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Dr. Lana Cantrell was born in Salzburg, Austria, and now lives in a suburb of the Twin Cities in MN.


She is a member of the American Association of the Advancement of Science, American Institute of Biological Science, American Holistic Medical Foundation, Palepathology Association, and the Ancient Astronaut Society.


Lana Cantrell has a Ph.D. in the areas of Clinical Nutrition, Biochemistry, Paleopathology, Physical anthropology, Egyptology, Holistic Medicine.

Eight year of exhaustive research has revealed the true history of mankind, hidden in the ancient texts of the Egyptian, Sumerian, Indian and Hebrew peoples.

  • Did man have a fully developed, technological society in deepest antiquity?

  • Did he once have the power of space flight?

  • Did a vast universal war destroy the world?

  • Fact or fiction?

That is what this research attempts to discern as the ancient texts unfold their secrets.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Cantrell in 1991. I have a copy of her renown book, The Greatest Story Never Told. Here is a book that carefully tells the story of how the human race got here in the first place. The following book review was done by the inquisitive minds at the Media Guru web site. It is a story that we all must read. In the following months to come I will place more information of this most remarkable research on this web site.


For now this introductory information will have to start what will become a most amazing revelation, one which Zecharia Sitchin has already spelled out in his Earth Chronicle series.


Soon the world will know its origins, and we will not be living a life much like we saw in the well known film "Planet of the Apes" where their own ancient history was also denied, and the tongs of the humans were cut out because only apes were allowed to talk and not humans.


I want to personally thank the editors of Media Guru for publishing this review.




"According to the Veda, vast empires waxed and waned in biochemical dishevels. Atlantis and Lemuria were the climax of great trade routes that stemmed from one corner of the world to the other.


Atlantis' location was, as the name implies, a continent in the Atlantic. Lemuria was now only a chain of volcanic islands, and, if we read the tectonics correctly, the lost island of Mu of the Japanese. [Literally, JA-PAN, or "remains" of Pan, or Mu.]


Berossus, a Babylonian historian of 300 B.C.E,. recorded from older archives that, before the Deluge, ten kings reigned 432,000 years.


The Bible 'shortened' this to a 2220-year reign as, no doubt, the editors could not then conceive of such extended longevities. People were yet living to 110+ years, according to the AYURVEDA medical treatise.


Sixty was 'middle age' to many then. The Chaldeans claimed their sciences went back 470.000 years."




We call this book review "special" because the book being reviewed is a one-of-a-kind.


As our regular readers know, this Center is especially interested in the so-called mysteries of pre-history, believing that the accepted archaeological and anthropological texts are so much hokum, and may cause us to be perceived as incredibly ignorant by future generations.



(Note: Our prior review of the astounding work FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY, a book that was over a decade in the researching, generated a lot of positive feedback from our readers. Highly recommended!)


However - this is the point - all prior reviews published here have been of easily obtained "mass market" books, such as, for example, the excellent collection by Z. Sitchin.


Nonetheless, as we travailed, we kept hearing rumors of a "not easily available" book, no longer in print, which was reputed to be the 'best' work of its kind extant.


So, using the resources of an antique book finder, we were finally, and successfully, able to obtain a copy of THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD, published in 1988 by the Biohistorical Press.

And what a book it was - almost a million words, in total, representing the 8-year PHD research project of its author, Ms. Lana Cantrell.


Cantrell brought to her study of pre-history not only an open mind (a major pre-requisite) but also an extensive background in medical writing and reporting, which enabled her to offer unique insights on many mysteries of pre-history - insights we have never seen before, and may never see again.

"There is much to be said for 'curses' and none of it good! Tutankhamen was a direct son of the Gods. His entombment was one of the finest. The opening of that tomb brought both the poison of the 'snakes' [Egypt. 'symbol' for radioactivity].


There are still active cells there. I think it is odd that, in the paleopathological sciences, people who work with the mummies tend to die abruptly, or become sick with very strange illnesses. Even people who work with hominid bones come down with unusual viruses; kidney and blood ailments are common.


They are digging up very 'dangerous' remains because of the longevity of the different isotopes, - such as uranium, which has a 710 million year half-life. Poking around Egyptian tombs is risky business, considering what you may come across may not really be 'dead'. In biomagnetics, it was found that cellular water is no different than normal water in that it is dielectric.


At death, cellular water does not change, nor do proteins. By surrounding their dead with gold the ancients kept this electric potential alive - not to mention those special 'resins'.


In adipocere, fat has oxidized to water which preserves the body.


