by Montalk

July 2004

from Montalk Website

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Part I


"You Create Your Own Reality" (YCYOR) is the predominant belief system of many New Agers.


This doctrine states that reality is entirely the product of our minds, and that by controlling our beliefs, we may determine what happens to us: what events we focus upon, we attract; what we do not focus upon, we do not experience. Creating for oneself what one desires is called "manifesting", and having all one needs in life is called "abundance."


For those who utilize YCYOR, manifesting abundance is usually a key goal.

Do we create our own reality? Yes we do, but not as freely as proponents of YCYOR claim. As it exists, YCYOR is a faulty paradigm whose incomplete nature was made so by design. This belief system is a dangerous spiritual weapon used by negative forces to disarm their potential victims. People who seek the New Age as an alternative to atheism or Christianity are not improving their situations. They are merely falling for further deception, the same trick with a new look. Like gravity, such deceptions can be traps, or they can be used as slingshots to propel one further along if one is careful and learns from mistakes.

There are several reasons why YCYOR is dangerous.

  • First, YCYOR fools its followers into believing they are more spiritually evolved than they truly are. Such New Agers are lulled into a false sense of security, an overestimation of their abilities and invulnerability, and thus fail to prepare against random accidents or attacks from negative forces.

  • Second, the practice of "manifestation" often becomes an act of black magic when used irresponsibly. Black magic is the manipulation of higher forces by lower individuals to their own spiritual detriment. For example, when corruptly implementing "manifestation" through visualization, ritual, chanting, or meditation, one can circumvent one's life mission or agenda, extort one's Higher Self, and violate the freewill of other sovereign humans.

  • Manifestation is used properly when it does not initiate a freewill violation. Manifesting or requesting has different consequences, depending on whether it is directed toward higher positive, higher negative, or lower negative beings. "Higher" and "lower" refers to their relative level of evolution compared to yours.

To explain all this more clearly, a description of higher positive and negative forces is necessary.


One's evolutionary level is determined by the lessons one has accumulated since metaphysical genesis as an individuated being. What higher positive and negative forces have in common is that they are both very aware and near to their respective evolutionary finish lines. The difference between them lies in their levels of wisdom, freewill and freedom, and what exactly they are evolving toward.

Negative beings evolve toward the sleeping half of the Creator, physicality. They are irresponsible, lack wisdom, and have little freedom or freewill.

Positive beings evolve toward the active half of the Creator, consciousness. They possess much responsibility and discernment, are wise, and enjoy more freedom due to their greater freewill and responsibility.

The importance of the preceding clarification lies in the fact that, despite having more awareness than you, higher negative forces actually have less freewill. Physical matter itself is the end product of their evolution, and it is obvious that matter has very little freewill. You can manipulate it at your leisure, and it does not resist. You can perfectly predict its behavior, meaning it is all predestined within a single unified equation, leaving no room for novelty or freewill. Simply by operating under a negative polarity, a being already acquires some of these characteristics.

The awareness that higher negative forces have, which exceed your level of awareness, is used only to create ever more sophisticated technologies and tricks to circumvent your freewill which they cannot directly violate except through backdoor methods and the abuse of what permission you have given them. One such permission is in the form of a contract with physicality you hold while existing in a physical body. Their abuse of this contract can be seen in their extreme reliance upon technology to try and manipulate you.

If you attempt to manifest something through the help of negative higher forces, two factors must be taken into consideration.

  • First, they will not help you unless your desire is of a negative orientation, such as lust for power, financial elitism, or sexual prowess.


  • Second, these will be given to you if you pay the maximum price, which is the circumvention of your life path, the lowering of your soul frequency, a stunting of spiritual evolution, and a commission of your soul energy paid to these higher forces.

You lose freedom, freewill, responsibility and creativity in exchange for illusory power, money or sex. This Faustian deal is no bargain, but a metaphysical scam.

If you attempt to manifest something through the help of positive higher forces (including your Higher Self), you can only request help. Requesting respects their freewill, and leaves it to their wise discretion whether to help you or not. They also respect your freewill and do not intervene unless you allow them to help.


