-  Amazing Facts about Plants and Consciousness


 -  Are Plants Conscious?


 -  Are Plants more Intelligent-Conscious than People?


 -  A Tree Stump that Refuses to Die


 -  Bee-Brained


 -  Can we Know what Animals are Thinking? - Animals Think, therefore…


 -  Cómo Conectar con el Espíritu de una Planta


 -  Consciousness is Rising, even in the Animal Kingdom


 -  Descubren que las Plantas también pueden "Gritar" cuando están 'Estresadas'


 -  Do Plants Respond to Pain? - Scientists Conduct an Experiment to Find Out


 -  Eating Someone


 -  El Aumento de la Consciencia de Gaia


 -  Elite Scientists Sign Declaration Stating Animals Have Conscious Awareness, Just Like Humans


 - ¿Están Evolucionando los Animales?


 -  Group of Biologists tries to Bury the Idea that Plants are Conscious


 -  Hongos - Main File


 -  Humanity is Waking Up to the Intelligence of Nature


 -  Interconnected by Plant Consciousness


 -  La Consciencia de las Plantas


 -  La Consciencia está Aumentando incluso en el Reino Animal


 -  La Humanidad está Despertando a La Inteligencia de La Naturaleza


 -  La Inteligencia (...¿y la Consciencia?) de Las Plantas


 -  La Melodia Circolare attorno alla Terra che Intonano le Balene


 -  La Melodía Circular alrededor de la Tierra que Entonan las Ballenas


 -  La Nascita della Coscienza di Gaia


 -  Las Ballenas También Lloran a sus Muertos


 -  Las Plantas 'no tienen ni necesitan' Consciencia


 -  Las Plantas son Más Inteligentes-Conscientes que las Personas


 -  Las Plantas Tienen 15 Sentidos Más que los Seres Humanos - Explica Neurobiólogo


 -  La Teoría de Gaia - Main File


 -  Major Shifts in Consciousness Observed throughout the Animal Kingdom

 -  Mineral Evolution


 -  Mushrooms - Fungi - Main File


 -  Plantas que Recuperan la Consciencia - ¿Nueva Prueba de Inteligencia Vegetal?


 -  Plant Consciousness


 -  Plants are Smarter than You Think


 -  Plants emit Ultrasonic Squeals when Stressed - Recordings Reveal


 -  Plants 'Talk' to Each Other Using Nanoscale Sound Waves to Help Them Grow - Study Suggests


 -  Porqué los Animales Comen Plantas Psicoactivas


 - ¿Quién está realmente Enfermo Mentalmente?


 -  Research reveals Plants can Think, Choose and Remember


 -  Respect Nature - Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds


 -  Rocks Evolve Too - Geologists Claim


 -  Scientists Discover Plants that Can Learn and Remember


 -  Ten Fascinating Facts about Plants


 -  The Amazing Phenomenon of Singing Plants


 -  The Beauty of Stillness


 -  The Consciousness of Water

 -  The Dignity of Living Beings with Regard to Plants


 -  The Elephant as a Person


 -  The Emotional Lives of Animals


 -  The Intelligence (...and Consciousness?) of Plants



 -  The Rising of Gaia Consciousness



 -  The Theory of Gaia - Main File



 - ¿Tienen las Plantas Conciencia como el Ser Humano?


 -  Un Estudio Científico Demuestra que los Animales Comprenden el Concepto de Justicia Mejor que...


 -  Who is Really Mentally Ill?


 -  Why Animals Eat Psychoactive Plants


 -  Why the Modern Day View of Wild Animals is Wrong

  Additional Information  

 -  Anaesthetics Stop Diverse Plant Organ Movements, affect Endocytic Vesicle Recycling and ROS...

