by Nemo Jones

April 28, 2024

from ReportingForBeauty Website








"You've got to vote, vote, vote, vote.

That's it; that's the way we move forward."

Michelle Obama

"We can all agree on the importance of voting."

Jenna Bush

"Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves,

one another, this country, and this world."

Sharon Salzberg

"You cannot complain if you didn't vote."

Barack Obama

"The right to vote is the basic right

without which all others are meaningless."

Lyndon B. Johnson

"Voting is not just a right,

it's a responsibility."

Don Santo

"Voting is a civic sacrament."

Theodore Hesburgh





Your country needs YOU...

not to vote...!



Election day.


Inhale deep of the blessed and rarified air.


Your moment has come.


Your time to shine...

Today - at long last - your voice matters. Your voice will be heard. Your dream of a just and sane world is damn near palpable.

The diligent and painstaking attention you've paid to the rational, informed and balanced debates of the day, the carefully honed and nuanced arguments you've formulated all come to bear - today of all days.


Your choice will resonate onwards, shaping our future world.


Proudly aligned in thought, feeling and action - a responsible, informed representative of humanity - you step out, relishing the unique significance of the moment.

As you approach the sacred polling station, the drudgery of mundane existence recedes, the endless grinding trauma of life's grotesque inequity is momentarily adjourned and a better world beckons, as the magical portal of possibility opens.


The liminal dream space of infinite potential unfurls, as you... stroll past, shaking your head in wonder at the brainwashed humanoid automatons filing inside to righteously scrawl a cross into a box.





a dismal charade...!

A transparent scam devised by the same elitist con artists that sold humanity the 'divine right' of kings, emperors, sultans and caesars to steal, rape, enslave, starve, torture, subjugate, deceive and massacre:

the 'divine' wrong...

In the modern age, such inhuman parasites hide their power-and-bloodlust behind 'the will of the people', who dutifully fall for it, election cycle after cycle.


It's maddening, heart-wrenching and world destroying.

Voting is not a 'right', but a profound wrong, bestowing the same fake and calamitous 'legitimacy' on unscrupulous parasites as the so-called 'divine right' of kings.

Voting violates Natural Law and everything humane.


It is an act of evil.

Election rejection is not the sole remedy to the world's ills (for that, see here), but it's a start; a simple, satisfying and eminently attainable goal on our journey toward an enlightened age.

Government is the current manifestation of humanity's greatest failing: the feigned abdication of individual response ability; the pathetic claim of victim status as immutable identity.


Government convinces Sovereign beings that they possess no inherent self-authority, or authorship of their own reality:

a lethal pretence.

One always remains completely 'response able'.


A lifetime spent in denial of this fact is simply an abject failure to respond appropriately to circumstances - a failure with devastating consequences.

The election pantomime is indeed the civic sacrament; the humiliation ritual that formalizes and sanctifies the tragic wasted opportunity of a Sovereign being's submission to false external authority. It's heavy stuff.


Willingly giving up our natural-born freedom to charlatans - to anyone - is the ultimate self-debasement and insult to nature - or God, if you prefer.

It's clearer than ever that the political class is self-serving, vain, deceitful and beyond corrupt. But to blame morally bankrupt husks for their ruinous treachery is to miss the point: they play their role perfectly: corrupt cogs of a corrupt machine.


And all the while, you remain 'response able', whether or not you like or admit it.




The purpose of a system is what it does.


What does government do?

Serve hidden interests.


Destroy beauty and everything else that supports well-being.


Normalize the violation of Natural Law to the point of banality.


Devour priceless time and energy.


Distract and demoralize while its cogs moralize, posture and pontificate.


Endlessly steal, lie, bully and cheat.


Reward evil and punish conscientiousness.


Promise justice while delivering industrial-scale injustice and horrors without end.


Serve demented elitist agendas perversely clothed and paraded as the greater good.

Government mocks you relentlessly. It's long past time to stop embracing the narcissist.

Government was never intended to serve you and it cannot. Government has not become corrupted. It is the very pinnacle of corruption.


A finely crafted tool of mind control, distraction, manipulation and subjugation; a weapon of mass destruction; a hideous, bent game in which we lose everything of value.

Government is a deadly, yet ridiculous, weapon.

If it didn't exist, it would be laughable.


No one would believe it.


And no one should.

It's a crazed despot's sadistic fantasy; people excitedly lining up to select their torturer of choice, then sitting 'round the goggle box' revelling in the agony and ecstasy of the spectacle, as the knife is twisted right, then left, then right again.

A vote is a signal to the universe that you are a willing slave...!

One who truly understands what government is will never engage.


Why attempt the impossible feat of making government serve you when we can so easily make it disappear instead?


All it takes is 'right inaction' - the simple reclamation of your attention and natural born authority.


Enough of this horror.


Enough of this monster.





You have no right to dominate or impose your will on others. You have no right to concoct arbitrary rules that do not accord with Natural Law and enforce them upon others.


Yet a vote is a (fruitless) attempt to appoint someone to conduct these immoral acts on your behalf:

to steal from, threaten, coerce and wield force against others to impose your will - in direct, flagrant and absolute violation of Natural Law.

A vote is both an attempted abnegation of natural born self-Sovereignty and an attempt to violate the natural born self-Sovereign rights of others.


The consequences of these violations for our shared reality are evident. One can only speculate on the personal consequences.

A spoiled vote is still participation in the sacrament.

Why attempt to 'send a message' to those with no interest in us...?

An inhuman system deserves only contempt and disavowal, not engagement or endorsement of any kind.


There may be humane but misguided beings caught up in this enslavement system who, it could be argued, 'deserve' your vote - the system does not.

'But if I don't vote, [insert terrifying outcome]'...

The monster will lumber on to its inevitable demise whether we feed it or not.


The question that should concern us - and deeply - is what ultimately replaces it.

True freedom or overt subjugation?


A humane or inhuman future?

Giving one's power away as if it were worthless is a clear declaration of one's valuelessness and a direct cause leading inexorably toward the latter.


The monster feeds on fear. True freedom can only result from right, principled, courageous action.

Votes are an accurate measure of one thing:

how well the con of democracy is working.

The ideal result is zero votes.


This may seem an unlikely outcome - but that is no justification for compromise. Compromise with evil is evil. Every vote cast is a vote for an evil system with no right to exist.

Voting is evil because:

  1. It is a denial of immutable Sovereign self response ability.

  2. It is an endorsement of a system which inherently violates Natural Law.

  3. It is an attempt to impose your will on others, in violation of Natural Law.

Please don't miss out on a golden opportunity to take right inaction...!

Our beautiful and humane future begins in the hearts, minds and actions (or conscientious inactions) of the bold.