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Formulating white powder gold, monoatomic (monatomic) gold since 1991
David Hudson who holds the patent for white powder gold uses the term monoatomic gold

and white powder gold rather than the traditional monatomic gold in his patents and lectures, we continue that use here.




White powder gold (monoatomic gold), rediscovered by David Hudson and popularized by Laurence Gardner, has been used for ages on this planet to greatly accelerate the ascension process. Lemuria, Egypt, and other sacred civilizations and spiritual sects have utilized this little-known spiritual biochemistry.

White powder gold as well as monoatomic rhodium and monoatomic iridium are unique in form and function. David Hudson theorized that the elongated nuclei (2:1 height/width ratio) of monoatomic elements allowing for a high spin state, along with "paired" electrons, makes them biosuperconductors. Monoatomic gold together with monoatomic rhodium/iridium facilitate a flow of energy thru the body with little or no resistance: and that light continues to flow, even without additional external potential.

As you move from 3rd-4th to 5th dimensional beings of light the innate resistances (some call karma) to the higher dimensional frequencies can cause discomfort, imbalance, and even disease. These resistances are reflected on many levels: as physical tension and organic disturbances, as convoluted core beliefs and emotional imbalance, as samskaras or seed blocks in the chakras, as aberrant DNA. White powder gold together with monoatomic rhodium and monoatomic iridium can supersede these resistances by allowing a continual flow of light that ultimately washes away and heals, all the way down to the sub-atomic level.

The elements that comprise all matter at and above the atomic level are composed of atoms with electrons that are effectively free of each other; the total energy of the electron system is the sum of the energies of the individual electrons, the charge. In white powder gold, indeed in all monatomic elements, electrons can bond together by their mutual interaction. These electrons are spinning at very high speeds with equal and opposite momentum. One spinning clockwise, the other counter-clockwise; a forward electron with a time reverse electron. Monoatomic gold therefore creates a light vortex that is spinning, or spiraling at tremendous speed with zero momentum, a null particle/wave. (A particle is simply a wave that is brought into form by attention and observation)

In fact when the counter-spinning electron fields interact the vortex created is no longer truly a particle or wave in space/time. These "null waves" exist in a state beyond your blockages, yet they intersect physical reality carrying more and more Light thru your bodies with joyful ease. This gives you the choice to let the past path of growth thru struggle fall away.

Monoatomic gold exists naturally in your body and is contained in small amounts in the herbs and foods that enhance the immune system and regeneration. The Egyptians, and others, created them in pure form. They understood an important alchemical quality regarding the use of these sacred monoatomic elements to accelerate the ascension process. Egyptian initiates often fasted prior to and during the consumption of monoatomic gold as well as monoatomic rhodium and iridium. This was not only for purification. They believed that the digestive acids in the stomach neutralize some of the alchemical properties of the monoatomic elements. (They form monoatomic chlorides in reaction with hydrochloric acid. Monoatomic rhodium, for example, becomes monoatomic rhodium chloride. Its chemical structure is different than monoatomic rhodium or standard rhodium chloride, and the physical properties of this rhodide are similar to an iodide, not a metal. The effect of monoatomic chlorides is positive but different. Theoretically monoatomic elements should not react with hydrochloric acid, but nobody told the molecules.

In the process of making m-state elements, such as monoatomic gold, David Hudson theorized that the mass change from ’standard’ gold with metal to metal bonds to monoatomic gold was due to the electron spin clouds unpacking, like a flower blooming. Although David Hudson correctly did not speak of monoatomics as ’homeopathic’ (they are not) this unpacking, or blooming, is essentially the sense of succination or potentization originally referred to by Hannemann in the Organon of Medicine. David Hudson’s insight led to the formulation of these Alchemical Homeopathy™ formulas that offer the deeper transformational qualities of monoatomic elements as used in initiatory process. (Other forms are available here as well.)

