by James E. Finn

January 14, 2001

from BigJim Website


The Eye of God

The Voynich manuscript which dates from the Middle Ages is encoded in an obscure language that has long baffled linguists. Scholars had failed to crack its code. But now, one researcher, Jim Finn, has been successful at cracking its linguistic code. The few pages he has deciphered appear to be referring to a cyclical terrestrial cataclysm brought about by a celestial "EYE."


As mentioned in Earth Under Fire, our Galaxy's nuclear bulge would appear as a giant punishing luminous eye in the heavens during a Galactic core explosion. Ancient Egyptian myth describes mankind being punished by the Eye of Atum-Re (the Creator). In another myth it is the celestial Eye of Horus that brings destruction. Now Finn appears to have discovered the same metaphor appearing in a Middle Age scripture.


The pages of this manuscript are adorned with drawings, and curiously, one of these (see below) looks very much like a spiral arm map of the Milky Way, as seen looking down onto the Galactic plane from above. A Middle Age map of the Milky Way?

The Voynich Manuscript is most likely part of an end times document

given to mankind by Aliens, UFO's, in medieval times

Update Notice

Due to the fact that the ONLY COMPLAINT I have had about this work (from outside people reading for the first time) is the Star People connection (which, unfortunately for you, IS a historical part of the END TIMES destruction story, like it or not), I offer a second, more down to earth, choice for the appearance of pertinent sections of the VMS.

All of the End Times data I have looked at to-date, shows, it is possible that humans have had this information hidden away for millennia. The last release of this End Times info was a complete failure, because, it simply was THE WRONG TIME to release it to humanity.

The people that released the info believed the End was coming. Hence the release. But, it was NOT the End. Hence, sometime within the following couple of centuries, the group I call The Elders, and Borges calls the People of the Secret, disbanded or were killed. After 1000 AD, there seems to be a great "need" to find this lost information concerning the End of the World. Hence there was a quest by "certain people" to find this information.

A story was slowly composed concerning this "quest." The path of information transfer follows the hidden meanings of the names behind the characters of Uther Pen Dragon, Igraine, Merlin, and, finally Arthur. A symbol was chosen and a "link character" called Joseph of Arimathea brings us back to "Pauline" origins. The "Graal Cup" symbol had NOTHING to do with the actual thing sought. But, in typical hidden rhetoric, its NAME served the purpose. The story WE know is the Quest for the Holy Graal. The meaning of the core information, hidden in story form (as usual), was the Quest for the information concerning The End Times. The Graal cup symbolized "the information." And, to answer the Graal question: Who does one serve with the Graal? One serves HUMANITY.

So, for all of you that are having such a hard time swallowing Star People intervention in human affairs, because you continue to view history WITHOUT the archetypal information, I offer a second "more down to earth," possibility.
Of course, the "UFOs in paintings" issue, as well as what I have found in Nostradmus' work, still needs to be dealt with.

Something happened during Medieval times. For some as of yet unexplained reason, UFO activity had to have been as common as it is today. Artists were adding, it seems, UFOs in their paintings.

And what is this on a 1688 French coin??

When I see paintings like this, and I add to it what I am about to share with you, it will broaden the idea of UFO sightings during the Middle Ages, to UFO contact during the Middle ages. The person or person's who were responsible for writing the document we will talk about knew TOO MUCH for their time period. So much in fact, that it is not ridiculous to come right out and say that the information they received was given to them, in one way or another, by extraterrestrials.

Now... there exists an extremely old and as-yet-undeciphered manuscript that has been dubbed the Voynich Manuscript, after its (re)discoverer, Wilfred Voynich. Dates surrounding the manuscript's writing float around the 1400 to 1600s AD. (My translation method indicates that ONE word used in the Manuscript -thus far- does not allow, what I call, the End Times sections, to be dated before 1600.) There also exist tons of verified and speculative information about this manuscript on the web, as well as pictures of the pages. Rather than take up space here rewriting information that you can look up for yourself, I will put links at the bottom of this page so you can track down what you want to see on the web.

This manuscript was written in an alphabet that was designed to hide its information. The alphabet was itself seemingly cracked by a group known simply as the Voynich Group. This group is a collection of scholars and a few secret societies members that have been working on this for years. In the words of one of their members,

"The small manuscript was written in a code, before which even the best cryptologists and linguists of the world have had to surrender so far."

