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Duncan O'Finioan




Duncan O'Finioan was the Ultimate Warrior... brainwashed, conditioned and controlled as part of a highly classified MKULTRA program called PROJECT TALENT.


From a thousand others trained as child warriors in 1966, he is now, he believes, the only one of 20 left alive to tell the story.

In his powerful and compelling testimony for the camera - one of the most extraordinary we have ever heard - Duncan describes:

  • His mission to "terminate" the very drunk, future President of the United States... George W Bush


  • His dizzying enhanced physical and psychic abilities... including the abilities to hurl someone across the room with his mind, and walk through a solid wall


  • How he and 11 other children were flown to Cambodia to deliver a targeted death blow to all the surrounding Khmer Rouge troops... using only the combined power of their minds


  • How his right arm is "hardwired" and is capable of astonishing speed and strength


  • His struggle to regain his memory, aided by a car accident which led to the discovery of a cranial implant uncovered by an MRI machine... deactivating the implant and causing the MRI machine to catch fire


  • His role as a programmed assassin, targeting Americans under the command of an undisclosed agency


  • The selection, torture, and brutal training process that he endured... and which children are undergoing to this day

...and more…


Twenty years later, Duncan (who is of mixed Cherokee and Irish blood) comes forward to tell the truth about the Ultimate Warrior project:

how he was chosen, groomed and tortured into becoming the perfect fighting machine, combining physical superiority with the extraordinary mental abilities of a psychic spy.

Fearless, principled, and determined to regain control over his life, Duncan O'Finioan tells his story in detail.





Video and Transcript of the Video Interview




Ultimate Warrior - Robert Duncan O'Finioan

El Ultimo Guerrero - Robert Duncan O'Finioan






Start of interview

Kerry Cassidy: Let's back up and find out exactly how you got into this program.

Duncan O'Finioan: They wanted people who were half Native American and half Celtic. Whether it be Scottish, Irish, didn't matter as long as it was Celtic.


The reason for that is the Native Americans and the Celtic are two of the races on the Earth that are more superimposed to paranormal ability or psi-ability.


Ok. As a matter of fact both of these cultures practice paranormal ability. So it's kind of genetic memory. It's in our genetic memory. Ok. I thought that was basically what it was until about two years ago when I found out that my father was a CIA Agent. My father has been dead now for almost 15 years. I never had a clue. But with that new information it made a lot of smaller tidbits of information and a lot of things that happened in the past, now it all fits.


Ok. Basically what happened with me was in 1966 I was 6 years old and both of my parents loaded me up in a trunk and took me to town. It was a dark cold snowy; I'll never forget the day, Ok, because it stands out.


Why are we going into a hardware store this late in the afternoon? So we go into the store and at that time my mom and day aren't fighting but they aren't getting along.


And, I have been in the store several times with my grandfather and we'd go into the back, I never been in the back and there's a door there and if you didn't know it was there you'd walk right by it and so we go in and here's 6 or 7 other kids about my age, and they are all sitting at these tables like kindergarten tables, sitting down low in these small chairs and they all had the same things, they looked like puzzle pieces. Well, this lady comes in that did not fit, ok.

She's tall, elegant, fur coat. This is Eastern Kentucky. This don't happen. Alright. And she played a very prominent role from there on. I have seen her in several of my memories. And she sets me down to play. She gave me a stack of blocks. And what they are are puzzle pieces.


And she says,

"I want you to make me a picture" and walked off.

So, I looked around for my mom and she is with a guy there who is in a suit who again should not be there and he had a clipboard she's signing some papers.


At six years old, I was puzzled, but you don't think much of it. So, I sit there and I start taking these puzzle pieces and said,

"this fits, this fits, this don't fit".

And, I'm going: this is making a picture, and I sit back. The lady walks up to the front, the guy walks up behind me.


She looks at him and smiles and says,

"We've got one" and that's when it started.

I was given something to drink, I remember feeling sleepy, and that's it.

K: So, are you saying, did you go home with your parents?

D: No, I did not.

K: I see.

D: I was taken directly. This is what I found out later. Because once I went to sleep with whatever was in the drink, Kool-aid, soda, or whatever, put me out. My next memory was at 9 and ˝ years old.

K: So, you have a blank in your memory right now.

D: Mm hm, yeah. Now, I have some memories have come back and I have bits and pieces of what happened during all of that, some very vivid, some I have documentation, some are just memories that are there. Umm, and, then from there.

K: So, at nine years old, why do you remember nine years old, what happened then?

D: Because I was had taken a stint at the local hospital, hospital here, University of Kentucky. They did some type of procedures that no-one ever has really been able to explain to me. Even as an adult I tried to get the records, and no-one will release those records to me. And, from there I had couple of years as a kid where everything seemed ok, lot of paranormal activity going on and all that and then at 14 I'm gone again.

K: Gone to the hospital?

D: No, gone, memories gone.

K: Oh, Ok, so, so looking back though, you basically feel that you were trained as a soldier during that time?

D: Yes.

K: Could you describe some of the training to us?

D: The easiest way to do that is to back up for one second.

K: Sure.

D: Imagine Project Talent, the people in Project Talent being sent to school. Ok, when we're in elementary school we're all taught the same thing. Ok, that's where the martial arts training was started. I have vivid memories of 15 20 of us in a group with adults and they trained us as adults. There was no kids gloves. Ok. Six, Seven years old, eight years old you got your butt kicked off. I mean they beat you tremendously, but you learned, ok.

K: Mm hm.

