by Elva Thompson
09 June 2016

from ZenGardner Website






Listening to Lily Earthling's presentation on integrating our essence into source energy inspired me to write this article.


Like Lily, I too, have experienced the timeless wonder and joy of re-connection with the planet/plane - the shift beyond personal identity, home and surroundings - and a sense of all encompassing reality, where light and dark, love and hate are healed.







It is a consciousness of oneness with the All, that is beyond the limitations of mind, memory, time and space. In this infinite awareness, the sense world disappears.


The chattering voice of the ego, the artificial intelligence vanishes like mist in sunrise. There is no conflict, only ecstasy - the I, Intellect and self absorption simply cease to be.

The flip side of the coin

Paradise is only one side of the coin of duality - the other side is hell. A sacrificial, prison planet fuelled by fear, sex, war and death - the glaring reality we call the 'real' world...



Death after Death

One only has to consult the history books to see the brutal wars that proliferate like poisoned seed - season after season, and the universal soldier of the Matrix mind that kills and spills its blood and guts on the battlefields of everywhere, generation after generation, in senseless satanic wars of politics and power.


All the billions of folks that have died on the bloody plane of life for their emperor, king or priest - for country, duty, honor and cause - and for freedom which is soon replaced by slavery.


These conflicts are the programs of the Matrix mind that are forever on repeat.


Death after death, but we are not in life long enough to notice...




The Loosh Rote

It is a sobering thought when we consider the billions of humans that have perished, dreams ruined and lives lost in a blood fest of warfare, fear, and death.


For history makes it clear, that nothing in this sacrificial reality changes except the names, causes, the costumes, and the backdrops in the ongoing slaughterhouse of polarity.


Into this house of soulless horror we are born.


We are farmed, squeezed for our emotional energy, and the agony we discharge is called the Loosh Rote, the harvesting of human and animal misery for our satanic masters.


Suffering is the hallmark of the farm that houses the human herd (see Meet the Firm and Satan's Eden.)



A Separate Reality from Source

Readers of my blog will be acquainted with the Luciferian deception, the genetic manipulation of our awareness, and our species drop in density known in ancient writings as the 'Fall' (see The Light-bringer and
The Fallen Angels).



We as a species are parasitized by an Alien (Foreign) installation, artificial intelligence, a virus - whatever name we want to call the malignant force that uses our minds to create the world it wants, a fast and busy 'whirled of lust and power, pain and sacrifice.'

The invader of our consciousness has cast a spell over our divinity, usurped our multi-dimensional awareness, and engineers our every move in the unwinnable Matrix game of opposites - the forever battle of me versus you and us versus them.

The separate reality we are born into is all about division - that is - until we wake up and see the game in play.

The Opportunity

We are at the end of a Grand Cosmic year (twenty-six thousand years) and the Matrix program is being re-set for the next cycle. The frequency fences (the lights in the sky known as planets) that lock us into the Matrix are energetically at their weakest point.


Our handlers know this, and are so desperate to keep control of the human herd they have created a digital revolution, an electro magnetic smog to block the cosmic information and awareness available at the end of every Age.


The quickening

In spite of our adversary's diabolical intent, many are resonating with the cosmic opportunity on offer at this time. This is the true awakening - the quickening of spirit and the purifying of intent.



The physical body is the lens - the computer program that anchors us to this dimension. When we die the virtual reality disappears and we become just another frame in the game of life and death.

Death is a transition from one state of being to another and scads have been written on the subject of the after-life.


The internet is teeming with articles about near death experience, angels, demons, heaven and hell, the tunnel to the light, recycling of souls and reincarnation themes.





The idea of re-incarnation, life after life is comforting to the conditioned Matrix mind that cannot envision an awareness where I - me and mine does not exist.


It is comforting because they have no template, no understanding or experience of any other kind of life.



The false light

Because survival is the strongest instinct in the Matrix program, many people are fixated on death, worrying about disease, and how they will make their exit - the grave is a spectre that is always at their shoulder.


Most believe their personalities survive the death of their physical body, and they'll meet up with their loved ones once again.


They do not realize that the personality, the I, the me and mine, is the artificial intelligence, the usurper of their multi-dimensional awareness, and without the body to play the game, the personality has no basis in existence.

No doubt some of you have seen ghosts, have heard of the dead sending messages to the living. When I was a child my mum took me to séance many times. She used several mediums in the hope of making contact with her brother.


From years of observation, I have come to the conclusion that the spirits so presented are not the real deal, but negative frequencies taking images from the querent's mind.



Thought forms and belief systems

The Matrix doesn't want to lose its slaves, and so it sets us up right from the beginning.


We are indoctrinated with fear, thoughts of heaven and hell, angels and demons, and if we obey the lie-laws we will go to heaven and live happily ever after. If we believe something long enough and never question it, it takes on a life of its own called a thought form.


The belief systems held by those on point of death belong to the Matrix, and through sympathetic resonance, the departing spirit will be embraced by their own thought creations, angels, messiah's and all the other bullshit that's been programmed into them.


They will flock to the false light because that is all they knew in life - and all they know in death.


Coerced through guilt, or false illusions, they will make a contract with the Matrix to return, and be recycled into the sacrificial farm called third dimensional reality.


Many ego's would welcome such a chance, but for those who have experienced multi-dimensional awareness, to return to this separate reality is a return to hell.




Everything is frequency, and for those who have aligned themselves with the spirit of the All in life, there will be no false light, for they will know who they are, a fragment of divinity returning home to source.