Positive higher forces have more wisdom than you, and you would find it either impossible or detrimental to force them, via trickery through corrupted visualization and meditation, into fulfilling your desires. Should you succeed, most often you will have made a very bad choice which seemed desirable at the time only due to spiritual short sightedness.

It is clear that attempting to manipulate beings and forces higher on the spiritual hierarchy, be they of positive or negative polarity, can cause severe problems. It is best to make requests to positive higher forces, to allow them to help you in any way they can.

The positive (or STO, Service to Other) hierarchy is a network.


This means higher evolved beings help lower evolved beings learn and evolve. In this way, those higher beings evolve as well. Here on earth, those who think they can fight through life alone are failing to make use of this network. They are succumbing to negative influences because of their pride, and must learn that because they are part of a network, requesting help from higher positive forces is perfectly fine. If the request is pure, those higher positive forces will help, especially if it aids in unblocking or accelerating one's spiritual evolution.

To make a distinction, requesting is different from manifestation, in that it is an act of calling upon positive higher forces while respecting their freewill, leaving it up to them to help you if they deem it wise. Manifesting, on the other hand, is a direct way of influencing your reality. Concerning positive higher forces, requesting is the way to go. But with lower evolved beings, manifestation is the appropriate method.

Recall that manifestation works best when it does not violate freewill. It is fact that freewill cannot be violated if it does not exist or is not being used. Lower beings tend to either not have a particular aspect of freewill, or else fail to use it.


They are therefore primed for influence by higher beings with more freewill. While this sounds insidious, remember that higher freewill implies greater lessons learned, higher evolution, and thus greater responsibility and wisdom. Your Higher Self has controlled your actions countless of times, to ensure that certain scripted events come to pass. This is no true violation of your freewill, just influence of behavior to best facilitate evolution.

Thus, when higher positive entities influences lower beings, it is done carefully and for the greatest benefit of all. It only becomes insidious when the awareness of the influenced being is purposely suppressed through technology, disinformation, or trickery, which is what negative forces do in order to lower the utilized freewill of their target to a level lower than their own, which makes the target easily manipulated.

As can be seen, YCYOR either fools a person into thinking he can control reality more than he really can (thus making him vulnerable to negative forces who exploit his ignorance), or else ensures that when he does influence his reality, it becomes an act of black magic which stunts his spiritual evolution.

This disinformative doctrine is a spiritual booby-trap, plain and simple. Its targets are tricked into disarming and corrupting themselves, avoiding the acquisition and utilization of knowledge, sabotaging their own lives, and later blaming the resultant misery on their failure to adhere even more strongly to YCYOR protocols.

The reason YCYOR works so well is because it is based on a lot of metaphysical truth. People awakening from more ignorant belief systems are lured by the truth content of YCYOR. But as with all disinformation, its designers care not so much what their targets know, but what they do. Despite a large truth content which influences what its followers know, the few lies and logical inconsistencies in the doctrine is enough to twist what they do. Negative forces want them to do what is in line with the negative agenda. Such targets are effectively "tenderized" for consumption or "disarmed" for elimination.

Through twisted logic, certain faulty inferences are made from the true idea that we create our own reality. Some of these are listed below, followed by short explanations which will be elaborated upon later in this article.




"If you don't believe in evil, it cannot harm you because it will not exist in your reality"


Not believing that evil can harm you if you ignore it, is like thinking that a truck cannot run you over if you close your eyes. It is better to open your eyes and step out of the way.

Negative beings have freewill and a definite objectivity in your reality. Many exist outside your range of control, and can choose to attack you if they wish. Whether they succeed in their attack is another matter, but the fact is that they will attack and succeed if they can.

Their ability to succeed depends upon the relative superiority of your freewill and the awareness required to access it, metaphysical protection by higher forces or Higher Self, and your physical and spiritual application of knowledge in the area of personal defense against such attacks.

