by Gerry Zeitlin

from EndEnchantment Website


Suppose we accept a general schema shown by this matrix:






"3D" and "4D" refer to third density and fourth density - terms relating to levels of consciousness - a usage becoming popular in some metaphysical literature.

The meaning of the density levels, for our purposes, is as follows:

  • 3D is the level of consciousness that we have, the way we are, and the way we perceive nature, and act.

  • We are 3D beings. Our bodies extend in time (as in the shamanic/mystical "long body") but we experience this as a sliding window of sequential views.

  • 4D implies the ability to see that which we call "time" as a fourth geometrical dimension.

  • Those operating in 4D consciousness also experience a kind of time -- we might call it "4D time" -- but it is not what we call "time".

  • This is nearly impossible for us to comprehend or visualize.

  • Their bodies extend in "our" time, just as ours, but they experience this as a simultaneity.

  • 4D beings can appear and operate in 3D ways when it suits their purposes.

Note 1.

The term "density" in this regard is probably an unfortunate misnomer. The experience of "fourth density" is a concept separate from the idea of "higher planes" or "higher bodies". which indeed could be considered to be of lesser density than the physical.


Many metaphysical, occult, and religious systems describe numerous such bodies that beings may have and use, such as the trikaya -- the three bodies of Buddhism, or the various astral, mental, and causal bodies etc. of western occultism.


These bodies resemble our physical ones in greater or lesser degree, and therefore can be assumed to be constructed along similar lines, perhaps with corresponding organs, cellular, and molecular structure, except not of physical matter. Clearly their behaviour in "time" is another, complicating issue. In the present discussion, we will have to treat these categories separately, however convolved they may actually be.

Note 2.

The word "time" is a shorthand notation for "3D time". We will not be speaking of "4D time" (except by implication).

STS and STO are social orientations:

  • STS = Service to Self  (SOS = Servicio A Si mismo)

  • STO = Service to Others (SAD = Servicio A los Demas)

These orientations are actually paths of development that extend through third and fourth density consciousness - at least. Their meanings appear self-evident. However, for a reason given below, we are really not in a position to understand them.


One thing can be clearly stated, however: STS, while self-serving, is easily enticed, by offers of pleasures and enhanced power, into hierarchies of control. By this means are STS beings more subject to being controlled than are STO beings, however paradoxical that may seem.


On the other hand, hierarchies of control, because of the STS orientation of the beings that compose them, are inherently unstable. STS are always looking for ways to revolt and take all for themselves. Important point.

Another classification of beings has to do with gender.

Although geneticists and other biologists who believe in independent evolution on planets like ours would probably say that gender and sexual reproduction are so far down the path of evolution, which is of course driven by randomness, that they are likely to be a local phenomenon, the larger framework of evidence that is admissible on these pages indicates that they are quite common, if not quite universal.

We state here that gender is always an issue, and that beings -- at least those interacting with us -- are either male, female, asexual, or androgynous -- that is, mixed.

Also, reproduction is either by sexual means or by cloning technology, which itself involves the use of male and female genetic material.

Why is this aspect included in our schema? Because it has been very very important in our (mainly forgotten) history and in the histories of the groups who play in our playground.

"A long time ago", certain 4D/STS beings decided to have a colony here -- apparently to acquire resources that were rightfully for the future use of the indigenous primate evolution.

The resources in question might have been the obvious natural resources of this planet, as well as others that may not be so obvious to us.

Among the less obvious resources might be the primates themselves, substances within their physical bodies, some treasure trove of genetic information, or something even less tangible, such as substances within their higher bodies, present or future capabilities, a planned role for the distant future, an internal connection with higher states of existence, or their actual identities - realized or potential.

Being STS, these colonizers were obsessed with control, and being 4D/STS they had tremendous means for exercising that control. For that reason, we can refer to them as the 4D controllers.

Having established our general schema here, it must be said that the 4D controllers -- those 4D/STS beings -- have been so successful at concealing themselves and their operations that we cannot say much on these pages as to what they do. They are for us theoretical, or you are welcome to take the position that they don't exist at all. But our position is that they do, and we will try to show how they fit into the scheme.

There are also 3D controllers (i.e., controllers who do not have that 4D sense of time, though they may have a dramatically extended vision of time as compared with our own). Since all the groups that we know specifically are of the 3D variety, we will simplify and refer to 3D controllers as -- controllers! Just down the column of icon/buttons from here, and in the companion
Open SETI website and its Open SETI Forums II, we speak of various controlling groups, such as lizard-like or reptilian beings, (Gnostic) archons, Theocrats, and Advanced Beings.


