by Victor Viggiani, B.A. M.Ed.
from AmericanChronicle Website


Victor Viggiani is currently the Director of Media Relations for Exopolitics Toronto. His study of anomalous aerial phenomenon, research and analysis of Extraterrestrial issues spans over 30 years.


His experience involves UFO sightings report investigation as well as academic and radio journalism in the field of ET Disclosure and related issues.

Victor Viggiani, B.A. M.Ed.
August 26, 2007
To: The Right Honorable Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Prime Minister Harper

Based upon an analysis of a multiple set of circumstances within and outside of Canada, we as a nation are faced with an unprecedented moral crisis and a decision involving the public examination and disclosure of information of the most extraordinary kind.

We present our concerns to you the Prime Minister of Canada, as an elected official and, with the greatest humility and non-partisan urgency, draw your attention to a matter that Canadians and the rest of humanity can no longer ignore.

Four remarkable international and Canadian events have prompted Exopolitics Toronto and the associated members of the Canadian Exopolitics Initiative to bring this matter to your attention:

  1. The Governments of France (March 2007) and the United Kingdom (May 2007) have decided to release to the international scientific community previously classified documentation on Extraterrestrial craft now visiting Earth.

  2. Her Excellency Governor General of Canada Michaëlle Jean in her May 30, 2007 response to a May 17, 2007 correspondence from Exopolitics Toronto has suggested a specified course of action be taken by us to communicate with the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service to ascertain the state of concern in Ottawa regarding the UFO/ET phenomenon in Canada.

  3. Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter the first Director of the CIA from 1947 to 1950, stated, “It is time for the truth to be brought out… Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs… I urge immediate Congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about Unidentified Flying Objects.”

  4. The United Nations General Assembly voted to approve decision 33/426, inviting U.N. Member States "to take appropriate steps to coordinate on a national level scientific research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including unidentified flying objects, and to inform the Secretary-General of the observations, research and evaluation of such activities."

As a result of these four significant occurrences it is vital that you, our Prime Minister and the Government of Canada, rise above the blatantly flawed notion that UFOs are unreal, illusory or vexatious natural phenomenon, and by following the lead of the Governor General, the UN, France and Britain, and a former CIA Director, announce open Parliamentary Hearings into this highly complex issue.

A New Era for Canada

Monday September 17, 2007 will be an important day for Canada.

Aside from being the first day of Parliament’s 40th Session, it could well be the day when you stand before the people of Canada and its elected representatives in the House of Commons to begin a new era of openness, truth and inquiry.

It could be the day that you, as Prime Minister of Canada, one of the most well respected nations on the planet for its commitment to social justice and the truth, announce to Parliament, to the people of Canada and the world of the existence of radically new energy sources that will eliminate the need for fossil fuels, and of the existence of technologies capable of transforming the planet’s environmental chaos into an era of new solutions and environmental sustainability.

You will also be able to announce that not only do these technologies exist but they have been derived from energy and propulsion systems of vehicles of extraterrestrial origin.

Furthermore your message to Parliament will state:

- The U.S. government – as the major player among many – has sequestered these technologies behind a wall of deep secrecy for over six decades.

- These technologies have been used for weaponry and other military and national security purposes by the American military establishment and not for a genuine response to the planet’s spiraling environmental degradation.

You may even have to announce that Canada has been unwittingly complicit in this secrecy. However, Canadians are now prepared to confront and investigate the overwhelming evidence that has been concealed by a strict code of secrecy among many G7 countries - a secrecy code predominantly dictated by the United States of America.

Admittedly these are frightening announcements for any leader to make to his or her country and to the world but fortunately - you will be speaking – the truth.

You, Prime Minister will be the first leader of a democratic nation to come forward to conclusively declare an end to the embargo of the truth surrounding the presence of advanced and ethical off-world civilizations.

You will no doubt wish to conduct your own investigation among Canadian agencies within the national security establishment, the military, NORAD, the RCMP and CSIS during the remaining weeks of the summer. However, before you do, please consider the following evidence.

The Evidence

Your statements to Parliament will be based on the corroborative testimony of expert scientific, military and corporate witnesses, political figures and diplomats that would be accepted as evidence in any court of law. Your information to Parliament will also be based on documents, letters and memoranda in the possession of the Canadian Defense Department, NORAD and declassified American documents as well as other international documentation.

