by Niara Isley
January 8, 2008

from AmericaChronicle Website


What is Exopolitics?

There are a couple of closely related definitions, from two different but related websites:

“Exopolitics is the study of the key individuals, institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life.”

from Dr. Michael Salla's website,

"The science of relations between our Earth and advanced, intelligent civilizations in the Universe."

from Alfred Webre's website,

As defined above, we see that exopolitics seeks to research and explore the realm of extraterrestrial life as it relates to humanity, politically, socially, culturally and very likely, economically. I recommend anyone finding this article interesting spend some time looking over information on those websites.

Exopolitics does not seek an answer to the question, "Are we alone?"  To this field of study that question has been answered satisfactorily many times over by the countless reports of sightings, abductions, and contacts, including highly credible ex-military and ex-government civilian employees who have come forward to give testimony on their experiences not only with “UFO” sightings, but with extraterrestrial technology and extraterrestrials themselves.


Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project has carefully recorded, on video and in print, expert testimony from over 400 witnesses to this extraterrestrial technology and contact.

Some of these same Disclosure Project individuals were present and giving their testimony again recently on the Larry King Live show this month, aired on November 9, and it's not his first show on this topic either.



L.A., November 09, 2007
LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, close encounters with UFOS - is national security on the line?
High ranking government and military officials from around the world have seen what you won't believe.

And they risk their reputations to make the case. They're here.

Another of his shows dealt with the same subject aired on July 1, 2003 near the anniversary date of the famous Roswell, NM saucer crash that happened in July 1947. This incident has been extensively researched and written about by a variety of UFO researchers over the years and this investigation and research continues to this day.

The following Monday, November 12, 2007, there was, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, a conference on UFOs where pilots and other expert witnesses from a variety of countries came together to share and discuss their sightings and experiences.


The panel was moderated by ex-Arizona governor, Fife Symington, who has come forward to add his testimony and support of experiencing the Phoenix Lights sightings on March 13, 1997. He originally “spoofed” the sightings, but now confirms what he saw in all seriousness with other highly credible witnesses of this phenomenon.

Various other countries in the world have released multitudes of their previously classified files on this subject, notably France, Great Britain, the former Soviet Union, Brazil and Mexico. A computer hacker in Great Britain, Gary McKinnon, is fighting extradition to the U.S. For getting into U.S. Department of Defense computers - one of the documents he discovered was an Excel spreadsheet titled “Non-Terrestrial Officers.”

Clearly, exopolitics is a field of study whose time has come.


And why NOW for exopolitics?

It might be easy to leave this heretofore ridiculed area of research and discussion to those who gather to discuss new evidence and old, to to compare and debate.


Then again, there might be enough impetus to open this subject up to more widely public arenas as it looks like the U.S. Government, or factions within the government, have been withholding important information that they have on extraterrestrials, made even more important and critical when one considers the high numbers of people who say they have been abducted by extraterrestrials. Instead there has been a campaign of ridicule around the whole subject making many people unwilling to come forward with their experiences or what they know, be they abductees or highly credible expert witnesses, for fear of said ridicule and censure, or even losing their jobs.


Fortunately the effectiveness of this campaign of ridicule is not enough to silence most people any longer and more and more testimony is coming out to the public, if the public will just take a serious look at the available research and testimony.

It's well worth mentioning here, for any who have not heard of this before, that extraterrestrials appear to have a high interest and concern about our use of nuclear weapons and energy, being sighted over facilities testing and storing nuclear weapons, and over nuclear power plants. The Roswell crash happened near a base, Roswell Army Air Field, that was home to the 509th Bomb Wing, one of the only places authorized to store nuclear weapons.


Extraterrestrial craft have been credited with the shutting down of nuclear missile silos and rendering nuclear missile tests shot into the sky harmless and inert, per witness testimony in the Disclosure Project Witness Testimony film (below video.)


The most critical reason that this subject should come widely out into public awareness at this time is all around us and right over our heads - global warming and possibly catastrophic climate change.


The pure insanity going on in the world right now, fighting wars over the last remaining old fields in the Middle East, when the burning of that oil for energy is a major contributor to our own species and all other planetary species demise staggers reason and intellect. The billions or perhaps trillions poured into the “permanent” war economy could be much better spent on finding alternatives in clean, cheap or even free energy.

And, if we can accept the testimony of the ex-military and ex-government employees who have come forward, that clean, free energy is within our grasp in extraterrestrial technology that our government has and has been back-engineering for at least 60 years to find out how it works and how to build it themselves, and have withheld that technology and information from the public, caving into big oil interests and the strangle-hold they have on the world economy.


