by The Solari Report
October 30, 2018

from YouTube Website

In his discussion with

Hugo de Garis on Artificial Intelligence (AI),

Harry Blazer gave an impassioned description

of our mysterious governance system on planet earth,

the dangers that 'AI' is being used

 to implement central control and

the risks this poses to life.




Harry Blazer on Artificial Intelligence (AI)




Auto-Generated Transcript

So now you've got a huge push for
connectivity you have a huge push for
increasing process you probably have
huge amounts of storage you have huge
big data the ability to analyze this now
you can have the Internet of Things
on top of it you've got neuroscience
that's understanding more and more about
how the brain functions but the people
that are in control you know the people
that like to be in control the people
that you know have a view of most humans
as a problem rather than potential will
be able to use all of these tools to
control behaviors and not only that you
have incredible geniuses that are great
at marketing you know like Steve Jobs
that people will be basically enslaving
themselves you know I'm talking about
AT&T; and in IBM and Facebook and all
these guys that are already censoring
you know what what you look at they're
already looking at every search that you
do so that they can customize their
searches and and they're using AI right
now to to figure out how people behave
and to sell more stuff and then you know
and you got the big push on 5g and you
got the big push on Internet of Things
and it's just corporations the military
DARPA everybody is pushing for these
capabilities the Prine is who's in
control of them
we don't even know our governance system
we don't know the governance system in
the world
we don't know who's really the final
decision-makers and pushing for the
decisions we know that this pedophilia
rings we know that there are control
files on lots of people but it is is it
the intelligence agencies that
ultimately have the say because we're
not a democracy anymore we're moving
rapidly towards fascism so I'm saying is
you have people that will be developing
these tools that will have the money to
control these tools with the capability
to shape behavior the way they want
there won't be a war because they'll be
able to make it so people who just
accept it or die the ones that are real
troublemakers they will just kill them
who's alarmed now that basically the
generations of kids are spending most of
their lives in front of a cell phone
looking at it
texting there would be they'll be at a
dinner table would even be having a
conversation except through this phone
that's a form of AI taking over see how
do they react that you know a obviously
false flag operation in 911 created a
security state that enabled a level of
surveillance that our forefathers warned
us would lead to slavery okay well who's
reacting okay there's a small portion of
people that are reacting to that but
when you take a look at the amount of
infringement of our rights our
constitutional rights that's happened
and since 2001 never mind before it's
like it's happening and people are
enabling it and if you said if you had
to give up your cell phone in order to
protect the Constitution what do you
think the answer would be right so AI is
here and see I also believe with the
20-something trillion dollars that we
know has been misplaced
just from the Department of Defense and
HUD where did that money go how was it
used and you know when you talk to
somebody like Bezos he was asked what
the 90 or 100 billion dollars you're
worth now where does that money go and
he said well there's only one place I
could ever rationalize putting it and
that's for space so I believe that AI
and mapping of the brain and lots of
other things have been done already by
the black organizations you know in this
world that and that basically have used
drugs have used financial fraud and
other things that to take that money
it's been described almost as a
breakaway civilization that's why I when
the guy that's head of Lockheed 30 years
ago said we have the technology to bring
ET home was he just a lying exaggerating
you know crap head no so I'm saying is
along the way there's going to be somebody
controlling these technologies that are
interested in control they're not
interested in optimizing the potential
of human beings you keep talking about
IQ intelligence quotient what is the
emotional quotient for these people
what's the spiritual quotient okay
because as all other types of
intelligence there's other types of ways
that we look at things and believe me
the black world understands this because
they probably studied it more than
anybody okay
they'll poopoo the spiritual they'll
poopoo extrasensory perception to you
their poop pull all this stuff to your
face right which is part of the OP
they've studied it more than anybody and
they utilize it so that's that's my
concern that these very very powerful
tools are already
in the hands of people that are
interested in centralizing wealth and
centralizing power who look at
themselves as elites who look at
themselves as people that know better
that have a plan they have a plan for
what human should be and you know
obviously Kurtzweil has a plan the head
of R&D; for Google right he is a plan and
all his transhumanist buddies and
involved certainly robotics and AI and
all this stuff never plan they have a
plan where basically human beings are no
longer the way out the way out as
asymmetrical and the way out is an
awareness a consciousness that is not
measured by IQ it's an awareness that
goes to the very foundation of what
humans are and what life's about and
we've got to anchor ourselves in that as
a way out because I do not believe that
all of life can be digitized life on
this planet can be digitized but there
will be a whole component of life and
the potential that's in life that will
be absolutely destroyed
and I see all these technologies because
they are so powerful computationally and
all the features and all the things they
can do and how fast they can do in the
whiz-bang and everything else as
tremendously impoverishing and in
another way so with every technology
there is you know great promise and this
great danger people are celebrating the
internet you know because it brings the
world of knowledge with a Google search
engine it's astonishing when you can
search and get in a fraction of a second
astonishing it is the greatest
surveillance tool ever invented you if
you could invent one it's the most
invasive tool on everybody's freedom but
now they they're using it to come up
with brain profiles of people you know
psychological profile it's behavioral
profiles of people that are on the
keyboards and now I can distinguish
who's there just by the way that they've
they're doing the keyboard and and so at
some point you have to understand what
the consequences are of embracing these
technologies and then you've got to make
a very simple choice are you going to be a
free human being or you going to be a slave
because that's where this is leading and