Exopolitics Toronto and the associated members of the Canadian Exopolitics Initiative are more than willing to share with you and provide open access to these documents and others obtained under the Access to Information Act from the Canadian Defense Department. As an example, this AIA documentation clearly indicates Canadian NORAD jets have been frequently scrambled to chase and be easily eluded by craft of unknown origin, under intelligent control and tracked by our own radar.

The preliminary evidential material upon which you will base your announcement is summarized here for you and the entire country to explore.

  • You will be able to unequivocally state that during April and May of 2007, Great Britain's Ministry of Defense indicated that it will be releasing its UFO sighting reports to the public for examination.

  • You can unequivocally state that in March 2007 - The French National Space Agency, (CNES), placed 1600 previously classified UFO sighting reports into the public domain for the examination of the international scientific community; beginning the process of full disclosure of craft of non-Earth origin.

  • You will remind Canadians that the Honourable Paul Hellyer, Canada's Defense Minister from 1963 to 1967 under Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau, stated publicly in September 2005 at the University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall before the press and over 500 people, "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head." Mr. Hellyer then called for a full government investigation into this matter.

  • Mr. Hellyer’s statements are based on documentation provided by Phillip J. Corso, a former Colonel in the US Air Force Intelligence, who had direct contact with, and was in charge of material from crashed extraterrestrial vehicles.

  • Mr. Hellyer’s statements and Colonel Corso’s documentation are supported by a retired American four star General as being, “true and even more…”

  • The first Director of the CIA from 1947 to 1950, Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter stated,


    • “It is time for the truth to be brought out… Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense... I urge immediate Congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about Unidentified Flying Objects...”


      Hillenkoetter, Roscoe

      Aliens from Space, Major Donald E. Keyhoe, 1975.


  • You can inform Canadians that in September 2005 - Former Apollo astronaut, Dr. Brian O'Leary, wrote in a foreword to Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge, by Dr. Steven Greer,


    • "These revelations underscore a long, sordid history of governmental and media secrecy and the acquisition of technologies such as microelectronics, anti-gravity propulsion and zero-point, or "free" energy, from our visitors. This massive cover-up has been going on for almost six decades since the UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947, an event which was certainly not caused by balloons, as alleged by the U.S. Air force. Such myths are only accepted by the ignorant or the powerful and their subjects."

  • You can also state that in May 2005 the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), entered into an agreement with civilian researchers to release information and jointly investigate UFO incidents.

  • You can share with Parliament that in October 1998, Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell stated,


    • "I am an American astronaut and a trained scientist. Because of my position people in high places confide in me. And, as a result, I have no doubt that aliens HAVE visited this planet. The American government and governments throughout the world have thousands of files of UFO sightings which cannot be explained."

  • You can affirm that in November 1950, Wilbert B. Smith, a Senior Radio Engineer with the Canadian Department of Transportation wrote the now famous 3 page memoranda to his superiors after his historic trip to Washington DC that states:


    • "The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher even than the H-bomb. Flying saucers exist. Their modus operandi is unknown but (a) concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Doctor Vannevar Bush. The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance."


    Furthermore you will be able to show MPs and journalists an actual signed copy of the Smith memoranda that Exopolitics Toronto can provide for you.

  • You will be able to confirm that at two separate Press Conferences in October 2002 and 2003 one time Chief of Staff in the White House under President Clinton, John Podesta, called for the release of all government documents relevant to the extraterrestrial issue. He did so following his tenure in the Clinton White House after watching billionaire Laurance Rockefeller work through the Office of Science and Technology Policy for three years to persuade the Clinton Administration to end the secrecy surrounding the ET issue.


    • “Now a former White House chief of staff… want(s) to know what the Pentagon knows, calling on it to release classified files about… incidents involving unidentified flying objects, or UFOs.”


    • Podesta stated: “It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon." CNN October 22, 2002.

  • You can, without reservation, state that a Canadian, Alfred Lambremont-Webre, while at the Stanford Research Institute, directed a proposed Extraterrestrial Communication Study Project for the Carter White House administration. This project was initiated because President Carter while with 10 friends had seen a UFO in 1969.

  • You will be able to show Members of Parliament a 1947 handwritten letter by former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover concerning his request for “…full access to discs recovered…” by the U.S. Army. This dated and handwritten memo is available to you.

  • You will be able to quote chapter and verse from a 90 page report, AVIATION SAFETY IN AMERICA – A PREVIOUSLY NEGLECTED FACTOR by a former NASA scientist that hundreds of pilot sightings each year dominate the issue of airline passenger safety and scientifically explains the impact of electromagnetic effects of unidentified aerial phenomenon on electronics and other avionics aboard passenger jets.

