by Sean McCleary

May 19, 2019
from In5D Website







In gaining a better understanding of the universe, the human race will gain a much greater perspective on how consciousness influences evolutionary development and activity.


Life on Earth contains both consciousness and energy and are representations of universal evolutionary activity as a whole. It is important to understand where consciousness originates from and how this element of existence affects evolutionary development on Earth.

Consciousness is the will contained within energy measured by frequency vibrations at the most powerful quantum level. Consciousness is responsible for conceptualization with evolution so the integrity of infinity can be maintained throughout existence.


The most powerful will which is contained within the dynamics of consciousness and energy is to sustain an eternal survival.


This is the will of infinity and is maintained throughout existence in its entirety. This will comes from the larger body of consciousness and energy that this universe is contained within, and how the universe maintains evolutionary development.

The universe cannot be expanding and accelerating into empty space because with evolutionary development there is advancement.


This advancement has to be facilitated by a more powerful source of consciousness and energy so life contained within the structure of the universe can experience evolutionary development as well.


The subatomic activity contained within the Higgs field needs to be able to interact with another source of consciousness and energy in order to generate an increase in the development of life which is incorporated into the Higgs field universally.

The universe evolved out of a larger body of consciousness and energy over 13.8 billion years ago which maintains responsibility for the evolutionary development and advancement of the universe today. This larger body of consciousness and energy that I refer to as Infinite Consciousness contains consciousness everywhere and light and dark energy.

  • Consciousness and higher frequency vibrations produce light energy and consciousness

  • Lower frequency vibrations produce dark energy

This is where all of the consciousness and energy of the universe originate from, and how Earth experiences evolutionary development as well.


Over 13.8 billion years ago an evolutionary event took place within the dynamics of Infinite Consciousness.


Infinite Consciousness converged the two frequency vibrations of light energy and dark energy together with evolutionary force and conceptualization, and the Higgs boson was introduced into existence.


There is a reason that the Higgs boson is called "the fundamental particle".

What is fundamental for the evolutionary foundation in the universe, is,

  • consciousness

  • light energy

  • dark energy

  • the will of infinity

This is what the Higgs boson contains and this is why this particle is an excitation of the Higgs field.


The Higgs field is a field of energy that has the most powerful interaction with Infinite Consciousness. The Higgs field is the catalyst between what introduced universal evolutionary development, and what consistently maintains this activity now, and the evolutionary activity that this universe itself produces.

When the formation of the universe began Infinite Consciousness introduced itself into the formation in the form of Higgs boson’s and the early development of Universal Consciousness and energy began introducing other subatomic activity into the formation.


Higgs bosons are a result of the combination of Infinite Consciousness and Universal Consciousness, and so is the Higgs field.


Other subatomic activity is a result of independent universal evolutionary activity. Other subatomic particles were generated from universal evolutionary development from the mixture of the frequency vibrations, the introduction of time associated with this universe, a different form of consciousness that this universe developed into, pressure, evolutionary force and evolutionary resistance.

The resistance came from the early development of Universal Consciousness which began experiencing a very powerful level of the uncertainty of change.


The uncertainty came from Universal Consciousness forming within Infinite Consciousness and feeling as though a separation was going to occur with the actual introduction from the Big Bang. Light and dark energy contain different frequency vibrations so when combined with different types of evolutionary activity, pressure can result in the convergence.

This is what was introduced into the formation as well with consciousness, light energy and dark energy, was pressure.


The resistance to evolution transferred into energy and this is how antimatter was introduced into the formation.

When evolutionary force reached a very powerful stage of development, the resistance level decreased significantly and a lot of pressure was released.


When this happened, matter and antimatter collided causing fusion to occur and the Big Bang occurred sending the universe outwardly everywhere.

The element of the evolution of consciousness and the resistance to the evolution of consciousness is represented on Earth on a global level in all living organisms.


There are different degrees of evolutionary development and there are different degrees of resistance.