When I came across this manuscript, I thought the alphabet looked familiar. I have a book in my library on ancient hidden alphabets, but even though there were similarities to some of the letters, the Voynich alphabet itself wasn't there. I finally set up my computer with the transcripts of the manuscript into what the group calls EVA (European Voynich Alphabet, which I need to touch on at the end of this), which is the Latin letter breakdown of the Voynich alphabet by Rene Zanbergen and Gabriel Landini and their Voynich True Type font, and just stared at the text.


As I looked through the text, my eyes kept falling on one particular Voynich word, AIN. Ain is Hebrew for the "eye". I knew what was written around this word wasn't Hebrew, but I kept coming back to it in my mind. What was happening was I saw something and then logically dismissed it. Which was exactly what the author wanted to happen. If you got beyond his alphabet, there had to be more methods of encoding, of hiding this mysterious text. Besides AIN for instance, there also existed variants of this word like AIIN and AIIIN. That in itself caused a great deal of confusion. There were also variants of the AIN word, like DAIN and OKAIIN.

One thing the Voynich Group talks about continually is that they believe this manuscript is encoded. Great lengths have been taken to find the code and decipher the words. After having looked over page one of this manuscript, I felt that the group was right in one aspect. It was encoded. But not by the logical method, the mathematical method of encoding they were looking for. It was visually encoded. At least as far as I have gone with it.

For instance, that word AIN. I thought about the fact that if AIN was Hebrew for the eye, then to visually encode it the author could also write AIIN and AIIIN. Even though on the surface it would logically appear that these variations represented different words, they were all actually the same word, the Hebrew AIN, the eye. When the letter D was added, as DAIN, it represented the construction D'A, the Hebrew word "knowledge", spelled daleth ain. You really have a two letter word, not a four letter word. When he changed 'A (the letter ain) for the Latin letter O, OIIN, it would show the writer was possibly accessing another definition of AIN, such as "to look at." The Latin letter O is derived from the Hebrew letter 'Ain.

To make a long story short, after having applied what I believed to be a method of visual decoding, the words in the manuscript began to open up. The first word on the first page, FACHYS, was really 3 Hebrew words in one.


This had a possible rendering of; "Therefore / brother / there is."

The letter F, or the Hebrew Vav, has meaning. ACH also was a word. YS or ISH was also a word. (The Latin letter Y is derived from the Hebrew letter Yod. Shin and Sin, using this method, is an exchangeable nightmare. In Hebrew, there is a mark on Shin when it uses the S sound or SH sound so you can tell the difference. Doing what he is doing here, there is no way to tell if he means: sin (vocal S), shin (vocal S), or shin (vocal SH). Each possible version must be examined.

As I progressed into page one, each visually encrypted word had a definition. A context was forming but there was no sentence structure. I thought about this... a great deal. It finally dawned on me that anyone, speaking any language, could get the same list of definitions in their language and use paraphrase to construct sentences the way they spoke. Language barriers would not exist. There would be no fumbling with Hebrew grammar, and it also made for a great third wall of encryption. Now, I must also say, that having translated page one and a line of page two (and the first line on a page that which we will talk about below), there is no guarantee that this method of translation will continue to work. Especially since the Group has mentioned that there may have been more than one writer behind this work. Time will tell.

As I continued at this, a picture was forming. It isn't a pretty picture. It deals with what we know today as the End Times. Now, religiously, the time of the end is a period where the evil are destroyed and the good survive. Depending on whose ancient version you read, you will get variations of that theme. Our problem is that scientifically, this supposed "God-sent destruction" has been scientifically proven to be a cyclical destruction that comes from an explosion at the center of our galaxy. It comes every 13-26,000 years, and has been called by Dr. Paul LaViolette "a Galactic Superwave." The last large explosion brought our last Ice Age to a rapid end, flooding much of the planet.

One of the most interesting stories about these floods I had ever heard was on one of those Public TV stations like Discovery or TLC. The story had to do with an area in Washington State called the scablands. They talked about the rapidly receding glaciers and the building melt water behind the front wall of ice. One day in our ancient past it just let loose at a rate 10 times the combined flow of all the rivers in the world. What will happen the next time this cosmic disaster, this Superwave, hits us? We may live to see it.

