by Rick Martin

April 2003

May 2003 - The Spectrum Magazine

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"Comets are not dirty snowballs. Comets are a complex plasma (electrical) discharge of the solar capacitor caused by a rocky or asteroidal type body entering the region near our Sun. Some of the objects may be well on their way to developing into planets from previous visits to the solar system....

" ‘Action at a distance’ is, by far, more common and will drastically affect Earth and its inhabitants, sometimes when the comet is nowhere near the Earth, by causing solar flaring, electrical discharges, and electrical alignments between planets, etc."

James M. McCanney,

from his book Planet-X, Comets & Earth Changes.




Did you know that some really amazing things are going on in our Solar System these days?


Some spectacular events have been observable through satellite images posted at websites such as the Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).


But other events - perhaps more telling about just how busy our local space environment REALLY is - have been actively censored from the public’s attention.




What are "they" hiding from us?

We are not living in a static universe, as some would want us to believe. Rather, we live in a universe that is very much alive. It is in constant motion, and it is chock full of surprises - as evidenced recently by the passing of Comet NEAT (Comet C/2002 V1).


But there are those who don’t want the public to know about what’s going on in this lively real universe.


Unfortunately these ones rule over the very agencies that the public looks up to for information about such matters of space and space exploration. It’s time to pull the curtain on this two-faced charade and let the Truth shine in.

For this article I have combined little-known information about the cosmos generally, about comets, about Planet X, even about a number of astronomers who have lost their lives through very suspicious "accidents" - and all this is prelude for a remarkable interview with a well-respected and, some would say, "controversial" astrophysics expert, Professor James M. McCanney.


The picture you will finally assemble from this article may open some new windows of thought for you, as well as clarify or confirm ideas you may already have concerning what we are, and are not, being told about incredible changes going on with our planet and our weather, with our Sun and Solar System, and about related issues you may have been sensing, on a more subtle level, but couldn’t quite identify.




  1. The Divine Cosmos

  2. Planetophysical State Of The Earth And Life

  3. The Electric Universe

  4. What Is Plasma?

  5. Murders Related To Planet X

  6. Comet NEAT (C/2002 V1)

  7. Alleged NASA Cover-Up

  8. Nostradamus

  9. NEO Impact Symposium & Secrecy Issues (Posted 2/25/03)

  10. James M. McCanney, M.S.

  11. Plasma Discharge Comet Model

  12. Comparing Traditional Astronomical Theory (NASA) Versus The McCanney Plasma Discharge Comet Model

  13. Planet X

  14. Interview With James M. McCanney

  15. Closing Remarks

  16. Note: An Example Of Our Busy Universe





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