by Daniela Giordano and Jan Pajak
August 2000

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This treatise is a scientific report from results of the authorsí research. For this reason all parts which have documentary or evidential value are presented accordingly to standards applicable for scientific publications (reports). Special attention is given to the requirement of repetitiveness, i.e. that on the basis of this treatise any professional scientist or hobby investigator who would like to verify, repeat, or extend the authorsí research should be able to recreate their work and arrive at very similar results and conclusions.



  1. Introduction (by Jan Pajak)

  2. What We Know About Invisible Occupation Of Earth (by Jan Pajak)

  3. A Fantastic Adventure (by Daniela Giordano)

  4. Principles of Pyramidís Operation (by Jan Pajak)

  5. Interpretations (by Jan Pajak)

  6. Conclusions (by Jan Pajak)

  7. References Complementing This Treatise

  8. About The Authors