Not traditional homeopathy however, indeed homeopathic formulas made from monoatomic elements can remove those elements from your body instead of assisting. Homeopathy is quite effective at removing excessive lead for example and other heavy metals, the same can happen with m-state homeopathic formulas [for a discussion of Alchemical Homeopathy™ see TECHNICAL INFORMATION] These ’Alchemical homeopathy’™ formulations of monoatomic gold offers two important advantages:

  • By taking directly under the tongue the destructive stomach acids are avoided.

  • By charging the monoatomic gold in ascending octaves the wave signature can be "targeted" or programmed to infuse the subtle bodies in an initiatory process. Resistance is reflected in all your bodies, from the DNA to your subtle vehicles. Clearing is done in an orderly process, a level at a time. The faster the wave signature the further it will infuse the subtle bodies.

  • Alchemical homeopathy’™ adds to the tradition of classical homeopathy thru the use of either in-phase or out-of-phase wave patterns to appropriately formulate the correct potency; and the shifting from sine waves to standing columnar waves as the clearing is affected in the subtle bodies. Traditional homeopathic potencies may only act to ’antidote’ the monoatomic gold found naturally in your body. Homeopathic formulations may actually begin to remove your naturally occurring monoatomic gold; depending on how they are formulated.

Ascension Alchemy offers three initial octaves of Metalight in 2 oz. amber glass; Octave 2 is not effective without the foundation of Octave 1, etc.; it’s an initiatory clearing process. ’Alchemical homeopathy’™ does not do something to you, but rather awakens something in you.



Alchemical homeopathy

Alchemical homeopathy™ begins with pure white powder gold, rhodium and iridium. Our formulations of Metalight, Lumina and Amritha made this way are resonance formulations and are meant for those that relate to this approach We have just recently made the pure white powder gold form available. This is white powder gold from 100% gold containing only pure monatomic elements formulated per David Hudson’s patent. This pure white powder gold cannot be ordered over the internet, it is not on the order form. You will need to contact us directly . The mother tincture we use to formulate metalight is indeed the pure white powder gold [below]). Both the powder and liquid derived from the powder can be taken sublingually (under the tongue).


An important part of our formulating, charging the monatomics includes the additional use of scalar technology [both ’traditional a la Tesla, but also a living scalar technology using crystals in geometric grid configurations] as well as innovative sound and light technologies described on our technical page. We add micro amounts of organic alcohol to the liquid sublingual formulas after the process is complete to stabilize the liquid and hold the resonance (not necessary with the powder) . Micro amounts in this type of m-state formulation enhances; significant amounts would deter. However we also offer alcohol free formulations at no additional cost. Simply email us after you order requesting alcohol free.

If you are uncertain as to whether the Alchemical homeopathy™ approach or the pure whitegold in the powder form is appropriate for you please call (847) 673-3431. For the most direct approach to the deeper spiritual metamorphosis addressed here we take the pure powder, as did the Egyptians and others throughout history; this approach takes a certain degree of spiritual maturity hence the need for you to call to order. The liquid formulations derived from the pure powders are available, with all of our other formulas, on our order form. We have a number of different forms of m-state available on this site; from seawater, plant based, special blend etc. Different forms have different functions and work differently so it depends what you are looking for; most folks traveling with us begin with a phone contact both to clarify and connect; we always enjoy assisting in any way we can.

The David Hudson patent

The David Hudson patent refers to orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements theorizing the elongated nucleus is caused when the electrons in the outer shells re-arrange from 5d^10 6s^1 to 5d^9 6s^2 leaving a hole in the 5d orbital. The nucleons move into higher energy shells, and the nucleus becomes elongated and begins to spin. A case can be made for the cooper pairing to form diatoms, hence some researchers are using diatomic as a description rather than monoatomic (or monatomic).

