by Noel Huntley, Ph.D.


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Note that we are not wasting time discussing these subjects on the basis of ancient and hackneyed philosophical arguments regarding free will, life, soul, etc. but from the New-Age point of view and requiring a high degree of familiarity with New-Age material.


Thus the queries and answers given here will not make any sense if this familiarity is not present.



The subject is the lower-self/higher-self duality (and the higher-awareness viewpoint). Since we as the lower-self are, and are not, simultaneously the higher-self then we cannot apply Earth logic (which is only 3D logic).

The paradox is that the lower-self is 'told' that he or she is agreeing to (and creating) the problem ('negative' experience). But this lower-self knows that he or she is not agreeing. Proof is simply to ask the lower-self.

Let us emphasize the importance of this paradox by deliberately, though reluctantly, presenting horrendous experiences (not for the squeamish). The lower-self is just about to be burned at the stake, or be tortured with molten lead poured in the mouth, or eyes cut out! (The paradox element is not changed by karma information or self-punishment explanations, etc.)

The lower-self is about to suffer unimaginable agony, and a voice whispers from somewhere, "By the way, you realize you agreed to this, of course!" (With the implied understanding that it will resolve such and such a spiritual blockage, that is, that it is necessary under the circumstances, and that it is up to the individual.)

There is no way that the lower-self is going to agree to this extreme and insane suffering for this apparent gain of the higher-self and everyone else. Yet we as the higher-self fall into the same 'delusion'.


An excellent analogy being that of a wise adult (compare higher-self) watching over a young child (compare lower-self), which let us say, is crying bitterly over some hurt, and the adult possibly even smiling at the triviality of the problem but having no idea what the child feels like, and the adult being quite happy to set a program for the next life involving such experiences - with the intention of creating a positive outcome (which is not the point we are interested in).

A strong contender for an answer might be that we agreed in an unawareness, emotionally disturbed, or unconscious state, and that agreement is acting now, and must be 'found' and changed. However, we know we are not agreeing now and an unconscious agreement is not an agreement of the conscious lower-self personality. This is the point. We (as the lower-self) are not agreeing but we do all the suffering. This simple point is ignored throughout the New-Age movement.

If one states that this is the way it is, that the energy comes out in such a manner that this is the 'isness' of it and there is nothing that can be done, this is possibly acceptable.


But not to be told, 'You are agreeing to it' - with the implication nothing can be done (since 'you' are the cause . . . a kind of way out, an excuse . . . avoiding really confronting the issue and giving a proper understanding).

Consequently, and to put it harshly, a particular viewpoint would be that the lower-self is being set up (certainly the lower-self caused it all but it still doesn't justify the horrendous suffering).


The lower-self life didn't even exist when the higher-self decided that this future lower-self would or at least may 'have' to suffer in this way. The fact that a lower-self of the higher-self caused these problems is not relevant to this question, nor that there are other possible ways of discharging the karma.

An extensive study of channeling does indicate an unexpected inability of the higher viewpoint to understand and imagine the experience of the lower viewpoint. Human problems are thus not given much attention at the soul level until this higher-self is being (projects) the lower-self, whence the full realization of what really is to be experienced is registered at the lower self.

One might add that as long as there is evil there must be victims (two poles), and therefore suffering. But this is just advanced physics and the higher levels ought to be able to find another method of solving problems. (Of course, if one cognizes on the causes, the problem is cancelled, but this is not easy and may be long after much suffering.)

One could refer to the extreme duality (separateness) which has now formed between lower-self and higher-self, and the lower-self is not perceiving the guidance or ignoring it and thus has to learn by extreme misadventure.


But again the point is that the lower-self is clearly not agreeing and has 'set itself up', though unknowingly due to this non-recognition of the lower-self experience from the higher-self. Thus it is useless information stating that we (as the lower self) are agreeing, even though are involved with the causes unknowingly.

