Wise Mentor ETs

The third analogy to be used to describe ET control and influence, is the ‘wise mentor’ category.


These races have a hands-off approach to global humanity and only offer assistance if it is in the best interest of all concerned in such an intervention. They promote ‘consciousness raising’ and have a moral orientation that is deeply spiritual insofar as they present the unity of all life, and the importance of honoring the role of all forces in the evolutionary development of humanity.


They do not offer technology in the conventional sense but a highly advanced ‘language of light’ technology consisting of sacred geometrical forms that are simultaneously found throughout the universe, in the atom, and the human energy field. They teach that understanding the sacred geometrical light patterns in all life will lead to the emancipation of individuals and life on the planet.

Wise mentor ETs do not go directly confront and counter the influence of ‘good shephard’ ET races which differentiates this category from the ‘protective parent’. Indeed, ‘wise mentor’ ETs warn against the implicit dangers of intervention since this may retard the evolutionary growth of humanity.


Put simply, the wise mentor ETs view the hard knocks of humanity’s encounter with ‘good shepherd’ ETs as part of the evolutionary process for a species and thus don’t intervene. In contrast, protecting humanity from the ‘hard knocks’ of humanity’s encounter with ‘good shepherd’ ETs is an important goal of ‘protective parent’ ETs.


The philosophical issues here are the same confronting an ‘energy healer’ in preventive medicine. If the alternative medicine practitioner simply healed the illness without active collaboration by the patient, then the patient recovers but would be susceptible to future recurrences. The accomplished alternative medical practitioner, simply demonstrates to the patient how to heal him/herself thereby minimizing the chances of future recurrences. [49]

There are two sub-groups of the ‘wise mentor’ faction. The first are non-humanoid races from Arcturus, Sirius A and Orion. The second are described in the Neruda interviews, as the ‘Central Race’ who seeded the Galaxy untold millennia ago. [50] The first sub-group comprises ‘Councils’ that interact with receptive humans and organizations to offer assistance and guidance when requested.


Most evidence for the existence of such ET Councils comes from reports of telepathic communications with these beings who typically are described as having a mixture of humanoid features and birdlike or catlike heads. [51] It appears that these beings may have been the inspirational source for ancient Egyptian sculptures depicting humans with animal heads such as the ‘god’ Thoth, who had the head of an Ibis (a native Egyptian bird).

The second sub-group are described in the Neruda interviews as the ‘Central Race’. According to Neruda, these races inhabit a region within the central galaxies of the universe and seeded the galaxies many billions of years ago and left ‘subtle fingerprints’ of their presence which if interpreted correctly, opens the door for different species to reestablish communication with them. [52] Neruda equates these with the Elohim of ancient religious texts, and argues that they act as silent helpers in the evolution of humanity for those that choose to ‘re-connect’ with them.

The idea of root races that seeded the Galaxy is found in ‘advisory bodies’ such as the ‘Council of Nine’ that supposedly offers spiritual counseling for the evolution of the human species according to individuals claiming to be in communication with them. [53]






The Structure of Clandestine Organizations


The key in understanding how the above ET categories influence clandestine organizations is that the latter are generally aware of the political, moral and philosophical orientations of the different ET races and of other clandestine organizations.


Clandestine organizations therefore try to steer a cause through these various ET intervention philosophies and strategies while cooperating and competing with one another in a way that maximizes the power of the clandestine organizations, without being unduly compromised by ‘infiltration’ by the different ET factions/subgroups. Thus for the respective leaders of clandestine organizations, there is a three dimensional chess game occurring involving multiple players, theaters and goals that influence the dynamics within and between clandestine organizations.

Clandestine organizations focused on the ET presence first became established when various intelligence and military organizations became aware of the ET presence in 1941 when a downed ET spacecraft was found in low ocean water west of San Diego. [54]


The Navy took charge of the investigation and assumed a leading role which it continues to play up to the present. There subsequently emerged a need for public secrecy while an adequate policy response could be developed by the US government.


