-  About Alfred Lambremont Webre





 -  2009 to 2012 - ET Contact - The Galactic Underworld - Discovery of Life on Mars - A Conversation With...


 -  2011 - The Coming Collapse of The World Economic Order


 -  2012 - Cataclysmic Breakdown or Y2K makeover? ET/UFO Contact? DNA/Consciousness Transformation?


 -  2012 May Bring The "Perfect Storm" - Solar Flares, Systems Collapse


 -  2012 Podría Traernos La "Tormenta Perfecta"


 -  Abolishing The FED and New Energy Disclosure Key to U.S. Survival - Paul Hellyer


 -  Andromeda Council - Earth is already on a Positive Timeline


 -  ANZUS Treaty - New Zealand Discloses UFOs as U.S. Hides Possible ET/UFO Base at Pine Gap, Australia


 -  Archons - Exorcising Hidden Controllers - With Robert Stanley and Laura Eisenhower


 -  Arcontes - Exorcizando A Controladores Ocultos - Con Robert Stanley y Laura Eisenhower


 -  A Secret Babylonian Cult - The Jesuits - Independent Scientist Leuren Moret


 -  As UFOs Overfly New York, UN's Dr. Othman States, 'ET Life Is a Possibility'


 -  Bassett, Huneeus and Greer's Brain-Mind Entrainment by Manipulatory Extraterrestrials


 -  Cambio Planetario del Polo Terrestre que impulsa el Cambio Dimensional de Conciencia


 -  Charlie Hebdo was Unsuccessful SevenGate False Flag to Start WWIII - Next Steps


 -  Chemtrails Are Global Covert Operation for Total Control, Detecting UFOs


 -  Closing The Gap With Our Cosmic Neighbours



 -  Con el Viaje en el Tiempo se Pre-Identificó a Andrew D. Basiago como Presidente USA que Anuncia su...


 -  Cosby/Obama Censored by CIA - Journalists to Launch "Inside-Out" News Agency with Mainstream Access


 -  Countdown to December 21, 2012 - THE NEWS Live


 - "Cowboys & Aliens" Movie Twists True History of UFOs and ETs in The Old West


 -  Creando un Futuro Positivo - La Ciencia del Tiempo Muestra que la Tierra está en una Línea de Tiempo...


 -  Creating a Positive Future - Time Science Shows Our Earth is on a Positive Timeline in our Time Space...


 -  Declaración del Monte Adams - El 2012 y La Edad de Oro



 - ¿De Dónde Proviene el Mal? - Nuestra Maligna y Masiva Egophrenia puede Destruir o Despertar a la...


 -  DEW - Directed Energy Weapons causing Blindness and Paralysis


 -  Does Our Sun Have a Twin Star? - Is "The Twin" the Dual Sun The November 2013 Comet? - Nibiru-Planet X


 -  Earth Planetary Pole Shift that drives Dimensional Consciousness Shift


 -  El Plan Reptiliano para Dividir y Conquistar a la Raza Humana


 -  'ET Go Home' - Vote Outcome Not Helpful to ET Plan to Cleanse Earth's Environment


 -  Evidence DARPA-CIA Time Travel Pre-identified Trump as Future U.S. President


 -  Exopolitics and A Positive Human Future



 -  Exopolitics Interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre



 -  Exopolitics Researcher Develops Evidence-Based Typology of Extraterrestrial Civilizations


 -  Exponiendo a la Inteligencia Artificial, Sentiente Extraplanetaria, Depredadora y Patógena


 -  Exposing Sentient, Off-planet Predatory, Pathogenic AI Artificial Intelligence


 -  Extraterrestrials Now Live Among Us in China and in U.S.A. - Newspapers Report


 -  FDA Stealth-CODEX 2012 Bans Vitamins - Can Cause Disease and Mega-Death


 -  FEMA "Dream Warfare" Captures Targeted Persons for FEMA Camps in U.S. - Witness Says


 -  Giant ET UFOs Near Sun Now Visible With Close-Up Image Technology - Exposing Possible NASA Cover...


