Closing Remarks

It’s obvious from the above that our universe is in a lively state of constant change and evolution. Furthermore, existing within that great universe, and responding to its energies, so are WE changing and evolving in some astonishing ways.

But there are some—those who have long controlled the affairs of our planet—who don’t want the public to be aware that these big changes are occurring, and that even bigger changes are just around the corner.


Perhaps these changes are SO big that the controllers know they’ll finally lose their hold over us, and thus they scheme to delay this inevitability as best they can.

It’s also obvious that our little planet will, ultimately, be in for some kinds of outside influences from the greater cosmos—be it through Near Earth Objects or Solar Flares or simply the Higher Forces that watch over and keep a universe in healthy balance. This is where things get interesting.

Keeping the public in the dark, as NASA has been doing for so long now, is not the answer. Holding NASA and related agencies of public trust ACCOUNTABLE for withholding their knowledge is probably a step in the right direction. But such will require the pressure that results when a number of people know The Truth and act together to tear open the curtain of lies.

Thank God for people like Prof. McCanney, who is willing to put himself on the line so that the public has access to information and insights that would normally be out of common reach. And what is the best way to support a man of truth like McCanney? Simply by purchasing and reading his book(s), and perhaps by writing a word of thanks and encouragement to lighten his walk down a sometimes treacherous and often lonely path.

The information is out there, but it certainly does require a lot of time, and a great deal of discernment, to separate the wheat from the chaff. But I, for one, want to know. And I suspect you do, too.

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