When one considers that clean, free energy has been within humanity's grasp for at least the last 20 to 30 years, and perhaps much longer, then the the absolute and irrefutable greed of big oil is even more completely revealed. When they have squeezed the last dollar out of the last drop of oil they can drill out of the planet, perhaps then they might allow such technology to be released to the public domain... or perhaps not even then, as they look for new ways to capitalize on and control the flow of energy needed to run the world. In the meantime, this insanity and greed threatens us all with extinction.


If energy solutions exist in the form of well-researched and back-engineered extraterrestrial technology, then we must demand of our congressional legislators the release and implementation of that technology to solve our energy crisis, end the “permanent war economy” and begin to apply these energy solutions to saving and cleaning up our planet, perhaps creating a peaceful and safe world for all in the process.

There have been many polls over the years that show that people in the U.S. believe we are not alone, believe we are being visited by extraterrestrials now, and also believe that the U.S. Government is not telling all it knows about this phenomenon.


Ex-presidents have spoken of their own UFO sightings, such as Jimmy Carter, and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has confirmed his own sighting which is spoken of in his friend Shirley McLaine's new book, “Sage-ing While Age-ing.” (Shirley McLaine also appeared on the recent November 2007 Larry King Live show on UFOs.)


Several astronauts have also spoken of seeing UFOs during their missions.


The Spiritual Component of the Extraterrestrial Presence

Last, I'd like to at least touch on the spiritual implications of an extraterrestrial presence.


As these craft have been observed, and as our scientific explorations on Earth have progressed into quantum mechanics, holographic theory, and string theory, there seems to be an overlap and the possibility through the observation of extraterrestrial crafts that they are using such scientific knowledge in in practical application in how they operate their crafts.


Our scientists are now postulating the idea of “multiverses” and other dimensions of being beyond three-dimensional reality. Yes, I am mentioning the spiritual in the same paragraph as science, because these branches of scientific study lend themselves to explaining the metaphysical universe that so many of us experience through meditation or other ways of being sensitive to the unseen world around us.


The runaway popularity of the film, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” is a testament to this and how hungry people are for the marriage union of science and their deeply personal spiritual experiences.

When extraterrestrial craft move at great speeds, or wink in and out of sight in ways seemingly impossible, they may be shifting dimensions, altering their energetic structure to make moves that look astounding to human eyes used to only our 3-D reality.

Even in the physical forms that the extraterrestrials have, they may exist primarily at higher octaves of vibration, rather than the denser vibrational rate of our 3-D world. So contact with at least some extraterrestrial races may take place in an overlapping area where the vibratory rate of our 3-D world can intermingle with a higher vibratory rate, perhaps the fourth dimensional world provides that overlapping area between the third dimension and the fifth dimension.


This could also account for so many encounters not being consciously remembered, as our brainwaves may need to move from beta (associated with normal waking everyday consciousness) to alpha (creative thought, daydreaming, lighter meditation), theta (deeper meditation) or delta (associated with deep sleep or deep meditation) to facilitate such contact.


At such times, the non-physical parts of our beings may be having interactions with extraterrestrials, sharing knowledge or experiences while our bodies are at rest.

This last is just speculation, but it is an educated and experiential speculation that, with my years of looking into possible explanations of what could be going on, resonates most accurately so far.


Why Me?

Years ago, the conundrum of the strange string of things that I couldn't readily explain away in my life, from childhood through adulthood - culminated in having hypnosis done in 1994 with a prominent UFO/abduction phenomenon researcher named Budd Hopkins, author of books such “Missing Time” and “Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility and Transgenic Beings” with Carol Rainey.


The information that came to me through that session and my journey to understand it plunged me into a completely different world than the one I had supposed I grew up being part of. I have delved into this, feared the ridicule myself and, because there was so much I couldn't get answers to, tried to push it out of my life.


At last I had to undertake the healing journey that would allow me to integrate these experiences productively into the whole of my life. I have resisted coming forward as yet another “voice in the wilderness” of this extraterrestrial drama for a long time.


And yet, now it seems to be necessary, and my journey has well-equipped me to present what I feel I have to offer on this subject, from a place of heart and conscience.

And if extraterrestrial technology, and perhaps even open contact with extraterrestrials themselves, can help us avert a global environmental crisis - if it can help humanity survive, thrive, and have the chance to evolve into the beautiful and magnificent potential I believe we as a species have, my time working to bring it into the mainstream public domain is time very well spent.