To what extent are these designated groups actually identical, or if not, how might they be related or interacting, and to what extent are we confused?

The differing terminology is a reminder that the information comes from different sources. The task of integrating them into a coherent picture has hardly begun. We suggest, however, that the schema of 3D/4D, STO/STS, gender, and physical/higher planes will be extremely useful in sorting these matters out.



Summing up:

  • 4D controllers are 4D/STS.

  • Controllers are 3D/STS and often working out of higher bodies.

  • Ordinary humans are 3D/STS and possess physical bodies when they are alive.

Although we have ascribed the original colonizing activity to 4D controllers, the other controllers had the same thing in mind.
Now since the genome of the indigenous population was somewhat compatible with their own, the controllers were able to genetically engineer, through hybrid breeding programs or directly using transgenics, a species resembling themselves (i.e., in their image, and limited of course to STS orientation), but constrained with a nervous system that could never support 4D consciousness and abilities.

Note: there is a Gnostic school of thought that maintains that archons, which for all we know at this point may be identical to our controllers, do not actually have this genetic engineering capability, but merely conduct a charade to suggest that they do. (See
The Gnostic Theory of Alien Intrusion.) In that case, we arrive at the situation we see today via a somewhat different path, relying heavily on deception. In any event, the nervous system of the new or the found species would support 3D consciousness. It would support 3D consciousness but it did not necessarily generate it.


You know that consciousness does not just emerge out of the complexity of systems. In fact, some consciousness is an extension of what we will call Higher Selves (HS) - which are behind all the activities discussed on this page. There is another kind of consciousness here on Earth that is projected from what has been called the Planetary Spirit. This consciousness dwells in animals and perhaps other elements of nature.

At this point in our discussion, we divide our scenario into two possible and plausible variations, which we will call Scenario A and Scenario B. Although it is ultimately supremely important to discern which of these scenarios, or some other, is actually correct, we will not attempt to do so at this time. We will maintain both, and this should not be too confusing, because the immediate ramifications are similar.

In A, the consciousness of the controllers, even though operating within their STS social structure, was and is an extension of their HSs. Apparently this could be the case even where controllers are clones. The narrative
Le Secret des Etoiles Sombres strongly suggests this.

Incidentally, the huge role of gender in our struggles is the central theme of Secrets and also of the Gnostic view: see
Gnosticism, Archons/Greys, The Controller Agenda.

In B, the controllers are more like machines -- clones or robots that have no connection to an HS, which means that what consciousness they may have is not an extension of an HS. One might say that they are the nightmares of today's transhumanists dreaming of tomorrow's robots. [See
Song of the Greys by Nigel Kerner]

It is possible that our connection to higher self is a prime resource sought by the scenario-B controllers in their mad wish to complete themselves.

In any event, physical bodies were "wired" for 3D consciousness and either already housed or (if genetically engineered) successfully attracted and bonded with consciousness from the preexisting Earth primate evolution. We will call the result of that union Group 1 humans. They are still with us, according to one account. (You would not be one of them.) But for reasons best known to the controllers, this was not a result that completely met their needs.

The controllers targeted another group of consciousnesses - of mixed STS/STO orientation, and 4D - who were willing to join in the colonization experiment, possibly through being enticed to experience the great sexual thrills that had been thoughtfully provided to the genetic creations. (Please don't ask "where" this group came "from". The question could be meaningless.) We will designate this union "Group 2 humans".

Once connected to the 3D/STS bodies, Group 2 had "fallen" and were embarked on a long journey through 3D/STS experience. STO in these bodies was unknown and still is virtually unknown, by design. Some aspire to it - some may have ancient memories of it from before the fall - but they are now so hopelessly confused about what it means to be STO that they mostly just continue to play into the hands of the controllers, who are brilliant and devious almost beyond imagining. [Suggested reading: Secrets of Power by Ingo Swann]

The consciousness of Group 2 - which is ourselves - was (and still is) acting according to impulse from their HSs.
Now what was going on with these HSs that lay behind the great Earth colonization experiment?

The HS is a waystation. It is a vehicle and it too has its inhabitant. Perhaps we can call the inhabitant the HS itself. Its knowledge, wisdom, and its power is vast. However, it is evolving (within its kind of time, not our 3D time). It grows by incorporating into itself its projected consciousnesses after they themselves have experienced and grown. At some point the combined consciousness becomes a being capable of functioning as an HS on its own, releasing the original HS to an even greater level of experience.