Barring no other solution we lower-selves collectively should select (from the countless probabilities at the higher level) another solution while at this level. The process is both 'top down' and 'bottom up' simultaneously (a confusion in current science).


The lower-selves probably have tremendous power to select probabilities from the higher levels - a product of design and the impersonal Absolute? (beyond the personalizations).





Most channellings assume Jesus was crucified, e.g., so-called Ascended Master Hilarion has referred to some karma being alleviated by Jesus's death in this manner.


The Urantia book agrees with this and many other sources (though we may find these are dubious, biased sources). However, a few disagree. Seth stated that Jesus was not crucified, but that a deluded, drugged person, who believed he was Jesus, was crucified (and three persons were involved in the Christ image).


The books by Barbara Marciniak channeled from a Pleiadian group of collective beings assert that the Dark forces have advanced holography and sometimes put holographic inserts into our time track. They state that the crucifixion was such an insert - a very complex one involving a great deal of energy. They stated that Jesus was well accepted.

The most convincing information comes from
Anna Hayes' book, Voyagers II. It agrees with the Seth material. Past information from three persons were merged to form the Jesus story. The first one was a 12-strand DNA avatar (12-D) who came to restore the Sphere of Amenti, a spiritual gateway (Bible: the pearly gates of Heaven), and restore the integrity of the Hebrew genetic lineage (hence, 'the savior of the Jews').


The second person was a 9-D avatar, also a spiritual leader, but this one was in trouble with the Romans.


The Elohim, to distract the Romans, acquired a volunteer soul to make a sacrifice. The lower-self, named Arihabi, was programmed to think he was Jesus and this one was crucified. The resurrection (of the 9-D avatar) was played out using holographic technology but Arihabi, because of his sacrifice, was resurrected and lived for another 30 years.


The 12-D avatar completed a successful mission and left the planet via a portal through the Arc of the Covenant (and Sphere of Amenti) in the Great Pyramid; he did not die.

Now we are left with the question,
Who, or what is the Jesus image? Does it simply mean that Jesus is the product of the three personages of the "three Christs" story? Not necessarily.

This is the author's version of what the "Jesus" image is. The fallen ETs perceiving the true events of the "three Christs" scenario, decided to exploit these circumstances to add to their control agenda for the human population. They gradually, subliminally and by any means of infiltrating knowledge into society, programmed the population with the story that a spiritually advanced being called Jesus was crucified, who basically allowed this to happen to save man from his sins.


Thus there was an emphasis on the idea that man had sinned and must be guilty - and must continue to feel guilty. Note that "guilt" is one of the most destructive emotions. In effect then the fallen ETs had created an idea which was agreed upon by the masses who by perpetual thought and prayer, in accordance with this scenario, created a thought form.


A powerful mental construct - an energy expressing all the implications of this false story: guilt, sadness, sin, but praise and worship to this imaginary figure Jesus, including all the great qualities associated with Jesus.

Further to this, degraded spiritual entities - consciousness fragments, subpersonalities, beings who no longer have a suitably structured vehicle (body) - would merge with this thought form, strengthening it, and forming a still more powerful collective thought form. Such a thought form has a life of its own governed by its programming: the ideas, thoughts, information, which have been put into it.


These entities are attracted to the basic thought form (which the fallen ETs started) since they would experience all the praise and validation, sympathy, etc. from the religious population. This is a huge boost to their egos and, in particular, gives them a continuous supply of energy - the big problem with a decaying species (caused by negative actions).

The above explanations no doubt will be disturbing to devout Christians. But in fact, rationally, the explanation ought to be welcomed.


Surely it would be great news to find that no spiritual being was crucified after all.


In addition, it explains why some religious people become obsessed through some kind of realization as they tune into this powerful thought-form.





Anyone well-read in the New-Age field may soon pick up and attune to this statement - in particular that everything is all right.


But is it acceptable in its present form? Is everything really as it should be?