 -  Giant UFOs Around The Sun? - NASA Claims Malfunction, Physicist Says Giant ET UFOs Use Sun's Stargate


 -  Hawking - A UK Psyops to Promote Space Weaponization and A False War Against Extraterrestrials?


 -  Hidden Story Behind Jesse Ventura and Piers Morgan's CNN Clash Over Obama CIA Ties


 -  How our Telus Wi-Fi downgrade from 5G to 2.4G avoided Genocidal EMF Frequencies in our Home


 -  Human Souls Common to Extraterrestrials and Earthlings


 -  Hurricane Sandy as Environmental War - THE NEWS Live


 - "Identify The Perpetrator" - How 'The Obama' Fulfills the "Deceiver" Archetype and Why it Is Important to...


 -  Is Homo Capensis - the Big Brain Conehead - Earth's High Cabal and Covert Controller?


 -  Is Jimmy Carter a UFO/ET Abductee? - On The Road To Roswell & Burlington 2008: A Discussion with...


 -  Is UFO Orb Over Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem a Context Communication by ET?


 -  La Ascensión Planetaria No está en un Horario de Tiempo


 -  La Misión de la Federación del Consejo Galáctico Pleyadiano de Taygeta en la Tierra


 -  Las Almas Humanas Son Comunes para Extraterrestres y Seres Terrestres


 -  Las Diez Principales Predicciones Para El 2013


 -  Mayan Elder  Barbara Hand Clow - Exopolitics - Life on Mars - Financial Collapse & Galactic Matrix


 -  Moon Photos Discloses Possible 1969 ET UFOs Buzz Aldrin Says He Saw - 2010 APEP Imaging of Apollo...


 -  NASA Moon Bombing Violates Space Law and May Cause Conflict With Lunar ET/UFO Civilizations


 -  Newly Released Obama Birth Certificate Forensic Forgery - Washington Times Report


 -  NSA Recent UFO Document Release More Interesting for What It "Could" Not Find


 -  Obama Will Bring "Peace" and ET False Flag Attack Followed by An "Armageddon" Against Positive ETs


 -  On a UFO, Grey ETs Merged my Son's Soul Into His Body in My Womb - New Zeland UFO Expert


 -  Operatives Pushing Psyops Meme Around Comet Elenin - NASA, White House


 -  Planetary Ascension is Not on a Time Schedule


 -  Plan for Mass Arrests 2012 - Memo to Wilcock, Drake, Fulford, Romanov, Daikaku


 -  Policies for A Positive Future


 -  Políticas para Un Futuro Positivo


 -  Presencia Extraterrestre en El Espacio - La Exopolítica, Los Entresijos de La Guerra Espacial, y un Futuro...


 -  Prince William is The Antichrist, Future King of One World Government


 -  Quantum Technologies and The 9-11 Events


 -  Rumors of 'Alien UFO Invasion' - UFO Decloakings Multiply, as Do Forthcoming 'Alien Invasion' Movies


 -  Taygetan Pleiadian Galactic Council Federation mission to Earth


 - ¿Tendrá Nuestro Sol una Estrella Gemela? - ¿Será "El Gemelo" el Sol Dual, el Cometa de Noviembre 2013?


 -  Ten Top Predictions for 2013 - 'The News Live' for January 4, 2013


 -  Testimony of Dr. Alfred Webre, Senior Policy Analyst - from "Disclosure Project - Briefing Document"


 -  The 2012-13 "Nibiru Flyby" Meme/Hoax


 -  The Coming Galactic Superwave - Exopolitics


 -  The Deep Politics of Mars - A Dialogue between Mars experiencer Andrew D. Basiago and A. Webre


 -  The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race - Len Kasten


 -  The U.S. 2016 President Must Restore the Original 1789 Constitution - Also Protect the Rights of Children...


