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Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 18:22 GMT



A secret dig appears to be underway beneath the U.S. Capitol, according to an exclusive photo released today by the online entertainment network @lantisTV after it successfully appealed a federal court order that had blocked its publication for months.


@lantisTV Exclusive Photo: A new visitor's center is being constructed beneath the U.S. Capitol, but observers in the intelligence community call it part of a cover for a massive excavation that has been underway beneath the National Mall for decades

The photo, taken from an undisclosed location last February (2004), captures a massive excavation beneath the U.S. Capitol. Officially, the site will house a brand-new underground visitor’s center.


But the scale of the undertaking, together with an unpublicized construction of a secret network of tunnels beneath the National Mall, is leaving some observers scratching their heads.

“They’re digging up the National Mall, looking for something,” said one exasperated U.S. Senator from a large industrial state who requested anonymity. “They’ve been at it for years, all under the guise of ‘renovations’ for the monuments or ‘security upgrades.’ Let me tell you, at this point there’s more to see of Washington, D.C., under the Mall than above ground. Talk about a shadow government. I think it’s a horrific abuse of taxpayer money.”

What that “something” could be that the feds are searching for has been the cause of countless speculation in the American capital for decades and the subject of such pop-culture phenomena as the No. 1 Amazon bestseller RAISING ATLANTIS, and this week’s release of the movie “National Treasure” starring Nicolas Cage.

National Treasure” plays with the idea that the greatest treasure of antiquity – collected over the centuries by the Knights Templar and transported to the New World — was buried by the Founding Fathers somewhere in North America.

WASHINGTONOPLE, meanwhile, proves that the major monuments along the National Mall are aligned to the stars of the Orion constellation and will “lock” with their celestial counterparts at a date foreseen by the Founding Fathers.


Furthermore, what lies at the end of this astronomical quest has little to do with the past but instead with the future — with America’s “secret destiny.”

The bestselling WASHINGTONOPLE, mysteriously enough, is attributed to Dr. Conrad Yeats, the fictional hero of the upcoming blockbuster adventure RAISING ATLANTIS, which hits bookstores everywhere in Summer 2005 and alludes to an unseen force behind the United States.