Plastic, as used in oral spray tops (and sometimes even bottles) while cheaper than glass negates the potency of homeopathic formulas. Although not traditional homeopathic formulas, these formulations are bottled in amber glass bottles with glass droppers, the formulas never come into contact with plastic. This is not an ecological statement; plastic literally antidotes any homeopathic formula. Small, light ½ oz. glass bottles with droppers are available for travel convenience.

Contents: Alchemical homeopathy™ preparation of monoatomic gold in molecularly structured water, organic alcohol under 3% v/v. We add micro amounts of organic alcohol to stabilize and hold the resonance. Micro amounts in this type of m-state formulation enhances (significant amounts would deter); however we also offer alcohol free formulations at no additional cost. Simply email us after you order requesting alcohol free. Available in: Octave 1, Octave 2, Octave 3. Alcohol free formulations available. Alchemical homeopathy™ is a trademark of ASC International.


White Powder (Monatomic) Gold

White powder gold is the true ORMEs (David Hudson’s nomenclature for orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements,) powder derived from pure gold produced from the David Hudson patent process; David Hudson’s patents both reveal and conceal the complete procedure. This is not a mineral or volcanic powder dug from the ground and bottled or blended nor is it a liquid colloid or microcluster, nor a liquid suspension of whitegold, it is pure white powder gold. It is a very very light (exhibiting seemingly antigravitational properties at certain points in the formulating process ) snow-flake like white powder gold. The “real stuff.” Sir Laurence Gardner, whose books have sparked such interest, brought white powder gold in this pure powder form for testing to the Department of Materials Characterization, Oxford.

This pure powder is not sold over the internet, it is not on the order form with the liquid formulas; personal phone contact is needed prior to making this available. In order to derive optimum benefit from white powder gold one would need to avoid hydrochloric acid for the reasons already detailed. This can be done without long fasts; there are ways of taking the powder in the midst of your modern lifestyle and still derive the benefits. Under this condition it can be quite powerful. New realms open up but the responsibility to live in that place should bring about an ongoing mature spiritual process.


Indeed white powder gold was used in a series of initiations in Egypt as evidenced when Sir Williams Flinders Petrie uneartherd a temple on the Sinai Peninsula, at Mt Serabit, near Serabit El Khadim in 1903 which was full of alchemical iconography from the time of the 3rd Egyptian Dynasty. In this temple complex a large amount of white powder composed of monatomic platinum group elements was found as well as an alchemical crucible. Apparently this white powder gold was one of the primary ingredient in the Bread Of Light used in their sacred rituals.

This monatomic Bread Of Light however was used in the context of a deep spiritual path. Unfortunately we have actually read individuals suggest that taking white powder gold once will transform your life. You know that is not true, as did the mature spiritual seekers who utilized white powder gold, but more naïve folks are misunderstanding its value. Adolescent spirituality is always seeking the external holy grail that will “do” that something to them, the “if I don’t get that pair of Nikes I’ll just die” mindset is taken into their spiritual quest. If you obtain white powder gold with that mindset you’ll be disappointed. If you approach with spiritual maturity it can indeed be very powerful.

White powder gold goes through various changes as the metal to metal bonds are broken and through cycles of heating and cooling under vacuum; the final powder, indicating the complete absence of metal to metal bonds, is pure white. Taking pure metals only to the hydroxide state in a liquid suspension is also not, in our opinion, conducive to health on any level.

You can see from the patent that the complete process goes through various liquid states to the final white powder. Along the way, at certain points, you have a liquid suspension of gold in the hydroxide or chloride state; completing the steps to the pure powder is time consuming and difficult, it is an alchemical process. A whitegold liquid suspension is a step on the way to producing the pure powder; the fruit of the complete process is the pure powder, white POWDER gold. White liquid gold (a white liquid suspension of gold with a layer of water at the top) is a different form with a different function. White powder gold should not be re-suspended in water once the process is completed to the pure powder form; it loses potency if left in water. The complete process takes it out of the liquid suspension state; as with any such process it takes a great deal of the liquid to make the pure concentrated powder. There are other liquid forms of monatomic suspensions, but the pure white powder gold should be kept as a powder until the moment it is consumed.