 -  Time Travel Pre-identified U.S. President Andrew D. Basiago announces 2016 Candidacy to Millions of...


 -  Two Researchers Attribute Norway Light to HAARP to Anti-ET Space-Based Weapon of Mass Destruction


 -  UFODC-Obama Adviser Says Documented UFO/ET Landings on U.S. Capitol "Could Destabilize Society"


 -  UFO/ET Message of Dimensional Shift in 2012 - Brought by Dr. Martin Luther King Relative and Contactee


 -  U.N. 'Battlestar Galactica' Forum - Omits ET/UFOs on 30th Anniversary of U.N. ET/UFOs Decision


 -  Un Evento de Extinción Global


 -  Up to 1 Billion Humans Are Abducted by Hyperdimensional ETs, and Humans Are in Cognitive Dissonance


 - "USA in Grave Danger" - Former Canadian Acting PM Paul Hellyer exposes Cabal, calls for New Energy...


 -  U.S. Covering Up Documented ETs & UFOs Over White House Capitol


 -  U.S. Navy Attacking Earth's Life Frequency - Destroying Dolphins and Whales


 -  U.S. Space Shuttle Covert Mission Was Chemtrails in Space for HAARP - Leuren Moret


 -  Washington DC Is Portal for Negative Grey ETs - Must Invite Positive ETs


 -  Web Bot - 1.2 Billion Dead in BP Oil Spill - Nov. 2010 Nuclear War - Accurate? Will ETs Intervene?


 -  Web Bot - Food Hyperinflation, Earth Changes, Chaos, Government Collapse in 2011-12?


 -  Where Does Evil Come From? - Our Wetiko (Archonic) Mass Epidemic of Malignant Egophrenia can...


 -  Will Contact With ETs Lead to Space Weaponization and Space War? - Paul Hellyer vs. Stephen Hawking


 -  WWIII - A War Between Hostile ETs and Humanity, Has Started - Whistleblower Says




 -  2012 - DMT, Psilocin, Mescalin, Ecstasy in The Preparation for Ascension


 -  Are You On a 2012-13 Catastrophic Timeline? Or Are You On a 2012-13 Positive Future Timeline?


 -  Earth Changes - A Spiritual Approach - Book Excerpts


 - ¿Está Usted en Una Línea de Tiempo 2012-13 de Un Futuro Catastrófico o Positivo?


 -  ETs Advierten Que Cataclismos Unificarán La Conciencia Humana - Cosmonauta Rusa Popovich


 -  ETs Warn Cataclysms Will Unify Human Consciousness - Russian Cosmonaut Popovich


 -  Half of Humanity Ascends to 5th Dimension on March 21, 2013 - Expert ET Contactee


 -  Laura Eisenhower - Unity Consciousness Will Collapse Military-Industrial Complex


 -  Singularidad en El Universo Está Ahora Emanando Una Pre-Onda de Energía Para La 'Unidad de...


 -  The New Human - 50% of Humans will Activate New Earth, 50% of Current Humanity Opt to stay on 3D Earth


 -  Transformación a Una Vida de 4ª Dimensión en La Tierra - Concejo de Andromeda


 -  Transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth Life - Andromeda Council


 -  Universal Law Supports Collapse of Economy in 2011, Ascension in 2012 - Scientist Says


 -  Universe Singularity Now Emanating Pre-Wave Energy For 'Enlightened Unity Consciousness'




 -  2010 Extraterrestrial Disclosure Wave Surges Around UN, Nuclear Shutdowns, Denver ET/UFO Vote


 -  Carta de Revelación Extraterrestre sugerida por asesores de Trump/Putin ¿debería ser Debatida en la ONU...?


 -  Chinese National TV Reporting Impending UFO/ET Disclosure by Obama Government


 - ¿Cuándo se Dará a Conocer Públicamente la Información sobre La 'Revelación' o Contacto Extraterrestre?


 -  Elite Controllers, ET/UFOs in Washington DC and Disclosure - Robert M. Stanley


 -  Expert Predicts End to Hierarchies and Value of Money, More ET/UFO Disclosure Starting July-Nov 2010


 -  Facebook at 517 Million Users Suppresses ET/UFO Disclosure With Cointelpro Spying, Censorship


 -  GOP Debate Evades ET Disclosure Issue - Now on Obama White House Website


 -  Obama Response to White House ET Disclosure Petition Continues Mars Cover-Up


 -  Should ET Disclosure Letter suggested by Trump/Putin Advisers be Debated in UN General Assembly?


 -  Televisión Nacional China Informa Inminente Revelación del Gobierno de Obama Sobre Extraterrestres...


 -  When Will Extraterrestrial "Disclosure" or Contact in The Public Domain Happen?


 -  Will Extraterrestrial "Disclosure" or Contact Happen in 2012?




 -  A Global Extinction Event


 -  Fukushima HAARP Nuclear Attack by CIA, DOE, BP for London Banks - Leuren Moret


 -  Fukushima Polar Vortex Radiation in USA Exceeds 2-3 Times for Evacuation - Leuren Moret


 -  Fukushima Tectonic Nuclear Warfare Monitored by World Partners - Leuren Moret


 -  Japan Earthquake-Nuke "Accident" Are Tectonic Nuclear Warfare - Scientist Say


 -  U.S., Canada, Mexico, Hawaii Targeted in Nuclear War From Japan


 -  Leuren Moret - 100,000 Excess Deaths in 2011 in North America from Fukushima Radiation


Galactic Councils-Federations


 -  11.11.11 and The Facts About Life as A 4th Dimensional Human - Andromeda Council


 -  Actualización Sobre Elenin del Concejo de Andrómeda - Enanas Marrones, Nibiru, Cambios en La Tierra...


 -  Andromeda Council Update on Elenin - Brown Dwarf, Nibiru, Earth Changes, 4D Earth


 -  Council of World's Extraterrestrial From Tau Ceti, Speaks His Truth on 2012 - Jerry Wills


 -  Del Concejo Extraterrestre - La Guerra Contra Los ETs Grises-Dracos Reptilianos Ya Se Ganó


 -  El 11.11.11 y los Hechos Acerca de la Vida como Ser Humano de 4ª Dimensión - Concejo de Andrómeda


 -  ET Council Seeded Homo Sapiens as Intelligent Beings With 12-Strand DNA


 -  ET Council - War With Grey-Draco Reptilian ETs is Won - No False Flag ET Invasion


 -  ET Council - "We Will Increase UFOs, Address U.N. in 2014, Renew Ecology in 2015"


 -  Spectacular January 18, 2011 Moscow UFO Part Fulfillment of ET Council's Prediction?


 -  Transformación a Una Vida de 4ª Dimensión en La Tierra - Concejo de Andromeda


 -  Transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth Life - Andromeda Council


 -  UFO Wave Over Moscow is 3rd Independent Confirmation of ET Council




 -  Andrew Basiago Is Predicted "'Planetary Level' Whistleblower for Mars Life and Time Travel" - Web Bot


 -  Andrew D. Basiago Responds to Michael Salla


 -  Andy Basiago - ¿Alertador de Vida en Marte o Chiflado?


 -  Andy Basiago - Life on Mars Whistleblower or Crackpot?


 -  Basiago and Eisenhower Reveal "Marsgate" and Make Case for "Alternative 4"


 -  Dos Alertadores Informan Independientemente Haberse Teletransportado a Marte y Reunirse con ETs...


 -  Exopolitical Roundtable: Pleiadian Nuke Destroyed Mars Ecology? - Cheney Ran Mars Colony Corporation


 -  La Casa Bianca Nega Che La CIA ha Teletrasportato Obama su Marte


 -  La Casa Blanca Niega Que La CIA Teletransportó a Obama a Marte


 -  Law of Evidence Support View of Mars Having Indigenous, Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life - New Data


 -  Mars Active Industrial Site Located by Remote Viewing, JPL Photos, Corroborating Mars Whistleblowers


 -  Mars Visitors Basiago and Stillings Confirm Barack Obama Traveled to Mars


 -  Packing for Mars - Will this Award-winning Film spark a US Congress/UN disclosure of Secret US Bases...