D: Once you, and the paranormal training started as well. That's where they were weaning who is good at that, who is good at this, who's going to be a solider, who's going to be a psychic spy?

K: You have at this time, certain, umm, like a black belt in karate?

D: Even after I continued on, I took classes on my own, started a couple of studios. I hold a fifth degree black now, legitimately a fifth degree black.

K: In the real world, so to speak?

D: Right, right.

K: You also said something in an interview I read that said something about remembered when you started teaching karate. This is how you triggered some earlier memories of all this.

D: Mm hm, right. There was one incident in particular. I have a friend of mine who is an ex-marine beret. And he was more than a regular, he would come in and work out with me when he was home on leave or those kinds of things. And, he we was sparring one night and he was a big raw boned guy, you know he was going to want to barrow my path with not sweating. So, we're sparring and I did a technique that when he came up off the floor he's angry bamboozled. "Where did you learn that?" And, it hit me, I don't have a clue, where did I learn that?


He said that came straight off the farm. I'm only 19 years old. The farm? What are you talking about? Cattle farm? The pig farm? I didn't have a clue and he said the CIA Training Facility, The Farm. And those things started clicking. Ok. And, when I really started getting memories back was about 8, 9 years ago when I had an automobile accident and it ruptured three discs in my neck. And, when they finally gave me the MRI, the electromagnetic resonance didn't mesh with the cranial implant.

K: That you had gotten?

D: Somewhere, somehow, I have a cranial implant. And, I say this because I have it on film. And, when they put me in the MRI machine, when they turned it on, when it started to spin, Ok.

K: Right.

D: Imagine tremendous pain. Also imagine you're in there and you see a thousand TV screens and they come at you at once. On each one of those TV screens is a picture. Each picture is a memory and it just kept coming, coming, coming.

K: That's amazing.

D: That's how I started to get total memory again.

K: And now, I don't know was this also correct, you were screaming and the MRI blew up?

D: The machine itself caught on fire. That's what brought me out of it. Because I'm there in nothing but my underwear and a gown holding my head screaming bloody murder and I notice smoke ok, and the techs come out, the nurses come out and they want to do all this and they are getting me out of there, they start the fire extinguishers and all that.

K: Now, do you still have the cranial implant to this day?

D: It's still there. It's just, from what I understand it's not working.

K: What makes you think it's not working?

D: Because I haven't been used anymore. I haven't had a black out spell and be gone for three or four days or a week with no memory. They stopped. This one is dead center dead center in the brain. It looks like a grain of rice and it's just dead center in the brain. It's right there.

K: It's that small?

D: It's that small.

K: Wow.

D: And I had it checked through independent sources and they look at it. "You got a problem, that's got to be removed". Man, you're going to die. I say, no it's fine. I don't tell them what it is. I just want to get there opinion - hear what they're going to say. I don't say anything unless I have the proof or I have someone else who is willing to sign a deposition saying that they were there, they saw it, they know. If I don't have proof, I'll say, "this is what I think".

K: Ok. So, back when you were a child and you go to the hospital you said.

D: Mm hm.

K: Did you have something going on with your body that they changed at that time? Do you know what happened?

D: I remember going through a procedure ok and I remember waking up and the machine, and this would have been in 1969 and I remember the machine was about the size of this table came with a wrap and they were bringing it down on top of me and it would get hot and I wasn't supposed to wake up I was supposed to be drugged completely. Well, I woke up in the middle of it and I remember being dozens of tubes laying to each side of me where they had been plugged in one at a time. Now, what happened? I don't know.

K: Now, did you have uncommon strength or were you, you know, did you notice drastic changes in your outlook towards reality? I mean at 14 this was probably hard to tell. But, you know as time went on, do you think that you've developed at a different rate than some other children because of some of this?

D: Yeah, I think so. I have always been stronger, faster; more endurance than anybody around and that is also the same with all of us that came out of these projects. That is part of the super soldier structure. They want the super soldier to be just that super - beyond normal, faster, stronger, more endurance, pain tolerance, etc. etc. on and on and on. That's what they want.

K: So, can you tell us what abilities you have at the peak of your performance if you want to call it that? What do you think you were capable of?

D: Physical ones, yeah, I kept. The paranormal abilities - I have kept some. The main paranormal abilities come out when the ultimate personality comes out. That's one of the things that they did to us was to give us ultimate personality. We were trained in the ultimate personality. I have witnesses that saw me bust heavy bags with one punch. You're not supposed to be able to do that. I was measured for punching power speed and everything at Burlington, Wisconsin at a facility up there that is no longer there that did all the testing for the pro sports, for football teams and all that. My punching power, at this time was my weight - 175 pounds.

K: And, when are we talking? How many years ago or what year, generally speaking?

D: In 1984, in the spring of 1984. And, the testing came out as unreal. My punching power was heavier, stronger than that of a super heavyweight boxer. My kicking power and speed was even more than that. My kicks in my right leg were 120 mph. My punching power was well over 18 to 1950 foot pounds. That'll bust concrete blocks.

K: Ok, now in terms of your physic ability, what were those abilities?

D: My primary physic abilities are the ones that I have kept in this personality is being able to get in someone's mind, being able to foresee what events in real time and when I mean get in someone's mind I don't mean read their mind, read their thoughts, hear their thoughts. It's more of what some people that I work with now call picting. We see pictures of their thoughts. Like, you may be thirsty thinking about a soda. I'll look at you and I'll see a Pepsi can. That's what would happen. And, these types of abilities to a fighter, a soldier, or an assassin, think of the edge that gives that person.

