Sep 11, 2009

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Andrew D. Basiago joins us on the program as an insider who was part of Project Pegasus as a young child.


Andrew tells us about the special training he went through, his father, the military and the different devices and technologies they had access to during Project Pegasus. We discuss about teleportation, time travel, the Chronovision device and so much more.


You DO NOT want to miss this fascinating two hour program.







Topics Discussed


  • 10 Government Insiders

  • 140 Children Involved

  • 600,000 Mars Personal on Mars Right Now

  • Andrew's Dad was CIA

  • Barrack Obama

  • Baton Memorial Building in New Mexico

  • Bill Clinton

  • "Chrononaughts"

  • Chronovision

  • Could Andrew Talked About his Experiences?

  • Courtney M Hunt

  • CPU Under the Chair

  • Curtis Rite Air Force Facility


  • Dissociative Experience

  • Donald Rumsfeld

  • Enrico Fermi


  • Quantum Leap technology

  • Ramket Engine

  • Robert Monroe

  • RV Experimentation

  • Santa Fe

  • Speed Learning

  • Tachistoscope

  • Technology available in 1970

  • Teleportation

  • The Effects of Mars

  • The Real Philadelphia Experiment

  • Thomas Edison Research Labs

  • Time and Space Research

  • Development Program

  • Time Space Pioneer

  • Transporting from New Jersey to New Mexico

  • UFO's over Washington

  • US Time Travel Technology

  • William Shockley


We continue talking with Andrew about:



  • Historical Chronology Recorded

  • Longinus

  • Mapping the Future

  • Pre-Crime

  • Remote Viewing Programs

  • Socially Destabilizing Technology


...and so much more.