With growing popularity comes the usual problems of people putting up a web site with various claims of easier/more efficient production methods, then selling a white powder that is not white powder gold ORMEs; often selling it already suspended in water to mask the true properties of the material. Discretion is obviously needed. Be sure to call and speak to whoever you consider buying any material from, you deserve to identify who you purchase from and establish their trustworthiness. A good first step is to check their contact info. A post office box rather than business office address is the usual and obvious warning sign. If there is no phone number they are not worthy of your trust; you need to be able to contact anyone making this material available. It is a real and deep process of transformation and any of us doing real work have to make ourselves available to you; in the tradition of alchemy. Email does not suffice.

Some white powdery material suspended in water to mask the amount of material as well as the qualities of the powder, which are unique, are being sold now as white powder gold but are anything but the pure powder. If you can see the tell-tale layer of water above a white liquid suspension it is not white powder gold processed to completion; it may contain m-state elements processed from one of the wet methods, but these methods are not used to produce pure white powder gold. The suspensions (the white material settles leaving a layer of water above) have a fraction of the true G-ORMEs, what David and Sir Laurence refer to as ’high-spin orbitally rearranged monatomic elements’ contained in the pure powder, which are the transformational elements you came here looking for. By learning a bit about the process you can save yourself time and money. If you decide to obtain pure white powder gold be sure to demand white (it goes through various color changes as the metal to metal bonds are broken, the pure powder with no metal to metal bonds is luminous white) POWDER gold, in its pure powder state not some unknown white powdery substance suspended in water.

There are forms of monoatomic (monatomic) elements that are indeed formulated as a wet m-state suspension. These can be seen on this (below) and other sites of sincere researchers. They are formulated using a "wet" method and the m-state produced is indeed suspended in water, the final substance being a white somewhat luminous suspension; the white precipitate will settle in the water and should be shaken prior to taking. This method is definitely easier and more efficient than David Hudson’s patent method which is an optimal way to produce the pure powder. The trade off is the liquid suspensions are much weaker containing a fraction of the transformational G-ORMEs.

The liquid suspensions may indeed have health benefits; it definitely is not the pure powder the ancients used in their spiritual initiations leading to the rainbow body. The clear water can be siphoned off and bottled without the white precipitate; relatively weak but extending the shelf life (salt actually shields the m-state from magnetic fields extending shelf life). A type of ’wet’ method has been used with mineral sources creating this type of white suspension; this can again be identified by the layer of water as well as aluminum content. A wet method can also be used with sea water, or sea salt that is effective and safe. Again this method is much easier and one could say more effective than David Hudson’s patent; the caveat being it is much weaker.

The process for extracting pure white powder gold is different and the final white powder gold is obviously a dry powder. Those making wet suspensions (whether misnamed white powder gold or correctly identified) including ourselves, should help educate folks about the different forms that indeed have different functions. If you decide to obtain pure monatomic powder it should only be obtained as the original powder so you can verify what it is you are purchasing; the weaker white liquid suspension (or clear salty liquid derived from the wet method) should be less expensive and clearly identified.

Monatomic elements are not "manufactured" like vitamins. The process, particularly for the powder and products derived from the pure white gold powder is alchemical. That means the state of consciousness of the one formulating is as important as any other factor, call and get to know whom you are dealing with and their spiritual maturity as well as technical expertise. Since the popularity brought by Laurence Gardner’s book, websites have sprung up selling products and linking to other sites that do represent mature spiritual teachings regarding the background of ORMEs such as the Library of Halexandria. Links can be placed on a site now in a way that the webpages seem part of the original site and one believes it was written by the producers, but closer scrutiny reveals it is simply a link to someone else’s work. It is the consciousness of those offering the material that is paramount and that you need to identify.

