me of two things:

  1. everything bad that happens to us should never be deflected into a blame game. It wasn't his fault or my fault. It was a collision of two separate worlds.

  2. there is only one true hero in any conflict and that is the person who accepts that he alone must fight his/her battle without any expectation of outside help. If help does arrive, it may not necessarily be to help you but the other.

A recent posting alarmed me about growing expectations by some people that if we merely ask the ETs to help us, then they will come to save us from our many earthly predicaments.


Nothing could be further from reality.


Reams of books, testimonies, videos and blogs attest to the presence of many malevolent ET forces under the earth, walking amongst us and above, most having been here for centuries, if not millennia.


Some ETs are benevolent, some malevolent but wishing to be left alone and others are malevolent and passionate about maintaining their 'one world order' through the shadow governments (note that the new world order is a smokescreen for what has already occurred long ago - do you really think the NSA would admit to who their 'real bosses' are?).

I do not doubt for one second the real validity of ETs, but malevolent ETs would always welcome an invitation by us as this allows them an invitation under the 'free-will' directive.


A benevolent ET race would never have to be asked as they are already fully aware of our situation (do we really think that interstellar creatures cannot remotely view our earth's present predicaments?).


The act of asking for help opens one up to  being overtly or covertly abused, dominated or manipulated in various ways.


One has to be critical in thinking to oneself,

  • What is their agenda in helping us?

  • Is it solely to bring us into a galactic community? With so many ETs already here, why would they want to, unless they have an alien agenda.

  • To save us from the bad guys down here?

  • Surely it would be better to end this ET war on earth and let us keep the earth as our home?

Is it that much different to the USA going into Iraq and saying to local Iraqis - 'come with us and we'll take you away to a better place.'


How well would that go down with the locals, do you think? We must remain, place our feet firmly upon this earth and call this place our home. We must not flee from this important fight to reclaiming an independent and sovereign earth from those who wish us ill. This should be not-negotiable.


We are the dominant, sentient being, regardless of our ancestral origins. We have a right to be here, to coexist with others and live in peace.

The recent writings of Therese Talea (The Truth About God, 2012-2022 Ascension, and Who we Really Are) help explain the underlying myth of Ascension that has gripped the New Age movement with such a fervor.


The dominant theme is that 'aliens are here to help us', despite the 2004 remark by Dr. Carol Rosin (below video) who reiterated Werner Von Braun's remark that 'first there would be a cold war, a terrorist war, then asteroid threats and finally an alien threat':





Dr. Carol Rosin - Veritas Show





During this two hour interview, aerospace consultant, Dr. Carol Rosin, announced a proposed treaty she developed with her colleagues, including astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, to keep space free of weapons.


She discussed her background and how she came to work for Dr. Werner von Braun in the 1970s.


Dr. Rosin and her husband have been the victim of threats, blackmail, theft, and even physical attacks. She decided to come forward publicly to propel the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011.


As Dr. Rosin says: Would we rather have weapons above our heads or a transformation of the war industry into a peaceful World Cooperative Space Industry?



The government would tell us the aliens are friendly, and this would be the final step of the New World Order.

I have no doubt that Ascension may well occur soon, but not in the way most understand it. If there is hell, it is on earth, or a few hundred feet below... As for heaven, that is one's own choice.

Innocence is not a curse, but naivety can quickly get you killed.