Manifestation involves intent, the application of will in a particular direction of desired experience. This direction is available only if one is aware of its possibility. Therefore, ignorance cannot protect against anything. Protecting against an attack must be based upon awareness of the many ways such an attack can happen.


Once you are aware of these ways, besides actually preparing to deal with them, you can take additional preventative measures by focusing your will upon the probable futures in which those specific methods of attack fail to materialize or succeed.

Manifesting protection only works against negative forces who have less freewill than you, who require that you be unaware of a particular mode of attack such that they can use it as a bridge into your reality. Freewill unused is freewill denied, for awareness is the key that unlocks what freewill you have already gained through earlier evolution.

Not being aware of an attack possibility leaves it unclaimed by your freewill, and it is like having no freewill at all. Like an unguarded bridge, this direction of experience involving a particular mode of attack is hidden behind a blind spot in your field of awareness. Negative forces, who would otherwise be unable to harm you due to their lower freewill status, can cross this hidden bridge, breach your reality, and implement an attack.

In such a case, preventing the attack does not involve fighting these forces directly, but merely cutting off their invasion route by guarding the bridge. This is done by becoming aware of their attack methods.

Should an attack succeed, whether it is through an unguarded bridge into your reality, or by negative forces who are simply more powerful than you, or perhaps were allowed into your reality by your protectors as a learning lesson for you, dealing with such attacks requires direct active interaction, physical and psychological preparation, and utilization of knowledge.

Thus, awareness/knowledge alone passively protects in the sense of "guarding the bridges" and locking down one's reality against attempted dislodging by lower negative forces. But once such forces break through, it is only through the active utilization of knowledge and awareness that these attacks are thwarted. If they break through, it means some lesson has not been learned.

For all of us, spiritual evolution is impossible without the active use and application of knowledge/awareness, for one implies the other. With this fact in mind, it becomes clear why awareness and knowledge alone can passively protect, but only sometimes.


An explanation follows:

When you are more positively spiritually evolved than another being, you possess greater freewill than that being. You have learned everything that being has learned, and then some. All the attacks this being is capable of are limited to the scope of its awareness, of what it has learned already.

Because you have learned all this being has learned (evident by virtue of your higher spiritual evolution), all its attacks against you are actually redundant as far as learning lessons for you are concerned, for they cannot teach you anything you have not already learned.

However, they can remind you of things you have forgotten. That you have forgotten such lessons is the only reason such lesson-redundant attacks can happen at all. Remember the lesson by becoming aware of the attack method, and it loses all meaning and justification. Your freewill then shuts out that attack from happening since it would serve absolutely no purpose anymore.

In sum, the passive protection of awareness/knowledge happens only when that awareness/knowledge has already been utilized before, which led to an increase in one's level of spiritual evolution.

Awareness/knowledge cannot passively protect if it has only recently been acquired but not yet utilized. It will surely be put to the test first, either in active preparation and prevention, or in direct "combat" against an attacking force.

A hostile being who is more evolved than you, despite having less freewill, will probably be more clever than you and thus trick you into accepting an attack. Its higher level of awareness means it has something to teach you. And you will learn the easy way or the hard way, depending on whether you prepared ahead of time or not.

As can be seen, spiritual osmosis occurs throughout creation. Higher evolved beings, no matter their polarity, always teach lower evolved beings, either directly or indirectly.

When a lower being attacks, its attack can be easily averted through remembrance or awareness of its possibility, which accesses the freewill required to end the attack whose resulting lessons you have already learned at some time.

When a higher being attacks, proper passively counteractive freewill does not exist and can be gained only through struggle and the application of knowledge/awareness, which increases your spiritual evolution to a level equal or greater than the attacker, at which point the attack ceases to materialize as long as you remain aware of your lesson.

In relation to Reality Creation, the preceding ideas reveal the fact that "manifestation" is the passive application of knowledge/awareness, and should not (or often cannot) be used to protect against things which one needs to experience in order to evolve.

This is why YCYOR's "manifestation of protection" fails in many instances, for a person using this doctrine might attempt to stop an attack from succeeding by applying passive protection through manifestation, but the attack is either necessary to help the person evolve, or to help him remember the lessons he has already learned but forgotten or ignored.


