by Mike Adams

the Health Ranger
October 04, 2011

from NaturalNews Website

In a recorded interview, Institute for Responsible Technology director Jeffrey Smith updates listeners with the latest developments on the GMO front.


He also says significant victories against GMOs are within our reach, but powerful grassroots support is needed to defeat the biotech industry once and for all.






Highlights from the interview with Jeffrey Smith

  • We have created a huge buzz about GMOs that is unprecedented.

  • There are many early signs of victories that we're winning the war against GMOs: Supermarket News says that consumer awareness about GMOs is surging and could equal the level of awareness about trans fats.

  • GMOs will soon become a "marketing liability" in the USA, causing companies to announce they are dropping GMOs.

  • Education and awareness about GMOs is exploding across North America. Parents, company CEOs, farmers, health food store employees and others are becoming well informed about the dangers of GMOs.

  • Public awareness of the dangers of GMOs is skyrocketing, and an increasing number of consumers are actively taking steps to avoid GMOs.

  • GMOs were the No. 1 issue talked about at the recent Expo East (Natural Products Expo). It was "over the top," says Jeffrey, meaning that all the natural food companies are talking about this issue.

  • 5,500 products have now been enrolled in the Non-GMO Project! (

  • Natural health retailers are starting a revolution against GMOs.

  • "Non-GMO" is the fastest-growing label claim in the natural products industry.

  • Grocery retailers also realize that a non-GMO revolution is fast accelerating in America.

  • Why the biotech industry attempts to destroy the credibility of anti-GMO activists by spreading disinformation across the internet.

  • The IRT has taught 700 people how to speak on GMOs through full-day seminars and webinars. Knowledge is spreading!

  • Why the myth that "GMOs are necessary to feed the world" is complete scientific quackery. Jeffrey Smith reveals the real truth of the situation: GMOs actually reduce crop yields!

  • Why GMOs are an environmental issue - gene pool contamination among food crops.

  • How genetically engineered crops are resulting in the formation of mutant superweeds which need even more chemicals to eradicate than regular weeds.

  • People who are exposed to Roundup have higher rates of birth defects, and Roundup persists in the environment for far longer than previously thought.

  • Why GMOs and the use of Roundup herbicides may even be linked to flooding by killing off soil microorganisms and resulting in compacted soils that fail to absorb rainwater like healthy soils do.

  • 93% of pregnant women tested had BT insecticide circulating in their own blood.

  • Animals that have grazed on BT cotton plants have died in huge numbers.