by Zen Gardner
December 6, 2013

from ZenGardner Website

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It’s amazing how starved for truth such an informationally soaked world can be.

But here we are.

Sleep apnea, or discontinued, interrupted breathing during sleep, is a terrible condition for anyone, often requiring the assistance of breathing machines. It’s a relatively new affliction to our times often having to do with obesity and nervous conditions.

When applied to Truth this concept is so indicative of the vicious cycle we live in. The whole world is in this truth starvation cycle. Lack of life-giving air, as in the influx of truth, will cause some serious personal and societal repercussions, as exemplified by the current world’s confused and dilapidated state. It is beyond starved of fresh truth.

It now requires a machine to keep pumping (dis)information into its circulatory system. And who’s supplying the machined “air waves” they’re dependent on?

You guessed it...





We Are What We Breathe

It’s true we are what we eat, but it also applies not only to our food and water, but also to our air.


Our food is adulterated, our water is deliberately contaminated with psycho-sedatives, and our air is systematically poisoned. These clearly affect our perception and behavior.

Now transliterate that to our informational supply.

Truth deprivation is the biggest story of all. And it’s the most serious. The other symptoms are merely physical manifestations.

When fish are starved for air they exhibit certain behaviors. We’re seeing that in humanity. It’s truth starvation causing humanity’s unconscious floundering on the deck of a truth deprived world.


Lying governments, non-nutritious foods and education, empty media, and a broken down family and social system contribute to this nutritionally starved morass of informational excrement that is asphyxiating the world’s populace.

Humanity is living in a carefully circumscribed truth-deprivation tank, and it’s gasping for air.




Controlled Behavior Is the Intent - Period

People today live in a controlled environment.


We live within our self-and-otherwise prescribed limits, but we live there. Some wake up to realize these apparent limitations are imaginary, but most do not. Hence the stupefied world of today.

The limits are as they seem, in the minds of those who accept them. If you believe and agree for whatever reason, it’s yours.

Much like the elephant on a tether, we’re trained to think we have circumscribed limitations we cannot cross. How very wrong. It’s entrainment, simply said, it’s nothing but a trained response.


When we’re deprived of truth we behave unconsciously. Without the resources to make an informed decision we are not fully complicit in the scheme of things, but we are unwitting sponsors of a uniquely artificial world that only prescribes control and manipulation.

When we wake up to our fully conscious nature it all seems like a dream we’ve surfaced from, but that is the world most of the planet lives in.


And will surface from...






The End is Always the Beginning

We are the prescribed solution. Whatever befalls us.

The matrix of deceit is another animal; It’s a strangely misdirected one, that only seeks to deceive, contain and manipulate at unimaginable levels. It is not from our dimension.

If anyone cannot recognize the systematized strangulation of Truth at this point I seriously wonder, but there are many who get it. Those who do get it are the many folks who are reading this right now.

It’s not a big jump. It’s a simple reality.

I hope you make it...