The Queen of Sheba and Her Only Son Menyelek (I)




The Book of the Glory of the Kings of Ethiopia


translated by
E. A. Wallis Budge

[London, 1932]

from SacredTexts Website





Title Page





   1.   Concerning the Glory of Kings

   2.   Concerning the Greatness of Kings

   3.   Concerning the Kingdom of ADAM

   4.   Concerning Envy

   5.   Concerning the Kingdom of SETH

   6.   Concerning the Sin of CAIN

   7.   Concerning NOAH

   8.   Concerning the Flood

   9.   Concerning the Covenant of NOAH

   10. Concerning ZION

   11. The Unanimous Declaration of the Three Hundred and Eighteen Orthodox Fathers

   12. Concerning CANAAN

   13. Concerning ABRAHAM

   14. Concerning the Covenant of ABRAHAM

   15. Concerning ISAAC and JACOB

   16. Concerning RÔBÊL (REUBEN)

   17. Concerning the Glory of ZION

   18. How the Orthodox Fathers and Bishops Agreed

   19. How this Book came to be found

   20. Concerning the Division of the Earth

   21. Concerning the Queen of the South

   22. Concerning TÂMRÎN, the Merchant

   23. How the Merchant returned to ETHIOPIA

   24. How the Queen made ready to set out on her Journey

   25. How the Queen came to SOLOMON the King

   26. How the King held converse with the Queen

   27. Concerning the Labourer

   28. How SOLOMON gave Commandments to the Queen

   29. Concerning the Three Hundred and Eighteen [Patriarchs]

   30. Concerning how King SOLOMON swore to the Queen

   31. Concerning the sign which SOLOMON gave the Queen

   32. How the Queen brought forth and came to her own Country

   33. How the King of ETHIOPIA travelled

   34. How the young man arrived in his mother's country

   35. How King SOLOMON sent to his son the commander of his army

   36. How King SOLOMON held intercourse with his son

   37. How SOLOMON asked His Son Questions

   38. How the King planned to send away his son with the children of the nobles

   39. How they made the Son of SOLOMON King

   40. How ZADOK the priest gave commands to DAVID the King

   41. Concerning the blessing of Kings

   42. Concerning the Ten Commandments

   43. How the men of the Army of ISRAEL received [their] orders

   44. How it is not a seemly thing to revile the King

   45. How those who were sent away wept and made a plan

   46. How they made a plan concerning ZION

   47. Concerning the offering of AZÂRYÂS (AZARIAH) and the King

   48. How they carried away ZION

   49. How his Father blessed his Son

   50. How they bade farewell to his Father and how the city mourned

   51. How he said unto ZADOK the Priest, "Go and bring the Covering (or, Clothing) which is upon it (i.e., ZION)"

   52. How ZADOK the Priest Departed

   53. How the Wagon was given to ETHIOPIA

   54. How DAVID [the King of ETHIOPIA] Prophesied and Saluted ZION

   55. How the People of ETHIOPIA Rejoiced

   56. Of the Return of ZADOK the Priest, and the giving of the Gift

   57. Concerning the Fall of ZADOK the Priest

   58. How SOLOMON Rose up to Slay them

   59. How the King Questioned an Egyptian, the Servant of PHARAOH

   60. How SOLOMON Lamented for ZION

   61. How SOLOMON Returned to JERUSALEM

   62. Concerning the answer which SOLOMON made to them

 63. How the Nobles of ISRAEL agreed [with the King]

   64. How the Daughter of PHARAOH Seduced SOLOMON

   65. Concerning the sin of SOLOMON

   66. Concerning the prophecy of CHRIST

   67. Concerning the lamentation of SOLOMON

   68. Concerning MARY, Our Lady of Salvation

   69. Concerning the Question of SOLOMON

   70. How REHOBOAM reigned

   71. Concerning MARY, the daughter of DAVID

   72. Concerning the King of RÔMÊ (CONSTANTINOPLE)

   73. Concerning the first judgment of ’ADRÂMÎ, King of RÔMÊ

   74. Concerning the King of MEDYÂM

   75. Concerning the King of BABYLON

   76. Concerning lying witnesses

   77. Concerning the King of PERSIA

   78. Concerning the King of MOAB

   79. Concerning the King of AMALEK

   80. Concerning the King of the PHILISTINES

   81. How the son of SAMSON slew the son of the King of the PHILISTINES

   82. Concerning the going down of ABRAHAM into EGYPT

   83. Concerning the King of the ISHMAELITES

   84. Concerning the King of ETHIOPIA and how he returned to his country

   85. Concerning the rejoicing of Queen MÂKĔDÂ

   86. How Queen MÂKĔDÂ made her son King

   87. How the nobles (or governors) of ETHIOPIA took the oath

   88. How he himself related to his mother how they made him King

   89. How the Queen talked to the Children of ISRAEL

   90. How AZARIAH praised the Queen and her city

   91. This is what ye shall eat: the clean and the unclean

   92. How they renewed the kingdom of DAVID

   93. How the Men of RÔMÊ destroyed the Faith

   94. The first war of the King of ETHIOPIA

   95. How the honourable estate of the King of ETHIOPIA was universally accepted

   96. Concerning the Prophecy about CHRIST

   97. Concerning the Murmuring of ISRAEL

   98. Concerning the Rod of MOSES and the Rod of AARON

   99. Concerning the Two Servants

   100. Concerning the Angels who rebelled

   101. Concerning Him that existeth in Everything and Everywhere

   102. Concerning the Beginning

   103. Concerning the Horns of the Altar

   104. More concerning the Ark and the Talk of the Wicked

   105. Concerning the belief of ABRAHAM

   106. A Prophecy concerning the Coming of CHRIST

   107. Concerning His entrance into JERUSALEM in Glory

   108. Concerning the wickedness of the iniquitous JEWS

   109. Concerning His Crucifixion

   110. Concerning His Resurrection

   111. Concerning His Ascension and His Second Coming

   112. How the Prophets foreshadowed Him in their persons

   113. Concerning the Chariot and the Vanquisher of the Enemy

   114. Concerning the return of ZION

   115. Concerning the Judgement of ISRAEL

   116. Concerning the Chariot of ETHIOPIA

   117. Concerning the King of RÔMÊ and the King of ETHIOPIA



















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