by Sylvain Lamoureux

April 06, 2020

from Syllamo Website







The Perfectly Programmed Ego

- the YOU - you were brought up to be

or the one you were born to be...?


Making a hundred year plan involves the basics of programming - if and then - if you do this to the public, then that happens.


Little by little, nudge by nudge, bit by bit, generation by generation until the perfectly programmed egos drive themselves over a cliff - for those in control of said egos, this was perhaps the plan all along.

I've mentioned over the years, the programmed ego and that the shedding of such is the basis of our collective escape from this madness.


Below, I shall discuss some of the things which I have observed and believe are part of this programmed ego.

The programmed ego is obedient in order to avoid the consequences from its masters but believes that it is of their own 'free will' and that their masters are by 'choice'.


It will excuse and justify obedience of the masters at every turn but with each other, lack consideration, courtesy and common sense - just like telling you to give the school bully your lunch money so he won't beat you up instead of joining you to stand up to it.

The programmed ego is a follower and will vehemently shame others for not following their 'reality'.

It is well trained to obey and happy to make sure others obey also by using learned 'shame and guilt tactics'.


It needs to punish, it needs its scapegoats it needs its Point Of Blame (POB) to focus on; as long as it isn't it (sort of an endless game of blame tag where you are never it).

The programmed ego is big on telling you,

"What you need to know!"...

It happily will project fears based upon ignorance and then expect validation (it gets angry if you don't validate).

The programmed ego lacks the ability to communicate as it speaks in ambiguity and has difficulty listening, but boy, does it like to be heard. It has not learned the difference between intention and perception.

The programmed ego believes itself to be intelligent because it may be papered or successful within the paradigm it is offered. It has acquiesced its power to money and measures accordingly its levels of self.


It has a difficult time thinking for itself but sure believes it knows what others think.

The programmed ego doesn't like to learn new tricks, especially if said knowledge leads to it 'seeing' itself honestly and possibly ignorant (which is the first step towards knowledge).

I see it as having Ignorance based knowledge which it defends and justifies to the end.

It may be a great debater but what has it really learned except how to tear others down.

The programmed ego doesn't really think about what anyone else thinks unless it believes that it is the subject of negativity or animosity in said thoughts.


It does not like to be judged and sees it everywhere and will even invent scenarios in its mind as a sort of self validation of its fear.


It doesn't like to look 'worse' than someone else (or feel like it does).

Perhaps this stems from a low self esteem with a competitive edge spurred by jealousy?

Who knows but the programmers...

The programmed ego never has enough time as time is viewed as an 'inconvenience' due to its inherent 'scarcity' - i.e. time is money therefore must be 'productive' on every level.


This is what turns things into 'work':

e.g. gardening as work, cooking as work, child rearing as work...

Time is money - never enough time - losing time (where does it go?)...

What happens to the time I think I have 'lost'?


Can I ever get it back?


What about all that time I 'wasted'?


How about all that sleep I think I 'lost', where did that go?

Appreciate the sleep you do get and don't fret about the sleep you believe you 'missed'. Stop driving yourself mad with time.

The programmed ego loves its subjective dreams based on love/hate and 'trendy' colors but are lacking in the execution and logistics to achieve those 'dreams' - sometimes it is like it believes that things just 'happen' as if by magic.


Today's importance on "subjective" truths feeds the programmed ego and you better agree with it.

The programmed ego is intellectually lazy as it asks for answers rather than having a thought or looking about at the answer which may be in front of them the whole time. It would rather be told something than know it for itself.


Perhaps a product of memorize and regurgitate 'schooling'?

The programmed ego does not pay attention to detail when completing 'menial' tasks and usually does just enough to say it did something.

It validates its ineptness by claiming things such as clumsiness or forgetfulness like it is external to it and beyond its control.

The programmed ego does not hear itself speak or even, it would seem, type.

A typed comment can be so wrong but will usually produce a 'doubling down' effect rather than reflection when challenged; as will face to face conversation.

For the programmed ego, most fears and reactions are believed as something out of its control which can not be handled by the individual and so easily succumb to fears based on ignorance.

It is afraid of its frailty and deems the world a 'dangerous place'.


Perhaps a result of 'helicopter parents'.

The programmed ego has reactions rather than responses which require thought and can be easily manipulated into compliance.

There is nothing like a bout of helplessness to make it search for exterior 'solutions' and obey orders.

The programmed ego may see these things in others but refuse to acknowledge them in itself.

I could go on, but I think that you get the point and here are a couple of things which I feel the programmed ego needs to hear:

  1. If you think you have all the answers, you don't know how to ask questions.

  2. It is interesting what one can hear when one can listen and observe and from that, what one can learn.


what are the objectives of a programmed ego?


Control, servitude, changes to habits, formation of habits, control of emotion - total world domination?

How can there any be any global change for the better when individuals will not begin the process by changing themselves at the smallest levels? When people seem to fight to keep the worst parts of them intact.


Is what is keeping us enslaved our pride?


In what?


A lie?


A whole trainload of lies? Especially the ones we tell to our selves...

We know that we have been dumbed down over the generations:

that the foods which we ingest no longer contain the nourishment of old.

We know that we have been manipulated since the invention of the television and longer through various mediums and corporations or what we believe as 'life'...

The entrainment (the practice of entraining one's brainwaves to a desired frequency) in schools and the subsequent work environments along with the 'normal' lives we 'live' have chipped away at our very essence and domesticated us like pets without a remembrance of,

  • FREEDOM as individuals

  • or respect for others...

I do not know if one can ever 'break out' of their program completely but one can learn to identify and adapt one's habits and eventually deprogram one's self to a more human level willing to learn.

I have to tear my self down, without breaking it, to get to the root of ME in order to release the shackles that THEY have offered and I have ACCEPTED.


I cannot admit my own complicity if I believe I am 'immune' and I cannot change that complicity without first admitting it - at one point one has to get tired of chasing TALES.

Once you realize that most of your thoughts and fears may not actually be your own, you gain a certain freedom from then on to delve in and make those necessary tweaks to release YOU from your self induced bondage and your insistence that everyone else enjoy it also.


The belief that a group of people you will never meet can exert any power they deem fit over you, fades away and with it a glimpse of perhaps a way forward.

This way forward does not include tyranny...

Ignorance is bliss for those which take advantage of it.

Haven't they lived in bliss on the backs of everyone else long enough?

I am striving for more - the picture from my last post shows how the 'masters' view us - I am looking beyond their measure; I am reaching for High Grade Moron (I know, off the scales).

Take back your power - don't accept the fears projected to you and don't reach out for the GovernMent's 'helping' hand.


As I mentioned before,

only YOU can FREE your SELF... so go out and do it...