by Raghav Bubna
May 28, 2014
from FractalEnlightenment Website





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Alex Grey

There are several theories and experiences surrounding death.


Its abstract and mystifying tendencies of ultimate truths have long enticed my interest in it.

The essence of the phenomena is to remove us from our bodily enslavement to mundane and materialistic propensities. The difference between detachment and death is an interesting intersection of belief and mortal reality.

In this plane when we practice detachment from thoughts and actions we are still playing to the,

  • duality of our personality

  • alienation of ego and attainment of enlightenment are our own selfish motivators and this is important as in life we need to retain our individuality

  • expressions of the collective unconscious that we chose to embody in this life


Image Source
Alex Grey


It is only through working from this sacred mandala that we can attain progression and realizations of ultimate wisdom and sight while delivering our life's performance in the many plays of karma we must act out in this ageing form.

But in order to die and forever move to a higher world we must be ready and willing to let go of everything we learn, dream, witness and grow to love through daily experiences.

"Experience the interpreter

between resourceful nature and the human species

teaches that which this nature works out

among mortals constrained by necessity

cannot operate in any other way than

that in which reason which is its rudder

teaches it to work."

Leonardo da Vinci

Life for us on this plane is a cognitive impression, a collection of rational and irrational interpretations of events that arise in our waking self.


It is through our collective consciousness that we are subconsciously bound to the popular notions of reality that molds an acceptable fabrication of 'real'.


In reality our lives as we witness, cherish or detest exist only in our minds.

We tend to contemplate everything through logic and forever remind ourselves of their tangibility through all our values, beliefs, and knowledge - that's the voice of conscience and reason influencing our intuitive reactions.

Thought, as it conceals an emotion at its root that breathes life into all our actions, govern us effectively in this form, but when the tsunami of time parleys it's intended destruction we must remain aware that this is where we part ways:

our ethereal and earthly crossroads.


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Alex Grey



Death, as I understand it,

is a force far greater than enlightenment, as the term enlighten applies to a personality, a person or tangible entity.


In death we are removed from personality and in doing so merge with the collective unconscious to forever be part of the infinite energy.


We lose all sense of individual presence and existence, and function in a far higher realm of pure consciousness and awareness not bound by boundaries and existentialism to reality.

The state of our mind - its turmoil, fear, insatiable need to accomplish the unrelenting passion for life and all its comforts - restrain us from reaching the ultimate level of integration to the source.


The power of our thoughts holds the key to our arrival and departure.


This is the most raved battle we each must prepare for on our journey through the living mortality of our plane.

To truly die at the end of our biological life span we must be content enough with our materialism, lust, needs, and every other form of attachment that we are willing to break off our karma's tentacle grasp on our souls, so that we may ascend to complete the incomplete figure of god consciousness we are all a jigsaw part of.

When personality death approaches we can feel the apprehension of all our fears formed in the subconscious, spring up into terrifying forms to inflict upon us the horrors of the deranged beliefs of ourselves and of reality as we see it.


We are left torn bit by bit from the very fabric of our bodies and nerves as we deal with all the intricacies of our attachment to aversion and craving, beckoning to reserve the last dance.

It is at this stage when the personality's existence is most vulnerable that we reach a pure state of self-consciousness, we glimpse the scooting flee of the redundancy of our belief system as it falls to reveal us to ourselves.'

Death is a stripping away

of all that is not you

- the secret of life is to 'die before you die…

and find that there is no death.'

Eckhart Tolle

It is only beyond this threshold that any true spiritual progression beyond the ordinary comprehension attains an approachable air.


As the journey kills all fears and enables us to embrace the unknown darkness of the void, so that we may see the souls luminosity shine within us as it reveals our path to salvation and deliverance from our internal hellish projection of the crouching ego.


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Alex Grey


Carlos Castaneda in The Teachings of Don Juan, through his conversations with the Shaman dissects fear as the first enemy on the path of a man of knowledge;

"And thus he has stumbled upon the first of his natural enemies:

Fear! A terrible enemy treacherous, and difficult to overcome.

It remains concealed at every turn of the way, prowling, waiting. And if the man, terrified in its presence, runs away, his enemy will have put an end to his quest."

The Teachings of Don Juan

In outer body experiences we battle with the same grip of our perceived realities, and its important to remember that the same principle of progression applies, as only through our personal vanquish of fear can we attain an unobstructed channel of communication and interactions with higher realms.

As during heightened states of awareness we are exposed to the fractal nature of change and interactions with the worlds around us, and our distractions in those states are designed to feed off our personalities need for self.

Once we've experienced these insights reveal themselves initially through thoughts, in the form of introspection, and provide a tangible outlet for the internal uprising.


But as time passes these realizations seep their way into our subconscious and forever upgrade our intuition to more pure expressions and perception.

The purpose of our spiritual progression is to feel without restrictions of thought...


In order to experience reality as it unfolds we must be free of all ideas of freedom.

Only then can we truly believe, anything is possible,

and with this belief and a purified will we can move in worlds alien to our current conditioning but closer to our higher selves and sip from the pool of the collective unconscious, where answers to all the wonders and mysterious truths about our origins, existence and potential lie…