by Rene' Descartes
March 2017
from HumansAreFree Website

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There are a variety of reasons that can be behind the founding of a religion:

some are good, and many are bad...

Thus both good and bad religions have been created.

There are religions that started as a means for worship.

Some to help people improve themselves spiritually or otherwise.

Others were specifically created just to control and have power over the people.


But even religions that started with good intentions, degenerated over time into self-serving power structures whose main function was to control people, and to make money (And the profit shall lead them).

Religions vary in their methods and functions.


Most offer their members personal salvation through following the religion's tenets (beliefs, rituals, scripts and dogma). And thus, they insinuate you will not find God/The Creator or salvation, if you don't follow their particular religion/scripture/dogma.

Many religions also aim to fill an emotional, intellectual or psychological need in people's hearts and minds.


Generally, each have their own 'dogma',

  • answers to spiritual questions about God

  • about who we are

  • the rules that we should live by...

Some religions control by using people's insecurities, and have even been formed based on the insecurity of an ignorant society.

Some were based on fear.

There is the fear of hell (religion as 'fire insurance').

There is also the fear of God.

This idea basically comes from need to worship and serve a God, or some kind of powerful supreme being,

because you actually need to fear Him if you don't - because 'He' is all powerful and has negative emotional attributes, commits atrocities when angry or jealous, and allows great suffering and disasters when 'He' could easily stop them.

Worshipping that kind of a God is not much different than being respectful to, and paying homage and taxes to, an evil king, or warlord of the realm, because if you don't, he may come burn down your hut or your fields, or kill you and your family, rape your wife, etc..

In fact, that is precisely what many religions did, and how they used their concept of God.

But as opposed to being just a King or a warlord, people were told it was an all-powerful being, like a super powered evil alien from outer-space, bent on taking over and controlling all the people of this planet.

And of course the next step in such a religion, is,

dealing with the abusive power of its leaders...

The religion's leaders, being self-appointed representatives of such a God, would even torture and burn people alive for not 'believing', or behaving precisely as they dictated, or precisely as their 'God' dictated.

Millions of people have been murdered, burnt and tortured as the result of this.

Let's just say for now that people throughout time, and of various religions, have used their particular God, or even their particular 'name' for their God and their 'Holy' scriptures, as an excuse to control, torture, and murder.

That's one reason we prefer to call God 'the Universal Spirit', rather than anything that personalizes, or segregates the concept.

But there have been legitimate or sincere reasons and beginnings for religions too.

Some have been formed based on faith in, or the moral ideas of the religion's founder.

Some have been based on visions or insights of a great spiritual teacher (unfortunately, when the founding visionary dies, usually theology, dogma, scriptures and 'religion' take over).

Others provide a more direct means for personal salvation, within the framework of dogma.

Some spiritual traditions are so rooted in the culture they are from, that people from 'foreign' cultures or lands find them difficult to adapt to.

Sometimes there are even language barriers and cultural customs that have become part of the religion.

For instance, some paths require learning or chanting in Japanese, East Indian or Latin languages, rather than translations of those languages.

Many require performing or participating in rituals that are unique to a foreign culture, even though they evolved specifically because of those cultures.

While some paths have legitimate reasons for such things, most do not, and their requirements are limiting, and often nothing more than obsolete dogma and cultural bias.

Unlike other traditions, the true ancient spiritual teachings lack any emphasis on religious dogma and have no cultural and ritual embedding.

And the universality of the teachings and methods easily adapt to those individuals from any culture who have an open mind, and are truly spiritually inclined.

Thus, it is a path that is readily accessible and useful to people from any land, if they wish to take advantage of it.

The ancient teachings were not formed and based on faith. Most of the basis of them came from the old world, and thus to us, our knowledge, philosophies, and practices are simply gleaned from the 'Scientific facts' of Universal Laws that govern all things in the Universe, including the use of the mind and energy.

They are merely the result of 'observations' of the Universal forces that are involved in the practical applications of our spiritual and physical existence.

Thus, even today, understanding the substance of even the ancient 'beliefs', requires no faith, but rather a certain quality of 'intuitive logic'. In fact, the path urges us not to take the teachings on faith, but to EXPERIENCE the
Creator and higher consciousness directly.


That way we can really know, rather than just taking something on faith and 'hoping really bad' that it's true.

There is no more powerful way to change your life in a real and lasting way, than to directly experience Universal Consciousness, and thus experience and know Oneness with the Universal Spirit/God.