K: So, do you have absolute recall of times when you're in the other personality now?

D: I have witnesses to that, yeah.

You see, what happened, is I'm not supposed to remember anything right now. Ok.

K: I imagine.

D: The people who start to remember are usually late 50's early 60's. Ok, much too old to really do anything, but I'm not saying 60's old, but in this society by the time you're 60, 62 anywhere in there, people write you off.

K: So how old are you now because I can't tell?

D: 46. I'm 46.

K: Uh huh.

D: Everybody says that you don't look 46, that's one of the other traits that we have.

K: The longevity?

D: Yeah.

K: Ok.

D: Most of the people who start getting their memories back, when they get there memories back are the ones whose personalities begin to mesh. They are no longer personality A, personality B anymore. They start going together. So, when all these other memories start coming in meshing with the other memories, they go nuts.

K: Most of the people?

D: Yes. Most of these people commit suicide. Ok, and the ones who didn't wind up in asylums.

Bill Ryan: Is it possible, Duncan, that a lot of these people are programmed to commit suicide?

D: Yes.

Bill Ryan: To kind of self destruct when they are no longer useful?

D: Yes.

K: So, you sort of beat the system in a certain sense?

D: Yes.

K: You must have had struggles. So what's keeping you going? What do you think has allowed you to sort of maintain?

D: After the car accident, we moved from this area. We moved to upstate New Jersey. I was never supposed to lift anything over five pounds again. I was to never supposed to be able to hold my arms above my head again. That's how serious the accident was.


Two o'clock in the morning I'm sitting in my apartment in New Jersey and this little voice comes in.

"What the …. is your problem? What's wrong with you? You wimp. You going to give up? You've been a fighter all your life? Get up and fight."

I started doing push ups that night. A year later, I'm fine.

K: So you basically brought yourself back from your injuries?

D: The injury is still there. I can go to a neurologist right now and let him do an x-ray and they'll look at me and say that I need to be in surgery today, but I refuse to go. The pain is still there. I live with pain 24/7 and, again, if this hadn't happened been done to me as a kid, yeah, I'm probably taking pain pills on a regular basis.

K: But, you're not.

D: I take nothing.

K: Now, I'm curious because you have this tattoo on your arm. It actually looks kind of beautiful. Is this something that you got in Vietnam?

D: No, this was supposed to be one of a kind, my design.

K: Really.

D: This was something that came to me in a dream actually.

K: Wow.

D: And , I designed it, and..

K: Is that a dragon?

D: It's a dragon. I had a tattoo artist do it for me and it stayed one of a kind for a couple of years and all of sudden I started seeing it out. She does have her work on a website. And, I'm walking in a Wal-Mart across the street of all places about six months ago and that is on the front cover of a paper back novel. Identical.

K: And, you designed it?

D: And I designed it.

K: Wow, cool. It's very nice. So, what happened in Vietnam, because you have a really amazing story about that?

D: I was in North Vietnam twice that I know of. Some of these areas are still murky because like I said I keep finding out more things everyday.

K: Ok.

D: Once when I was twelve years old. Ok. I know people say it was 1972 you were in Vietnam, it was 1972. Actually it wasn't Vietnam, it was Cambodia. We weren't supposed to be in Cambodia. A Navy Seal Team and a Marine Corps recon Team were pinned down by the Cambodia Khmer Rouge.


They called in for reinforcements for somebody to get them out. And, I'm telling you exactly what a Marine Corps recon Captain and a Navy Seal Captain told me. Now, I have my own memories of it, but I saw it from my point of view. I'm going to tell you from their point of view. One black helicopter, Huey, lands, 12 kids come off the chopper. Yeah, there are still a couple of things. [emotional...]

K: Take your time. We have all the time in the world. I can understand.

D: I know. Long story short...

[Long pause, very emotional now]

We came off of the chopper, formed a semi circle, and we all held hands. There was …

K: Were they all boys?

D: No.

K: Were they all around the same age?

D: Yeah, I was the oldest.

K: So, all around the age of twelve?

D: Anywhere between the age of nine and twelve. I was team leader. We held hands, raised our arms, and killed them all.

K: Who did you kill?

D: Every Khmer Rouge soldier within twenty miles.

K: How is it that your powers were able to target the other side and not...?

D: I wasn't the... I was like the lead battery, but I wasn't the one who did the target.

K: You didn't actually aim your power? You guys were the power.

D: Someone else did the aiming.

K: Was it the kids that did the aiming or one of the other kids?

D: One of the other kids.

K: Oh yeah, ok.

Now, did you know the other kids?

D: I know one right now.

K: Now is this person willing to come forward or not?

D: Not this one, no.

K: Are they even aware that they are one of them?

D: Yes.

K: Are they?

D: Yeah.

K: Wow. Well, we really appreciate that you're sharing this with us, because this is obviously a huge thing and people never really like talking about the sort of negative side of the powers of the mind but obviously this is one of the applications and there's really no reason to hide it.

D: It's not that.. It's funny. I did a lot of things that were not of my doing, not of my making. Some of them bring out an emotional response, some don't. Some are kind of like "so what?" and some I have no control and I go through this little emotional, and then I'm fine with it. I can't cry on command. Believe me I tried (laughs). But, the way it was explained to me, it makes perfect sense.


Twelve kids, imagine twelve batteries connected. You have one battery, you might get nothing. Add two, you get a jolt. Add three, you get a burn. Add twelve, and get electrocuted. That's basically what we did.