Pure white powder gold has absolutely no metal to metal bonds: see the patent. It is NOT in any sense a gold supplement; the correct process removes any trace of gold in metallic form. If the process is incomplete, as in attempting liquid suspensions made from gold or natural deposits dug from the ground, they may well contain some monatomic elements however there are also often some metal to metal bonds remaining which can damage the liver and kidneys over time.


The final powder should be pure white; a dry powder that is a gold or tan color under magnification indicates an incomplete process and that’s where potential problems arise (pure white powder gold puts no stress on the kidneys; when magnified it is pure white ORMEs, not gold or tan colored etc. but pure luminous white indicating the complete absence of metal to metal bonds). So please educate yourself and get to know your neighborhood alchemist. The patent is for "non metallic monoatomic (monatomic) forms of transition elements": the pure powder (as well as Metalight and Lumina derived from the pure m-state powder) available here contain no metal to metal bonds.

As you produce monatomic gold, during the cycles of heating and cooling it becomes a snow-white powder and loses a good portion of its weight. This only happens in the white powder form. There are other methods of production, as you now know, a wet method producing a liquid suspension etc. but this weight change does not occur other than through this production of the pure powder. This makes little sense unless you begin to postulate an interdimensional chemistry when producing the pure powder, or alchemy.


The vibratory difference between the powder and liquid suspensions seems to bear this out: using this method, patented by David, you end up with a pure white powder with substantially less weight in relation to its mass. Where did it go? We won’t answer that. There are more efficient methods, and indeed "older" methods, but the vibratory quality of the liquid suspensions and elixirs produced, some of which we offer here, is entirely different. The powder made from pure gold and other transitional elements has unique qualities.

The following is from an interview with David’s primary test subject regarding properly charged ORMEs, this charging takes place during repeated cycles of heating and cooling done after it is in the powder state.

b: You’ve said that there are different forms of monatomic gold? Do you mean different spin states?
u: It’s not a matter of a higher spin state. It’s a matter of once it is in the high-spin state, it being properly charged. That involves very subtle operations. Very subtle. We’re talking beauty again, that’s how subtle.

b: Beauty in the true sense of the word.
u: There is a difference in these materials. They are all individual, unique materials. They have their own qualities. That’s why they have different names. To lump them all together under one heading as monatomic gold is just not accurate. These are different materials.

b: You are making a distinction between isolated monatomics and more highly charged monatomics?
u: Yes, yes I am. This aspect has not been addressed as far as I know.

b: But there’s as much difference as night and day... ingesting this over the other.
u: That’s an understatement.

b: Are you aware of other materials which carry the same attributes and implications?
u: No, this is it...the real thing...the only thing.

b: This meaning higher-charged monatomics?
u: You have to understand: the isolated materials are The Precursors. They were very difficult precursors to ever come up with. Very difficult. But it’s the battery that you have to charge. It has to be charged to be able to turn over the governors that are present in our genetic code. Those were programmed in.

We use pure charged white powder gold and other pure monatomic powders as the starting point for the primary tri-ad of Metalight, Lumina, and Amritha (see Guidelines before you order). That tri-ad is indeed formulated as an initiatory process and will bring about the deep spiritual metamorphosis we speak of on this site; initiating a profound lasting metamorphosis of the spirit and the body as you move through the octaves.


We will be glad to make charged white powder gold and other monatomic elements in the pure powder form available to you for personal responsible research. However you will not find these on our order form. You’ll have to call (847) 673-3431. If we were selling one of the common "white powder gold" liquid suspensions, clear water elixirs, or mineral powders dug from the ground it could be sold over the net responsibly since there are minimal amounts of actual ORMEs contained therein. However pure white powder gold, properly charged, is a transformational substance; we make it available for your spiritual research and to be responsible we need to talk.

