Chapter Nine
A Universe Career

One long-term benefit arising from Earth’s quarantine is that our isolation has helped build a soul that can live on hope alone. Our human souls must reach deep into inner resources to overcome many of the lingering tendencies of the planetary rebellion such as war, confusion, poverty, violence, and ignorance.

From the viewpoint of a Universe career, Earth’s challenges may be ideal circumstances for our lengthy evolution.

A Universe career spans much longer than a single human lifetime on planet Earth. Human souls progress on a path of development in a multidimensional Universe, depending on our choices and actions in our Universe lives.

Looking at your life fearlessly as a Universe adventure deepens its meaning. Planning your life is more than a cradle-to-grave exercise. A successful life career includes activities and in-depth orientations that endow the soul for its continued career into the next lifetime(s). Life on Earth is part of one continuous cycle for the human soul, extending into other non-temporal dimensions.

Human religion has always spoken of the extended existence of the soul. But a Universe career is certainly not part of the modern scientific canon. Conventional science holds that all life ends with death, a concept that parascience, the new science, now disputes. Because of our disrupted quarantined past on Earth, our human awareness of a Universal career was truncated and buried.

Modern materialism is but a developmental stage of a lower intelligent species into a higher-order intelligent species. An advanced planetary society has it all. More advanced planets have a high level of civilization and standard of living, along with the knowledge that a material life is but a transitory stage of development for a more fundamental, non-temporal being known as the soul.

There is no challenge greater for modern human beings, caught up in the materialistic daily chaos of Earth, than to acknowledge the soul as the inner center of their being. Our human body, persona, identity, and desires are but costume that the soul uses in its inexorable development toward union with universal Source. Advanced civilizations in interplanetary (and interdimensional) society know these soul-lessons well. For the Universe is a spiritual realm, and its core tasks are spiritual.





Chapter Ten
Understanding Universe Organization

It is not by accident or delusion that between one-quarter and half of adult humans intuit that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial civilizations. Viewing the whole of the Universe, the most logical and rational conclusion is that we live in a highly populated and organized Universe society of life-bearing planets. Like most basic decisions about reality, we can best arrive at this conclusion viscerally and intuitively.

Earth’s dominant belief that the Universe is unpopulated is only as strong as the information on which the belief is based. The modern human belief that Earth is in a chaotic, denuded Universe is based on our own human projections. Using a common psychological defense mechanism, we project that advanced civilizations are like ours.

We project that the Universe conforms to our human views of scientific laws. Our science and our imagination possess only the barest glimmerings of what advanced civilizations are like and what they know. The principles of reflectivity and dimensionality, for example, are officially unknown in our reality, although parascience has increasing knowledge of these principles.

What every intelligent life-bearing planetary society knows – that we are part of a highly organized Universe composed of billions of life-bearing planets – is treated as scientific heresy and madness in the establishments of our planet. What is more, modern human society is unaware that we have been intentionally isolated through quarantine from interplanetary society.

The false illusion that we live in a lifeless Universe is in effect a conceptual artifact from past millennia in which humanity has thought that the Earth is itself the center of the Universe. This illusion, or mass delusion, is a lateral consequence of the Universe quarantine under which Earth has been laboring.

Were the planetary quarantine to be suddenly dropped, we would have interplanetary commerce, interplanetary transportation, interplanetary communication, and interplanetary participation. It is time for a fundamental re-assessment of what we know about the Universe in which we live. We are isolated Universe hermits only in the delusional blinders of the quarantine of Earth.





Chapter Eleven
Universe Politics and the Decade of Contact

The end to our planetary quarantine will be based on open interaction between Universe society and Earth. The master - Universe society - appears when the evolutionary student Earth is ready. The Universe is designed as a living environment for the education and evolution of consciousness. Our Universe isolation will end when we are ready for the next lesson. There is good reason to believe the end of Earth’s isolation in the Universe is now approaching.