According to ancient texts, we are due. It has been expected to hit and was recorded in the Christian Gospels as the Day of the Lord (and no man knows the time). It is fire this time that will consume all. According to Dr. Laviolette, the man who has been working on this cosmic event, we just don't know when it will happen. It could be tomorrow, it could be four hundred years from now. But it will come. It always comes. And when this Galactic Core explosion happens, it eventually, over time, appears as an EYE in the sky, emanating from the center of our galaxy. To quote Dr LaViolette from his book, Earth Under Fire:

"According to a legend told by the Hopi Indians, the present world civilization is not the first to populate the earth. Before this one, there were three other "worlds", each terminated by a global catastrophe. They call the present world cycle the "Fourth World", and claim that it too like the others before it, will one day come to an end. They say that this ending will be heralded by the appearance of Saquasohuh, the Blue Star spirit.

Since the cores of distant exploding galaxies are observed to have a bright blue star-like appearance, it is reasonable to expect that the core of our own Galaxy would have a similar appearance during its explosive phase. So the legendary appearance of the Blue Star could be referring to an explosion of our Galaxy's core.... Several hundred years after the first appearance of the Blue Star, earth observers would have become aware of lighting effects resulting from the Superwave's passage through the galaxy's central bulge.

Sychrotron radiation emitted by the Superwave's cosmic rays, would have illuminated the dense gas clouds in the Galaxy's nucleus to create an oval luminous form around the Blue Star... Dense clouds of dust obscure visible light coming from this region. However, during its bright active phase, some light would have penetrated.


This frightening spectacle may have appeared to ancient inhabitants as a gigantic punishing "Eye" in the sky, the entire form occupying about a 16 degree field of view, or about 32 solar diameters. The "iris", would have a diameter of about, 4 degrees with a brilliant light emanating from its central pupil -- the Blue Star."

Now, if we take that scenario above, and consider the fact that this event put a lasting mark on our ancestors, it is not unreasonable to assume mankind's desire to pass this info on through history to those who would live to see the day of its return. It is also not unreasonable to assume that extraterrestrial involvement with mankind through the ages made sure we didn't forget.

What I want to share first is the first line from the Voynich text that has the picture we are going to discuss.

The inner part divides, rips asunder. It surrounds the living. Knowledge is also coming apart. The deniers took the high place. The wheat is the height. Deniers look. Trouble comes from the eye, oh sin of God. It is time to cry out for help. You will be lopped off. Amputated by what is coming.

I have jumped to this line from the first page of the Voynich Manuscript where I was working. The context continues in the same vein as you will see when I post the first page translation later. The interesting idea found here is that of the inner part dividing. By this time, I was convinced that the author was speaking about the same Eye that Dr LaViolette was talking about. The destruction he says is coming is the same destruction that the Dr. talks about in his book Earth Under Fire. Now if this information was data that was simply passed down through the ages, how would the Voynich author know about the inner part--the center of the galaxy--ripping apart? It also seems that he knew what the Milky Way galaxy looks like.

This is a depiction of our spiral galaxy. The Milky Way.

And this is what is depicted in the Voynich.

(Note: I have been told, that, the ancients were aware of the galaxy, and, that the Voynich picture is NOT all that odd. Their proof is in the depiction of the symbol we call "swastica." Same "arms" and "circular movement."

I do not agree with this interpretation for one reason. If the ancients transmitted ANY information, it was based on the archetypal, and, subsequent destruction events. These ideas were transmitted as bad / evil / "the god in the sky." All ancient ideas attached to the swastica are in the vein of "good." If this symbol was attached to the destruction, it would NOT have GOOD attached to it. The ancients DID know where the galactic center was. This has been brought out by Dr. LaViolette. And how they knew that is NOT a deep mystery. But, they did NOT know the depth of it. They knew it as the point in the sky from which the "star" / "eye" appeared that signaled the beginning of the destruction.


The swastica is a sun symbol that shows the cyclical SEASONS. The combination of "cycle and 4." It was the reappearing of the seasons, after the superwave destruction, that allowed humanity to again live a normal life. This symbol did not appear until much later in history ... AFTER agriculture had begun. The symbol that identified the galactic core was the cross / cross in a circle. Those symbols appeared right after the big superwave destruction.