There are countless pieces of information one could reference to contend this but all that is required is to remind one of the immense degree of suffering which occurs on this planet. How can New-Agers really believe that everything is as it should be; all is perfect; all is in Divine right, etc.?

The failing here is the lack of context. Channeling sources, and humans, are notorious for ignoring contexts - that is, not defining the context for us. This might be excused on the basis that at the higher viewpoint one could switch contexts without telling anyone and at that level it wouldn't be a problem because of telepathy.

Thus the statement that everything is all right must be taken in the context that it is a necessary expression at the time since no other probability has been chosen. The existing one is logical and fully based on the precise circumstances regarding information and energies. It is a correct 'computer evaluation'. We could be considered to be in an information system.

The solution to the paradox that everything is all right when it clearly isn't, is that the term all right is a variable. There is a scale of all right. There is a path from A to B giving the optimum all right but also many curved paths, even ones starting in the opposite directions. They all lead to B but we should aim at the direct route (in particular, for minimum suffering).

Thus the statement 'Everything is as it should be' doesn't and shouldn't mean one does not endeavor to produce changes for the better.


If such a statement is being introduced without context then it has a negative source - to make people believe everything is fine and it is not necessary to do anything.





Again let us stress we are not interested in the orthodox philosophical arguments since we are examining the standpoint of the potential validity of free will.

We can certainly accept the idea that the higher-self has free will, but what about the lower-self - the human extension? Firstly, karma or the negative forces may stop one, but this is nothing to do with free will.


If, however, the higher-self has a program for the lower-self which is preventing the lower-self from utilizing free will, since the lower-self is the higher-self basically then the lower-self has no free will under these circumstances as far as the program goes.

We learn to understand that admittedly these higher-self programs are normally ideal and for the greatest benefit. Thus in this case the lower-self will not be allowed to have free will where an action is in opposition to the higher-self's goals. However, we do know that lower-selves commit crimes, etc. These are never higher-self programs.


Thus the lower-self is free to carry out an action if,

  1. there is no higher-self conflicting goal

  2. the goal is based on simple steps, such as going from A to B,

... steps which can be manipulated linearly and physically (or thought-wise), executed deliberately by the lower- self even if against the higher-self.


A simple analogy here is to consider taking the dog for a walk, using a fairly long lead.


You determine the path to take ('you' corresponding to the higher-self) but the dog (corresponding to the lower-self) has free will according to how long the lead is; the dog can even get into mischief. In this analogy (1) above would mean the human is 'steering' the dog for this period or event but this is where the dog wishes to go anyway.


Thus there is a nonlinear synchronous condition here. There is total free will for each and both.


In 2) the dog moves into an area within the lead length that the human does not approve of but does nothing - or maybe give a few tugs of discouragement with the lead.

Thus the lower-self can have free will in this manner. After carrying out misdeeds on a regular basis the addition of negative forces may arise enabling the lower-self to have more apparent luck as well as the ability to go from A to B. The lower-self is now losing guidance from the higher-self. Negativity is working with the person and influencing the 'dog's lead' - reducing the effective guidance.

How can this fit in with paradox 3 that everything is all right? 'Everything is all right' means that the final outcome will always be positive no matter how much one goes astray. In fact the process of going astray has the potential and maybe purpose to erase karma. How can one be free to commit a crime and it is all right?

Basically the higher-self or God/Source is always in control (for the big picture) but the ego with its crimes can in fact have apparent free will. This is an apparent violation of the very presence of God but is illustrated by the dog analogy.


There is also a more technical explanation of this of a more advanced physics nature; a simple analogy in quantum physics in which at the particle level it is possible to have a violation of the conservation of energy.


There may be a momentary huge fluctuation in energy which seemingly came from nowhere. However, if one takes the bigger picture, that is, a longer time interval for the measurements then it is compensated for, and energy is found to be conserved (the 'violation' eventually resolves itself).