The ancient teachings both give us methods to expand our awareness and directly experience the Creator and Universal Consciousness, while also explaining to us the effects of Universal Laws in simple terms, even if,

"the Law itself is difficult to under-stand"...

Writing for Religious inclined people is not always an enjoyable experience.


Many readers want to have their prejudices confirmed, not challenged. Emotions rule their reason, and they are capable of a determined resistance to facts and are not inhibited from displays of rudeness and ignorance.

Indeed, some are so proud of their shortcomings that they can't wait to show them to others.

Some simply cannot read and confuse explanations with justifications as if the act of explaining something justifies the person or event being explained.

Thankfully, all readers are not handicapped in these ways or there would be no point in trying to inform the Scripture loving people...

The following may shed some light on why so many people in the western world are leaving orthodox religions in droves.

Conventional philosophical, historical, scientific and religious sources should have explained WHY you are here in this world and what your purpose and objective for living here are and what you must do to achieve what you were meant to achieve in this life and how to fulfill your life's purpose and objective.



And to do that, you first have to understand WHAT you really are, because you truly don't know, do you?


Don't kid yourself, you don't...

What you look at in the mirror is just some mechanized ape-like-clay-body in a mini skirt or a tie, but it's not the real YOU. So, if you don't know WHAT you really are, how can you get anything right in your life? Your life is just an accident waiting to happen.

And for many of you, your daily doings are totally accidental and most likely far from successful in achieving your life's purpose and objective.

You may choose to believe in the story of Adam's rib, seven days and talking snakes, etc. but it is not clear to anybody what was originally meant by those metaphors.

The transliterations and misinterpretations you hear from the many "Orthodox taught" are varied and imaginative (and at times well-meant), but only the truth can help you understand.

Accidental interpretations, wishful thinking, faith or metaphors you don't understand, cannot.

The root meaning of the word Philosophy is "Love of Wisdom".

The root meaning of the word religion is… re-binding, or re-connect or re-establish or re-ligament or re-combine or re-unite, or re-join (Again becoming One).

This clearly indicates that the purpose and objective of all "religions" was meant to somehow re-unite man to the Creator, and man to man.

It also indicates something previous, that we once were connected and now have to re-(again)-connect.

Religion was apparently meant to explain to us, show us, and teach us the way to achieve this re-connection. That is why it is called "Re-ligion" (Again-Uniting).

On this issue, religions clearly appear to have been abominable failures, or at least most of them and many times to the detriment of mankind as a whole.


Most people simply don't know the Spiritual truths needed to evolve spiritually and now, they all crave it.

It has become painfully clear even for the most discerned people that we have been deceived by well-meaning people who themselves were deceived for thousands of years about the truth of our origin, our purpose for living, our real origin history and our final destiny, hence mankind as a whole have failed to become spiritually enlightened.

Things are not as we have been told by any stretch of the imagination neither in religion, philosophy, history, science and specially the fake daily news of late and they all sadly had some very bizarre reasons for not telling us the truth.

If you had been told 'the truth' you would long since have reached some sort of spiritual perfection, so we know 'they' have been deceiving.

You see, if mankind knew better, they would do better, hence we know they lied to keep you consciously ignorant about Spirituality.

All the insight and understanding that has ever been hidden (Occult), has always been hidden for one purpose only, so whoever hid it, could take advantage of the people it was hidden from.

That which is hidden is what they don't want you to know, because then they can't bamboozle you.

When people are unaware and ignorant it is easy to take advantage of them, and lead them astray.

If a Pastor, Politician or your wife/husband asks you to have faith in something they tell you, it generally means they cannot explain the subject due to their own lagging knowledge and doubt.

If they could tell you the truth, I am sure that they would, in which case, no faith is needed, but sadly many times, a pastor or politician will assume that something is the truth, and then tell his assumption to his congregation as if it were the cosmic truth, instead of telling that it is only an assumption.

To look in old books and scriptures can help you at times, but don't overestimate that by any stretch.

In days of old, people were just as partial to record their assumptions and thoughts as if they were the cosmic truth, not knowing what it really was, as people do today (Fake News is an old practice...)

They do this because most people are selfish. But only the truth can set you free, so ask and you shall receive.

Darwin's theory of 'evolution', your school teacher told you about, is made-up stories and wishful thinking and only a THEORY that are not EVOLVED very much.

