by Adam Hisle
October 22, 2018

from Minds Website

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Throughout the ages, countless philosophers, scientists, and explorers of the mind have attempted to discover the properties and principles of an objective, "substantial reality".

It is immediately apparent to any other sentient being's perspective that we most likely live together in a single world of matter and physics.


Certain principles of this "substantial reality" seem to be completely static for everyone under certain conditions, and work 100% of the time.

Examples of principles we know are,

gravity and thermodynamics...

The ability of these principles and their effects to be demonstrated over and over, gives humanity faith in them to create freedom for everyone in the forms of,

airplanes, refrigerators, and cures to disease.

We can already see the connection between true knowledge of principles and the creation of human freedom through technology in these examples.


Perspective vs. Truth

Humans have a set of sensory organs that input a very small amount of information from our environment into our brain.


This is why, each person is said to have a perspective, or a lens with which they are viewing reality.

The truth or the objective substantial reality can be depicted as a straight line which does not move.

Our perspectives on the other hand are limited and usually based on belief, which causes them to vary wildly from the truth like a wave. The very best that we can do, is attempt to align our individual perspectives with the truth.

Requirements exist in reality.

If you want something to be different than its default condition, requirement exists.

To build a computer, you must first have all of the correct components and assemble them.


To build a house, you must first clear the land, and build a strong foundation.

If what we are creating as humanity is continually the opposite of what we want, then logically we either do not know the requirements or they are being ignored by an extremely large majority of people.


I think that ignorance of the truth is the main cause to the problems humanity has created for itself.


In its most accurate definition, the truth can be defined as,

"that which is"...

It is everything that has happened in the past, and everything happening right now.


The nature of our position in space time is that the truth cannot be changed. We can see the effects of our actions which have echoed off the principles of the universe into what we have created here.

The question is,

Is this what we want to create?


What do you say that you want for the world and all the people in it?

Most people say they want peace, health, and happiness for the world.


However, in current human societies we are stuck in cycles of slavery, war, and genocide.

We are creating the opposite of what we say we want.

Lies and Deception are the enemy of the Truth.


They are put forward into the minds and hearts of the people of Earth by those who rage against what is.


They are spoken, propagated and acted upon by those with a vested interest in keeping the understanding of the Truth from reaching the Consciousness of each individual.

Lies and deception are insidious, for once they have been believed and accepted by well-meaning individuals, these individuals, in their ignorance, become agents for the spread of these falsehoods.

This is how lies and propaganda are spread from generation to generation.

A parent is indoctrinated into the lie, and then the parent indoctrinates their children, who in turn indoctrinate their children, and so on, down through the generations...

The main function of these cultural lies is to leave a person not knowing anything about themselves or the world they live in so they unknowingly consent to become a slave...



Here are some of the core illusions the slave masters use to keep humanity ignorant of its true identity and therefore its true power:


Five senses / Materialism illusion

Many many people fall into this category of identifying with their experiences or their "stuff".


We are not what we can see, touch, taste, and hear, and we are not our possessions.


You can spot someone who is suffering from materialistic identification from how they act when they lose something that is important to them (not usually people).

If you think that money and material wealth is the road to happiness, success or enlightenment, you have bought a bill of goods from men who have lied to you to keep you giving away your energy to purchase their crap.


Dogmatic Belief Systems

Religion is the main belief system that people readily identify as fooling people into believing lies...


It's easy for someone to gain enough knowledge of the truth to easily dispel the old astrotheological control cults of the,

  • Christians (sun)

  • Islamic (moon)

  • Jewish (star),

...communities, but there are other religions that you may have missed.

Government as it currently exists is a belief system of slavery in which a group called "authority" makes commands and the public is under the obligation to obey those commands, or else get harassed, robbed, caged, or murdered.

Democracy is not a system to be hailed and spread throughout the globe. The forefathers knew that we should keep the republic they gave us, and they knew the damage democracy would do.

Democracy is,

nothing more than a system in which everyone is a slave and master of slaves...

There is no true majority, everyone will have the taste of choosing to enforce their way through voting and the violence of the state, and having other's ways enforced on them through the same voting box.

In this way, slavery is perfected.

As a democracy goes on, it's final form shows a society where the most morally incorrect and therefore most harmful actions of theft and murder are legalized.

The United States shows us this by legally allowing an oligarchy of criminals to control our currency, tax and enslave a nation, and use its military defense as a murderous offense.

The belief in the legitimacy of government, is the belief in the legitimacy of slavery...