Thus the ego can split the (perfect) energies into a duality; one pole is the mirror-image of the other and can cancel it. But this cancellation may not occur for a long time. It is nevertheless eventually going to resolve.


The constant dividing of the energies - dualities - will enable the ego to commit errors of free will (and deteriorate) but this will continue to pull it back as the opposite pole attempts to seek wholeness and perfection of energy balance and harmony by canceling the other pole.


All we are saying here is that even when the ego is taking negative routes in life it is constantly being taught by the dualities to come back into alignment with the higher-self - all its mistakes are eventually reflected back.


The underlying mechanism of free will, however, is related to the multidimensional nature of consciousness - see article on The Theory of One.

A final point is that, mathematically and scientifically speaking, one could take an infinite number of these levels, that is, infinite nonlinear variables superimposed; each in the context of the next one above, demonstrating the full internal mechanics (when broken down like this) of consciousness and free will.





This is an example whereby the higher-self has determined something to be accomplished by the lower-self but the lower-self has to go through the motions of achieving it.

The energies of the higher-self and the lower-self are not on a one to one basis. What this means is that it can give rise to a higher-self control simultaneously with an ego control. What is the paradox here? Generally the higher-self will not fix on a single event or cause.


It spans space and time; whole quantum states of information come into the 3rd dimension. This is a bit like passing through a town (higher-self control) but have free will not to go straight through down the main road. Two essential programs will exist in this quantum state, 1) a goal (with many probabilities), 2) a guidance program for the best route, say, from A to B.


Thus there is an overall goal program to succeed but there are many paths to get there. These paths can be divided still further by taking negative paths (e.g., committing crimes) by splitting the energies creating dualities - see other articles.

What it means then is that the lower-self continues to persevere and ultimately all efforts will be weighted in favor of the higher purpose, and the lower-self will eventually be brought back on course no matter how far astray it goes. Thus there is free will within these large boundaries or higher dimensions.





We all understand what is meant by reincarnation, and in this context it is well established as a fact; even psychologists have proven that we have past lives (but this information is not allowed to become established and brought to the attention of the public).

Almost the entirety of the New-Age field acknowledges the validity of reincarnation and also Eastern philosophies, contrary to Christianity and science. There are, however, one or two other sources which could be placed in the New-Age category which do not agree with reincarnation.

Urrantia Book - a perfectly written work of 2000 pages by over a hundred spiritual beings (apparently not channeled but appeared in the form of papers in 1934) - emphatically denies reincarnation as 'stultifying'. If we assume this is a true statement, can we find any way of reconciling this viewpoint?

The book does give an afterlife description in which graded levels have been created for man's gradual evolution from the one basic physical life through over 600 bodies of decreasing density and increasing frequency into higher and higher spiritual worlds. This could be a satisfactory explanation except that it does not state that it is an alternative route - it actually appears to deny reincarnation.

There is also the channeled book The Book of James, from the philosopher William James. This is definitely in the New-Age category but again denies positively the validity of past lives. It adds, however, that a person on rare occasions may return after physical death from an Earth bound condition and take on another body. But this is unfortunate and not conducive to the evolution of the individual.


We can agree with this since it is not the proper method of reincarnation in which the being goes to the astral planes or above returning to the higher-self with great benefit before eventually setting up another incarnation.

We can of course say that there is really no past lives since everything is simultaneous. But if these sources meant this they would surely state this. There is still another possible way out. It would be correct to say that we do or do not have past lives depending on the context


In the context of the lower-self personality we do not have more than one life, but in the context of the higher-self we have many lives of different personalities, though of the same spiritual being. Again if this was the explanation of the discrepancies they would surely be stated. We are thus left with a puzzle as to why these books create this confusion (assuming they are incorrect).

Since writing the above it has become apparent that Urrantia is in fact a realm of 'advanced' fallen angelics who are 'recruiting' - to put it mildly - humans. Thus any statement made by them can be regarded as suspect.





