Secret Images of Google Earth






Discover the hidden images of Google earth.


The first face in the movie was discovered by me from just looking around using the Google earth program and the last face in the movie that looks like a dinosaur was discovered also by me back in 1996 while I was looking at a map of the earth and noticed that the continents resembled the skull and jaw bones of a deer I found out in the woods.


So I pieced together the continents on the map like the bones I had found to discover the prehistoric face of a dinosaur.

  • Number 1 is at 06 42 51 N, 42 12 00 E

  • Number 2 is at 50 00 38 N, 110 06 51 W

  • Number 3 is at 19 56 56 S, 69 38 02 W

  • Number 4 is at 37 24 05 N, 116 52 04 W

  • Number 5 is at 37 37 41 N, 116 50 54 W


Secret and Hidden Places at Google Earth





Some Places from all over the world, I found in Google Earth.

Here are the coordinates from the secret places for you:

  1. Google Pool: 37°25'20.41"N 122° 5'6.00"W

  2. Airplane: 50°12'47.26"N 8°52'7.31"E

  3. Tent: 28°29'43.15"N 81°34'50.07"W

  4. Indian 1: 6°42'51.37"N 42°11'42.82"E

  5. Black Line & Fire on ice: 69° 3'7.72"N 41° 8'29.66"W

  6. BAR: 39°49'21.77"N 3°28'44.50"W

  7. Star: 37°24'1.66"N 116°51'58.85"W

  8. Pyramid: 37°37'38.49"N 116°50'26.44"W

  9. Eddie Fuck: 53°32'18.35"N 1°20'44.17"W

  10. Nude Dutch People: 52° 4'43.34"N 4°19'58.12"E

  11. Nude German Woman: 52°30'31.46"N 13°20'6.90"E

  12. English Crop Circle: 53°31'54.33"N 1°21'24.93"W

  13. Firefox-Logo: 45° 7'25.87"N 123° 6'48.97"W

  14. Nazi-Building: 32°40'33.83"N 117° 9'28.36"W

  15. Reversed Ship: 35° 9'18.21"N 129° 8'51.37"E

  16. Bomber: 52°20'10.98"N 0°11'43.17"W

  17. Indian 2 (with i-pod): 50° 0'38.19"N 110° 6'48.31"W

  18. Donut Store: 25°57'0.25"N 97° 8'50.29"W

  19. Giant of Tarapacá: 19°56'56.86"S 69°38'1.81"W

  20. Italian Crop Circle: 44°40'52.79"N 10°19'6.39"E

  21. Radar Station: 18°20'39.01"N 66°45'8.79"W

  22. Sailing/Pirate Ship: 33°51'13.07"S 151°13'59.47"E


Out of Place - Google Earth






  1. Serious Ruts - RR Maintenance Truck - St. Louis
    38°37'10.65"N, 90°11'11.70"W

  2. Don't Walk - U-Turn Driver - Detroit
    42°19'54.44"N, 83° 2'54.19"W
    Looks like the cab has moved on now.

  3. I Think I Can - New York
    40°42'16.47"N, 74° 0'30.56"W

  4. Bush Pilot - Airplane Home - Oregon
    45°24'28.31"N, 123°0'27.67"W

  5. Stacked Up Planes - Google Earth Double Exposure - Venezuela
    10°35'56.73"N, 66°59'20.53"W

    Looks like the planes are unstacked now.

  6. Fill It Up - Airplane Gas Station - Oregon
    45°25'30.77"N, 122°38'3.77"W

  7. Parallel Parked Plane (permanently) - Morocco
    33°33'30.06"N, 7°39'58.66"W

  8. Area 51 - UFO Rest Stop - Nevada
    37°14'42.55"N, 115°48'58.27"W (if you have Google Earth) (if you don't)
    Looks like GE just moved Area 51 about 1100 feet toward the East!

  9. More Than One Space - MiG-21 - Germany
    51°21'44.43"N, 7°33'29.13"E

  10. Lunar Excursion Module (It wasn't faked) - Philadelphia
    39°57'27.97"N, 75°10'24.19"W

  11. Aircraft Carrier "Sigh" - ¾ Scale Mockup - Shanghai
    31°6'14.73"N, 121°0'52.87"E

  12. Ask Directions - Airplane/Restaurant - Beijing
    39°56'27.54"N, 116°27'27.34"E

  13. It All Happened So Fast - City Museum, St. Louis
    38°38'0.86"N, 90°12'3.11"W

  14. John Travolta's Driveway - Real - Ocala, Florida
    29°16'40.94"N, 82°7'1.82"W

  15. Beginning to Suspect - Airplane Exhibit - Moscow
    55°50'0.09"N, 37°37'24.21"E

  16. Plane Grounded by Lava - Republic of Congo
    1°39'23.42"S, 29°14'15.85"E

  17. Too Late - Blue Whale Skeleton - Santa Cruz, California
    36°56'57.31"N, 122° 3'55.40"W



BOOK OF THE DEAD Secret Images - Google Earth




THE BOOK OF GOING FORTH BY DAY (Egyptian Book of the Dead) could be described as the book that foretold of future events to the past. This video exposes the real and true power of Ancient Prophecy...

#1 The God Ammit image was found at march airforce base. The old nuke storage is under Ammits front left foot that is also the Feather of the Goddess Maat and the carriers of this weapon of mass destruction are found as things that fly that are within the Feather of Maat that makes up the image that the runway is.

#2 The God Anubis is Peril Harbor hiding in the shadows swinging a sickle towards aloha stadium, a place where large crowds gather. On Pearl Harbor is the place where World War 2 began for the USA. Oahu is also known to the ancient Hawaiians as "The Gathering Place"

#3 Queen Tana in Africa. Source of the Blue Nile. She is seen here in the traditional Egyptian crown with a snake on the forehead. Her Heart is the entrance way into the Blue Nile. Ancient Egyptians believed that the Heart was the soul of a persons life.

#4 Nefertiti of Egypt image with her cat is found in the left eye of a larger face of a female queen that can be seen while zooming in. Her identity is still unknown. Nefertitis image appears to be blind folded and is only 27 miles away from Bagdad California on the Historic Route 66.

#5 The Badlands Guardian was found in Canada. The image looks like an Ancient Mayan ruler with his twin brother behind him that looks like his yawning after waking from a deep sleep. In front of them is another face that appears to have a snake bursting out of his forehead. It was discovered that directly on the other side of the earth from here was found a small island out in the middle of nowhere that on that island I found about 3 pyramids that were some how built into the mountains.

#6 Face of an ancient Greek soldier. Found in the left eye of a giant Polar Bear that is seen as your zooming in.

#7 Face of a smiling woman looking towards you.

#8 Earths Face of the Extinct Dinosaurs. Pangea is when all the earths continents were connected together as ONE.


  1. 33 51'44.81"N 117 10'01.81"W

  2. 21 21'39.27"N 157 57'01.66"W

  3. 11 47'39.94"N 37 12'50.30"E

  4. 34 40'16.96"N 116 22'16.97"W

  5. 50 00'38.96"N 110 06'53.23"W

  6. 6 42'55.02"N 42 12'02.39"E

  7. 16 43'36.87"N 11 26'40.57"E