Once this is understood, Celtic symbols like the Serpent Stone make much more sense.

'The Serpent's Stone' From Celtic Mandalas

The Serpent's Stone - symbol of an ancient wisdom and fidelity; touchstone of universal truths.

The complexity of earthly life sometimes obscures a simple truth.

The four serpent heads emerge from the labyrinth of Creation to point the way through self-examination.

The brilliant colours convey a sense of drama and intrigue.

As a meditative glyph, it endorses the need for self-examination.

Thus when truth becomes entangled in a moral dilemma, evoke the secret wisdom of the Serpent's Stone.


We need to stop reading spectacular definitions into ancient symbols. For instance, the question is constantly asked: Why did the Egyptians (or whoever) build "in the shape of a triangle?" "IF" the pyramid was a life after death symbol, what ancient symbol would represent the continuation of life after dying? The even more ancient goddess symbol of birth.


The pubic triangle. The pyramid represents the upsidedown goddess symbol, and means, in this case, as it is pointing towards the sky, "to be born into the above." It is a symbol of regeneration.

Now, as far as the Voynich "galaxy pic" goes, the first thing people might say (I know because I said it, too), nah...couldn't be. I set it as wallpaper on my computer desktop and spent time just looking at it. Then, I decided to ask someone who knows. This was the reply I received:

Thanks for directing me to the picture at your web site. I see that it does show what look like stars toward the center of the spiral disc. Maybe you're right. The spirals are going the wrong way, but the central circle is about the right relative diameter for the galactic bulge (the eye) if the outer circle is taken as the circumference line that passes through our solar system.


This circle subtends about 13 degrees of arc, whereas the bulge subtends about 14 degrees of arc. The circle further out defined by the convoluted in-and-out folds is about the right proportional size for the molecular gas ring which is positioned around 14,000 ly from the center, as compared with our 23,000 ly distance. This gives an angular size of 31 degrees of arc measured from the gas ring to the Galactic center, about the same as in the drawing.

Now this seems too close to be a coincidence. Even the outer circle is the circumference line that passes through our solar system??? How would the writer know that?

As far as the spirals going the wrong way, I brought up that, and the Dr. thought this, too, that we tend to view our Galaxy from what is called "the top." All pics I have seen show the view from "the top" of the Galaxy. But what if the Voynich author was shown this scenario (and he would have HAD to have been shown, but by whom??) FROM THE BOTTOM, the OTHER side of the Galaxy?

Now they are going the same way.
Also note: 8 spiral arms. 8 = death and rebirth.

The Phoenix Cycle

We need to pass this information on as the ancients have. The idea of the coming destruction, as explained by the Voynich author, at least in the area's I have looked at, does not paint a pretty picture at all.

All of the information concerning this is headed for a publisher to be included in a manuscript I wrote on the End Times. The Group commented that there was no guarantee their EVA script was accurate. I have given them a chance to try it. It works. They also talked about changes that could be made in the text because of multiple definitions of Hebrew words. Actually this isn't true.


I have gone over this with a fine tooth comb. I have found mistakes I had made due to being tired or just plain blind at times. I have corrected these errors and the theme continues. Changes to sentences, yes. But for the better. All of my translation notes are incorporated in the book manuscript. Any possibility of double translation directions have been noted. I, as usual, stand by my work.

Line by line updated paraphrase translation of page 1 of the Voynich Manuscript:

Seeing, my friend, as there is power that will prevail [the power would have to refer to the power of the devastation of the eye], be wakeful. It is the appointed time of the Eye. Know also that opponents, deniers, have been allowed by men. They are now the head evil faction. All that are precious to them will be killed.

The stench of sin is in the air. The eye of the moon grows white. Horus returns. That small eye is precious to us. Its removal was a horrible thing. Evil will be separated and burned for it. They will be surrounded by the glider.

What once was will be again. You will be made to drink from this enemy. Truly the eye will destroy everything. It will pound and beat everything like a group of lions. The eye moves in a cycle. The cycle comes again.

The eye. Look carefully into what it means. Take advice. Pray! Take advice, shake with fear. You will be surrounded. Use wisdom and knowledge. Trouble comes from the eye. This enemy will roll up everything.