New Age religion is another popular belief system that is taking the place of the old astrotheological ones.

I refer to 'New Age' as "new solipsism"...

Solipsism is what you could possibly consider the very first lie of authority, that there is no truth, as you can never be sure that anything outside of yourself even exists.

Solipsism's definition from Wikipedia is:

"from Latin solus, meaning 'alone', and ipse, meaning 'self', the philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist.


As an epistemological position, solipsism holds that knowledge of anything outside one's own mind is unsure; the external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist outside the mind.


As a metaphysical position, solipsism goes further to the conclusion that the world and other minds do not exist."

With enough research, you can find that this religion has ancient roots, and has been used by slave masters in the past for a very specific reason.


In short, the 'New Age' belief system is designed to remove the action oriented or masculine element from our consciousness. This religion states the lie that when you give attention to bad things, it causes more bad things to happen.

They say that the only way to attain a positive happy problem-free environment is to ignore the negative.

Imagine an entire society of people who simply meditate and ignore the fact that you are putting them into covert concentration camps.

'New Age' is a controllers dream 'religion', because the only thing that can stop them is people exposing their lies and misdeeds.


If a majority of people simply ignore tyranny it gets its freedom and consent to grow and grow, the truth is, much like ignored cancer, anything that creates a problem only gets worse when its ignored.


Ego based identification

This barrier is a difficult one to get over, because it involves discovering that we are not what we think we are...


People grow up learning to attach labels to themselves like,

human, engineer, caretaker, mom, hero,

...and a billion other identities we can make up for ourselves.

As we grow, we become more knowledgeable of our own likes and dislikes, so these labels change as we change what we think about ourselves.

Culture can use this against you.

There are ideas and sayings that are becoming very prevalent in our culture at the moment having mostly to do with animalizing human beings.


You can see women wearing shorts that say "head of the pack", or the new "furry" craze with people dressing up and acting like animals.

This all adds up to a single extremely deceptive phrase that has been used for a long time to keep humans at a very low frequency of ego identification.

I'm sure you've even heard this phrase and have maybe even said it, many times.

What is this ancient evil core idea that keeps people from realizing they are actually infinitely powerful supreme beings?


It's that we're "Only Human"...


Left Brain Prison

Mind control is a largely undiscovered science by the masses.


Using the two sides of the brain, a psychological controller is able to make one hemisphere dominant over the over, and therefore create a "tilted" worldview within that individual.


"Left Brain Prison" refers to when a person is working mostly with the left hemisphere which corresponds with mostly logic and math.

David Icke says,

"The intellect, left to itself, is a prison of the mind. If you look around you at most of what we call 'society', it has been created by intellect. Not heart, not higher consciousness - intellect.


The education system worships the intellect and seeks out through examinations the sharpest intellects to run the institutions of government, finance, business, science, education, media and military in the next generation."

"What do they all, or at least the vast majority, have in common?


They are prisoners of the intellect, and that's why we have a society founded on, and created by, intellect - one of the lowest expressions of consciousness."

I think an example of a highly intellectual yet not very intelligent person who is effected by the left brain prison is Stephen Hawkings.


Like most hardcore left brain imbalanced people, Hawkings states that human free will is an 'illusion' and the universe is simply a predestined dead mechanized clockwork.

In conclusion,

the truth, is perhaps the most important, and most powerful idea that currently exists for us to solve our problems.

Dare I say that, aligning our perceptions with the truth may be the purpose to our entire existence.


The key to busting out of this prison of deception we are all in, is to be very careful with our sources of information.

Do not believe anyone when it comes anything.

Start to exercise your intuition, and try to believe and trust in yourself to test and determine what is true and what is false.


Once you gain this ability to think critically on your own, most forms of mind control that effect most everyone will no longer work on you and you will be free to think outside the box to solve problems.

Keeping it simple, the standard way to gain true knowledge is to:

  • Create a theory.

  • Prove it false.

  • Repeat...

Ancient societies even understood how our reality is built on knowledge (or lack of) of the truth.

They called this information the "Trivium" or "Quadrivium".

This basic information on how our reality is built has been hidden from the minds and educations of an extremely large majority of people in our societies today for the purpose of control.


Masters over slaves in the past knew that knowledge of the truth made men unfit to be slaves.

This is not all they knew...


Mystics at the Oracle of Delphi once inscribed that basically the only knowledge worth knowing is self knowledge:

"Heed these words, You who wish to probe the depths of nature:

If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. In you is hidden the treasure of treasures.

Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods."