by Jim Euclid
05 February, 2012

from Regolish Website

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Before I give you the good news, here is where we are at, my dear friends.


We've been living a sort of Groundhog Day re-run for the last century. As quick as we improve things, the damned Alpha-Draconians, go back in historical time and rewrite our good works. It's been a case of two steps forward and one step back.


They say that time has been speeding up, but I'd argue that it's just going nowhere fast. The picture that I am about to paint is not a pretty one, but as close to the truth as I can perceive it.


So many people in the light industry have become blasť about their perceived powers at forcing issues surrounding Disclosure.


Unfortunately, this is pre-empting the work of so many others who patiently await the proper time to reveal the truth in all its legal, scientific, spiritual and technological glory.


As I see it, the convergent timeline around 21-12-2012 invokes two possible outcomes, neither of which is guaranteed. Certainly Ascension is inevitable, but how that ascension appears on the daily stage is uncertain.


Please do not confuse Ascension with becoming an Ascended 'Master' - they are nothing to do with each other.


Scenario 1

Post-ascension, we would be as trapped in the domain of a service-to-self (STS) 4-D existence, where we would ascend to a higher dimension, but still be within the control of the Illuminati, and their comptrollers, the Alpha-Draconians.


We would see our life spans growing ever shorter, until it reached a length of 15-20 years, as predicted in the Buddhist canons. We would be enslaved by a kleptocracy, under the tyranny of a New World Order. Things would be grim for 99% of humanity, being used as spiritual, sexual and physical food for our rulers.


Essentially, we would be living in a thousand-year-Reich, where Hitler was just a trial run by the Alpha-Draconian.

Scenario 2

The alternate scenario is a liberation, by ourselves, over the next 20 years into a service-to-others (STO) 4-D reality, free of financial, physical and emotional struggles associated with debt slavery.


Life would be infinitely freer, allowing us to focus on education, equality and the pursuit of true knowledge and wisdom.

Where we go from here is up to each and every soul upon this planet.


Which scenario eventuates is not in the hands of anyone except ourselves, we the chosen light-workers who slave to awaken the sleeping masses. Ascension is not about liberation from STS masters but the uplifting of the earth and everything upon her into 4-D.


Nor is Ascension about elimination of karma, which still plays a pivotal role up to the seventh dimension.


You 'carry' your karma into 4-D as equally as the Alpha-Draconian have been carrying theirs around for so long and will do, with interest, for the next 20 eons for what they have done to us.


What Ascension is, in essence, is simply a shift into a higher frequency. Now it is important to recall that the rulers of this planet, the Alpha-Draconian, are already 4-D!


During Ascension, we are raising our molecular vibrations to their level. In effect, raising our sorry selves from debt and emotional slaves to potentially equal rulers of the planet.


What the 'war for our minds' is presently about is who will rule at the end of the Ascension process - us or them, STS or STO?


If we win, the Alpha-Draconian will be in plain sight, our fear of the unknown manipulator would evaporate and their ruse permanently foiled.


In essence, we would have pulled the curtain back to reveal the true architect of our planet's suffering. It is essential to realize that Ascension must happen before Disclosure, not the other way around.


Why is this so? An inconvenient truth is that homo sapiens are not the indigenous race of this plant.


I know this is not a palatable thought. But unfortunately, like the Aborigines of Australia and Native Americans, the Alpha-Draconians had sovereignty over earth long before our species was hybridized by them and others who followed.


In galactic parlance, the Alpha-Draconian legally own the earth. Therefore, the only legal method of renouncing their ownership of the earth is when it is no longer existing, i.e. no longer a 3-D planet.


If the earth was to transmute into a 4-D planet (which is happening at present), it is no longer the same entity and therefore property rules are invalid, at least from a galactic point of view.


What this means, by way of example, is if someone bought a block of land, it is the rightful ownership of the purchaser. If however, the country was subjugated by a massive earthquake and this block of land was uplifted and now resided in another state, the land must be considered terra nullius.


Therefore, while the earth remains the property of the Alpha-Draconian, they have every right to withhold Disclosure by galactic law. To force their hand at Disclosure is actually illegal, as much as this saddens myself and every other light-worker both within and without the planet.

So what is the good news, you ask? Quite simply, knowledge of the truth will set you free.


Knowing who you are and where you stand spiritually is tantamount to liberating your private parcel of land. If enough of us stand in our truth as true spiritual warriors, there is nowhere left for the Alpha-Draconian to have a foothold. They will leave. End of story.

Where we go from there is another story, but with a happy ending to be sure. In the meantime, take comfort in the fact that while we are 'stuck' here, so to speak, the longest part of a prison sentence is the last few weeks...

And while we wait, remember that vigilance is an important state of mind.


As Fr Lou Siffer astutely noted,

'When analyzing the motives of these alien races, we must remember to judge their activities based on whether they are supportive of our individual rights and our quest for life, liberty, and happiness, or whether they desire to enlist us in their quest for oneness.


We cannot allow the glitter of membership in the Intergalactic Federation to distract us from our own best interest.


Objectivism must be our standard. Altruism and sacrifice must not replace rational self-interest. Repeatedly, the lure of ONENESS is used by tyrants to stifle the questions of the rational few. It is for this same reason that the Bible commands us not to question 'God.'


The common theme of the "spiritually concerned" aliens is this loss of individuality and reasoning.'