A demon was the young shoot [by inference...the only shoot that was of any historical significance in this context, was that of David. The text word, sair, refers to the old Hebrew He-goat worship...see Gesenius] came as a party that knew about the eye. He came to make atonement and said there is burning destruction coming from the eye.

Knowledge is the most important thing.

--the lamb has failed. Deniers will be skimmed as the foam. Laid as a heap of ruins by that which is cyclical. The swift scorching eye destroys violently as the lion.

The story of the world messiah coming from men (root of Jesse) (sent from God) is diabolical. It oppresses the living. It is the time of the Phoenix. It is the way of things. The living get weaker. Get knowledge. That which grows white [full moon symbolism] returns with haste.

Knowledge and wisdom are the gateway. The burning from above will be a Godly kind of overpowering.

Use knowledge (think). Make haste. Document information twice.

* / !!!!!!!! ???? you of much knowledge who the Eye will bend together. Rejoice about the existence of the Eye. Your blindness is a gift. Rejoice. You will be oppressed. Cry out for help. You have hardened yourselves against the time of the lion. These are the times. You have stirred up trouble. Devastation, violence, coming from the eye. Look, see, get knowledge.

What is it worth to wait tensely? Bow before the eye, humble yourself. Or you will be skimmed as the foam. Be strong together. You will be snatched up. You will then bow down. Knowledge is the door.

Get knowledge. Look carefully at the Phoenix bird. The eye returns again. The eye propounds a riddle to all. The eye will trod upon while the glider will gather. It is a hidden mystery.

Knowledge can be calming. The promise of Horus' return and the moon growing full are the same. Understand the Phoenix. The Phoenix returns. Understand.

Cry for help. Understand the judgment that awaits, you hardened generation. The eye propounds a riddle... what would rather cry for help than stand up and live?

Separated in the tomb of the eye. Cry for help. Leave it behind you my beloved friend. Or be raked up with exactness.

Magician! Denier of the Eye. Bow down. Bow down to the Lamb and twice to me. [That last line is pure sarcasm.] Knowledge of the cyclical eye was dimming. Bravo! [Sarcastic cheers]

You will be pierced, laid to waste by the eye. It will oppress your cities. Living profitably, when suddenly from above, a rejoicing faction in a burning Temple room.

Desire the living knowledge of the return of Horus. Or burn.

The time is upon us all. Get knowledge.

You will be vanquished. Cry out for help. Desire life. The Phoenix flies; it returns again. It is the cycle of God. It is fitting. The disaster of the living God. Calamity is at the door.

Carefully look at all of this knowledge you have in your hand, oh faction of God. The cycle of the moon and the prince of the cycle, Horus, are the same. We wait.

Oh noble ones, trouble comes from the eye. Cry out for help. The eye will foreclose on your knowledge. You are arrogant and wrapped up in your knowledge. You will be wrapped up in that which moves cyclically.

[More sarcasm] Live Long, you who piece together trouble as knowledge. It oppresses the living. It undermines everything about the eye. Bow your head to live. Be humble.

Oh God, live forever. Because they have hardened themselves, they will be snatched up and trodden upon. They imitate life while the humble endeavor.

You are a leech of God's goodness.

The eye will wash everything clean.

It is my belief that the author of this work was dead serious. I also believe he was a Semite, more than likely Hebrew. I believe this because:

1) what I believe was the translation of the Voynich word SAIR (Hebrew would be, shin ain yod resh... SAIR). According to Gesenius, it follows the Hebrew tradition of he-goat worship.

2) what I believe should be translated as a prayer to God, when I translated the line that began, "Oh God live forever" , from Voynich dc*eo, which I believe should be written as dcheo. Which seems to be a first letter moved to the end of the word encryption, making it cheod ChI ‘OD (cheth yod 'ain daleth) living forever. And shody ShDI, God.

3) based on what I have seen, he is very comfortable with Hebrew grammar, as far as letter exchanges according to Hebrew grammatical rules.

This person was also familiar with Latin equivalents for Hebrew characters. He knows which Latin letters are derived from what Hebrew letters. And he uses these exchanges as a form of encryption.

But why encryption? The literal meaning of encrypt should conjure up all ideas of something put in a tomb, hence forgotten, buried. In (the) crypt. The base commonized Latin meaning is that of something hidden. Someone who does not want the information found out. At least not while he lives. This idea in itself dictates that the information contained "in the crypt" is important enough to have been put there, either for the information's sake alone, or the fact that the author may lose his life because of the contents. Or both.