 -  Plan para Sustituir a la Humanidad con Colonia de Marte con ADN de Élite - Dice Infante de Marina


 -  Plan to Replace Humanity with Mars Elite DNA Colony - says Marine Corps


 -  Tercer Alertador Confirma La Participación de Obama en Programa de 'La Sala de Salto' de La CIA a...


 -  The Obama/Mars Cover-Up - Shuts Down Column of Alfred Lambremont Webre


 -  Third Whistle Blower Confirms Obama's Participation in CIA Jump Room Program of Early 1980's


 -  Two Whistleblowers Independently Report Teleporting to Mars and Meeting Martian Extraterrestrials


 -  Visitantes a Marte Basiago y Stillings, Confirman Que Barack Obama Viajó a Marte


 -  Whistleblower Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike's Great-Granddaughter, Outs Secret Mars Colony Project


 -  White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars


 -  A Brief History of Time Travel


 -  An Introduction to Time Travel With an Emphasis on Teleportation

 -  Basiago, Stillings and Eisenhower - Barack Obama Visited Mars - COAST TO COAST AM

 -  Lisa M. Harrison Interviews 1980-83 CIA Jumproom Experiencer William Brett Stillings

 -  Third Whistleblower Publicly Confirms CIA Jump Room Program - Teleportation




 -  Andromeda Council Sonic Beam Destroys Reptilian Base - Magnitude 5.0 Gulf of Aden Quake


 -  Armas de Rayos Sónicos del Consejo de Andrómeda Destruye Base Reptiliana - Sismo de Magnitud 5.0...


 -  Comet Elenin and Brown Dwarf Star Are Part of ET Reptilian Invasion


 -  Del Concejo Extraterrestre - La Guerra Contra Los ETs Grises-Dracos Reptilianos Ya Se Ganó


 -  Destrucción de Bases Submarinas Reptilianas en El Oriente Medio y China - Concejo de Andromeda


 -  Destruida Base Reptiliana Submarina - Sismo Grado 6.9 en El Mar Oriental de China


 -  East China Sea 6.9 Quake - Undersea Reptilian Base Destroyed - Andromeda Council


 -  ET Council - War With Grey-Draco Reptilian ETs is Won - No False Flag ET Invasion


 -  Massive Reptilian Undersea Base Destroyed - 5.1 USGS Quake at Southeast Bay of Bengal - Andromeda...


 -  Removing Reptilian Undersea Bases from Middle East & China - Andromeda Council


Time Travel


 -  Andrew Basiago Is Predicted "'Planetary Level' Whistleblower for Mars Life and Time Travel" - Web Bot


 -  Four U.S. Black Ops in 9/11 - Antigravity UFO - Tesla Time Travel - Directed Energy Weapon - Mini-Nukes


 -  Obama Pre-Identified as President by Secret DARPA-CIA Time Travel Program


 -  Obama - Presidencia de USA 2012 Capturada por Tecnología Para Viajes en El Tiempo


 -  Second Whistleblower Emerges to Confirm Reality of Time Travel


 -  Time Travel and Political Control


 -  Viaje en El Tiempo y Control Político


 -  Why is Hawking Affirming Time Travel Theory and Appearing Ignorant of DARPA Secret Time Travel?


 -  A Brief History of Time Travel



War Crimes Tribunal


 -  Bush and Blair Found Guilty - What If All War Criminals Were Treated Equally?


 -  Bush, Blair Found Guilty of War Crimes



 -  Bush Convicted of War Crimes in Absentia



 -  Bush In Abwesenheit Schuldig Gesprochen für Kriegsverbrechen


 -  Canada's Role In Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons Worldwide


 -  International Citizens 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal


 -  Mass Genocide of Mohawk Children by UK Queen and Vatican Uncovered in Canada


 -  Mass Graves of Children in Canada - A Special Report from The International Tribunal into Crimes of...


