September - October 2008

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Bill Deagle - Prognosis for Planet Earth
Vista, California

September 2008

Few in the UFO/Conspiracy/Disclosure movement are as controversial as Dr Bill Deagle (Bill Deagle's website). Outspoken, brilliant and passionate, he has generated as many critics as he has made committed friends.

We're well aware of this controversy. This three hour video is essential viewing - we suggest - for anyone who has criticized this man. We stand behind his testimony: inasmuch as there's nothing we know which contradicts anything he has said. On the other hand, the more we learn, the more we find we're able to validate the whistleblower testimony that Bill Deagle reports.

The video presents a different side to Bill Deagle. We engage him in conversation (and hold our own!) and we believe we have succeeded in bringing out the human being, the warm and caring side to him, that aspect of someone who in his passion for the truth, and for the potential splendor and magnificence of the human race, has sometimes spoken in terms so strong that some have found him hard to hear.

He is a Prophet of modern times: but many misunderstand that term. A Prophet is not a seer or a fortune teller. A Prophet - in the original meaning of the word, and the way Bill Deagle uses it - is someone who says: "This is what's likely to occur if we don't wake up or shape up."


In that mission, Camelot shares and supports his stand.


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Dr Bill Deagle

4 October 2008

Dr Bill Deagle called us early in the morning (in Australia, where we're here for the NEXUS Conference) to report a long night of visions and received information about imminent events which left him shaken to the core. We've published this call unedited and immediately. The audio quality is excellent.

If the information Bill Deagle reports is accurate, then nothing could be more important.






Update - Rebecca Jernigan

Click on below controls for two short phone calls with radio host and psychic intuitive Rebecca Jernigan (Journeys with Rebecca), who first gave her own information that she was getting regarding upcoming events, and then her reaction to our phone call with Bill Deagle.


Her intuitive dream information coincides almost exactly with Deagle's.