it's a fundamental question that
humanity has always faced and I don't
care if it's a slavery that comes
through religion comes through political
systems or anything else that's the
fundamental question that faces humanity
you want to live a free and inspired
life which is it's a mission of so Larry
as defined by Catholic Ross and fits on
you want to be a slave are we going to
be a species of force are we going to be
a species of creative thought I mean I
know the way that I solve problems
through intuition and many many other
ways and how you put things together and
you have a sense and a gut feel and all
the neurons that are in your digestive
tract and always we don't have any sense
at all
about how the simplest systems on this
planet work from a systems perspective
we have no idea it's primitive but yet
we're you have the audacity to think
that we're going to build this you know
super intelligence you know that's
going to solve all of our problems why
don't you first get an understanding of
how soil works okay we have we have a
very very limited once you get an
understanding of what water really is
and the astonishing capabilities you
know that water has in terms of even
memory right is it just by chance that
that that is the main substance that
this planet runs on and on and on look
at any living system okay but we're
going to go Geoengineer climate and then
blame it on climate change okay but
because of CO2 while we spent for the
last 20 years we've been chemtrailing
the entire globe and using HAARP to
change weather now we're finding out
about this stuff people been talking
about it for 20 years but now finally
it's it's obviously totally clear this
huge amounts of evidence now to know
okay so what else have we been
geoengineering and screwing up that
requires you know a solution from the
engineers that they engineered in the
first place so the biggest question I
have is just because you can do it
should you I want to have the
opportunity as a human being to
experience it not as a cyborg not as a a
I dominated creature as a human being
because our potential is beyond way
beyond what it's been described as it's
not described by IQ it's not described
by how many pounds you can lift you know
deadlift it's not described by how much
money you got it's not there's a whole
other way that we connect with the
universe if we're allowed to if you
develop the skill to do it
that is what's most fascinating to me
and I don't feel puny when I look at the
universe that has you know supposedly
now two trillion galaxies with hundreds
of billions of stars in each one with
not every star will have a planetary
system but there's plenty of them okay
so there absolutely is other life in the
universe is there other human life who
are we an engineered planet you know
there's arguments for that how did the
moon end up being the way that it is and
this just you know and all the things
that are remarkable about the moon just
being where it is and how it operates
you know without it you wouldn't have
life on this planet is that basically an
artificial satellite that was put here
by you know a greater intelligence arm
are we basically an experiment has there
been intervention in our genetics
through through the ages through
something else are we a subsidiary of a
larger galactic business you know that
is a I run you know the greys that
everybody talks about are they basically
a merge of biology and AI that's
controlled by a much smarter thing so
yeah I'm open to all this and none of
that scares me
because I'm secure in being a human and
knowing what that potential is and I
feel a connectivity to something out
there I don't feel that I'm just planet
bound in terms of mind and in terms of
what people describe is spiritual I
don't I don't use that term very much
but I respect what they say because we don't
have another term to describe a lot of
this stuff
so we have connectivity that is non
digital it's non wireless it's non 5g
because all that stuff interferes with
the connectedness that we have that's
that interferes with human residences
and interferes with some of the
foundational electromagnetic stuff that
promotes life and I don't think that's a
coincidence okay I think that's
engineered I think it's engineered for
control I don't want to be controlled by
the people that are in control I want to
be free you want to be free
fundamentally can not elect be
irrational and illogical well that's
interesting because humans can and you
know maybe dusty s key has something to
teach us about that and we look at that
as our you know always bad is it because
how many things have been described as
irrational you know that ended up being
very powerful like intuition intuitions
are rational to a scientist right until
they come up with some model for it that
fits in with some math or physics or
something else but it was there before
you figured out your math and physics
and what makes you think that your math
and physics describes what that is
know your math and physics describes a
mathematical and physical explanation of
what it is
see it's self-limiting just like the
laws of thermodynamics you know these
are laws that human beings basically
figured out by doing pressure tests and
temperature chests in a closed container
on the planet Earth and this is what's
going to basically rule it's a law that
humans came up with the entire universe
how's that for arrogance right but ever
come up with anything that contradicts
the three laws of thermodynamics and a
physicist will tell you it's impossible
because it violates the laws of
thermodynamics of course it may not
violate it on a universal scale he
doesn't even know that but it's just
very interesting we come up with these
laws for the universe by doing these
incredibly primitive experiments and
then we go ah we're so smart because we
figured out the speed of light you know
which is a constant which of course
isn't the constant but nobody looks at
the anomalies and the speed of light and
goes hey you guys talked about the speed
of light being a constant and it's
always this and it's the same everywhere
and that's the foundation for all of our
physics you know the general relativity
everything but it's not it varies in
but what I would say is this there is a
push towards productivity and middle
management is being displaced now by
middle management I mean guys like John
Gotti you know when when the CIA finally
has their act together when it comes to
drugs and assassinations and you have AI
and other things that can basically
target people incredibly more
efficiently than the way Katherine was
targeted 15 years ago by the government
in 16 different agencies that cost the
tax pays 40 five million dollars and
cost her probably 10 million bucks
never mind thirty thousand hours of her
time you know you can do that now much
more efficiently so you don't need a lot
of these other people in the middle and
and people think that you know it
couldn't happen to me but I see huge
swaths of people that are not needed
anymore by the Machine


