by OzGeographics
July 06, 2023
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How a Cataclysmic

Asteroid Impact and Volcanism

might've separated Australia and Antarctica...


Ever since magnetic scans were conducted over Antarctica in the early 1960s, an anomaly has stuck out to scientists.


From the get go it was speculated that it was caused by a major asteroid impact, and, in time, it appears like this hypothesis is correct.

There's a good chance that the massive asteroid that slammed into Antarctica 250 million years ago created the necessary catalyst for the separation of Australia and Antarctica.

On top of that, the location of this supposed crater places it at a point that is the direct antipode to the Siberian Traps, which began its eruptions right around the time that this event is dated to have occurred.


Did this impact event cause the 2 million year long volcanic eruptions witnessed at the Siberian Traps...?