Editor's Note

The Report from Iron Mountain is a vehicle of disinformation. It was released to the public for the purpose of deception.

 Its stated conclusion is that the mass of humanity is so weak and fragile that the world could not handle the revelation of an ET presence on Earth and therefore it's more desirable to withhold such information from the public.

.Its real goal was to set the stage for a looming alien 'threat' that would eventually herald an in-your-face alien appearance by an armada of UFOs that will be witnessed by just about everyone on the planet.

.The fake alien invasion scenario will likely be staged in the midst of other orchestrated calamities in order to stampede the public into believing we have to give up our national sovereignty and liberties in the interest of self preservation.

Ken Adachi

"The organizing principle of any society is for war.

The basic authority of a modern state over its people resides in its war powers"


Report from Iron Mountain unveils a hitherto top-secret report of a government commission that was requested to explore the consequences of lasting peace on American society.


The shocking results of the study, as revealed in this report, led the government to conceal the existence of the commission - they had found that, among other things, peace may never be possible; that even if it were, it would probably be un-desirable, that "defending the national interest" is not the real purpose of war; that war is necessary; that war deaths should be planned and budgeted.


REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN tells the story of how the project was formed, how it operated, What happened to it.


It includes the complete verbatim text of the commission's hitherto classified report.

"...so elaborate and ingenious and so substantively original, acute, interesting and horrifying, that it will receive serious attention regardless of its origin."
The New York Times

"The first major result of the transformation of the war game into the peace game."
Irving Louis Horowitz,
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

"Should be the occasion for new public demand for a penetrating examination and evaluation of government reports on strategic planning for disarmament and peace."
The Editors of Trans-action






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