by Patricia Cori
October 03, 2009

from SirianRevelations Website


Children of Gaia, we are at the threshold.


A world ruled by Kings, warriors and Priests has, in its final hours, clearly proven to be a failed, self-extinguishing model of arrogance and omnipotence - unyielding, cruel and destructive.


This Age is ending - let the bells ring! - and as it goes, it takes us to the absolute breaking point of social upheaval and ecological decline. The Age of Reason, with all its peaks and valleys, bows out without reason, broken and tattered - wounded and detached from the beauty of all that which makes of life a magical, wondrous honor.

As it slips into the darkness of a time that can’t be gone soon enough, it leaves in its path a trail of destruction:

  • the killing fields of endless war

  • unrivaled toxic abuse of our magnificent planet

  • the shattered dreams of a civilization

Everywhere around us, it seems, chaos reigns, as the Earth changes unfold with eerie, clockwork precision, honoring the time lines of the Maya and other indigenous cultures, who were able to foresee the future.


The old structures are falling down, all around us, heralding the way of the New World.

On the other hand, lest we lose site of the nature of the universe, it lets go to the Age of Awakening, the New Dawn - the return of the Divine Feminine, a time of rebirthing, healing and renewal. The pendulum, which swings the pulse of cyclical time, returns to the yin vibration.


The time for celebration is upon us!

Gaia, the goddess who so lovingly carries us through the realms of sacred space, has simply had enough. She has been stretched to the absolute limit, raped and abused and she finally rebels - demanding our immediate attention!


The time has come to give back to her what has been stripped, soiled and stained upon her boundless body and restore the harmony of a world which we know can be better than this… a world in need of nurturing and compassion: a world we can weave back together, on the light strings of the One Heart.


To do that, however, we must free ourselves of the ‘disaster’ mindset and understand that all that is occurring now is for the highest good, and that requires focus and a vision of what we are capable of creating.

Let us be clear about our current global situation, as it affects every man, woman, child and living being on the great Planet Earth.


We are here, at the midnight hour of humankind’s evolution on this planet, aware that we must raise our consciousness, as a civilization, if we are to move quickly into the New Dawn of Awakening… aware that the old must go, so that we can usher in the New.


When we let go of the fear, we understand it and we derive power from it.


When we bow down, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the disharmony that has taken us to ‘the breaking point’, we simply feed the mechanism that has brought us to our knees.

Despite the alarming cataclysms of what appears to be our disintegrating reality, what is actually underway is a form of global feng shui - a dynamic process of clearing the clutter of what has been, to make way for what can be: what soon is to be birthed.


When we remind ourselves of how and why this purification process occurs, to clear the way for what our communities of light will create in the near future, we release the fear that shrouds the dying structures of all that is collapsing, right before our eyes. We find the strength and we raise the inner flame to stand, together, as a force that can truly change the world - a force determined to shine the Light through the shadow-lands of ignorance, rage and resignation.

Our generation is now experiencing an unprecedented spike in the tumultuous changes in human and planetary evolution - changes that have been foreseen by every prophet and seer throughout the ages, from the indigenous grandmothers and fathers who have handed down the wisdom for so many generations, to the visionaries of our day.

It is the time of prophecy unfolding, right now - a time the Elders recognized as the moment we would face the consequences brought about by our misguided shift to materialism and might (a path of self-gratification, separation and detachment), one that our societies have propagated in our race towards an insatiable greed at every level.

Whatever beliefs we hold about the future, we cannot deny that we have reached the evolutionary breaking point of immense change and upheaval, from where so many have become conditioned to believe that there can be no return to sanity and peaceful co-existence.


We are, without question, at the galactic crossroads of our species and our planetary home, as we spin through the immensity of this tempestuous storm of change and renewal - rebirth at the solar and planetary levels.

  • How will we respond to the challenges inherent in the forming of a new world?

  • How will we, daughters of Gaia, move into our key positions as the guardians of the living?

Let us examine where we stand in the playing out of duality in its most extreme manifestations, at this time of immense transformation in our world and throughout our Solar Deity’s network of celestial bodies.

We are learning more every day about how we are all responsible for the creation and the outcome of all that occurs within our lives and upon this blue-green globe that carries us through infinite space.

As women, we have made enormous strides in achieving a greater understanding of our role as Earth Keepers but, unquestionably, there is still a long way to go before we are empowered to bring to the foreground the alternative of dialogue over war, community over separateness, life over death and love over the rage and violence that mark our present days.