  • If you wish to do so you can even allow MPs to listen to real-time and authentic audio transmissions between pilots and air traffic controllers describing, with intimate and precise detail, encounters with intelligently controlled aerial phenomenon. Exopolitics Toronto will freely share these audio transmissions with your office.

  • Finally, you will be able to reinforce your argument to establish public Parliamentary Hearings on this vital matter by maintaining that if a similarly large body of evidential and witness material existed concerning an alleged corporate bank fraud or irregularities in the RCMP or CSIS, Parliamentary Hearings would be launched immediately and without hesitation to ascertain the truth.

Your announcement will have an even more expansive impact because the above evidential material does not include the Disclosure Project testimony of over 420 corporate and military witnesses accumulated by a leading disclosure based project in Washington D.C. under the direction of Dr. Steven M. Greer. Nor does it include the many thousands of pages of civilian-scientist research on this issue over the last 40 years. Access to this documentation and witness testimony can be made available to your office.

To make the above assertion even more air-tight, these 420 Disclosure witnesses have openly stated they are willing to testify, under oath, before the U.S. Congress about their direct encounters with crash site investigations, secret documents, cumulative photographic evidence, radar reports and the handling and storage of debris and bodies from crashed ET vehicles.


Jurisprudential evidence of this quality does not get any better, especially when witnesses possess the ranks of Brigadier Generals, Captains of ICBM Launch facilities, Senior FAA Crash Site Investigators, astronauts, pilots and officers with above top secret clearance.

Beyond All Oversight

One of the most distressing aspects of the secrecy surrounding this issue is the abject absence of oversight by our elected officials. Canadian elected officials are completely unaware of the data, yet national security agencies and the military closely guard it from any unwanted scrutiny.

Consider this: Fastwalker is a code word created by NORAD to classify unidentified flying objects which approach our Earth from space and enter our atmosphere. From a military facility deep inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, USA, the US Air Force NORAD facility tracks an average of 500 of these Fastwalkers each year. As you know, NORAD is a joint American-Canadian operation theoretically subject to the oversight of the American and Canadian governments. Prime Minister – how often is Fastwalker information discussed in Cabinet?

While most ordinary Canadians are familiar with the acronym UFO, they are totally unaware of the immense documentation, the research and deep furtive interest in and the examination of this matter by international military and national security agencies such as the CIA, NSA, NRO, NASA, RCMP and CSIS. In fact the NSA has 40 documents attesting to their interest in this issue on its web site. The informational sequestration and the classified activities of agencies like NORAD take place beyond any civilian or political oversight. In other words Mr. Prime Minister – neither you nor any of your senior Cabinet Ministers have access to this data. This secrecy is six decades old.

This awkward reality will cause Parliament great concern. Not only will MPs be taken aback by your message but it will motivate them to coalesce into a non-partisan movement to get to the root of this matter of governance usurped and democracy denied.

Canada will have created the ideal opportunity to be the next G7 nation to come forward internationally to support the disclosure decisions by France and Britain.

A Moral Issue

The question remains: How much longer will the Canadian citizenry and their elected representatives continue to be deprived of rightful oversight and remain totally uninformed of and oblivious to the disclosure of this provocative evidential information?

You must now recognize that ultimately this is not a political issue but a moral one.

The environment and the truth have endured an endless assault. The Canadian people have been kept in the dark long enough and have been powerlessly paying inordinately high prices for fossil fuels that are proven carcinogens. This has resulted in an odd conundrum.

While helpless, unwitting Canadians subsidize the depletion of their own ozone layer, virtually constant smog layers in their urban centers, endure spiraling respiratory problems, they are lead to believe the absurd notion that growing corn to feed our cars with ethanol is morally acceptable while our poor lack suitable grains and protein to eat.

This conundrum exists in the clear light of unambiguous evidence indicating that radically new technologies and virtually free energy sources can be revealed by a full examination of the UFO/ET phenomenon, a sequestered reality for 60 years.

Canada must extricate itself from this succession of secrecy and complicity to empower its strong global leadership to fully engage the truth with the French and British.

For these reasons alone, the Conservative government has a patently moral responsibility to probe into these issues, publicly. Not necessarily because this issue relates to national security, energy depletion, environmental degradation or lack of legislative oversight but because people of integrity and of international prominence, know and speak the truth. These individuals of prominence possess a deep inside knowledge of how governments and military have surgically managed the UFO/ET issue.