YCYOR can induce an intentional forgetting of lessons through:

  • blind faith

  • the abandonment of knowledge seeking

  • sheer ignorant bliss

In fact, the induced ignorance guarantees that an attack happens successfully so that the person eventually "wakes up" to the truth. Negative forces count upon this principle to sustain their feeding. As long as the person can be continuously tricked into ignoring lessons, the food supply stays plentiful.


In that case, either the person is fed upon simply because he can be fed upon (requiring active utilization of knowledge/awareness to stop), or else the Higher Self repeatedly allows its lower self to be food until the lower self awakens and puts an end to it (which necessitates the passive use of knowledge/awareness).




"You can transform evil by sending it love"


Because they have freewill, evolved negative forces can choose whether to accept your love or not. And most often, they will not allow themselves to be transformed by it. Trying to change a negative being this way is like pouring a man many glasses of water and asking him to drown himself.

Often, this sent love can be of such a corrupted nature (due to misperception of what love is) that it is of a frequency palatable by negative beings who then feed upon it. Whether negative beings can feed upon an emotion depends not so much upon what type of emotion it is, but whether it is based on awareness or ignorance. Sympathy and compassion out of ignorance makes better food than righteous anger, for example.

Sympathy and compassion out of knowledge would mean sending love to beings who have not yet chosen their polarity, who out of their suffering request and accept the love they receive. They thirst for the water set before them. Discernment and experience is required for any compassionate person to know when this is the case.


Sometimes there are etheric vampires seeking to steal the energy of the compassionate by feigning distress, and giving one's love to these people only leads to an energy drain in oneself. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: that the forces commonly considered "evil" have chosen their polarity and therefore cannot be changed. They can only be understood, for that results in empowerment of the perceiver rather than attempted freewill violation of the perceived.

So as far as "transforming evil" is concerned, external events cannot change one's polarity (positive or negative, STO or STS), merely reinforce what one has already freely chosen to be.

Receiving an act of kindness may make a positive person beam with more positivity, or make a negative person salivate with the prospect of feasting upon an easy prey. Being physically abused may make a positive person reflect upon how horrible such abuse is and how he would not wish the same upon anyone else, while a negative person may abuse others out of vengeance and hatred.

Therefore, being nice to evil, showing it how act positively, sending it love and light, and acting chivalrously toward it usually ends in complete failure for you, and a full stomach for the intended target. Negative forces do not play by the same rules as positive forces, as they have no respect for respect, and no empathy for empathy.

You cannot transform evil, merely help it evolve. Yes, negative forces are on a path of evolution. They are evolving toward the Creator just like you are. The only difference is that they are evolving toward the sleeping half of the Creator, associated with matter, lack of freewill, and determinism.

Therefore, if you cannot transform a negative being (you can only cautiously provide the opportunity for change on its behalf, and allow it to choose its way) you can at least help it evolve, which also helps you evolve. This is done by acting responsibly and not feeding them. You learn how to better defend yourself, and they learn how to better attack their targets.

Within the negative hierarchy, beings force each other to evolve through constant competition, tricks, manipulation, extortion, and violence. Within the positive network, beings help each other evolve through creativity, compassion, teaching, sharing, and learning.

To be positive or STO consists of two qualities:

  • having gained the lessons required to interact harmoniously within one's polarity

  • having gained the lessons needed to interact vigilantly with the opposite polarity

And here lies another fault of YCYOR, the idea that all is "love and light" and one need merely think fluffy thoughts and put on rose colored glasses, and all will be fine. Another aspect to disinformation is missing information.


Here, New Agers are taught only half the equation. Christians are taught the same thing with the "turn the other cheek" idea which is actually a corruption of the original meaning of the phrase.

The half of the equation they do possess involve the ideals of creativity, compassion, teaching, and so on. But when it comes to dealing with negative forces, they are wholly ignorant and unprotected sheep. This is another principle that negative beings count upon, for it makes their targets easy to feed upon and control.

