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November 05, 2021

from ConservativeBeaver Website

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was arrested at his home in the affluent suburb of Scarsdale, New York Friday morning by the FBI and charged with multiple counts of fraud.

Bourla is being held while he awaits a bail hearing.


Federal agents are in the process of executing a search warrant at his home and at multiple other properties he owns across the country.

Albert Bourla faces fraud charges for his role in deceiving customers on the effectiveness of the COVID-19 "vaccine."


Pfizer is accused of falsifying data, and paying out large bribes.

According to an FBI agent that spoke to the Conservative Beaver, Pfizer lied about the effectiveness of the vaccines, and misled customers about the serious side effects the vaccines can produce.


Pfizer is accused of paying off governments and the mainstream media to stay silent.



Albert Bourla was already in hot water after it was revealed Pfizer, and a research partner,

"falsified data, un-blinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events."

The whistleblower Brook Jackson was fired as a result of her attempts to stop the fraud that was being committed, BMJ reported.


In October, Project Veritas released a series of leaks dubbed "PfizerLeaks."


In the video (below), another Pfizer whistleblower (Melissa Strickler) reveals how the company uses aborted fetal cells in the COVID-19 "vaccine":





Pfizer tried to keep this fact hidden from the public.





If convicted, Albert Bourla could spend the rest of his life in prison.


Bourla is considered innocent until proven guilty.





The police have ordered a media blackout, which was immediately approved by a judge.


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The news has spread to outlets in South Asia, that are in the process of producing their own stories on the matter.


Liberal-funded fact-checkers, such as USA Today, reached out to the Conservative Beaver. This was our response:











Why Pfizer CEO Albert Bourlo Arrested

by Sourab

November 07, 2021

from DekhNews Website



Pfizer CEO Albert

Why Pfizer CEO Albert arrested:

Whas it Pfizergate?


Is Albert Arrested or Not?

Social media has become a source of such news that are not supported by the mainstream media networks.


However, there is no surety whether the news is authentic or a hoax. Apart from some false information, social media has proven itself to be a revolutionary platform in some cases.


There are many examples in the recent past when many political and criminal issues came up to the sight of general mass vs. social media. Though social media is one of the fastest sources of the news yet it needs a sort of amendment to it.


In the current scenario, news related to Albert Bourlo is making a spate on every social media platform.


As per the sources of "Conservative Beaver - above report":

a Canadian online news agency, the CEO of Pfizer "Albert Bourlo" has been arrested for cheating on the people by not disclosing the side effects of the Pfizer vaccine (mRNA based vaccine 'protecting' people against Covid-19 infection).

There is no confirmation from the side of the government of any country that Albert Bourlo has hidden any information related to the Pfizer vaccine.


Pfizer is an American pharmaceutical company as well as the name of Covid 19 vaccine developed by the same company. The vaccine has secured worldwide approval by the WHO (World Health Organization) to cure the infection of the Covid 19 virus.


According to an online news channel in Canada "The Beaver", Albert Bourlo knew about the side effects of Pfizer vaccines that he came to know about during the clinical trials:

even though, he hid the information from the governments all across the globe.

Therefore, he has been arrested by an American FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) under the charges of fraud to consumers.

The Beaver has also claimed that all the media broadcasting agencies were blackout during the arrest of Albert Bourlo.


The American government ordered to operate a short spanned blackout on the American media so the media could not create the scenario of panic among the world population.


This was also done to abstain the government from the disbelief of its citizens. The Beaver was earlier an underground newspaper in Montreal.


Later, it got recognized around 10 years back and became one of the most loving online news platforms among the youngsters of Canada and so forth.


Though the Conservative Beaver is one of the reputed news agencies, the news related to the arrest of Albert Bourlo and the blackout of American media are seeming to be false...