The paradoxes and most of the confusions arise because the human's mind and spiritual condition is dimensionally fragmented.


The individual is composed of several parts - conscious mind, subconscious, unconscious, higher-self - which are not always operating in unison. An ET communicating to a human could find it quite confusing since they can read vibrations and perceive beyond the surface; they will seemingly observe a multiple personality.

It has been channeled that the Zetas when first contacting Earth "hit a brick wall" of understanding when discovering that the higher-self of the human had agreed to the "detention" but the lower-self disagreed with this "abduction". Note that this does not necessarily mean this detention/abduction was entirely positive, in particular, on the part of the ETs, but it would mean there was a lesson to be learned.

In general then the lower-self is simply not aware of what is going on with the other parts of self - certainly including creating one's reality. Let us consider three separate states to the total individual, say, conscious mind, a half-conscious condition or subconsciousness, and the higher-self. The higher-self view encompasses the views of the other two but the lower-self's conscious mind is only aware of itself. Nevertheless this lower-self aspect is capable of formatting energies (which are created by the higher-self).


Generally the higher-self acts on a large scale beyond spacetime, and includes many probabilities, whereas the lower-self acts in a focused condition and selects probabilities from the higher-self.

The lower-self may completely fail to perceive that its singular thoughts and actions are part of a bigger energy network, and that the path will lead to problems and suffering which the higher-self is forced to create even though it has provided continuous guidance to do otherwise. We might imagine the child-and-adult analogy for the lower- and higher-selves.


The "child" is playing in the playroom. The higher-self (adult) determines the bigger or broader picture (in particular through programs prior to a life), such as playing in the room or then going outside on the swing.


But the "child," say, deviates away from these programs and begins to swing too high, which is expressing a mind pattern in this manner (karma), and fails to heed the advice from the "adult" (to take another path).

The higher-self is compelled to create these conditions since it is the lower-self's life with agreed upon limitations: "veil of forgetfulness", etc. The higher-self cannot stop or interfere in the detailed decision of the "child" to swing higher and higher; it can only provide a general influence, with a sphere of freedom to enable the child to decide otherwise. The free will must be respected.

Thus we (as a whole) are knowingly providing the energies for what may be a negative condition brought about by the formatting process of the lower-self (which forces the energies to be applied in this way). The lower-self has to learn to correlate energy (from the higher-self) with its own formatting (thinking, acting).

Let's take the analogy from a slightly different view and attempt to put the matter in a nutshell - even though we know there are no successful analogies. We might imagine the adult with the child on a lead - ahead of the adult. This is similar to taking the dog for a walk. You control where you go but the dog, or the child/lower-self, has freedom within the length of the lead. The forward motion and space is essentially created by the adult but the child can choose which part of this space to select.

Now what about "there are no accidents". Initially one will merely apply this to major events and experiences of significance. But it appears there are no half measures. The first reaction is that it appears nonsensical that there are no accidents and that everything has a reason, since many "accidents" involve more than one person.


The requirements for one person must match those of another's requirements. For example, if a person has a car accident then those who even merely witness this will be part of the event with their own reasons. If there is an airplane crash then each person has selected that flight to experience the crash. Some examples are immensely complex in terms of satisfactory explanations. In effect we are stating that everything is a synchronicity whether experienced as positive or negative.

The physics would have to be extremely complex involving higher-dimensional holographic mechanics with infinite possibilities always available (see article
The Theory of One).


Only a physics which models wholeness - a simultaneous span of space and time with countless actions all taken into account at every instant - can handle this. It is the extent of the interrelationship, the undivided wholeness which is mind-boggling, that is, it means the undivided wholeness must come first. For nothing to be an accident it means that every molecule in our personal environment (each person's universe) is acting to express outwardly the internal condition of the individual!


This is what is being indicated in the new thinking.





This one is really not very difficult but there is endless confusion regarding its interpretation.