We humans can reassess whether we live in a populated Universe simply by empowering ourselves to do so. Barring a massive overt demonstration on Earth by extraterrestrial society, we must make it socially and scientifically safe to reassess the issue of extraterrestrial civilizations in our environment.

Exopolitics is our best strategy to exit our planetary quarantine. As a central act of Exopolitics, let us create the Decade of Contact, a ten-year social program officially dedicated to the issues of extraterrestrial contact, a decade of official world participation toward activating global consciousness and knowledge about Universe society.

Among the goals of the Decade of Contact would be the implementation of Exopolitics on Earth, the study of Earth’s role in Universe government and politics. Through education, media, and grass-roots politics, a Decade of Contact can bring awareness to public consciousness about Universal society, and can reorient human science and institutions to be "extraterrestrial-friendly."

The transition from quarantine to open interaction with Universal society is the central aim of Exopolitics. Planetary reintegration involves active Exopolitics with Earth’s participation in the politics of Universe society. This transition includes forces consciously opposing the quarantine’s end. Ignorance, pride, arrogance, jealousy, greed, and emptiness fuel Earth's covert hierarchy of power, whose information war spans the last fifty years. Exopolitics includes evolutionary forces that consciously favor integration with interplanetary society.

Ending the Universe quarantine of Earth is in some ways like any other political process – messy, with struggle between opposing forces. There are forces on Earth firmly committed to stopping a reunion with interplanetary civilization.

Our entire military, nuclear and petroleum-based civilization is firmly against a reunion with a Universe society that cannot be controlled. Admission to the advanced propulsion systems of Universe society – namely "free energy" – means that the vested interests of private ownership, cartels, and a petroleum-based transportation and energy system would deconstruct.

Ultimately, breaking the quarantine means ending war and oppression. Human military establishments become obsolete as war is outlawed. The narrow human elite that builds power by maintaining the monopolies of petroleum, nuclear power and military establishments would be deconstructed by interplanetary society.

Universe politics is the vehicle for our transformation into an interplanetary species and citizens of interstellar society. Crucial to exopolitical change is "mass awareness" on Earth. The polis, the human body politic, must become aware of its fundamental universal circumstances.

Mass awareness requires a critical mass of humans triggering a changed Universe perception in human society. A sea change in human attitudes about Earth is crucial to our re-integration into interplanetary society. We must achieve mass awareness that we are part of a larger organized society in interstellar space.

Our attaining a Universe relationship is key to human reintegration with interstellar society. That is, we must deliberately enter into conscious relationships with the other civilizations of space and build on these relationships. These interrelationships with interplanetary society must be conscious and interactive, characterized by awareness, emotion, feeling, reciprocity, and mutual interest – all the factors we presently deny about intelligent life in outer space. We must dissolve our barriers of ignorance and cultural apathy about things not related to Earth.

Although we live in a highly populated Universe, we humans send but the barest feelers out towards space. Our dominant official attitude is a hardened belief that we are the only intelligent species and are entitled to carry our war-like, polluting ways out into the Universe. These are precisely the kinds of signals that the United States, through its militarization of space programs, is telegraphing to interplanetary society on our behalf.





Chapter Twelve
Can We Heal?

As we rejoin interplanetary society, our primary tasks will be to build a critical mass of human awareness, and to develop interactive relationships with the rest of the intelligent Universe. These tasks call for profound human therapy, our own planetary healing.

Universe law may provide some consolation about our planetary need for healing. If an interplanetary society has quarantined us for good reason, then we are likely to be "un-quarantined" for equally good reason. Earth is in quarantine not because we have violated some law of astrophysics. We are quarantined because Earth's rebellion from Universe society violated Universe law. Therefore, Earth has been subject to interplanetary legal consequences. Natural law tells us that these consequences can be reversed. Reasonable grounds exist for the reversal of the quarantine and allowing Earth to enter into knowing, conscious relationships with the rest of interplanetary society.

Human society has erected cultural barriers to understanding our true circumstances in the Universe. Our cultural barriers cripple science and knowledge regarding issues of Universe society. Cultural barriers prevent formal education about Earth’s period of isolation and planetary quarantine. As a planetary culture, we are in virtual ignorance about our fundamental condition in the Universe. The future now lies in our hands. You may be ready as an individual, but we must ready humanity as a whole for Universe society.

Historically, we humans have been unable to openly acknowledge the existence of Universe society. In retrospect, the Universe quarantine has been successful. Our collective heads remain in a cosmic paper bag, and we have not been able to find our way out. After all, the plot of Earth’s history as a wayward planet is as plausible as any science fiction thriller about Good and Evil in the Universe. Our planetary quarantine is as old as the Adam and Eve story, if not older.

A Decade of Contact can create our collective breakthrough into interplanetary society. The most logical and intuitive insight is that the Universe is populated and organized. Our Decade of Contact takes this life-affirming insight and gives it positive social reinforcement.

The Decade of Contact deconstructs the barriers between Universe society and human science, education, communication, government, community politics, and religion. During the Decade, we will rekindle our collective human desire to experience the unity of the Universe. The Decade of Contact reaffirms Universe integration as a most profound duty of human governments, religious and educational institutions, and families.





Chapter Thirteen
The End of the Oligarchy

In Universe society, love rather than conflict is the central organizing principle among advanced civilizations. A heritage of our planetary rebellion is that military power, political oppression, and economic exploitation are the dominant means of self-government. Our conflict-based human civilization persists because of quarantine and isolation. We have come to accept conflict, oppression, and suffering as normal. Earth's culture of conflict is an aberration in the Universe. Earthly conflict will fall away with our admission into Universe society.

Earth’s slavery to a military, petroleum, and nuclear-based civilization will deconstruct with our open integration into Universe society. With access to the advanced technologies of Universe society, Earth will no longer be dependent on an energy infrastructure that is environmentally degrading. Earth's energy infrastructure is owned by a narrow, terrestrially-oriented oligarchy, which resists Universe society.

One of the benefits of Earth's integration into Universe society is that the military-industrial complex will no longer hijack a horrendous share of Earth’s gross product. Earth's unaccountable system of corrupt, violent governments will be deconstructed and reformed. Earth’s educational, religious, and cultural power elite holds blinders of ignorance over the collective human mind. With integration into Universe society, this ignorance will be dissolved.

In short, our planetary evolution will release an unprecedented era of development for humanity on Earth. An unprecedented democratization and expansion of individual liberties will accompany our integration into Universe society.

One of the untold planetary stories is how a reigning oligarchy and secret agencies work to keep humanity divided, and ignorant of its Universe heritage. The oligarchy's intent has been to prevent advanced Universe technologies they do not own from transforming our way of life and standard of living. The oligarchy control Earth’s politics and resources, and delay humanity’s re-integration into interstellar society for as long as possible.

The richest 250 individuals or families retain more of the Earth’s wealth than does the bottom 2.5 billion persons. Restated, the wealthiest 250 persons or families own more than half of the entire human race. There is something fundamentally rotten in this equation. A malevolent spirit of avarice on Earth thrives within human plutocratic elites.

The information war perpetuates the effects original rebellion against Universe society by keeping humanity ignorant and isolated from the rest of Universe society. In other words, the oligarchy and its covert military-intelligence agencies play a role not unlike the original rebels whose war against Universe society led to our quarantine in the first place. Perhaps the oligarchy's consciously intends to impede humanity’s Universe heritage. The oligarchy's hidden objective may be to delay our planetary progress as conscious beings and trans-temporal Souls. We humans must seek the right to open reunion with our fellow Universe civilizations.

It is difficult to predict the full consequences of the reunion of Earth with interstellar civilization. We have no recent experience of open interaction with evolved civilizations. We can surmise that other planets have been placed in isolation. There is a regular, staged process of reintegrating planets into open participation with Universe society. Earth may be embarking upon a path that has been tread before in the Universe.