This had led to the emergence of clandestine organizations embedded within various military, intelligence, and policy making branches of government each of which have different though overlapping functions according to the larger goals of the department, wherein members of the ‘parent department’ are not aware of the full extent of activities and influences of these embedded clandestine organizations, even though they share the same overarching function. [55]


For example, the three main branches of the US military - Navy, Army and Airforce - has its own weapons development and intelligence departments all designed to ultimately protect the national security of the US. Within each of these specialized departments there is embedded a clandestine organization that is responsible for reverse engineering ET technology for the purpose of weapons development, and for gaining intelligence on ET operations on the planet for developing an adequate defense policy. [56]


Thus the clandestine organization embedded in the US Navy, for example, will be unknown to other Naval units focused on broader issues concerning weapons development and intelligence gathering, and whose lower secrecy classification would make it a crime for Navy personnel to gather information about these clandestine organizations. [57]


This effectively leads to clandestine organizations embedded in the Navy that have a degree of autonomy, power and resources unknown to personnel the wider Navy even at senior leadership levels.

The way in which these clandestine organizations are embedded in various military/intelligence organizations without being discovered by prying congressmen is described by former Airforce Sergeant Dan Sherman in a recalling a Captain’s briefing to him:

Black missions, which we call Level 2, are what the alien projects are effectively hidden behind. The existence of black missions is only known by a handful of Congressmen and the President. These black missions are the last line of defense for the alien projects. Wherever an alien project is located there must be a black mission to cover its existence from prying eyes. It creates a highly sophisticated shield designed to mask the grey project’s existence from high level officials who have no need-to-know.


Otherwise, the alien project would eventually come under scrutiny by someone within official channels. As it stands under the current system, if a nosy Congressman starts looking where he has no need-to-know, he can be briefed on the black mission, be made to feel important and thereby squelching any further digging. It’s an extremely effective method of hiding alien missions and is the reason they have been hidden so effectively for so long. [58]

The National Security Agency was created in 1952 with its primary responsibility being intelligence gathering.


Within the NSA there is embedded a clandestine organization responsible for intelligence gathering on ET races and establishing communication with them. According to Dr Neruda, the clandestine organization in the NSA is called the ‘Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization’ and is embedded within the Special Projects Laboratory. As in the case of the US Navy, the larger membership of the NSA will be unaware of the true activities of its embedded clandestine organization Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) due to the higher secrecy classification of the latter.


Sergeant Sherman recalls how he was briefed by his captain that he was part of a secret NSA project called ‘Project Preserve Destiny’ in which he was a result of an experiment designed to enhance telepathic communication with the ‘Grey’ ET species:

 “The experiment that I’m referring to was, and still is, named ‘Project Preserve Destiny.’ It started in 1960 and was fully operational by 1963. It was a genetic management project with the sole purpose of cultivating human offspring so that they would have the ability to communicate with the greys.” [59]

The most important of all the clandestine organizations embedded in US government agencies is that contained within the National Security Council (NSC).


The NSC was established in 1947 by President Truman and its function was to coordinate policy recommendations from different branches of government, military and intelligence communities into a coherent set of policy recommendations that Presidents can choose from. [60]


This coordinating function played by the NSC in general is replicated in the clandestine organization embedded in the NSC, which has been known by a number of names including Majestic-12 which derived from a document signed by President Truman in 1947. [61] Created by Truman as a Presidential policy coordinating committee on the ET presence, MJ-12 was formally incorporated into the NSC in 1954 with an NSC edict creating the parent organization in which MJ-12 would be embedded.


The ‘official’ version pertaining to this part of NSC history is as follows:

In 1954 NSC 5412 provided for the establishment of a panel of designated representatives of the President and the Secretaries of State and Defense to meet regularly to review and recommend covert operations. Gordon Gray assumed the chairmanship of the "5412 Committee" as it was called, and all succeeding National Security Advisers have chaired similar successor committees, variously named "303", "40", "Special Coordinating Committee," which, in later Presidential administrations, were charged with the review of CIA covert operations. [62]

The 5412 Committee contains a subcommittee called PI-40 whose role is to coordinate information from all other clandestine organizations focused on the ET presence so that a coherent set of policy choices can be developed for deliberation by those policy makers comprising PI-40. [63]


Clandestine organizations embedded in private organizations such as the Council of Foreign Affairs provide the best personnel and resources for recruitment and policy discussion in PI 40.