A healthy body in death (peculiar as that sounds) has cells which are still capable of electrical stimulation and still do retain their own subtle charges as they retreat from the cell membrane to the nucleus. One interesting experiment showed that dead cells of marine micro-organisms still oriented themselves to a magnetic field, much like the "mummies"!


Why? Because they had not completely lost their electromagnetic force.


The Egyptians placed their dead in special resin, as resin has uniformly fixed-charged sites. Gold sarcophagi would have provided dielectric constants at low frequency. Tutankhamen was entombed, not in a burial chamber as some believe, but in a an enclosed hemostatic compartment.


When Carter opened it, all the energy was released."

Students of the meta-sciences are well aware of the essential premise of all meta-historians - namely that the extensive and detailed literature left to us by ancient Indian, Middle Eastern, and related civilizations (including some works that contain tens of thousands of individual verses or stanzas) are not the pleasantly deranged ravings of religious zealots - as Modern Science tells us - but rather a genuine attempt by the scribes of yore to record real events involving real biological entities.

Pursuing that notion - as Cantrell and others have done - is most disturbing to the western mind, as it calls into question everything we hold dear about our own place in history.


At first glance, taken literally, it appears as though beings of greater power than ourselves ("gods") interfered frequently with the development of the key cultures that ultimately fostered our "human" race. Many references to what now looks like genetic alteration in the distant past do little to reinforce our own flagging self-images.


Ditto for the equally vast number of references to "weapons of mass destruction" in ancient dates - which make the modern Star Wars program seem tame by comparison.



(Note: There are so many hundreds of references to flying machines, missiles, and other 'weapons' in the ancient Indian texts that the original British translators of the nineteenth century REFUSED to make the translations, saying it was all 'religious gibberish'. Only when Indians took control of their own culture in the twentieth century, were accurate translations available to the rest of the world for the first time in centuries, possibly millennia!)


So, into this den of Paradox bravely walks author Cantrell and - as promised - her work is breath-taking in its scope. Her particular ability to see the "eugenics" beneath the surface in many ancient tales is both startling and disturbing.


Also disturbing is the author's excellent instincts.


Even though written a decade ago, the author included in her substantial tome many warnings about the current Western diet and its negative implications on testosterone (proven correct) the immune system (also correct) and the possible damage to psychological development of young children ("children killing children" - she predicted, also astoundingly correct.)

"If there is one major remorse by the people of both the Veda and the Egyptian texts, is that the Pandava, the Ennead, had left the earth.


It must have been a sorrowful sight to see the only people capable of helping, fly off. It seems though that they left with the Anunnaki fast on their heels. Either that, or everyone was trying to escape the blast.


Ra attempted to gather his family together and, according to a very early Egyptian legend. Osiris was the last to arrive.


They took off from a mountain, taking advantage of course of the magnetic flow to ascend into space. Osiris had trouble getting onto the "iron plates," as the story goes, and Ra had to drop the famous 'ladder' with which he barely escaped, with the help of the Twin Gods (which correspond to the Pandava twin brothers in the Veda).


A collaborating story in the Veda tells us 'why' he was late. It seems the entire family had barely made it to the mountain top - with Draupadi fainting.


The Veda claims their lives were 'ended' and they had to ascend now to the heavens - but the Egyptian texts contradict this."

In addition to covering ground already trodden by other authors - and doing it excessively well - Cantrell introduces scores of totally original theories.


If even half of them are correct, she will go down as one of the greatest minds of this century. For example, she questions why no major study of archeological ruins has ever been done for residual radioactivity - arguing persuasively that if such 'weapons of destruction' did exist in the past, and were used, the evidence should be clear even today.



(See quote above - she also concluded, on the evidence, that much of the damage to the King Tut mummy was done by the manner in which the tomb violators forced open the coffin, using heat and force, essentially "quick frying" the contents!)



Especially eerie is that Cantrell was able to identify - and show the reader - that a particular Egyptian hieroglyph associated with "dangerous" artifacts of the Gods is exactly and precisely the same symbol used today by nuclear plants to label hazardous matter.


Cantrell also feels that pictorial references to "snakes" in Ancient cultures have more to do with energies and waves than the actual reptile, a theory that holds up surprisingly well when all her data is looked at.

Like writers before her, Cantrell asks why areas known in pre-history to have been the lushest and greenest on earth - such the US southwest and the Middle East - are now barren.


Where did names like "Dead Sea" and "Death Valley" come from...?


The book is itself an experience of great wonder, and is highly recommended. We regret that interested parties, may - like ourselves - have to use a "search" service to find a copy.


Also, because no doubt of problems in finding a publisher, it appears that little or no editing was done to the original M/S, and typos abound.



Note: read also "The Nibiru, The Anunnaki and Human Devolution - A Tale of Two Brothers."