The twelve of us linked and joined up through everything, kind of a semi-circle... starting from the center, because I was in the center. Like this (illustrates with his hands)... out. That's what happened.

K: And this was something you guys were obviously trained to do. Do you have a memory at all? Has anything come back of your trainers?

D: Remember that lady at the hardware store? Yeah, she figured very prominently when I was young. The next memory I have of her is in a lab coat. And I'm in this house. It's been described to me as a mansion, and I have a couple of ideas where this place is or was, but I have no proof. There is a... I'm in a hallway, and there's green and white tile, just huge, 12 x 12, these 12 x 12 tiles on the floor.


And I'm doing something that all of us that come out of this has the same trait. We don't come down on one knee or anything like that - we squat. It makes no sense in some ways, but in some ways to us it does. We squat on the balls of our feet with the arms out loose. It's almost like an animal.


About ten feet away I have a small water bucket. And what I'm doing is raising the bucket, trying to turn it over, and set it down gently.

K: Raising it with your mind or with your hands?

D: Correct, just with my mind.

K: I see.

D: And what I'm doing is raising it, turning it about half way, and it's just dropping. I'm not getting it and I look around and this lady is behind me with her clipboard taking notes, and I tried to get a response trying to be nice: "I almost got it, I almost got it," and she basically just looks down and snarls and walks off. There was nothing nice about any of this.

K: So, ok, you said you were in Vietnam twice that you remembered. What was the second time?

D: The second time, all I remember is being shot down. We were taking off in a Black Hawk. I'm sorry, not a Black Hawk, that was another incident. A Huey, and we got about ten feet off the ground and we took some anti aircraft fire and we went down and this navy seal captain that we talked about was the one that pulled me out of the chopper.

K: And this guy is the witness that you said that is witness to the Vietnam incident with the kids?

D: Correct.

K: And he was in charge of? Where was he at the time?

D: The easiest way to tell you about this guy - His whole family was in the CIA. Ok. He was one of the most decorated and had one of the best kill records in Vietnam. His abilities as a sniper were unparallel. And, at the same time, he was also a sailboat captain because he pulled I think five or seven tours in Vietnam.

K: He wasn't messed with as you were?

D: He does have some memories but not to the extent that I was or some of the other guys.

K: So, how did you guys hook up?

D: When I started getting my memories back I started looking for him.

K: Because you remembered from the age of twelve who he was?

D: Yes. I remembered his face and I knew being what he was he was only going to be in certain circles and so I started frequenting those circles and I finally found him and we sat down at dinner at a casino and started trading stories and that is history.

Bill Ryan: Is he willing to come forward on record?

D: He is yes.

Bill Ryan: Would you recommend him?

D: Yes, absolutely.

K: So, can you tell us a little bit more? I imagine you were a remote viewer?

D: Yes, but not the best.

K: So you were physically trained, you were mentally very astute. What was your title? In other words you said some were psychic spies some were warriors.

D: My problem and I've been told this by some very strong sides, I fight the physic abilities. I don't just let them flow, I fight them for whatever reason I block them myself. For whatever reason I block them myself. I graduated from Project Talent.

K: How old were you then?

D: This would have been mid to late teens. I was turned into a soldier, a solider with psi abilities. As I said I wasn't one of those people who could tell you that was put in the pitch black room and could tell you what some politician 4,000 miles away was having for breakfast. I know some people, who were, but I wasn't. I know some people who were, but I wasn't.

K: Now, did you know Joseph McMoneagle?

D: That name does ring a bell. I've been asked that before, but I just can't say for sure.

K: So, where were you based, do you think? You weren't based in Kentucky.

D: No. No. I have memories of being in several different training facilities. I do know I spent three years on St. Thomas, on the island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, and that was verified to me about three years ago. I'm going around seeing people, and they're looking at me saying I haven't seen you since you were a kid.

K: I guess what I'm saying is that after they trained you, where did they use you? Do you have any idea?

D: After ‘Nam, I do have some vivid memories of a couple of assassinations that were carried out. I have memories of being on military bases and I had it verified that I was at Norfolk Station, Norfolk, Virginia by a radar man who was stationed there when I was with a team. And he contacted me because he saw my picture, and he told me things as fact that happened that I thought were just dreams/memories and he was telling me this without me telling him anything.

K: Were you an assassin?

D: Yes, I was.

K: How did you assassinate people and what kind of people would you be assassinating? Do you have any idea? Were they people in war time?

D: No.

K: Were they Americans?

D: Some, yes. One, that I remember vividly because it was the last one, the last time I ever did anything for the government, was in D.C. and I put three rounds through the heart of a very high intelligence official.

K: Do you have a conscious memory of this?

D: This one, I do. I never knew the name. I was given a photo, a target, habits. Do the job, that's it.

K: Do you remember any operations taking place in any other countries?

D: Yes, France.

K: In France?

D: Yes.

K: That's interesting.

D: What the vivid memory I have, and I was also shown a photograph of me sitting in a little café by the Eiffel Tower. I have no knowledge at that time of me being in France, but the guy shows me 8 x 10 black and white photo and there I am drinking something out of a cup with steam coming out of it. I remember doing a job, but I don't remember what it was about.


A decoy was sent in and what the lady was to do was to get the guy to come out of the bar hopefully not exactly in his right mind - inebriated if possible and my job was to snatch, grab, get the information and then terminate. I remember doing the snatch, grab and the memory fades from there.

K: Now, you must see movies, right?

D: No, I don't. I can't.