In a human beings consciousness they can conceptualize existing forever and transitioning into a state of non-existence due to the experience of death. These elements of consciousness and energy were contained within the formation of the universe and that is how this has been represented in the human condition.


This transferred into the universe when the formation experienced the transition from the explosion. This is what matter and antimatter represent on a micro level.


This is also what the Higgs field and black holes represent on a macro level.

The Higgs field absorbs frequency vibrations from Infinite Consciousness. Higgs bosons evolve out of these frequency vibrations. They maintain the evolutionary foundation for subatomic activity in the universe.





With universal evolutionary activity on an independent level due to different variables of,

  • consciousness

  • light energy

  • dark energy

  • pressure

  • time

  • space

  • evolutionary force

  • evolutionary resistance,

...different subatomic particles evolve everywhere.


This activity maintains evolution in the universe. Earth evolved out of Universal Consciousness almost 5 billion years ago.


Earth evolved out of these frequency vibrations and conceptualization for life here took place. Evolutionary development takes place as a result of conceptualization, so ultimately consciousness can maintain its eternal existence.


Consciousness conceptualizes so more energy can be produced, so more consciousness can experience evolution. This activity has been consistently represented on planet Earth among life.


A primary example which occurred in Earth’s environment is electricity.

Consciousness here conceptualized what was called an invention at the time. Electricity was introduced into Earth’s environment, more subatomic activity was introduced and the generation of more matter into the environment took place as a result of this introduction. This increased evolutionary development and activity and facilitated advancement here on Earth as well.


This activity resulted in the evolution of consciousness through the introduction of more energy, so more consciousness could expand and accelerate within the environment.


Human beings have not understood the universe, the meaning of planet Earth or the meaning of themselves. What this means is that the universe has been discovering itself through evolutionary activity in this region of time and space.


Earth and life on Earth is actually proof of what I have been referring to with my work.


Wave particle duality and string theory are also a result of the evolution of consciousness here on Earth. These concepts evolved into the scientific community as a result of more powerful evolutionary development in the Higgs field here on Earth.

Music has been another very powerful form of the evolution of consciousness here.


Human beings conceptualize their own experiences or the experiences of others and creative expression is materialized through music. The vibrational frequencies contained in the Higgs field that evolve into living organisms produce thought.


Thought produces conceptualization and this generates more subatomic activity through evolutionary development.


Sound is transferred through vibration as well and music is produced. When people dance or move their bodies to music this is an amplification of the evolutionary development of vibrational frequencies being produced by evolutionary activity.


The vibrational frequencies contained within the Higgs field transfer out everywhere into Earth’s environment and they are amplified with different types of activity everywhere. Subatomic particles are necessary for the production of more matter in the universe so matter can contain the frequency vibrations in different states of development.

What is happening now is Earth is undergoing evolutionary development in a very powerful way, and the Higgs field is becoming much more concentrated here in the environment. This is going to result in the advancement of life on Earth forever.


This is known as,

the Paradigm Shift, the Shift in Consciousness or the Apocalypse...

This event is emerging quite rapidly now and consciousness is going to experience a new phase in evolutionary development.


Consciousness is evolving in very powerful ways all over Earth but the activity has not been easily recognizable by people, simply because they are now only starting to understand the dynamics of consciousness.


This universe evolved out of Infinite Consciousness.

Galaxies, solar systems, world’s and beings all evolve out of Universal Consciousness and energy.

The Paradigm Shift is the result of early universal evolutionary development experiencing change.

What happened with early universal evolutionary development and introduction has been an integral part of universal activity for about 13.8 billion years now.


What is happening is Universal Consciousness is experiencing a more powerful integration with Infinite Consciousness through an advancement with the Higgs field.

This is transferring a lot more activity from Infinite Consciousness into the universe and this will affect life everywhere forever.

The perceived separation that occurred when the Big Bang introduced chaos into existence and a greater understanding of evolution itself is in the process of rectifying the chaos that was experienced everywhere and the universe itself is going to experience a very powerful level of self-actualization.


This is what happens with the evolution of consciousness and energy...