by Daniel Winter

March 2000

Dedicated to Soulariaum

from ImplosionGroup Website


Gardner ('Genesis of the Grail Kings') presented what in my view is rather convincing historicity to suggest the first real Holy Communion 'white bread cakes' were eaten at the time Moses (of Phaoroah/Sirian descent) learned the metallurgy to make the Manna/Ormes white gold powder substitute for the Star Fire (melatonin/seratonin rich) vestal Menstrual Blood. (oil of Messeh / what makes a Messiah...)

Richly, the ability of wave mechanics to COMMUNE non-destructively IS SEEDED BY the implosive/recursive wave guide which is the atomic nature of gold. Sadly however, the pure principle of the only/holy geometric hygiene which can make any group COMMUNE / EMBED NON-DESTRUCTIVELY into ONE BODY, has become lost in a disempowering personality worshipping patriarchy called Christianity.

The recent Pope's apology for millions of murders hardly begins to re-educate the worshippers to what will re-deem (embed) their genes. This article may be taken as a part B to Jose Arguelles letter:



My Part B to the letter reads something like,


Now supposing you were an interstellar species interesting in increasing the value of your DNA crop, on a remote and fertile planet. Manipulating religion there would be a primary way to shape genepools. When we read that every step of the Jesus incarnation was choreographed (expensively) so that "Prophecy might be fulfilled". We failed to ask the simple question, whose political agenda benefited from the hundreds of years of planning which was required? And suppose YOU woke up one day, and discovered your birth had been a political machination planned for millennia? (A Daughters of Orion / DOMA way... JOIN THE COLLECTIVE)


You can bet that the radiant MARKing impression which glowed from the orgone wood layered chalice at the 'last supper' origin of communion was biological charge, from blood well into embedding hygiene. How capacitance implodes from a heart A-PHIre with bliss, spinning into blood is a technology so advanced, it is at first indistinguishable from magic.

Remember when Professor Sam Lentine (deceased - Math Dept. Rennsalaer Poly) blind with no eye sockets since birth, demonstrated that his visualization of wave function math was so clear, that his field projections into water, moved their spectral emissions half way to that of alcohol. (Water into Wine - 'Introduction to Psychotronic Biosynthesis').

In truth, the only HOLY COMMUNION which waves EVER sustain, is in the perfect wave implosive zipper core of DNA. The approximations to the process get cruder and cruder as Earth history devolves. One of the better approximations is the relatively elegant method of getting maximum melatonin/seratonin into (Vestal Virgin) menstrual blood to feed a babe. (This was called 'oil of messeh' - juice of the crocodile/reptilian, from which comes our word: Messiah). This is much like the Royal Jelly necessary to make a hive queen. This hive juice harvest feeding tradition is in the noble millions of year history of the Draco. "Orion Dragon Queen" (hive mind?).

Next on the falling scale toward mechanism and borgism, would be the microhydrin. There the source of atomic wave implosion is no longer organic. Hydrogen can stand alone, phi radiant key to fusion implosion in the sun, tucked into structured water dodeca Clathrate 'cage'. Let there be no mistake (Stephanie): I use this product. Yet it is not good to harbor illusion that it could replace REAL REMOTHERING / access to matrix/fractality. (You & I both lost that...). Have we looked at the molecular symmetry for self-similarity in the Placental Extract - umbilical worming - used in John Diamond -remothering?

Then we come to the radical substitute for biologically induced star fire, used by Moses and Germaine in the long tradition of Reptilian's going borg/Nephilitic (and economic purpose of Earth as a genetic experiment): GOLD POWDER.

Suppose for a moment we WERE so mature as a species as to be able to drop our ridiculous taboos, and look at the simple question: HOW CAN WE GET OUR GENEPOOL TO SURVIVE (Along with Maurice Cotterell, I have suggested ability to shamanically/DNA worm thru the Sun Slip Knot is a good test: FEELING for the Heart of the Sun: How to Become a Solar Being).