 -  Animals' Emotions - Studies in Sheep using Appraisal Theories

 -  A Novel Tool-Use Mode in Animals - New Caledonian Crows Insert Tools to Transport Objects

 -  Architecture of the Wood-Wide Web - Rhizopogon spp. Genets link Multiple Douglas-fir Cohorts

 -  Assessing Nature's Contributions to People

 -  A Statistical Description of Plant Shoot Architecture


 -  Cómo el Polvo del Sahara fertiliza la Amazonía - Vídeo de la NASA


 -  Disturbing Aerial Photos Show what Killing Billions of Animals for Meat is Doing to The Environment

 -  Drivers of Vegetative Dormancy across Herbaceous Perennial Plant Species


 -  Earth as a Dynamic Body - Electrically and Electromagnetically



 -  Edible Plants 'Talk' to Animal Cells, Promote Healing - Amazing Food Science Discovery


 -  'Ellos' Quieren que Comamos Carne


 -  El Niño Lobo pasa Frío en el Mundo de los Hombres


 -  El Pájaro que Guía a Humanos y Animales hasta la Miel a cambio de las Sobras


 -  El Simbolismo del Elemento Agua


 -  Equinoccios de Otoño y de Primavera - Luz y Oscuridad en Equilibrio


 -  Emocional y Cognitivamente los Animales y los Seres Humanos No Son tan Diferentes


 -  Emotionally and Cognitively, Animals and Humans Aren't So Different

 -  Evidence of a Primary Perception in Plant Life


 -  Experience teaches Plants to Learn Faster and Forget Slower in Environments where it Matters


 -  For The Love of Gaia


 -  Green Symphonies - A Call for Studies on Acoustic Communication in Plants


 -  How Personal Transformation Works - Just Observe the Natural World


 -  How Plants Grow like Human Brains

 -  Interspecies Communication Between Plant and Mouse Gut Host Cells through Edible Plant derived...


 -  Kindred Spirits wearing Different Coats


 -  La Ciencia Redefine el Concepto de Relación con la Naturaleza


 -  La Ecología Vista desde la 'Derecha'


 -  Las Bacterias Contradicen a Darwin - La Supervivencia del Más Amable


 -  Las Minorías de Animales y Plantas se Comportan como los Humanos


 -  Las Plantas Comestibles les 'Hablan' a las Células Animales, Promoviendo la Curación - Increíble...


 -  Las Plantas pueden Extraer Fuente de Energía de Otras Plantas


 -  Las Plantas pueden Oír cuándo hay Agua Cerca

 -  Learning by Association in Plants


 -  Leonardo da Vinci and the New Biology


 -  Leonardo da Vinci y la Nueva Biología


 -  Le Piante Possono Sentire quando vicino c'è Acqua


 -  Los Bosques están Migrando y Nadie se Había Dado Cuenta de Eso

 -  Networks of Power and Influence - The Role of Mycorrhizal Mycelium in Controlling Plant Communities...

 -  Nurturant Behavior Toward Dead Conspecifics in Free-Ranging Mammals - New Records for...


 -  On this Earth Day let's Remind Ourselves that We are the Most Destructive Species on Earth

 -  Plant Migration in the Southern Limits of Wisconsin Glaciation in Indiana


 -  Plants Find a New Way to Fight Climate Change  - Nap...

 -  Plants Neither Possess nor Require Consciousness


 -  Por el Amor de Gaia


 -  Satanic Reality


 -  Scientists Discover that Bacteria Have a Collective Memory


 -  Seeing the Beautiful Intelligence of Microbes


 -  Sin Alma desde la Naturaleza Salvaje


 -  Soil's Microbial Market shows the Ruthless side of Forests' Fungi


 -  The Cosmic Serpent - DNA and The Origins of Knowledge


 -  The Intelligent Plant - Scientists debate a New Way of Understanding Flora

 -  The Whispering World of Plants - "The Wood Wide Web"


 -  'They' Want Us to Eat Meat


 -  Towards Understanding Plant Bioacoustics


 -  Una Realidad Satánica


 -  Una Reflexión Demasiado Incomoda


 -  Under Poaching Pressure, Elephants are Evolving to Lose their Tusks


 -  Unsouling from the Wilderness


 -  Various 'Thought Provoking Images' Show what Humans are Really Doing to the Planet

 -  Vocal Fold Control Beyond the Species-specific Repertoire in an Orang-utan

 -  We're Running Out of Time to Reverse Desertification

 -  What if… We Learn to Talk to Animals?