K: There's a lot of violence in movies, a lot of scenes and that sort of thing, and I was wondering if that might trigger some of your memories.

D: They do. I love wrestling. As a matter of fact, I used to incorporate professional wrestling techniques into my teaching when I was an instructor. It's not the violence per se. The last movie I tried to watch of that nature was the Bourne Identity. I couldn't get half way through it. I just do a total change.

K: Ok, you see your personality does a change?

D: My personality changes and God help whoever I'm watching the movie with and I usually get up and walk away. Sci-Fi movies don't bother me but anything concerning government black operations, CIA, NSA, covert killings, I can't do it.

K: Do you have any remembrance of other planets? I know this sounds a little out there.

D: No, actually, not. There is one thing that a couple of us share and that is a deep fear and dread of the planet Mars. Bring up the planet Mars to us and it's just like watching one of those movies. There is something about Mars, that changes our entire attitude at that time. I know one person who point blank says to better leave Mars alone. Leave it alone.

K: Meaning leave it alone: don't talk about it or don't go there?

D: To not go because they are waking something up.

K: On Mars?

D: Mm hm.

K: Are you still a psychic?

D: Sure.

K: So you must have some thoughts or associations with Mars. Are you willing to talk about that because I know that you said that you develop headaches sometimes after some of these talks where you reveal and go back in time in your mind as to your histories.

D: I'm having a good one right now. Headaches are part of the conditioning. It's a fake headache; it's a programmed headache.

K: I'd like to know if you have seen any special machinery?

D: Yes, it's underground.

K: Have you seen any certain kind of beings there?

D: Yes, they are in stasis.

Bill Ryan: Like a kind of artificial induced hibernation?

D: Yes (nodding), thank you.

K: It's not humans that are in that state?

D: No.

K: It's the beings?

D: And, they are very tall and they have long features.

K: Do they look like Egyptians?

D: Yes. Quite a bit.

K: You talk a lot about anger in the recent interview you gave on your site?

D: Yes.

K: Can you tell us a little about that, describe that and how you deal with it?

D: At one time it was pure rage. When these memories came back and I sat down and started putting together all the things that started when I was 6 years old and the things that was done to me, what I was forced to do, it was pure rage. My first impulse was to go to DC and just go nuts. Ok. Well, as the old saying goes, I'm crazy but not stupid, and as a fighter I was trained channel your anger, don't let your anger channel you and that's what I started doing. So, instead of being so mad that I can't do anything, I turned that anger into being so mad that I want to do something and I stayed that way.

K: So, is that why you started writing books?

D: No, actually I started writing, as kind of my own therapy just to get it out and I never wrote anything and someone read some of it and said that it was pretty good, you need to keep it up, so I did.

K: You have a book coming out, is that right?

D: Yes, Deadly Awakening. It's about everything we've been talking about here plus all the side streets that we don't have time to go up. It's supposedly going to be turned into a movie and that totally caught me off guard.

K: Well that's wonderful; that's very exciting.

Bill Ryan: In terms of telling your story to a wider audience what would you like to see result from that?

D: I'd like to see enough people wake up, march on Washington, and say these projects and hold the people accountable. There's not going to be class action lawsuits. There's not going to be prosecution. That's fine, I got over that years ago. Everybody else involved needs to get over that. Just hold them accountable and get it stopped.

Bill Ryan: Do you think this is still going on today?

D: Yes, absolutely I do.

Bill Ryan: Do you have any idea in one form these projects are continuing? They said in the 60's there were about a thousand kids and there are only about 60 left?

D: In 1966 there were supposed to have been 1000 kids taken that were in my group. There are only about 20 of us left now. I think what I have to explain. We were actually at 6, 7 years old put into survival defense. Our personalities were split. Any normal kid, any normal person would not do the things we did in their right frame of minds.


So, they had to split our personalities and they had a clean slate with that new personality, had no rhyme, no reason, no right, no wrong, no concept so they made it into what they wanted it to be.


This is how they split my personality. Now, I don't know, I'm sure they did the same identical thing to other people, but I know for a fact not to each one. There were different techniques for different kids.


How they described it to me when I was a kid was,

"These were your treatments", almost medical terminology.

Imagine being six years old... and the funny thing is I can describe this with very little emotion because it happened to me, not something I did. You're strapped naked to a wooden chair, arms out like this, you're strapped, here, here and here.


Your fingertips are spread open and things are inserted here so you can't do this (moving hand and fingers over table) and I know you noticed because I saw it in your minds and I saw it in your eyes, I have a phobia about my fingertips. What they did was they inserted needles underneath the fingertips. That's bad enough, hook those needles up to an electric current and turn it on.


Water-boarding is where you basically drown the person and bring then back them back and in my case they did it two ways, strapped to a chair and they took a water hose and sprayed it at you until you couldn't breath and then they'd bring you back and I remember having my head dunked.


That's why I don't swim.

K: Now, what would be the purpose of that?

D: To cause pain - intense pain. What happens when the body and the psychic goes through the amount of pain that it can tolerate, you black out, you pass out, you faint. Well, the Germans brought over a drug with them. Once injected it blocks those receptors. You can't black out, you can't even force yourself to faint. So, once the psychic gets to a point where it can't take any more you have two choices, split off into another personality, you save yourself or die.

K: Ok, I understand, when the pain becomes too much the way you're able to survive and stay together mentally is actually to go someplace else?

D: Exactly.

K: And you go so far someplace else that you're actually creating another personality?

D: Exactly, you create a totally separate individual to where they can pull out that ultimate personality and one second I'm me and next second I'm somebody else. Now, I'm back to me. That's how they wanted you.