The first viewpoint, and in keeping with the 'negative' education on this planet, is that one functions purely for self, which is recognized to be the perceivable personality, the conscious/subconscious mind and ego (the lower self).


There is no real recognition of higher-self, or God, or higher purposes. This is serving the (ego) self. A second viewpoint is the Christian one of serving God ("Thy will and not my will").

Up to a relatively short while ago these were the main two viewpoints. But we find that neither are satisfactory. Serving self is totally materialistic, is Darwinian, of Newtonian physics, a world of out-of-phase energies and randomness, which we find leads to destruction eventually of the whole. We soon sense there is something wrong with the simple viewpoint.

The Christian view of serving God also has its weaknesses. It is, however, the next step above the serving self interpretation. There is a recognition of power but a power which humans won't take responsibility for, and thus assign it to external causes.


This attributing of power may apply to anything from a ritual, to psychic healing, to medical science. It is a way of getting the power to operate by not taking responsibility and believing it comes from elsewhere. This enables the power to operate - unconsciously.

We create an objective world by denying responsibility and this, amazingly, enables us to do this without believing in ourselves (our power). Even an extreme objective event such as a combustion engine will only operate through basic original agreements (all is fundamentally subjective) but by denying consciousness has anything to do with it, it becomes extremely objective and separate, and seemingly independent.

What we are stating is that the power in humans operates indirectly (due to lack of responsibility) so that one doesn't know it is coming from oneself. Thus the concept of 'serving God' as an external source is also the result of not taking responsibility. But it can still work this way up to a point.

The best solution is neither emphasis on ego-self or God (externally), and recognizing that the energy creating self, which is under continuous creation from the source (God), is the real-self, or God-self, an aspect of the One in each human (and each atom, etc.).


The ego-self is a structure which builds up in the 3rd dimension and begins to function its own way according to a very narrow span of data, and goes out of phase with the higher-self, real-self, or true-self, which is an aspect of the God energy.

Thus one is only serving self (in the true sense) even when it is God. Some people write this 'Self' with a capital 'S'. It is not logical or intelligent to serve someone else. One acts as the greater self because it preserves and expands the whole and automatically operates for the greatest good.


The ego-self destroys the whole ultimately.





In making a judgment on this, one must distinguish between those few cases, for example, religious, which consider it a fact that there is basically no evil, without understanding the necessity of context, and those people who have the same belief but recognize "it all depends".

From the physics point of view it is not difficult to resolve any dilemma here. It is a subject of dualities. The holographic whole has a safety mechanism in allowing its parts to create evil, commit crimes, be selfish, etc.


These actions split a perfect energy (sine waves in mathematical holistic balance) into two poles enabling one pole to express evil but the opposite, a mirror image, inherently can cancel it at some time (giving a period of karma).

Thus these poles are interdependent; one can't exist without the other. Evil can't exist without an opposite pole, such as "receivers of evil". In order to erase evil one cannot ever destroy it physically, one must simply stop being a receiver of evil (for example, a victim).

Everything external - all the evil in the world - is apparently a reflection of our internal condition.

If one has studied New-Age material a great deal, a confusion might arise regarding the use of the term mirror-image. It may be used to express both horizontal dualities (both poles in 3D) and vertical dualities (one pole in 3D, the other in 4D or higher). The latter example would be mirror-image projections from the One source, God, of all its forms, that is, the parts, the fragmentations are mirror-images of the source but only in the sense the reflection in a mirror is an (reverse) image of self.


This "fragment" doesn't subtract from the higher-self - it is a reflected extension and of lower frequency. This is the vertical duality - the lower part (the image) doesn't cancel out the higher source when brought together. With horizontal dualities one pole will cancel out the other for example, gravity/antigravity.


The two are complementary - they are equivalent. However, in both cases, vertical and horizontal, a new unity will be formed when brought together.





At some point in one's acquisition of information one might have arrived at the conclusion that some events, incidents, are not accidental coincidences - that they are meaningful coincidences or synchronicities.