Prime Minister you must concede that, for any democratic government to be unable or unwilling to discern these obvious distinctions, is indefensible. Canada must act now.

Critical Questions Remain

It is no longer reasonable to ignore, nor is it a coincidence, that there is a growing international acknowledgment and agreement to release UFO/ET information as ascended to by the United Nations and two of the world's foremost G7 democracies, France and Britain.

Given these indisputable facts, these questions must be attended to by the Conservative government and responses provided to the Canadian electorate:

  • Will Canada, as an esteemed member of the United Nations, act upon UN decision 33/426 to initiate an investigation of the UFO/ET phenomenon and Extraterrestrial life to unveil the scientific, technological, medical, educational, social, economic and environmental implications the Extraterrestrial matter holds for all citizens of the planet?

  • What is the response of the Canadian government to the recent French and British disclosure events?

  • Will Canada join the initiatives of France and Britain to engage and support a widespread global dialogue and a process of international education concerning diplomatic matters relating to advance and ethical off-world civilizations?

  • Given that these off-world civilizations possess technologies and energy sources that allow them to engage in interstellar travel, will Canada become a leading proponent of and advocate for a promise of a new level of civilization with New Energy sources and radically new industrial, medical and environmental technologies?

  • Will Canadian MPs actively promote a form of international amnesty or restorative justice to enable the hundreds of corporate, military and national security insiders to come forward without reprisal to divulge the truth?

  • How will Parliament react given that Canadian statistics show nearly 3 million Canadians have seen a UFO? Other survey results show that 78% of Canadians believe we are not alone in the universe. Fifty two percent of those surveyed believe that some of the craft sighted are of non-Earth origin. Almost 60% of Canadians surveyed believe that governmental/military secrecy exists concerning the reality of unidentified aerial phenomenon. (Ufology Research of Manitoba 1997).

  • Will the government under your leadership hold open Parliamentary Hearings during the coming session of Parliament to examine the massive evidential material and witness testimony regarding an ET presence? These hearings will engage full Disclosure of the ET issue over the sequestration of information in favor of Canadian sovereignty and independence from the USA, which has not chosen Disclosure to date? The members of the Canadian Exopolitics Initiative are willing to provide broad-based national support and international communication with witnesses and evidential material to facilitate appropriately scheduled hearings.

  • Following Parliamentary Hearings and subsequent findings and reports to the Canadian people, will the government establish and fund for ten years, a Canadian Institute for Exopolitical Education to provide appropriate cultural, academic, institutional, scientific, environmental, technological and economic transitions and on-going analysis of the evidential material concerning the ET matter for Canada and its international partners?

    (See - A Decade of Contact by Alfred Lambremont Webre – Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space – a member of the Canadian Exopolitics Initiative.)

Mr. Prime Minister, Exopolitics Toronto and the associated members of the Canadian Exopolitics Initiative respectfully request public and unequivocal responses to each of these eight questions. We know you recognize that continued silence and inaction on this matter of acute consequence are no longer options.

These fundamental questions must be addressed by the peoples’ representatives lest Canada too becomes isolated by elements of secrecy that seek to conceal the authentic and legitimate reality of what other nations now acknowledge as the truth.

This self-evident right of entry into legitimacy will signal the beginning of a terrestrial rebirth that avoids the almost certain destiny that the current environmental, militaristic and social chaos bodes for each of us and our children.

You Stephen Harper, who finds himself the leader of one of the most respected countries on the planet, are in a unique position to make history as no other leader ever has.

We fully embrace your devotion to Canada, its values and its prominence as an international leader. You are not alone as you and our elected representatives fulfill the fiduciary responsibilities entrusted to you by the Canadian people.

To support you in this endeavor, representatives from Exopolitics Toronto and the Canadian Exopolitics Initiative are willing to discuss and confidentially brief you, members of Cabinet and your staff on these preliminary matters and the many other related issues of extraordinary proportions.

If, on September 17, 2007 Canadians hear you begin your address to Parliament with the words of a former Cabinet Minister the Honorable Paul Hellyer, who sat in the chair next to you as Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Elliot Trudeau… and who proclaimed at the University of Toronto:

“UFOs are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head…”, then Canadians will know a new era for Canada has begun.

We wish you every success in Parliament on September 17, 2007.

Prime Minister Harper, Canadians and the planet await your response.


Victor Viggiani B.A. M.Ed.
Director of Media Relations
Exopolitics Toronto

Michael J. Bird - Director
Exopolitics Toronto
© Exopolitics Toronto August 2007