The high-spin powder is made to order after we speak; the transitional elements in your personal formulation and the ratio of those transitional elements (gold is rarely good to take alone) will vary from person to person as in any true alchemical formula. On the way to the high-spin state as a powder it goes through various liquid forms as a white liquid suspension that needs undergo further steps prior to the high spin powder state. It takes a great deal of the liquid suspension to make a small amount of the pure powder, as in any similar process. It is complex and often someone stopping prior to the ultimate high-spin charged powder will suggest it is too light to sell as a pure powder or adding to a liquid solution stabilizes the powder. If produced from pure transitional elements such as gold neither is true. It is wonderfully magical and light but can absolutely be sold in the high-spin powder form. Indeed if added to water it loses potency.

No alchemist with the capacity to make the high spin powder would ever re-suspend it in water; for they would have just gone to a great deal of trouble to create the pure concentrated powder from a large amount of the liquid suspension. If you look into how white powder gold was used in the spiritual initiations by the Egyptians and other cultures it was always taken in the pure concentrated powder state. Laurence Gardner, whose book "Lost Secretes of the Sacred Ark" brought many of you here suggests taking white powder gold in the pure powder state rather than a liquid suspension of some type. Different forms have different functions and we, as well as other good folks in the community, offer different forms; however the high spin powder properly charged should not be confused with a liquid suspension or the other forms of m-state available here and elsewhere. And so....we need to talk in order to identify the best way for you as an individual to proceed.

We do not suggest taking the pure white powder gold alone. We always suggest gold taken with other ORMEs; which are also available in pure powder form. There are other transitional elements that can be made into true ORMEs [see the periodic table
HERE]; we make a combination for your individual journey after we talk. The gold alone can cause imbalance, this is especially true for the pure charged gold powder. The individually formulated mixture is a much more effective and balanced approach. Gold is available for your exploration without the other transitional elements; we simply offer our opinion.


The effect varies depending on the ratio, so again we need to talk to clarify your intent; each order will vary depending on the ratio. A rh/ir mixture will have quite different effects than an au/rh/ir mixture for example, and the later will have different effects depending on the internal ratio of the m-state elements. Fine tuning, but an important point that needs to be addressed. Alchemy is not "one size fite all", it is highly individual and personal; indeed it is an initiatory process. Yesterdays formula can become todays limitation as you grow and change. Very few of our folks are off in a mountain retreat; most are taking the powder in the midst of a busy full life. We suggest you proceed in a balanced safe steady manner; a step at a time.

This is an individual process; the ratio of elements will change as you proceed as will the type of elements made available in a responsible way so again this is not sold on our order form. This is not like taking vitamin C continuously. True charged ORMEs should take one beyond the need to take any transformational substances, including this one, by awakening an internal alchemy that includes the production of new hormones from a transformed endocrine system as well as a balancing of spiritual currents and meridians and clearing away of deep-seated blockages. Doesn’t happen overnight but it’s helpful to see where we are "coming from" and the potential. Becoming dependant on an external alchemical formulation to achieve..... is ultimately counter productive; these formulations awaken the deeper internal alchemy that precludes the need to continuously take external substances. It is these deeper changes that bring about the positive benefits to health and longevity.

You can call (847) 673-3431 either during the day or in the PM if you prefer, we check voice mail in the PM and are glad to return calls. Please be patient there is usually a "que" of people and during our first talk we need to ascertain the most appropriate way for you to proceed. Price will depend on the quantity of the pure powder ordered. If taken to completion, with no metal to metal bonds, it cannot be sold by the gram, ounce, etc. as can mineral powder/volcanic sources or liquid suspensions, rather by a volume measurement.


The purer the powder the less the weight until it literally weighs nothing at all, mass without any weight to speak of; strange material indeed. Interestingly the powder made from the pure transition elements, which we’ll define later, if taken to completion to the ORMEs powder state is the purest form, it actually meets NF standards for purity (lack of heavy metals). It’s purer than our other forms which include Somas [wet method liquid suspension from sea water sources], Radiance [plant based], and a herbal combination we special blend; we do not have any mineral based sources. If done in a balanced and responsible manner it’s the most effective and also the safest way to proceed.