In the context of this question, should we re-encourage creating Avatar birth's by feeding Royal-Jelly (melatonin Menstrual blood). ... Communion. (Messianic Messeh)

Well, let us consider what would happen to a tribe of bee's who suddenly decided, due to some historic perversity, that Royal Jelly was "immoral' ! We have discussed elsewhere, that not only was Queen DNA necessary for fertility sustenance, BUT 'Queen Genes' were also THE HIVES ONLY COMPLETE MAP TO SWEETNESS/BRAID/TURNS OF THE LANDSCAPE. Honey of the Queens. No map to the nectar = no nectar. No Grail bloodline = no embedding successfully in land - to steer it's magnetics.

Visualize Queen DNA harvesting the sequence of turns in the workers sun dance... embedably... Then ask yourself & Arthur, at what point of evolving resolution (perfect embedding) does the {genetic} MAP BECOME THE TERRAIN?

Let us consider "Standing Elk's" nervousness at the Star Elder conference (what ridiculous confusion to present a 'medicine bundle' to the Grey ET's.). The women demanded to know why Menstrual Blood was prohibited in the Sweat Lodge. Lost in time was the origin of the prohibition, a 'vestige' of patriarchy. Where menstrual blood touches Earth such a suction is created no Shaman could escape the worming re-directing of his attention, thru the woman's genetic memory arcing to Earth (embed). The male says: I AM STEERING HERE... Ask the Marciniak devotees pouring menstrual blood at the Dome of the Rock, to re-take 'the night' from the Patriarch's. This is like "Never Cry Wolf" peeing the corners of his (MAGnetic) domain.

The simple childish confusion resolves to: Where Biology's magnetism becomes most spin dense - THERE WILL ALL MEMORY AND WORMING AND GROWTH FORCE BE STEERED!

And where IS biology's magnetism most spin dense? Young (melatonin rich) menstrual blood and sperm.

Stir that vortex into your gold grail blood cup you priest(ess).

While it is 'cathar'tic to poke fun at the priests, we must not lose sight of our goal: Getting enough implosion in our DNA to make the worms there penetrate stars. For there in the PHI implosive grail center of our DNA dodeca wratchet LIES THE ONLY POSSIBLE REAL COMMUNION OF SAINTS.

And what does it take to get there, with modem connected? How is the right communing (phi-fractal) data compression algorhythmn initiated in the MODulate/DEModulate 'script' in the heart? (See the EKG spectral fingerprint of embedability)

We have discussed the electrical 'forgiveness' psychology of getting relaxed (non resistive) & accepting the end of imagining you could ever want or need a secret. (To en-joy this 'flame in the meeting tent' check your illusions of separateness at the door). This is the psychological discipline to enter into the fractal symmetry of the SHAREABLE (which lives at the core of bliss in DNA) - proper preparation for dying, where dying then becomes unnecessary because spin is achieved. (you feel the tingle) The Geometry of Eternality, Geometry & The Bardo...

One clue here is even if you practice all the Nourished By Spin, Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle hygiene... without the discipline/grace/capacitance to harness the blue fire sex juices/tantra/kundalini style, you may as well pour your blood into the sewer.

With this in mind, how would we re-design the Christian rite of communion, knowing now that all sex rituals are not evil - but in fact may be recursive / life giving.

We might start by replacing the over-weight priest (whose pedophilia inducing sex starvation is as much a reflection of tantra misunderstood as it is fear of Dragon queen), with the prerequisite couple demonstrating how TRUE LOVE CAN BECOME TANTRIC.

Once the Blue Fire (ultraviolet) tantric genetic cocoon around the paired body becomes VISIBLE (clairvoyance/microwave scanning/Aura cams etc...), techniques for HOW TO STEER that cocoon into stars need teaching. Incunabula, Tantric wormholes and the bardo bridge, the antenna cocoon for human eros to produce shamanic time tunnels