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February 13, 2019

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Will "Global Warming" cause the 'End of Civilization'?



Anthropogenic Global Warming is the product of a vast conspiracy, of which, most are incapable of fully comprehending.


The science of it is rooted within a single correlation of global warming in the 20th Century correlated with an increase in CO2 production by humanity. Correlations are not necessarily causation.


There are other correlations that occurred at the same time, such as,

  • the weakening magnetosphere

  • the wandering magnetic poles

  • solar activity, name just a few.

Climate is cyclical and it has proven to be correlated with the cyclicity of the solar system now called the Milankovitch Cycles.


While these cycles are more correlated to the coming and going of ice ages, what they do tell us is that climate, ergo weather on Earth is driven by celestial forces and is not isolated to this planet.



The graph above shows us that the warming period of the 20th century has not been the warmest.


Proxy records reveal that a rise in global temperatures accompanied a rise in civilizations and a drop in global temperatures resulted in the fall of empires.


We also see that over a ten thousand year period that overall temperatures are declining.



What this above graph produced by Dr Roy Spencer reveals is that around 1998 global warming stalled at around 0.7ºC above baseline and then peaked in 2016 (0.88ºC), and while it isn't presented on this graph, the present GMT is 0.37ºC above baseline.


If you consider 0.37ºC above baseline, that does not sound much like anything is really heating up.


And if you put that into perspective with the first graph which shows warmer temperatures in history, it becomes clear that the doom and gloom of civilization-ending due to global warming is scientifically unfounded and is fear mongering.

According to solar physicists, we are in a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) and according to Prof Zharkova et al, this GSM is similar to that of the Maunder Minimum which heralded the Little Ice Age.


If anything threatens civilization it is Global Cooling...


We see a history of the downfall of civilizations correlated with global cooling, not global warming. Extreme weather events being experienced today are also correlated with global cooling of previous GSMs, of which, we have written records dating back a thousand years.


The weather is not as unprecedented as the mainstream media likes to present.





In the video above is Prof Zharkova presenting her findings at the Global Warming Policy Forum, at the end of which she warns about global famine in ten years.


In this, I feel her estimates are conservative as we are already experiencing significant crop losses around the world and if it continues at this pace I expect we will begin to see food riots within five years.

Global warming has never been a threat. It was/is a climatic false flag perpetrated by the powers that be in an attempt to create a Hegelian dialectic...

It is as much about power, if not more so than it is about profits. It is the greatest scientific scandal ever...

Ask yourself,

Or, rather than ask questions and think for yourself, you can go along with the herd mentality that is driven by the mainstream media which is controlled by a few corporations and are therefore fully 'trustworthy' and would 'never deliberately lead you astray'...


Corporations are your 'friend,' right...?

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January 04, 2018

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