channeled readings by Steve Rother

April 12, 2011

from PreventDisease Website

Spanish version



Just take a moment right now and feel your heart.


The rate of your heart not only determines the need for blood throughout your body, but it is also sending out your unique signature and unique vibration out into the universe.

The time or distance in between your creations and manifestations is almost gone. This is new for humans because it was a safety margin which no longer exists. It was possible in the past for you to have negative thoughts without creating them in your world all the time, and that was partly because of your own advancement and the collective reasoning. That is gone. You will manifest at will and almost instantly.

Something has taking place now that has never taken place on this planet before. Over the next 3 to 5 years, your unique vibrational pattern is changing and evolving to shift you from one dimension to the next along with the planet.

Every person, much like a personality, much like a body, much like a snowflake, every one is needed for the creation of home, each human carrying one piece of the puzzle and the puzzle pieces are all very unique and very critical to the overall puzzle which you are now assembling on the new planet.

Earth is adapting for this move and the energetics of the planet are going to continue their movement.


At least two other major earthquakes are coming to make this adjustment final. It's pretty easy to see the different places on planet Earth where they will occur because most of your activity and most of this portal is around the Pacific plate which is where all of the activity and the ring of fire exists.

This most recent earthquake along with the one in Chile has changed the Earth's tilt and wobble. Earth is not only spinning on its axis, but it's also spinning on an elliptical orbit around the sun. On top of that, it is on a wobbling orbit which changed for the first time after the Chilean quake.

All these earthquakes are happening right now as part of the adjustment necessary to make space for the new human. All of you knew it was coming and you've have been talking about it for many years. It's not something to worry something... it's something to celebrate.

We know that it's very difficult when tragedy strikes. We know it's difficult even for those of you who are not involved in the tragedy to watch it and see it happening because you want to do so much from the larger perspective. This was a gift that was given by those people who lost their homes, by those people that died, by those people that have gone through this entire life-changing experience.


It was a ticket for the rest of the world to start a new vibrational signature, a new wobble in the rotation of planet Earth.

Everything that exists on this side of the veil is in motion. Energy does not exist if it stops moving. You are all energy. In fact everything that you perceive is energy and only exists in your world because that energy is moving and each movement has its own unique vibrational signature.

Earth's new wobble is basically changing dimension because that wobble is what goes out and interacts with the universal energy and creates the illusion of the physical planet. This is how the whole process began. The whole idea was a plot by God created into a hologram which you have now grown to planet Earth and are now every part of it.

Now you will begin to see humanity changing just as rapidly as the Earth. It is easy to turn on your news and watch the changes that are going on, but it is not quite so easy for you to look in the mirror and see those changes happening within you, but we tell you they are you and you are sending out a unique signature that you've never sent out before.

Sometimes you need to create something totally different that you didn't expect and by doing so, you are adjusting to your own magnetics and your own new energy. Open your mouth and share your words with those around you, tell them about your fears, tell them about your anxiety or the difficulties you're having adjusting to this energy.

Your planet will soon find new healers from Earth and other galaxies. They will show up on a regular basis from this point forward. You must understand that you have been here on Earth time after time, many times struggling not being able to be heard, not being able to get your message out because people were not high enough in their vibration to even listen to it.


Now you will begin to realize how many of you are actually healers.

All of Earth's changes, tsunami's, earthquakes and volcanic activity are a result of the planet changing and evolving to the next level and none of this is new to you. You've been watching it happen over the previous seven years. Many of you will be repositioned during this year in some way. Some of you found your jobs closing and others had suddenly been moved from their location.


Some of you thought you had to be in a different place and suddenly without planning or thinking at all, you're repositioning to get you into a location which will serve the highest potential for what is to come next into the dimension.

A lot of people are resisting and some of you think you did something wrong.


None of you are wrong and all of you are exactly where you need to be. You are seeing the birth pains of mother Earth getting more intense. The birth process has begun and she is in labor right now. This is what you are witnessing. It is the evolution of what you call the ring of fire and the ring of fire is on fire... there is no doubt about it.

When a woman is in labour, that intense burning and stinging sensation as the baby crowns is called "the ring of fire".


Well the earth is experiencing its own birth pain. The ring of fire and all the energy that came from the Pacific Ocean on earth provided the carbon dioxide needed to make your life on this planet successful. Now it is adapting to release a new energy to open up new portals to make a new planet.

Many challenges await and you must refrain from judging yourselves during this time of transition because it greatly side tracks all the energy that is there for you to move from one level to the next.


If you doubt yourself and judge yourself during this transition, the process will be more difficult. The outside world is changing just as fast as you are changing and you are altering biological mechanisms just as quickly.

Embrace it and know that you have collectively called for this change, and together you will all rise to the occasion as new humans and a new world.