 -  State of Israel Charged for "Crime of Genocide and War Crimes" - Kuala Lumpur Tribunal


 -  Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth - Arrest Warrants - USA Bishop Breaks With Vatican


Additional Information


 -  Africa's Kalahari Atlantean Civilization and Technology Fed 6 Billion People - CCN's Mel Ve


 -  An Open Letter to The Prime Minister of Canada Concerning the Extraterrestrial Presence


 -  Cheney's Ouster May Be Last Chance to Stop World War III


 -  Eisenhower y los Alienígenas - Los Orígenes de la Exopolítica


 -  El Inédito Documento de Einstein y Oppenheimer del Año 1947 Sobre Extraterrestres


 -  Extraterrestrials and The Environment - Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear weapons and ETs (1944 - 2007)


 -  Gearing Up for "Cosmic Watergate... The Beginning of ET Disclosure"


 -  'Half-Alien' Group Foresees Disaster - Japan UFO Landing


 -  Like a Lost Shoe... Nibiru



 -  Relaciones con Habitantes de Cuerpos Celestes - Documento Borrador de A. Einstein y R. Oppehheimer


 -  Relationships With Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies - The Einstein-Oppenheimer Draft Document 1947


 -  Scalar Humanity - Introduced by Tom Clearwater, funder of Citizens Hearing on ET Disclosure


 -  Truth Amnesty - A Higher Calling


 -  U.N. to Debate Contact With Extraterrestrial Civilizations


 -  What the Plejarans Wish for The Earth Humans





A Decade of Contact:


 -  Exopolitics - A Decade of Contact - A Treatise - by Alfred Lambremont Webre


 -  Exopolitica - Una Decada de Contacto - Un Tratado - por Alfred Lambremont Webre


 -  Towards a Decade of Contact - Preparing for Re-integration into Universe society


 -  The Age of Cataclysm - How Man Can Survive The Impending Disasters - by Alfred Lambremont Webre




 -  2012-2013 Convergence - A Catastrophic or a Benign Timeline? - Alfred Lambremont Webre

 -  2012 London Olympics and Prince William as 'Anti-Christ', Heir to Jesus Christ Bloodline - Rik Clay

 -  Alfred Webre at The Knowledge Exchange


 -  A Secret Babylonian Cult - The Jesuits - Independent Scientist Leuren Moret

 -  A True ET Landing or An Anti-ET False Flag Operation? - Dr. Steven Greer & Dr. Carol Rosin - July 17 2007

 -  Defeating 5G as a Mass 'DEW' - A Directed Energy Weapon

 -  El Universo, el Multiverso, el Omniverso

 -  Exopolitics - The New Human & The War Against Star Kids & ETs  - Dr. Richard J. Boylan - May 19, 2007

 -  Extraterrestrials and The Positive Timeline - Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Alfred Lambremont Webre...

 -  Extraterrestrials' Effects on Human History

 -  Is Comet 17P/Holmes the Blue Kachina, 9th and Last Sign of Hopi Prophecy? - Paola Harris - Dec. 08, 2007

 -  Politics and Exopolitics - 2008 Exopolitics Radio With Alfred Webre

 -  Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth - Arrest Warrants - USA Bishop Breaks With Vatican

 -  The New Human & The War Against Star Kids & ETs - Dr. Richard J. Boylan, PhD - May 19, 2007

 -  The Transhumanist Agenda - Human Robotization and Nano Implant Technologies

 -  The Universe, the Multiverse, the Omniverse


 -  Time Travel Secrets - Conspiracy Theory S03E03


 -  Transformación Dimensional de La Tierra - Alfred Webre en SOLirisTV

 -  Unraveling The Soetoro-Obama Deception - Unicus Radio



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