In describing the early composition of MJ-12, William Cooper, noted the reliance on a group from the Council of Foreign Relations he dubbed the ‘wise men’:

The "Wise Men" were key members of the Council on Foreign Relations. There were 12 members including the first 6 from Government positions thus Majority Twelve. This group was made up over the years of the top officers and directors of the Council on Foreign Relations (for more information "click" HERE) and later the Trilateral Commission (for more information "click" HERE and HERE).


Gordon Dean, George Bush and Zbigniew Brzezinski were among them. The most important and influential of the "Wise Men" who served on MJ-12 were John McCloy, Robert Lovett, Averell Harriman, Charles Bohlen, George Kennan, and Dean Acheson. Their policies were to last well into the decade of the 70s. It is significant that President Eisenhower as well as the first 6 MJ-12 members from the Government were also members of the Council on Foreign Relations. [64]

In theory then, PI 40 should be at the pinnacle of power when it comes to the ET presence employing the best minds for a coordinated response to the ET presence.


In reality, however, due to bureaucratic resistance, separate agendas and ‘rogue individuals’, different clandestine organizations are reluctant to share information that could compromise their power, resources or influence. [65] This is exemplified in Dr Neruda’s discussion of how the clandestine organization he was a member of, refuses to share its most important information with the parent organization in which it is embedded, the NSA. As might be imagined, these problems are magnified even more at the global level when the chief clandestine organizations at the national level, meet to discuss and coordinate global policy on the ET presence.

According to ‘whistleblower’ testimony, the annual ‘Bilderberg group meeting’ (for more info "click"
HERE) has embedded within it a clandestine organization whose express goal is to coordinate national policies concerning the ET presence. [66]


Such a claim is given greater credence by the role played by Nelson Rockefeller in starting the annual Bilderberg group meetings. In 1954, President Eisenhower appointed Rockefeller his ‘Special Assistant for Cold War Planning’, a position that officially involved the ‘monitoring and approval of covert CIA operations’. This was merely a cover for Rockefeller’s true role in directing US foreign policy in the wake of the ‘secret treaty’ earlier discussed between the Zeta ET race and the US.


Rockefeller’s main concern was on designing, implementing and monitoring the extensive military and intelligence programs set up in response to the ET presence in general, and the formal treaty with the Zeta ET race. Rockefeller played a key ‘coordinating’ role in the clandestine organization embedded within the National Security Council – Majestic 12. With the Bilderberg annual meeting, Rockefeller would play a similar role in ensuring that different Western bloc national governments would coordinate their resources in both meeting the challenge posed by the Warsaw Pact and the ET presence.

While clandestine organizations should in theory operate in a similar fashion to their parent departments which coordinate and share resources for the overriding goal of protecting the National Security of the US, the truth is that these clandestine organizations cooperate to a minimal degree.


Their ‘cooperation’ is limited by perceptions of a zero-sum competition against one another for influence, prestige and resources. For example, clandestine organizations in the Army, Navy and Airforce working to integrate ET technology into weapons systems will be in competition over which weapons systems deserve funding and the threat perceptions justifying such expenditure. Unlike the intense debate over conventional weapons that emerges into the public arena, debate over ET technology acquisition and deployment is highly classified.


The compartmentalized nature of these organizations, the security classification which puts them beyond congressional/departmental oversight for regular branches of government, the interaction with ET races and their technology, makes these clandestine organizations prime targets for ET infiltration.





ET Infiltration of Clandestine Organizations


The infiltration of clandestine organizations occurs through technology exchange/development programs, and intelligence gathering techniques which supposedly assists these clandestine organizations in performing their specific functions, but which in reality, make them susceptible to ET infiltration.


One common technology used by these organizations which is highly questionable in terms of the degree to which this permits ET infiltration is ‘Brain Enhancement’ Technology which, according to Dr Wolf, "allows utilization of a vastly-increased percentage of the brain, in order for humans to mentally engage the extraterrestrials in full telepathic mental exchange." The Treatment involves "a way of opening the brain up, a way to stimulate the neurons. It allows billions of synapses to form." [67]


According to Dr Wolf he underwent mental enhancement process where his IQ was raised from 141 to 186. [68] Similarly, Dr Neruda describes the Brain Enhancement technology used in the clandestine organization, Labyrinth, embedded in the NSA, and the expectation that all reaching a sufficiently high security classification were “invited to undertake the process.” [69]


Al Bielek, a participant in the infamous Montauk program run by the US Navy, also reported the use of Brain enhancement technology by the NSA. [70] Rather than solely increasing IQ and brain capacities, such technology raises serious concerns over its capacity to program recipients in cognitive and behavioral patterns that support ET influence and infiltration into the highest policy making spheres.