And the Creation story your priest told you appear mostly like some rabbi's interpretation, stretched with a lot of creative and imaginary thinking.



Seven days? Adam's rib? Talking Snake? Get real...!

They simply don't know the truth about the creation, they just hope and have faith that it is the truth, so they stick to the story in the Bible, or Darwin's theories as well as stopping people from looking elsewhere for the real truth.

Lately they threw the bizarre 'intelligent design' story into the mix.

New versions of the Bible come to light every day.

In English alone there are about 37 versions that we know of and in most of those Jesus himself only spoke for about 16 minutes in his entire life.

So please understand that there are a lot more teachings of truth than the many very different Scriptures present and recorded.

All Scriptures have been, over many years, influenced by liars, using splinters of Truth as bait, to trap us and to dictate to us what Truth is.

Of course the package sold to us is meant, in reality, to blind us to the whole Truth.

The purpose for writing the old scriptures has long since been lost.

Ask yourself,

what was the purpose or objective for writing a 'Bible'… and did they ever achieve that purpose or objective?

All the Masters of history, including,

Hermes, Enoch, Melchizedek, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Tao, Enoch, Joseph, Joshua, Confucius, Jesus,

...and many more gave us spiritual guidance in order to awaken us and liberate us from untruth, and to set us on the Path to Truth.

Not one of them came to bind us into the falsehoods of constraining religions or questionable scriptures.

They wanted us to know the truth about what we really are, why we are here (our purpose) and how to achieve what we were meant to achieve, as well as explaining our true Origin and final Destiny to help us grasp our full potential.



Another big problem is Bibliolatry (Bible Worship)

Pre-literate people handed down their best guesses about gods and goodness by way of oral tradition, and they made objects of stone and wood, idols, to channel their devotion.

Their notions of what was good and what was real and how to live in moral community with each other were free to evolve as culture and technology changed.


But the advent of the written word changed that.

As our Iron Age ancestors recorded and compiled their ideas into sacred texts, these texts allowed their understanding of gods and goodness to become frozen and static.

The sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam forbid idol worship, but over time the texts themselves became idolized, and many modern believers practice - essentially - book worship, also known as bibliolatry.

"Because the faith of Christianity is 'perfect', it does not allow for any innovations to the religion," says one young Christian explaining his faith.

His statement betrays a naïve lack of information about the origins of his own dogmas.

But more broadly, it sums up the challenge all religions face moving forward.

Imagine if a physicist said:

"Because our understanding of physics is known and perfect, it does not allow for any innovations to the field."

Adherents who think their scriptures and faith is 'perfect,' are not just naïve or ill informed.

They are developmentally arrested, and in the case of the world's major religions, their mind is anchored to the Iron Age, a time of violent slavery, desperation and early death.

Only the truth is helpful and the only thing that help you grow spiritually and the only thing that really matters.

Religions made their teachings and their scriptures more important than the purpose behind them.



But, Who is to be Condemned because they do not Understand?

Because our opportunities on Earth for spiritual growth are limited time-wise, we should realize that indoctrinating children with Religion, belief systems and scriptures before they are old enough to reason can spoil the learning value of their lives.

In some cases this is worse than murder because it may spoil their whole lifetime instead of just a few years.


This is pure priest-craft.

"They" tell you: two thousand years ago a man by the name of Jesus Christ, who had no earthly father (immaculately conceived), who descended from David came "down" and "he died for your sins".

By this they are telling you that God is a God of anger and he is a God of wrath and that he punishes the innocent and reward the guilty.

What we are also being told is that because Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, God is going to forgive everybody forever for everything they have ever done, and are saying that God 'himself' demanded it.

They say, that there are 13 friends and one of them is innocent and without sin; the rest of them are born in sin and are sinners.

In order for the 12 to be saved and forgiven, the last one (the innocent one) will have to be sacrificed.

This is what they say God demands and only by sacrificing the innocent one will the rest be saved.

Even our own legal system of justice, corrupt and flawed as it is most of the times, has not thought of punishing and executing the innocent for the crimes of the guilty so the sinners can go free.


do you still think they are telling you the truth, or do you now understand religious interpretations can be misinterpretations?

Only truly enlightened teachers can enlighten you, orators cannot.

Maybe that is why a Papal letter is called a Bull...

Stop learning so much and start thinking more yourself...

I truly hope this makes you think.