Further study reveals that both negative and positive synchronicities occur and they are very frequent.

We have eventually been told in the New-Age field through channeling that there are no accidents and everything has a reason - in other words all is synchronous. From a scientific point of view this is initially very unappealing. How can we justify removing all chance or accident. We might accept that chance events are regularly interrupted with synchronicities. But for every detailed significant and insignificant event to be a synchronicity defies all common sense.

This all depends on one's framework. This civilization has been programmed with a Newtonian reality, not a quantum physics reality.

Thus if we are to accept the insistence that all is synchronous we have to look at life and the universe in a completely different light - literally. If all is vibration of energy, which is basically light, which in turn is also information, then there is nothing but information.

If information, only (and always), is interacting with information, then there can only be synchronicities.


We have to reverse our viewpoint and realize that we have taken for granted the notion of chance, and totally turned a blind eye to its illogical acceptance. Instead of perceiving synchronicity as infrequent or strange we could consider that any chance event is odd or even impossible.

Everything is already there in the information and thus there are always links between parts, and parts and the whole, and like frequencies will attract like frequencies.

Also we must remember that there are many probabilities and possibilities which can be chosen and we don't have to be victims of a single sequence dictated by information and synchronicities.


However, in our lives we experience many negative synchronicities along with positive ones - or apparently neutral ones. By negative we mean not desirable. Nevertheless, even negative synchronicities occur to push the individual towards positive synchronicities.


The duality mechanism described previously will ensure that ultimately the end result will be positive - no matter how long it takes - which of course implies an influence from some other level.


Remember this is the third dimension of illusions and learning. It doesn't have to be this way (the apparent lack of free will) in a higher, evolved and more multidimensional state.





We are being told that the human race on planet Earth is the ultimate experiment.


One of the main purposes of this experiment is the exploration of all facets of negativity (to understand it and its possible useful applications); also to transmute and integrate this energy higher dimensionally.

Diverse schools of thought and bodies of knowledge have given different and sometimes vague information on the origin and causes of negativity on our planet. Christianity, in effect, states it is due to the Temptation plus man's sins. 'Temptation' we can interpret as negative input, and 'sins' simply means negative actions, or to avoid unnecessary guilt, we can call them mistakes.


Another major source claims that man is entirely responsible (entirely his negative actions), though much of the New-Age stresses that things have gone too far and that the suffering, etc. was never intended. However, ascended master material has validated the notion of an initial input - from the Dark forces.

Part of the paradox is that negativity needed to be researched and preferably have it run out into all its extremes and possibilities (this has been done now) but ethically one would never plan suffering.


Channel Robert Shapiro channeling the spiritual entity Zoosh gives us a satisfactory answer (at least as a general idea).

Briefly, 2% negativity was planned for Earth's human civilization. With this degree one could not even break one's leg but could stub one's toe, get annoyed or feel impatient. There is no way this small degree of negativity would have got out of hand. However, Zoosh tells us that the human race at its inception needed more feminine energy.


This suggestion, even warning (from a 'Divine feminine emissary') was rejected by the 'council of creators'. Within 100 years (of billions of years ago) this drastic mistake was recognized.

We conclude that the human race didn't stand a chance - in particular, as a result of the interference from fallen angelics.


Negativity expanded into all its horrific aspects, extremes and varieties. We are told the experiment is over and a clean-up is taking place. Research results? - that a small percentage of negativity will give growth to a civilization. Negativity has now been integrated within the learning curve.

A follow-up query might be: are we victims of this experiment?


Apparently not, since before our individuation as humans on Earth, we were partially the creators of this experiment, that is, were a portion of the creator of this creation.


However, one might still conclude that this is paradoxical because of the subsequent lack of awareness during the experiment.



NOTE: Is the hypnotized self, during an agreed upon hypnotic session during which painful, traumatic incidents are run, a victim of the waking self?