From that higher level, what can be called a game had been formulated and proposed to all the HSs associated with our Galaxy.

According to Scenario A, the standard method of growth had been for the projected consciousness to operate through a sequence of experiences - although we don't quite grasp the nature of "sequence" as known by 4D beings. Nevertheless, these beings on the standard path would accumulate experience and grow. They would accumulate experience and knowledge in full consciousness and constant recollection of their entire path from their creation to their "present", and they would have all the benefits of 4D existence. The nature of their 4D consciousness results in their having a "hive" awareness of each other, at least in their various planetary groupings. According to one account, this is the condition of all 4D beings in our Galaxy, and in particular of the 4D controllers associated with our planet.

From our perspective, their growth requires eons and eons of time.

In Scenario B, the controllers have no HS, and do not grow at all. This scenario does not speak of a "standard method", as that method does not come into play in our situation.

In the game, a new method was proposed. Those HSs who volunteered to try it would have their consciousnesses limited to 3D, which also meant that a lifetime was to be experienced in a solitary fashion, cut off from the "hive" consciousness and from knowledge of any sequence of past lives as well. Thus each consciousness was on his or her own, seemingly.

However, to compensate for the limitation, the HS would have access to all projected lives as though they were simultaneous; in a sense, they WOULD BE simultaneous. The HS, at its discretion, and corresponding to the efforts of any given projected consciousness, could make available some aspects of other projected consciousness, whether in the deep past or the future, as seen by a given embodied consciousness.

This was a powerful advantage. As seen in 3D time, it resulted in an extremely rapid conclusion of the growth cycle, compared to the plodding growth of the hives.

The beings who responded to the original need of the 4D/STS controllers are those whose HSs had gone for that path.
Would the ordinary (3D) controllers be included in this group? Possibly; we are just beginning to consider this.

With this picture in mind, do you believe we Group 2 humans have actually "fallen"? See the introductory
End of Enchantment solipsistic exercise. Combined with what has just been stated here, this should empower you.

There is a competition between ourselves and the 4D controllers. After all, in the picture we are describing here, it is a game. On our own level, and the one just above (loosely speaking, structural or systems levels below the level of organization or cognizance of the HS), the competition is not well understood. The controllers need to keep us down, or even to capture our connection to HS. We, on the other hand, have to use such faculties as we have to reach the gifts of our HSs.

It is interesting to contemplate that the game was over as soon as it began, from the HS level. Our group wins because it truly has a better method, but its path is painful. Yet beautiful in a way that is beyond compare.

That, at least, is one view of the picture as we presume it is seen from the perspective of the HS. In another view, the outcome is not assured and our situation is truly desperate. Not knowing which is correct is what makes it all so poignant.

At any rate, on the sequential (3D) level, the game proceeds. On our planetary level we see a world plunging into chaos, wracked with power struggles, at war.

The controllers -- STS beings that they are -- on their level are engaged in vaster competitions on at least an interstellar scale if not galactic or beyond. (That is one of many assertions of this site. "Proof" cannot be supplied.) Our planet Earth plays an important role in these competitions, and now that we have developed our global industrial and social infrastructure, the interaction is shifting into a new phase.

This phase, including its beginning in the time of the industrial revolution, is described in the remarkable book
War in Heaven.

It also appears from many sources that a critical "crunch" point is rapidly approaching. It could have a super-planetary or galactic component to it... we have written about this elsewhere. This "crunch" will bring chaos on every level of nature and human society. It is actually a singularity that could break the controllers' iron lock on Earth humanity, by breaking down the systems that have been so painstakingly built over the millennia. The controllers are aware of this and are perhaps aware of the scenario in which Earth humanity seizes the opportunity and completes its long ordeal in 3D captivity.

The controllers have been trying to break down the will and spirit of the humans through projecting images of destruction. For this reason, you, the reader, would do well not to allow yourself to be overwhelmed by such descriptions of chaos. You need to be in your power at that time - thinking clearly and acting swiftly and wisely.

Looking for help or salvation from extraterrestrials would definitely not be an example of being in your power.