We include this information for others doing research, obviously these have not been evaluated by the FDA. This is for responsible exploration; some folks simply keep the high-vibration powder in their meditation area. Always seek guidance from your trusted health professional/healer before taking any supplements or sublingual formulations. WHITE POWDER GOLD AND TRANSITIONAL ELEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FDA AND IS NOT OFFERED FOR THE DIAGNOSIS, CURE, MITIGATION, TREATMENT OR PREVENTION OF ANY DISEASE.


We received the following emails in Nov./Dec. 2003 while Laurence Gardner was touring and speaking in the USA.

I spoke to Laurence Gardner when he came to Tempe Arizona, stating that I had not experienced much from the commercially available products sold over the net. Laurence said he has now come to the conclusion that the gold liquid suspensions and mineral powder being sold on the internet are of limited value due to the small amount of high spin state contained and that the pure powder from gold is the better material. He referenced David Hudson’s process, making ORMES in the high spin dry powder form as being a truly effective approach, not the m-state that’s bonded to sodium. [salt] I was thrilled to discover you made this available to those interested in the deeper work. (complete email on Ascension Assistance webpage)
Steve Platoes, Global Spirit Network

When I saw Laurence Gardner at the Bodhi Tree bookstore regarding white powder gold he suggested I take the powder made from pure gold since the various liquids selling on the web and powders being dug from the ground do not contain significant amounts of the pure material to bring about deep change. He mentioned David Hudson’s method as being superior and had a container of the pure gold powder he consumes with him, it was quite unique appearing and seemed to have no weight to speak of. When I received your white powder gold I immediately recognized it as being the same unusual material; totally different then what I had been buying. The results have been substantial and definitive. (complete email on Ascension Assistancewebpage)
Dr. Robert Goodman, D.O.

[Note: Please note that Laurence Gardner is not associated with nor does he endorse any particular company. He did state on a number of occasions during his U.S. tour in late 2003 that he indeed believes that the pure powder from gold based on David Hudson’s process, not the m-state that is bonded to sodium (salt) or liquid suspensions, but David Hudson’s powder form- from pure gold and transitional elements, is most effective. The pure powder is not available from this site but we make it available in a responsible manner for the spiritual journey when appropriate, one needs to call to inquire]

"The ordinary conclusions of the activity of gold when assimilated is incorrect, for these feed directly to the tissues of the brain itself and given properly.. [in monatomic gold form]... gold may almost lengthen to its double of its present endurance"

Quote from the Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health.

The modern resurgence of this ancient research began in the 1980’s with David Hudson’s work and those whose interest was sparked by the potential for spiritual and indeed physical transformation, including ourselves. Some of the best foundational work began and continues with the wet process which can be used not only with the Great Salt Lake and Dead Sea but with other bodies of water as well. There are a number of sincere folks using this method and offering products commercially; good people doing good work who we would highly recommend.

There is also some total hype "out there". Monatomic elements have gone Hollywood to a certain extent so along with true researchers all kinds of things spring up on the web. We had a customer who, with growing popularity and opportunity, put up a beautiful blue website copying information from our and other credible websites and simply created computer-generated photos as sales tools, but no real substance beneath the words or pictures. So along with good people motivated by sincere passion selling viable products you begin to get fabrication in the last few years. Most of you know how silly it is to say you are selling pure white powder gold for $25.00 a gram, obviously not made from gold nor the true white powder.


This type of hype never occurred within what was a real community of serious and knowledgeable researchers until the last few years. There’s a community of honest sincere folks who have been researching monatomic elements for decades and offer substantial and helpful products. Our approach and focus is certainly not for everyone; if you don’t connect with our approach we’ll be glad to recommend someone who we have no affiliation with other then a shared passion for the field. Some wonderful loving people are involved in this fascinating field, you just need to be a bit careful as this point with the popularity of the last few years.