  Trees - Árboles  


 -  Are Trees Sentient Beings? - Certainly, says German Forester


 -  Bizarre Forest 'Superorganism' is Keeping Dead Trees Alive - Study Finds


 -  Científicos Descubren que los Árboles también tienen 'Corazón'


 -  Degli Scienziati Scoprono che anche gli Alberi hanno un "Cuore"


 -  El Bosque es Nuestro Mejor Aliado


 -  El Bosque Indio de 19.000 Metros Cuadrados formado por Un Solo Árbol


 -  How do Ancient Trees grow so Old?


 -  Il Libro della Storia degli Alberi


 -  In the Language of Trees - How Plants can Teach Us to Communicate


 -  Living Close to Trees Comes with a Number of Health Benefits


 -  Los Árboles son más Solidarios que el Ser Humano - La Razón se Oculta en sus Raíces


 -  Los Árboles tienen un Lenguaje que Usan para Cooperar y Sobrevivir

 -  Not All Trees Sleep the Same - High Temporal Resolution Terrestrial Laser Scanning Shows Differences...


 -  Resulta que los Árboles tienen también un "Latido del Corazón"


 -  Rooted - How Trees Embody the History of All Life

 -  Short Interval Overnight Laser Scanning suggests Sub-circadian Periodicity of Tree Turgor


 -  Speak to the Trees - A Spiritual Perspective on Nature


 -  The Astounding Connection between People and Trees


 -  The Incredible Hidden Life of Trees


 -  The Magical Mystery of Trees

 -  The Storybook of Trees


 -  The Trees are Speaking - The Heartbreak and Hope of our Ancient Friends and Guardians


 -  Trees Help Us Heal! - This is How you can Use their Energy


 -  Trees Talk to Each Other in a Language We Can Learn


 -  Want to Enjoy a Long, Happy Life? - Live Near Trees - Say Researchers


 -  Wood Wide Web - Secret Communication of Trees





 -  Árboles y Bosques - Redes Inteligentes


 -  Ascolta...! ¡Escucha...! Listen...!


 -  Descubren Algo Increíble sobre los Árboles - Siempre nos han Ocultado...


 -  El Fascinante Mundo que se Esconde bajo tus Pies

 -  How Trees Communicate - Mother Trees Connect the Forest

 -  How Trees Talk to Each Other - TED


 -  La Primavera No lo Sabía...

 - "Mother Trees"


 -  The Curse of the Methuselah Tree - Oldest Tree on Earth


 -  The Roots of Plant Intelligence - TED


 -  La Vida Secreta de las Plantas - por Peter Tompkins y Christopher Bird

 -  Secret Life of Plants - From Memory to Intelligence - by S. Karpinski and M. Szechynska-Hebda

 -  The Book of Imaginary Beings - by Jorge Luis Borges

 -  The Secret Life of Plants - by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird


 -  A Message from Our Plants - Audio


 -  A River of Waste - The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms

 -  Lecciones de Vida de un Espíritu Indomable - Jane Goodall, Primatóloga

 -  Mind of Plants


 -  Nature - Beauty - Gratitude - Louie Schwartzberg


 -  Nature Is Speaking - Conservation International


 - "Tenemos Intelecto - ¿Pero Somos tan Inteligentes?" - Jane Goodall, Primatóloga

 -  The Secret Life of Plants


 -  The Superior Human? - Animal Rights and Speciesism

 -  What Plants Talk About


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