K: Have you seen The Manchurian Candidate?

D: No.

K: You never saw that?

D: No.

K: Ok, well, if I refer to it, you'll know what I mean?

D: Yeah. I know what the Manchurian Candidate is, yeah.

K: You know what it's about, ok. Is it possible that you could be activated by a phone call today?

D: The last time that I did a job, that's what it was, I got a phone call in the middle of the night.


K: Can be activated now?


D: I don't think so. They burnt the chip out.

K: Ok, do you think it's a tone, or words? Do you have any idea what it is? Is it music?

D: I think it's a combination and I think it's more than one. In order to open a combination safe you got to have a combination which is more than one number, so I think what they did, they set up... you have to have a system of checks, balances, and fail-safes to where if you're watching TV and all of sudden you hear the correct word or whatever you freak out and kill everybody, and then you would start seeing this happening everywhere, so there has to be a failsafe to keep that from happening so I've always thought that it's a combination of words, tones, numbers, what have you.


What happened during this night is I went to bed, my wife and I were in bed, the phone rings, I reach over to pick it up and put it to more my ear, no more than three seconds passed I hang the phone up, I get up get dressed and I leave. I'm gone three days and three nights and at that time we lived exactly eleven miles from the airport that you guys passed coming here. When I came back three days later there was only 22 additional miles on the car. I went to the airport.

K: But you have no memory of where you went?

D: I went to DC and did a termination job on this individual.

K: What year was that?

D: 1985.

K: So, this was quite a while ago.

D: Yeah. And, here's something I'll tell you guys that I didn't want put on the tape. I'm sitting in a Mexican restaurant, a very nice two story Mexican restaurant, and I hear somebody laughing. This was before the president now was the governor of Texas.


I look over and there was George (Bush) Junior sitting at the bar with the secret service bodyguards, drunk as a skunk with the secret service trying to get him to calm down.


Now, that's when I snapped awake. I don't remember driving there... and I'm looking around, and I'm: Where the hell am I at, and but yet there he is and I had one impulse - kill him. Terminate. And I had a gun in my pocket. And for whatever reason I fought the impulse down and I didn't kill him.

K: In other words, you remember who he is now but you didn't know who he was?

D: At that time I didn't have a clue who he was. I was sitting there sometime later and I'm watching the news where it said that Governor Bush placed his bid for the presidency and I'm looking at him thinking "Holy...".

Bill Ryan: Was this before he became president?

D: Yes.

Bill Ryan: I got it.

D: Years before.

Bill Ryan: So, in that context, maybe it makes even more sense?

D: Yes, and it makes it more scarier.

K: What about underground bases? You think you ever been in an underground base? Have you ever been in any underground bases?

D: I know where one is, right here in the state. When I was in my mid to late, mostly late teens, that I remember, the farmhouse that we lived on was situated in a valley and there were old logging roads that went all around the valley. I had a good five-mile run up and down the mountains on a good graded road.


There were also some worked out strip mines over to the southeast of there. One day I'm running up through there and I decide to drop down over the hill to have a look around.


As soon as I do I feel the vibrations in the ground and I drop down and I put my ear down near the ground the way that my grandfather taught me how to do and I get up and this little voice says "get the hell out of here" and as I'm running back up the hill a chopper lands. I didn't go back anymore, but a couple days later two things happened at once.


My father had a friend. His name was Paul Preston.


Paul Preston was somebody and is still somebody who I'd terminate with extreme prejudice. I don't care to say that. When I was fourteen we we're getting ready to work the fields, we had a cash farm and I was working on a tractor.


We lived about a mile up off the dirt road off the main road and I could sense a vehicle coming up the road before it was half way up. I stop and I look out and I could see this grayish silver van coming up into the driveway, brand new with a UHF antenna on top. I never seen anything like this. Again this is Kentucky in the mid 70's, nobody had that kind of money, this was before the coal boom, before the energy crisis, before people made twenty bucks an hour, people were lucky to make minimum wage.


Ok. And this guy gets out of this van and I noticed it had Texas tags. I had heard my dad talk about this guy, that they were childhood friends and then this was confirmed to me later on that they were in the CIA together and that Paul Preston was station chief in more than one area. He gets out of the van, calls me by name.


I never met the guy before to my knowledge and in that instance I had two thoughts, one was to run, because this guy was bad news, this guy was dangerous, run, the other was to take him out - kill him before he kills you.


I was only fourteen years old, my hair was longer than it is now and my dad comes down from the house, and they do the handshakes, slap on the back, huggy huggy and all this kind of stuff. Mr. Preston looks at my dad gets real serious, says we got to talk. My dad's demeanor changes so they go away for about twenty minutes and during this time, I got the tool chest, I'm trying to get the tractor going, spring plow, all that kind of stuff.


Twenty, thirty minutes later Paul Preston comes back down from house, he isn't talking to me then, he's in a bad mood, gets in the van and leaves.


I barely saw my dad the rest of that day cause it's early morning, it's still cool. You don't want to be around him for the rest of the day, he was a real ticked off Irishman. Well that night ok, my mom had a habit of sitting on the front porch at night and I slept upstairs.


She came in that night about ten or eleven o'clock screaming at my dad that there was something above the house and by the time he went out it was gone and I could hear the whole conversation. She said it was bigger than the house was round and had lights all around it. I didn't know nothing about UFO's. I knew nothing about that. I knew farming, martial arts, I knew how to fight, track, hunt, etc. etc. I knew nothing about that. So, the next night this happens again.


The third day, something happens to me. All the time, I work and I train I work and I train. I worked out harder than I had ever done before. I think the reason being was to go to bed early, because that's exactly what I did, I went to bed early.


That night, I go to bed, I was laying there, I don't know how long, but I feel like I'm on fire, when I snapped awake, I can't move. All I can do is open my eyes, the whole upstairs is full of light and I can see a five pedal figure standing by the bed.


I can see a head, I can see the arms, I can see the legs, and that's it and I know it's talking to me, it's telling me something and the next thing I know my daddy is shaking my shoulders with my brothers because saw the light and they thought the upstairs was on fire. That's all I remember. I don't remember anything again until I'm almost eighteen.

K: Meaning no memories from the age of fourteen and the age of eighteen?

D: Right. I didn't have my driver's license until I was almost eighteen. Should have had them when I was sixteen. I didn't get them until I was almost eighteen because I wasn't around to get him.

K: Do you remember what the being looked like other than two arms, two legs?

D: That's all I could see, a torso, two arms, two legs, and a head, not an oval shaped head, but a head shaped head, a normal shaped head. I'd estimate about six feet tall, it was white as well, but a paler shade of white in the rest of the room. I think all of these go together, the visit of Paul Preston, the craft over the house, and in my leaving again all go together.

K: And your father's anger perhaps?

D: Yeah, I think he may have thought for whatever reason I was clear of it and for whatever reason Paul Preston came by and said no. I don't think he had a choice in the matter. The only anger I had with them is not coming out and telling me something especially after I'm an adult and I'm starting to get memories back and I'm asking what gives? I know this wasn't what happened something wasn't right.


I think I deserved more of an answer than "Can't tell you" and then leave.


The first thing I did when I got my memories back was I started looking up old friends. And, I would ask them during this year, 73, 74, 75 where were we, what were you doing?


I have memories of doing things and everyone of them to a time were, "we were out doing this".

"I remember that" and they would go "how could you, you weren't here".

And one guy even went so far to say,

"we went up to the farm to pick you up one day to see if you wanted to go away, we hadn't heard from you and your dad ran us off."

Those were from what I had of those years were false memories. The memories I had of camping, going to Diary Queen, you know that kind of thing were implanted.

K: So, you also said in your writing that you have one of your arms is wired?

D: The right one. Yes, the implant is right here (points to upper right shoulder blade area). I know it's there for two specific reasons, one I had a guy put a meter over it and had it found that way and two, it itches and what it is, I call it an enhancer it increases physical strength and speed there are like wires that run from it to the fingers and it's only in this shoulder, it's not body wise.


This is the hand and the arm that I busted many heavy bags with. As a matter of fact there was an incident where I grabbed a guy who was a good 40 pounds heavier than me straight up off his feet and when I realized what I had done, it just dropped. I don't know the science of how it's tied in, I really don't, but I know it's tied in with the fight/flight scenario when there is danger, it kicks in, if feel threatened it kicks in.


The throwing of energy, yeah, that one freaked me out when it happened. I had a job in Lexington, the place at that time was called The Community Kitchen. It was no kitchen. What it was was a facility for homeless, indignant, that kind of thing.


We had doctors' offices, we had social service offices, showers, clothing, all that, but it was also a haven for pushers, users, abusers, rapists, killers, you name it, they came in there. We could have had sixty to a hundred people in the facility at one time and I was chief of security and we had a fight that broke out and it was nothing, we had three or four fights a day, ok, but we had two girls get into it.


They fight worse than men, ok. and my partner had one holding her down, I was holding the other one down and when I say holding them down, I was just sitting there with one arm on her shoulder.


She was laughing about it. The next thing I know, I look up and I see this extremely large man standing over top of me and he's got three or four friends with him and he's giving this routine,

"I'm giving you to the count of whatever to get off of her or I'm going to do this".

Well, I snapped, I'm on the ground, I look up, I see I'm outnumbered, outgunned. I change.


Normally I would have just rolled out of the way, got up, started cussing right back at him, throw him out the door, but no, I stood up and hit him and the witnesses there said I hit him not once, but twelve times in the matter of a second. It broke his neck.


His neck was as big as my legs and it just snapped his neck. Well, when that happened, the whole facility went berserk. Half of them were coming at me and my partner and the other half was using it as an excuse to get whoever they didn't like and it's during these times that something happens that I can't explain.


It was like I stepped outside of space and time, everything turned black and white; everything goes slow motion. It's like I've got all the time in the world to go from point A to point B, because this guy isn't moving. Ok, and it's like I'm just walking through, bam, bam, bam, guys going down and then I'm grabbed.


This guy grabs me by the throat and I just snapped sideways and threw my hands palm down, just threw them down and screamed inside my mind. The guy goes up and back. I never touched him. And when that happened that ended the entire fight. I'm standing there and I'm looking around and I'm suddenly aware that everybody was staring at me and sometime during this time the cops have been called.


So, here come the cops, here come the ambulances, the paramedics, and I talked to one of the cops to give a report.


Half of them are taken to the hospital, the other half of them are barred out, some are taken to jail. And I went to nearest bar I could find, and I sat there because I didn't know what to do. I knew something had happened.


I knew it was real because people were saying coming up to me,

"What did you do"? "How did you do that?"

And I don't have an answer for you. I don't know.

K: What year did that happen?

D: 1989 or 1990. I'm trying to. I worked so many jobs, during that time, during those years, which is something else that I've been told that is indicative of us that have come out of these black operations.