Now, if this writing is as old as is thought, one can easily see how information deemed possibly heretical would be a danger to the writer's life, as well as the life of the information. From what little I have seen so far, this writer is anti Christianity and pro Mysteries. Making him a candidate for execution.

What we need to do is crack the encryption. I believe that this was done when Latin letter values (EVA) were given to Voynich letters. It has been said that these assignments were random. Are they? Let's look.

What I have found thus far with the Voynich Groups random Letter Values:

A - This value has worked.
B - This may be correct and may not. According to the Voynich dictionary, which is not exhaustive, there is one word with B. Cheeb. There is a Hebrew word (chib) derived from (ChvB) and it means to be guilty, to be legally bound. It fits what I know of the context so far, but I don't know the sentence context. It could be right; it could be wrong.
C - This value has worked.
D - This value has worked.
E - This value has worked.
F - This value has worked and exchanges with Hebrew Peh, which Voynich character looks very much like it.
G - Close to script G? I have not run across this letter yet. According to the Voynich interlinear, there are a few words with G. One is gaiin but might be daiin. Cpheeg which might be cpheey. The latter of both I have translated. One case of dchog which might be dchom which I believe I have translated in one of its versions. This letter remains to be tested.
H - Looks very much like Arabic H. It has proven to work.
I - Hebrew yod, Arabic kasra, and Greek iota, as well as Latin I, are short lines. The words aiiin and AIIIN show the same basic "line" when written. This letter has proven out.
J - I have not run into this yet. This letter, according to the interlinear, does not exist in a word except for "it might be J."
K - This value has worked.
L - This value has worked.
M - This value has worked.
N - This value has worked.
O - This value has worked.
P - This value has worked. See F above.
Q - This value has worked.
R - This value has worked.
S - This value has worked.
T - This value has worked.
U - Looks close but haven't run into it yet. Seems to be confused with N and doesn't exist in any words.
V - Looks close but have not run into it. If it works, it is more than likely vav.
X - Have not seen yet..if this value is correct, after having looked at its usages, I would first treat it with a negation value. In other words, ignore it.
Y - This value has worked.
Z - Does not exist in the text.

Now, what does all this mean? To me, it points only in one direction, based on everything I have seen and heard in the past two months. There came a time in the history of the Voynich group, when members got sick of looking at the bizarre characters used in making transcripts of the Voynich. Necessity being the mother of invention, a method was needed to make transcript reading and usage easier on the eyes and heads of those who worked within it. So EVA was born. Now, the way it appears to me, it was decided that they would assign random values in the form of Latin letters to the Voynich characters. And they did just that. How did they go about doing this?


Simple. First, they took all the Voynich characters that bore a resemblance to Latin letters, and they assigned those values at random to the Voynich characters. This is why Voynich "a" looks like a, and Voynich "o" looks like o and so on for as many as they could. It got harder matching characters with letters as they progressed, but they did the best they could.

What they failed to realize was that, even though z is not in the text used in a word, or so it seems based on what I saw (which means z does have a randomly assigned as of yet unproven value), "a" was in the text and could be proven. They had inadvertently assigned the correct value to a Voynich character. And A wasn't the only one they got right.

When I came along, no one had ever explained this random assignment to me. I looked around and thought, well... it should be read this way in this language, and it worked. Of course, everyone was still thinking along the lines of "random assignment" and had quite a bit to say against what I was doing. But I understand it, now that I have been forced to think about this. Random assignments were given to the Voynich characters, first based on similarity of shape. In doing this, they inadvertently assigned the correct value to many letters. Enough letters to get me through page one.

But the mystery does not stop here. The author of the Voynich knew that this could happen. He also knew that if someone got this far, there had to be other walls of encryption in place to discourage prying eyes from discovering a known language which was (so far) Hebrew. So he scrambled it. By adding a couple of extra letters that may or may not follow Hebrew vowel points here and there, more confusion is generated. But the skeletal consonantal structure is there.

The first key to opening this up is realizing certain randomly assigned Latin letter values to the Voynich characters accidentally worked.

Once this is realized, we may get our first glimpse of a message that was given in some way to at least one person, hundreds of years ago, by extraterrestrials concerning our future doom.