We have experienced centuries and millennia of flawed social programming in Earth society. If you want to grasp that the Universe is actually highly populated and organized, then activate your spirit of the contrary. Contraire spirit leads one to turn dogma upside down, and to look past the accepted canon of misinformation. Our complacency builds castles of cosmic misinformation in our collective human mind: Yes, the Earth is the center of the Universe. Yes, the Earth is the only populated planet. Yes, only fools believe that extraterrestrial civilizations know about and visit Earth.

In reality, only the under-informed believe the Universe is unpopulated. Not much has changed in the modus operandi of the oligarchy enforcing earthly ignorance over the last several thousand years. Our dominant political culture – violent, conflict-prone, and terrestrially blinded – is like a dangerous obsessive abuser. Human political culture would rather keep humanity in the bondage of ignorance than allow the human race to advance to its next evolutionary destination.

Like any abusive relationship, our relationship to the dominant terrestrial civilization can be changed. We can leave behind our imprisoning terrestrial culture and transport ourselves into our real interstellar selves. We can affirm, as individuals and as a global body politic, that we are citizens of the Universe. By changing our own consciousness, we can let go of the abusive programming of isolation. Eventually, our new consciousness can grow into the mass mind of human Universe citizens. Humanity will join Universe society through a dedicated Decade of Contact.





Chapter Fourteen

Reversing the Quarantine

The adage says, "the world will always be with us". Well, it is humanity's exopolitical ignorance that keeps our world isolated and unaware. We can move beyond our collective ignorance. We must navigate our way out of isolation from the rest of Universe society. Our ability to do devise a path out of ignorance is a test as to whether we are ready to be released from this planetary quarantine.

Human science and technology are primed to discover that the Universe is organized around life-bearing planets. One key step in human science’s ability to discover planetary society occurred on November 5, 1999. Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley detected a planet near star HD 209458, in the constellation Pegasus, about 153 million light years (a million billion miles) from Earth. Astronomer Geoffrey Marcy stated that the planet, observable through its eclipse with its sun, gave humankind its first independent scientific confirmation of a non-local planet. A few weeks later, on November 22, 1999, British scientists at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland reported isolating the light from a planet orbiting the star Tau Bootes, about 50 light years from earth.

With the ability to detect planets, human science achieved a milestone in creating building blocks to an early interplanetary understanding. In fact, Earth astronomers have discovered 28 extra-solar planets since 1993. Five of six planets discovered in 1999 are in the "habitable zone." This means their environments can support liquid water, a prerequisite for life. The scientists' goal is to discover solar systems that have Earth-like, life-bearing planets.

Science’s ability to detect life-bearing planets seems synchronistic, coming as we are being prepared to leave behind our planetary quarantine. Advanced evolutionary laws guide Earth in its re-integration with Universe society. We are in a collective illusion, making it seem we are alone in a Universe void of other intelligent life. In fact, not only are we not alone, but we are guided in each step along the journey back into cosmic society.

The integration of intelligent life-bearing planets into Universe society follows a staged progression. Life-bearing planets such as Earth are constantly monitored by interplanetary society. The state of our planetary civilization – from our science to our wars – is played back in real-time to interplanetary society. It is within our power to secure our release from enforced isolation by transforming and fine-tuning how we behave as a planet. We can dramatically improve our quality of life by becoming openly aware that the rest of interplanetary society is monitoring us.

It is a genuine mistake to think that we are alone in our planetary destiny. No matter how long the Universe reintegration process takes, even millennia, we are guided by higher intelligence at multiple levels. Our imprisoned culture may not allow us to express or feel this Universe guidance openly. Human culture will change as we expand into the Universe and into new dimensions of parascience and evolving consciousness.

Soon it will no longer be considered taboo for a scientist to work openly on the tasks of reintegrating Earth into Universe society. We are guided in our planetary evolution by our own nature as interstellar and interdimensional beings.