This time of the yang-dominant leadership, men against men, women and children - against all the living - coincides with the time of the decline of our civilization, true, but it is the impetus for a revolution through which the divine feminine spirit rises to guide the living back to sanity and love.

The task before us is enormous.


We are called upon to release ourselves from whatever submission we have allowed until now, and to meet the challenge of restoring balance to our planetary and community environments. We are in position, breathing in the wonder of the new paradigm for the human race, where we join together to heal, nurture and restore.

We know what we are capable of and what we must do.

Not that we are elitists:

that feminine aspect of our beings, our magnetic selves, is not limited to gender. Indeed, it is a celebration to find so many men now reaching that nurturing, loving potential within themselves, a reflection of how we all are moving towards the yin vibration.

Yet, as we look out upon the darkness of so many misdeeds and the enormity of the pervading violence that lords over humankind, we cannot help but notice that these scenes of inhumanity seem, by and large, to be perpetrated by the masculine, electric impulse.


We cannot help but notice that while too many men are raging, warring, fighting and destroying, women are crying… healing… trying to pick up the pieces of the broken hearth and home.


Perhaps, if we observe our reality in terms of the electromagnetic polar opposites that define the physical realm, we might be able to understand the dynamics that have driven us to conflict. Can it be that our condition, as a collective of souls, is dominated by an unprecedented surge of electric fields, clashing and exploding as they pour into our realm, from our explosive Solar Deity in transition?


I dare suggest that our very sun is helping us through this great shift by charging the entire planet with an excess of that electric, yang force that so manifests through the overabundance of testosterone as unbridled emotional explosion!

With what we are learning about the multiverse and our growing understanding of how we co-create the Cosmos, we are rapidly becoming aware of how our perception of time is an illusion and that our existence in the 3D framework is merely a point on the time-space continuum where we hold resonance.


It is a frequency with which, for some indefinable reason, we vibrate. It is where we have chosen to take part in the drama that now unfolds before the human race. And it is real to us - so real that at times we find it almost impossible to imagine that all that to which we are witness is but a small part of our multidimensional experience as soul essence emerging.

We look out into our world and see much darkness, this cannot be denied - darkness is… as is the light.


Our leaders are corrupt - shameless and unrelenting; the fiber of society is unraveling and shredding into increasing disharmony and discontent; the Earth is rebelling violently against our abuse and disregard. Fear is sweeping over human collective consciousness - fear that is being sculpted in our minds, crafted with masterful precision, chiseled into our consciousness into what seems could well become a permanent scar upon our spirit and the will of the human collective.

Yet, we feel a quickening in our veins - racing us towards the unknown of our emerging reality and it is this very sense of urgency that forces us to face ourselves as we never have before, to search for the ever-elusive explanation for what is happening everywhere around us… to question just how we will survive what lies ahead and what we can do to understand that all that occurs is in divine order.

One thing is certain:

the time has come to decide how we want to live out these years - however many remain in our current density.

Today’s increasingly catastrophic events and the insanity of those who rule over us are driving humankind to seek and make meaning of our lives, while compelling us to ponder our immortality - and that is light shining through darkness.

We gaze beyond the smoke and destruction, the raging waters, the secrets and lies, the hopelessness and despair and we recognize that the time for being in our highest humanity is upon us. To each, a call is sounded - the soul shouts out crystal clear through the cacophony of turmoil.


We run our minds over the keyboards of our souls, like fingertips of the greatest maestro, realizing that we are as much as part of the orchestra of life as every other living being and it is music… it is all music. The drum… the flute… and the rattle.

However discordant, however magnificent, we sound the music of our souls with every thought we send into the cosmic sea, every word we speak and every action we take.

Gaia, the archetypal mother, is our teacher. She speaks to us of what she needs now - of cleansing and the giving back of what she has forever given the living of Earth, so that she can know the gentle passing of her re-birthing into light body.

Let us take the power now: no more fear, no more blame, no more suffering. We have the love, we have the wisdom, we have the experience to weave a new tapestry for all humankind.

United, in ego-less service, we can create a better world.

We can.

Gaia calls out to her daughters for help, to be nurtured at this pivotal time of her extraordinary passage.

At this hour of the Fifth Sun, let us find that unity, through which we will rise to the task before us… for the love of Gaia.