by Cap Allon
July 07, 2020
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Ill-informed headlines like "The Arctic is On Fire, and We Should all Be Terrified" are STILL being published, even as Verkhoyansk - the town at the heart of the media's latest heat-induced tizzy - suffers rare summer snowfall.


End of the World articles serve-only as far-left propaganda, they shouldn't be considered news. They work to terrify the many into accepting and pushing a twisted, fear-driven socialist agenda.


They're also utterly one-sided, and impervious to facts.


Facts like those published in the on Tues, July 7 - a publication that it's been said knows a thing or two about Siberia.

"Topsy-turvy summer swings from Saudi-heat to the freezer in Arctic north," reads the ST subtitle.

And, according to the article,

"abnormally cold weather has been recorded in the north of Yakutia with residents of Verkhoyansk district waking up to fresh summer snow on July 05."


Scenes from the Republic of Sakha,

Russia on July 5.



Siberia's anomalous cold

July 5 []



Never reported by the MSM is the fact that this region of the planet regularly experiences drastic swings in temperature.


The mercury regularly lingers below -50șC in winter, and likewise above 30șC in summer - Verkhoyansk has long held the record for having the greatest temperature range on Earth.


Yakutsk, the world's coldest city (and located near Verkhoyansk), has a highest recorded temperature of 38.4șC which was observed on July 17, 2011.


Tellingly, that reading only-just pipped the previous all-time record high of 38.3șC set back on July 15, 1942.


Over the past 3 days alone, the mercury has dropped from a balmy 27șC to a bone-chilling sub-zero in Verkhoyansk. This plunge prompted a group of residents to post a video of themselves warmly dressed stood around a fire. 

"Where is our plus 38șC?", reads the video's caption:




The media-controlled western world needs to wake-up from its trance.


There is far more to behold and discover than what we're fed on TV.


The Arctic is not on fire. It's bloody snowing, in July. And serving as proof that you're only being fed one-side of the story (heat), go search for these FACTS across the MSM. You won't find them...


Stories of cold and snow don't fit the narrative, and so are all-too often swept under the rug...



"The Arctic Is On Fire,

and We Should all Be Terrified".



Looking forward, temperatures across Siberia are expected to rise again over the weekend.


But then another continent-wide bout of anomalous cold will engulf the majority of Russia by the end of next week - returning summer snow and sub-zero temperatures to Verkhoyansk-temps as much as 16șC below the seasonal norm.

The COLD TIMES are returning in line with,

Even NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with their forecast for this upcoming solar cycle 25 seeing it as "the weakest of the past 200 years," with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling.







Prepare accordingly - learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own...