Advanced extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional civilizations are here to help us grow into new governmental, political, and social forms. Just because our culture does not acknowledge their presence does not mean they do not exist. Spiritual dimensions are as real as the material dimensions of time and space with which we are so familiar.

Multi-dimensional "spiritual" beings guide us in our planetary development. Our Universe is fundamentally a spiritual experience, and the material world is but one platform within reality. The spiritual dimensions of the Universe guide us outward into the reaches of interplanetary space, and inward into the reaches of the human soul.

We humans are interstellar beings with the potential of becoming a functioning interplanetary civilization. In this evolutionary task, we are guided by more advanced multidimensional civilizations. Officially, our human culture does not now acknowledge these higher civilizations. Nevertheless the civilizations are there, communicating to us with symbols in the face of a hostile human authority. Their intent is not to overwhelm us, which they could easily do.

Higher civilizations intend to heal us from the mass delusion of separateness from the rest of intelligent creation.

We can make friends with these advanced forces of the Universe by allowing our unconscious and higher selves to accept their presence. A growing conscious relationship among humans and multidimensional Universe forces is part of Earth's ongoing spiritual revolution. Nurturing our relationships with Universe forces is part of reintegrating Earth with the rest of the Universe.

One way to strengthen your direct connection with the intelligent Universe is by cultivating awareness of cosmic patterns. Contemplating the patterns of Earth’s connections with the cosmos can help bond you with a larger Universe society. Were you to live on a non-quarantined planet, the interconnectedness of intelligent life in the Universe would be more apparent. As it is, on Earth, our cosmic connections are hidden, visible only to "eyes that see" and "ear that hear."

Earth grows souls that are extraordinarily hardy, and are highly regarded throughout the Universe. We grow a unique species of intelligent souls on Earth, souls that can live on hope alone. We humans possess extraordinary inner strength, the strength of the human soul. Once we are made conscious of our Universe isolation, we will have the strength to move ourselves out of the cosmic paper-bag we are in. We will come to understand the scientific, historical, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our Earthly quarantine, and move collectively to end it.

Fear is a dominant emotion that still governs human civilization. Fear is a remnant of the planetary rebellion and subsequent quarantine. Humans fear that one nation will attack another, that disease will destroy us, that we will be economically deprived, that we will fall behind our competitors, that our children will suffer. Fear is regressive. It is the dominant emotion that keeps us in ignorance of our Universe heritage and consigns us to quarantine. Fear paralyzes us as a civilization, leaving us locked in global and personal insecurity. The political adage that we have "nothing to fear but fear itself" is a deep cosmic truth.

Rejoin interstellar civilization is our evolutionary heritage. We are destined for Universe citizenship because we are inter-stellar, dimensional beings with trans-temporal souls. Our own collective consciousness can speed up or slow it down our journey toward Universe society. If we insist on remaining enmeshed in planetary melodrama, we remain quarantined as we are now. We have reached a key evolutionary moment, as we perceive our past planetary history and our future as an interplanetary species. There is no logical reason for stalling any longer. We can structure a systematic program to help Earth rejoin Universe society.

A powerful barrier keeping us locked within a terrestrial isolation is our Earth-bound culture. Our imprisoned culture repeats its patterns of waging wars, building military establishments, supporting tyrannies, weaponizing outer space, oppressing populations, committing genocide, and engaging in mass mind-control of humanity. Our culture is now hijacked by elites, who maintain this destructive agenda and deny Earth its Universe citizenship.

Earth is monitored by Universe society, and there is a moral bottom line to our collective behavior on Earth. What keep us imprisoned in quarantine are the violent, regressive patterns of our war-like society. War and ecocide have consequences negative consequences for human civilization in the eyes of Universe society. Conflict and ecological degradation of the planet marks us as a backward civilization incapable of participating in the advanced Universe scheme of things.

Earth’s behavioral transformation cannot happen overnight. A massive demonstration of Universe society's presence would defeat an important purpose of our planetary quarantine. The path out of quarantine is interactive. The more we openly interact with Universe society, the less the quarantine.