The result of these numerous clandestine organizations having different functions and interactions with ET technology, is that this contributes to a high level of distrust and competition among clandestine organizations in the US which superficially cooperate but are suspicious to the degree to which ET infiltration has occurred with ‘partner’ organizations. This ET infiltration problem is alluded to in Col.
Phillip Corso’s analysis of the relationship between the US military, the CIA and the intelligence services of other countries:

The CIA, KGB, British Secret Service, and a whole host of other foreign intelligence agencies were loyal to themselves and to the profession first and to their respective governments last…. Spy organizations like the CIA and the KGB tend to exist only to preserve themselves, and that’s why neither the US military nor the Russian military trust them…. CIA penetration by the KGB and what amounted to their joint spying on the military was a fact we accepted during the 1950s and 1960s… [71]

While Corso was referring to the Cold War struggle, the ET focus of his book,
The Day After Roswell, implicitly was suggesting this infiltration problem also applied to the ET interaction with different clandestine organizations. A revealing factor in Corso’s comments is that institutional culture plays a role in how a clandestine organization may be infiltrated by different ET factions and sub-groups. The different branches of the US military place an emphasis on loyalty, discipline, hierarchical decision making, and weapons development which makes them susceptible to ET races that share these values.


Therefore it is likely that Reptilian sub-groups from the ‘Good Shepherd’ ET category which have been noted to share these military cultures are likely to have infiltrated various branches of the US military. [72] Such infiltration would manifest itself in extremely aggressive behavior by sectors of the US military towards the Zeta Grey race.


That such infiltration has occurred is supported by testimony by Dr Wolf in an interview by Dr Richard Boylan concerning a group he calls the ‘cabal’:

Wolf has labeled this conspiratorial group of plotters "The Cabal". Made up of extremist, fundamentalist, xenophobic, racist, and paranoiac officers, the Cabal fears and hates extraterrestrials. And, without any Presidential or Congressional authorization, the Cabal has commandeered Star Wars weaponry to shoot down UFOs, taken surviving extraterrestrials prisoner, and attempted to extract information by force. [73]

Confirmation that a secret war using highly advanced technology is being conducted by sections of the US military against the Zeta comes from Col Steve Wilson, a highly decorated military officer who claims to have led a clandestine project (Project Pounce) to retrieve downed ET craft. [74]


In the case of intelligence services such as the CIA and NSA which focus on the intelligence gathering, sharing of information, establishing communication with different ET races, makes them more susceptible to infiltration by Zeta Greys who share aspects of this institutional culture. [75]

The extent to which these clandestine organizations have been compromised by ‘good shepherd’ ETs is evident in whistleblower testimonies such as Phil Schneider who witnessed the secret joint underground facilities between humans and ET, and the key role played by these ETs in the establishment of a New World Order. [76] Schneider described how the clandestine organization he worked for was compromised by ‘tall Greys’/’Reptilians’ and how these were preparing for a ‘one world government’.


Similarly, Dr Neruda describes the existence of the ‘Corteum’ a group of ET’s which is closely associated with a clandestine organization called the ‘Labyrinth’ comprising 1800 humans and 200 ETs embedded within the National Security Agency. [77] The paranoia, strict hierarchical control and secrecy by which the Labyrinth operates suggests that the ‘Corteum’ comprises the off-world Reptilian sub-group of the ‘Good Shepherd’ ETs. [78]


There are also a number of former participants in clandestine programs that involved joint ET/human collaboration in testing and developing new technologies in organizations embedded in the Navy, Army and Airforce. [79] According to Stewart Swerdlow, and other participants in a highly classified series of projects led by the US Navy dubbed the ‘Montauk Project,’ clandestine organizations involved in kidnapping US citizens for mind control experiments are collaborating with Grey/Reptilian ETs in trying to learn more about human emotional and behavioral responses. [80] Finally, Bill Cooper believes that a joint human/ET power structure exists which has an agenda for the total control over human institutions and populations. [81]

The ‘protective parent’ ET races have a distinct disadvantage in dealing with clandestine organizations since their unwillingness to exchange technology that has a military application, and indeed restrictions on the use of advanced weaponry leads to them having limited influence with clandestine organizations.


