by Bernhard Guenther
May 17, 2019
from VeilOfReality Website

Spanish version




In this episode, Bernhard and Laura talk about the popular topic of shadow work, triggers, and projections, outlining the basic tools that one needs to understand and engage in shadow work as well as sharing their reflections on how they handle being triggered and deal with projections coming from other people.


They discuss the overly politically correct culture around being "triggered":

  • how we often unconsciously project our shadow upon the world around us

  • how our triggers relate to our traumas

  • how tension in the body points to the emotional content behind a trigger

  • how occult hostile forces feed off of the chaos and conflict that occurs when we project our unexplored emotional content into the world around us,

...and much more.



Notes Part 1:

  • What is the shadow?

  • What is a triggered response?

  • Negative and Positive Projections

  • Cognitive Dissonance and Shadow Projection

  • "Politically correct" culture of avoiding triggering/offending people

  • The shadow projections we put upon the world and other people

  • Collective Shadow and Projections, especially in the political domain of left vs. right

  • How to identify what is a shadow projection

  • Misapplication and Oversimplification of shadow work in the New Age/Pop-Spirituality

  • Seeing another person clearly vs shadow projecting

  • Most people can’t see their own shadow, why it’s important to have friends who are doing the work with you who can give you objective feedback

  • How to give feedback and Compassionate Inquiry

  • How to deal with triggers and identify projections

  • Importance of tuning into the body

  • Being triggered manifests as physiological experience/tension in the body

  • Triggers and Childhood Wounding

  • Using social media/Facebook for Shadow Work

  • Taking responsibility for how you feel

  • Importance of staying in the body and feeling what arises without externalizing

  • We are usually only triggered when there is some belief in us that feels the same way

  • Trigger and ammunition analogy

  • Getting lost in pettiness: Don’t sweat the small stuff

  • The practice of Meditating on Death to put things/issues into a higher perspective