1. The Book of CREATION - Extracted from the Great Book of the Sons of Fire

  2. The Book of GLEANINGS - Being writings from Various Old Culdee books which were partially destroyed in Ancient Times

  3. The Book of SCROLLS - Formerly called The Book of Books or The Lesser Book of The Sons of Fire this being The Third Book of the Bronzebook

  4. The Book of THE SONS OF FIRE - This being The Fourth Book of the Bronzebook being all that remains of the Sacred Writings formerly contained in The Great Book of the Sons of Fire

  5. The Book of MANUSCRIPTS - Incorporating The Treasury of Life compiled from writings preserved by Amos, an Egyptian; Claudius Linus, a Roman; and Vitico, a Gaul

  6. The Book of MORALS AND PRECEPTS - Formerly called The Book of Establishment, this being The Third Book of The Great Book of the Sons of Fire

  7. The Book of ORIGINS or FERILBOOK - As authorized by the Conclave of Venedas. Compiled from the three Books of Britain which formed the Koalbook, formerly called the Hiferalt

  8. The Book of THE SILVER BOUGH - Once known as The Book of Sacred Scripts. A collection of writings preserved by the hand of Gwinder Apowin

  9. The Book of LUCIUS - Rewritten from The Book of Pemantris of unknown origin

  10. The Book of WISDOM - Being a revision and amalgamation of two books of later date which were added to the books of The Bronzebook forming The Kolbrin after these had been transcribed in the nineteenth century


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