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Imagine floating in the immensity of space, gazing at spectacular views of our planet - the curvature of the earth, its biosphere and atmosphere, painted in saturated hues of white, blue and green against the blackness of an infinite cosmos.


Now this captivating, transformative experience - once reserved only for astronauts - is a voyage you can take to the frontier of space for a view of our world like none other


Seeing the Earth hanging in the blackness of space

and realizing our connection to it and to the universe around us

will surely offer a transformative experience for our customers.

And it is our goal to open a whole new realm

for exercising human curiosity, scientific research and education.

We look forward to sharing this breathtaking,

once-in-a-lifetime experience

with people from around the world.

Jane Poynter

CEO of World View




"Travel is what inspires me to dream.

Travel is not a luxury.

It is a necessity - one that is no longer confined to

the boundaries of Earth."

Philippe Bourguignon

World View Advisor,

Vice Chairman of Revolution Places LLC, CEO of Exclusive Resorts,

and former Chairman and CEO of Euro Disney.