I know from personal experience it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread for a couple of months and then all of a sudden a boss or supervisor would come and find something wrong and we're fired. What I found out over the years is that's not unique to me. They want to keep you one step below poverty level, keeps your mind occupied on other things.

K: Right, survival, daily survival so that you can't go further into your own memories type of things.

D: And, there's also another reason for that, and I've been told this by more than one person. Who listens to somebody who is broke? Everybody listens to someone who is wealthy and I think those two go together to make that.

Bill Ryan: There is an incident which you also reported that you described as a kind of personal teleportation incident where you went through a wall and you had a witness.

D: Yes, absolutely.

Bill Ryan: What do you recall of that?

D: I get freaked out every time I think of that. It was at a house in Oklahoma and I was helping a friend of mine move and I was in the one bedroom and she was in the kitchen. For me to get from the bed to the front door would entail going down, cutting across, down, cutting across, a very windy way.


Well as I said she was in the kitchen straight line, kitchen, living room, front door, no door in between, no wall in between. Well she was reading and doing her own thing in the kitchen and I'm sound asleep and her youngest son gets up screaming and goes to the front door trying to get out.


It's 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. She jumps up and starts to run to get him. I hear the scream, I remember raising up on one shoulder, in the mind seeing the kid reaching towards the door get out passed the door. She said that I came out through the wall in front of her and all she could do was to stop and say WHOA.


And, I think whatever I did, if I froze inside that wall, that would have been fun.


My grandfather, my mom's mom, was a full blooded Cherokee, and he gave me the name of grey feather and I asked him once, I said,

"Pops, what does grey feather mean"? and he said "I was a between man" and he had an accent, and I asked him what he means and he said "you walk between worlds",

...and this was before I knew anything about anything.


I saw 9/11 two weeks before it happened. I put it up on some bulletin boards on the net and I was laughed at. I lived in Delaware at that time, right on the eastern shore, walking distance to the beach.


I had a trip planned to Boston, couple of days before the trip cause we were going to drive it, I get a phone call and it's the metallic digitized voice and it says postpone your trip, two day window plus or minus one day whether here or here, there's going to be something big in New York and you don't want to get caught in it.

K: Now, have there been other premonitions that haven't come true yet?

D: Yeah, I have seen this country almost split in half, I mean physically split in half. Again, I lived in Delaware, and I just laid down, it was one of those times where one minute I'm here and the next I'm here, and I'm here looking down on the United States.


This was before I knew about the supervolcano and all this and that but I saw that area going up into Canada, coming all the way into Mexico, the whole western part of the country split off from the rest of the United States and what I'm seeing is like a river of fire coming all the way down.

K: And did you have a time line for that?

D: Soon, very soon.

K: So are you making any plans for yourself and your family because of what you are dreaming or seeing?

D: Yeah.

K: Are you finding a safe place?

D: There's really not going to be a safe place. The best preparedness that I know of is to be able to be mobile. There is no one safe place. I started to go public when I lived in Delaware after an attempt was made on my life.

K: When was that approximately?

D: About 2002. I had other things that happened but nothing where I had made any connection. Now, I make a connection. I was out for a jog and it was in the wintertime and I hear a motorcycle. Motorcycle? You ever been on the east coast in the wintertime when the wind blows? It's frigid. And I'm out jogging and I hear a motorcycle and the ears go up, hair start standing up and I go from a hard run to a light jog and I see the motorcycle, solid black motorcycle, no insignia, just solid black, two riders dressed in black with black opaque masks. I'm going this way and they are going this way.


This thing is going so slow, I'm trying to figure out how in the world is it staying up and as it comes up to me, I'm running scenarios, I'm wearing ankle and wrist weights, ok, I'm waiting to see a gun, so I'm thinking this is coming off, this is going to throw, forward roll, kick the back wheel, try to get an advantage. The guy does open his coat, puts his hands in his coat - this is the rider. All I see is two fingers, points them at me and goes like this (firing of gun signaling with hand) and goes back.


I'm thinking this is just a warning, ok, and they slowly go on down the road along route one to go north. I didn't make it ten steps, I had to puke, bile, everything, I had to crawl home, I was sick for three days, I finally went to the doctor and said I have had some kind of unknown viral infection. He did shoot me... just not with a gun.

Half the people who hear what I have to say look at it and say what a lying stack of dung. This is so much BS, there is no way any of this could happen, etc. etc. etc. Well, I'll give a response that I gave to a guy on a radio show one night. I wish that were true, I'd love to be able take a pill everyday and have a nice life, but I can't because it did happen and I don't have the whole story myself and I may never get it. What happened to me, and I talked about the split personality, that was just the tip of the iceberg, ok.


I remembered the beatings, being thrown naked into a refrigerator, a refrigerator room, because I couldn't get something right, but not just to me, but to all of us in this particular group and this type of stuff should not have happened. We consider ourselves to be a civilized free society. There's nothing civilized about this, there's nothing free about this. There is strength in numbers. I would like to see, I mean come on, you have a million man march on Washington put together by somebody that the government laughed at. Why couldn't we do the same thing? This stuff has got to stop.


You know, people, like I said we're supposed to live in a civilized free society. We don't. When they can walk in and take you as a child, turn you into a killer and then use you abuse you and when they are done, throw you away and you asked earlier what is the one thing I would like to see come of this and any subsequent movies/videos or whatever.

I want to sit in a chair just like this in Washington, DC in front of the full senate and demand answers.

I'd do it in a heartbeat. I am not shy.