Okay and that's that's a major problem
for the earth and that's the other
reason why there's experiments now and
you know assured income like the doing
up in no way and so on you know now not
only because so much money has been
stolen and you know pension funds are
targets and Social Security basically
that money's been used it is a there is
a bond there that represents the
goodwill and faith of the United States
they took the cash to run the government
with you know so there is huge amounts
of resources that have been concentrated
and there is a lack of need because of
technology for a lot of jobs that are
being done by people right now
so you know if you get enough people on
enough drugs talking about
pharmaceuticals you know and even at a
very early age and you get enough GMOs
in their diet and you get enough
autistic kids because of vaccines and
other things you know you get enough of
basically the population debilitated
they're not going to be able to fight
you're taking the fight out of the
resistance to a large extent and just to
think about the amounts of scenarios you
can run even the supercomputers we have
now you know they got that two billion
dollar data center that the NSA built
just to collect all the data in the
world we keep collecting it from however
they want to use it in the future
however they want AI to look at just
think about the amount of scenarios that
have been run by by the people with
these computers whose job it is they get
paid in these think tanks to do
scenarios everything has been scenarios
so I look at a level of control that is
much beyond what most people understand
exists they still think to a large
extent that they you know their vote
counts that their representative is
actually representing their interests
you know the president United States has
real power you know we're living in this
whole state of illusion about where the
power where the money where the
decisions where where the technology is
is being controlled from and how robust
it is
so I think we're much further along on
this AI thing it has the ability to
affect human behavior across the globe
and we've got the connectivity through
our cell phones through our wireless
networks through all these other things
that are being put through the
astonishing amounts of satellites that
are being put up you know hundreds at a
time now these little softball sized
satellites that could do the work of you
know of gigantic satellites twenty years
it's a prison planet and to me Catherine
is one of the most important people in
terms of expressing how our freedom and
how our ability to live a free and
inspired life is in jeopardy she has it
figured out as well as anybody that I
know and basically because she understands
the money she always goes back to the
money and it's got to make sense in
terms of the money and that has worked
very well for her in terms of
concentrating on money and money flows
and psychology our own money and the
power that money brings and the whole
power structures involved with money