Recall the intrinsic instability of the STS hierarchy. One of the present examples of this instability would be the hope of Earth humanity's military hierarchy that they will be able to use recently-developed advanced technology to wrest control from the hands of the higher evolutions and to turn Earth into a fearsome STS power in its own right, eventually on a galactic scale. They are dreaming if they believe they can overthrow their controllers, who have infiltrated their very minds, but acting out this particular madness will certainly add immensely to the oncoming chaotic conditions.

In a view that we favor, the Group 2 humans complete 3D existence, and are withdrawn from the grasp of the controllers. Actually Group 2 reverts to 4D where they originally were. However, there remains choice as to orientation. Those who had been striving for STO orientation will be able to be truly STO. Those who were strongly identified as STS, especially those firmly embedded into Earth control hierarchies, can continue on that path. All will become aware of the controllers but STO will no longer be subject to them. That part of the game will be over. Those who are to continue as STS will simply join the ranks.

Group 1 would have a different path. They never asked to be part of this game, yet they were thrust into the genetically-engineered bodies, creating a condition that has not been natural to them. It would be good to think that these ones will be offered the stewardship of planet Earth for its next wave of growth - their wave.



Now in the meantime, what is to be done here?

There are 4D/STO in the picture; I hadn't discussed these. If you can imagine a 4D/STO looking on our present scene, knowing what we have just discussed,

  • what do you think that being would do?

  • why do you think they have not appeared and taken an active role in rescuing us?

  • (or do you think they have?)

  • is there still a service that they can and do render?

  • should we use our understanding of these beings to model our own behavior?

This has bearing on what we do with our lives.

What you have just read is, as stated, a schema. It sets up a fairly simple framework, but within that framework the reality is not simple at all -- as you might expect.

Visualize "the telephone book of the United Nations". Whether or not there is such a book is not important. What is important is to imagine all of the organizations and all of the nations of earth that might be referenced in there.

Now visualize a compendium of all such U.N. telephone books issued over the history of
the United Nations from its inception down to as far as it runs and including whatever it evolves into. Furthermore, imagine that all "members" of the United Nations have this compendium at their disposal and are able to call any number in it - past or future - and plan actions with whomever they reach at that number.

Now allow in your imagination any number of parallel universes with their variants on the United Nations and make that telephone book a supercompendium of all.



Given all of that, how could you simplify it into a simple schema?

That is what is being attempted with this "Synthetic Myth". But many questions have been raised. For example,

  • who were/are those 4D/STS beings and what exactly is their scheme?

  • is "3D/4D" a stand-in for something much richer?

  • are there really only two groups of humans?

  • what is the history of those consciousnesses who populated the created race?

  • can it be true that the Earth human experience is "beyond compare"?

  • are the rules of the game just as described here or is there a different sort of game, or no game?

Dear reader, I cannot give you the answers to all of those questions. Truly, no one can, because you would not know whether to believe what they say. Unless you accept them for authority - and as long as you do that, there is no hope for you to grow.

So you must do your own research and test everything within yourself. (But you already knew that.)

You might begin by testing within yourself the following statement:

All those entities in the supercompendium of which I spoke have their levels of action, their styles and levels of consciousness. Behind the action are levels of higher being that grasp the entire game and, in playing, fulfill even a higher, vaster role.


Post Script

Upon reading this page, a friend wrote to me that he was unable to experience the "empowerment". Since I promised in one of the opening pages to make such an experience possible, and claim with this page to have done so, I feel obligated to deliver whatever additional help I can.


Hence the following post script:

I'm so glad you found something useful in my new page. I think the only thing needed for "empowering" is to project yourself into the events being described. For example, the page indicates that our consciousness is a projection of our Higher Self - a very majestic being - on a mission.


Perhaps you can realize "Wait a minute! That's ME! Why didn't I know that? Oh, because the game is to forget but then to strive to regain it, and in striving, to grow beyond what I ever was." And then the earlier exercise makes you the creator of all - even those who would capture you (in their delusion) - because this is your dream.

How can it be so and what makes me so special that I have dreamed all the others? The response to that question is embedded elsewhere on thissite. The answer is that every consciousness creates the entire universe. How can this happen without generating conflicts?


Because consciousness is a collapsing of the state vector in a quantum mechanical event - and as such, takes zero time. The reverse is true: every quantum event is conscious. Taking no time whatsoever, there is enough room for each event to be the only one in the universe. Every quantum event generates the universe out of the state vector.

Your life is a threading of all the quantum events that are yours.

This makes you a creator - at least on the plane of our conscious lives. Now you can experience yourself as the creator of all within your purview - and as an actor in everyone else's dream.