As mentioned earlier, a meeting between President Eisehower and this faction of humanoid ETs, resulted in failure due to a disagreement over the utility of the US nuclear military program. [82] Subsequently, ‘protective parent’ races focus their efforts on minimizing the chances of global warfare breaking out, minimizing the harmful effects of advanced weapons testing, preventing the destabilizing agendas of ‘good shepherd’ ETs from succeeding; and countering the infiltration of ‘good shepherd’ ETs into key clandestine organizations. [83]

The influence of ‘wise mentor’ races on clandestine organizations is even more limited since their ‘spiritual counseling’ has only limited appeal to clandestine organizations as bureaucratic institutions locked into a zero-sum conflict for power, resources and influence.


Dr Neruda describes in his interviews how he was forced to defect from the clandestine organization embedded in the NSA since the spiritual counseling by the ‘central race’ in the form of philosophy, art and music was deemed to be insufficient for offering the sort of weapons technology deemed necessary for defense against ET intervention. When Neruda was suspected of being under the influence of this ‘wise mentor race’, Neruda had to defect or risk having invasive memory technologies applied that would remove all knowledge of the interaction he had with this race.


The influence of these ‘wise mentor’ races does appear to have a significant impact on those individuals in clandestine organizations that open themselves to the influence of the former. [84]


These individuals become progressive forces for public disclosure of the ET presence through a gradual ‘acclimation program,’ and for a more benign military response to ET interventions, yet they remain in the minority in the policy making process. [85]





Conclusion: Responding to ET Infiltration in Clandestine Organizations


The compartmentalized nature of clandestine organizations with their specialized functions concerning technology exchange, intelligence gathering, and development of advanced weaponry, makes them vulnerable to infiltration by ET races that do not serve the highest interest of global humanity as an evolving species.


The danger of such infiltration is that policy making at the national and global level concerning the ET presence is skewed to serve the interest of a particular faction of ETs termed the ‘good shepherd’, whose agenda is to utilize humanity and the biosphere (Earth) as a resource base that serves the agendas of the different ET sub-groups in the ‘good shepherd’ category.


Those ET groups who can play a more supportive role in the development of global humanity (‘protective parent’ and ‘wise mentor’ ET factions) are marginalized in the policy making process due to the manner in which clandestine organizations are dominated by interests dedicated to technology acquisition and intelligence gathering.


The danger of maintaining such a focus on technology acquisition and intelligence gathering is that it will play into the hands of ‘good shepherd’ ETs intent on ‘harvesting’ humanity as a resource while marginalizing those ET groups that can offer better assistance to global humanity in its evolution as a distinct species.


The following policy making recommendations are therefore encouraged:

  • Full disclosure of the ET presence to allow public awareness of the different ET factions and the extent to which these have influenced clandestine organizations.

  • Oversight of all clandestine organizations and operations concerning ETs by specially convened congressional/legislative bodies designed to provide information on the scope and implications of these technologies and activities.

  • Full and ‘open’ diplomatic relations with ET representatives ensuring peaceful relations and interactions between global humanity and ET races.

  • Elimination of clandestine weapons programs infiltrated by ‘good shepherd’ ETs whose intent is to destabilize national governments and encourage military responses to the ET presence.

  • Transparency in all global policy making in organizations such as the Bilderberg group that attempts to coordinate global policy on the ET presence.

  • Monitoring of ‘brain enhancement’ technologies in terms of the extent to which compromise the independence of individuals assuming important leadership positions in dealing with the ET presence.

ET infiltration of clandestine organizations needs to be recognized as a phenomenon that requires immediate response by policy makers and by global humanity more generally.


Such infiltration makes it difficult if not impossible to effectively coordinate national and/or global policy making on the ET presence regardless of the competency of those playing a coordinating role for all clandestine organizations dealing with the ET presence. Hesitation in developing an adequate response to such infiltration threatens the short term sovereignty of global humanity and indeed the long term presence of humanity as a resident species on this planet.


Truth, transparency and close oversight of all activities concerning ETs is the best policy course for policy makers and global humanity in the challenges that lie ahead in integrating the technologies, knowledge and possibilities posed by the ET presence.





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