When opposite polarities interact, problems can occur if the positive being treats the negative being as though it were positive. Rather than simply behaving "nicely", being inclined toward STO means not feeding STS; being positive means not feeding negative. No matter your polarity, the only way a negative being will learn is through resistance against its manipulations or attacks, on your part.

If you were of negative polarity, you would often take the initiative to attack another less powerful negative being, but if you were positive, you would only act in self-defense and never actively provoke anything, merely respond if your response was "requested" by another being through its act of aggression.

The best way for positive to interact with negative is to not feed them, to act only in response to a hostile request, to stick up for oneself if attacked, and to pick one's battles wisely. Treating them as though they were positive only feeds them more, and burns oneself out, like the short-circuiting of two batteries incorrectly connected.

This reveals yet another ploy of the dark side, that of creating the illusion that a hostile being is just like the positive target. Matrix agents such as organic portals, for example, utilize the soul energies of their targets to mirror back at them their own personality and essence.

This is a method of spiritual camouflage. The target then stays open to manipulation and feeding, and since the predatory behavior of the organic portals often contradicts the image he maintains in the mind of the target, there will be confusion and psychological friction in the mind of the target which generates more energies to be consumed by the organic portal.

The trick in dealing with organic portals is in realizing who and what they are, then adjusting one's perceptions, emotions, and actions to reflect that new awareness. Because they are less evolved than their targets, passive protection of knowledge/awareness often works very effectively in stopping their attacks.


If this does not work, then asserting one's freewill by standing up against them and coolly putting them in their place is necessary.


"There are no limits"

In truth, there really are no limits.


But how easy is it for you to shed your present limits? Is it enough to merely think to yourself "there are no limits" and off you float above the ground as gravity, formerly a limit, no longer remains part of your reality? The fault of YCYOR is in making the phrase "there are no limits" appear more general, easily applicable and achievable than it really is.

While we exist here in physicality, there are several types of limits.

  • Illusory limits are those that truly do not exist, except in your mind as a consequence of your lack or suppression of awareness. These include such things as personal insecurities, false beliefs about your intellectual or physical abilities, glass ceilings, and subconscious programs.

  • Practical limits exist at the boundaries of your spiritual evolution. They are things you are not capable of because you have not evolved to the point where you can do them. Surpassing these limits requires spiritual evolution, often through struggle and the active use of knowledge/awareness.

  • Imposed limits are those placed upon you by beings with higher freewill than you. They may be aspects of your own consciousness, such as your Higher Self. These limits are mere handicaps, placed upon you so that you can exist within this reality and learn other lessons.

  • One such limit is the "veil of amnesia" we are born with, which prevents us from easily remembering all our other incarnations. Not knowing them, we start each life with a fresh page, keeping only our soul essence from our "last" life. This system maximizes the richness of experience and the rate of spiritual evolution. Were we to recall all our lives all the time, life would get boring very fast, and old habits would become very hard to drop.

  • Another imposed limit is our predominant inability to communicate telepathically or move objects with our minds. Could we do this, the world would be a much easier place in which to live. There would be no secrets, no New World Order. But we did not come to 3D earth to have such an easy life.


  • Earth is like a weight training room…resistance all around, the quickest way to bulk up. Too little resistance, and progress is slow. Too much resistance, and progress is impossible. The purpose of true Reality Creation is to remove unnecessary weights so that resistance is just right.

  • The greatest example of an imposed limit is that of physicality, including all its laws which are nicely described in the laws of physics. Negative forces abuse physics through their technology, which can result in manipulations so cunning that most people cannot even fathom their existence.

Practically speaking, then, there are indeed limits.


What you must do to surpass these limits determines how objective they are. Illusory limits are mainly psychological, and getting rid of them will do wonders enough in one's life. No limits are insurmountable, it is just that some limits are damn hard to break through.

When YCYOR says "there are no limits", it accurately states that illusory limits are not real. However, one would be a fool to think that the phrase applies to all types of limits, that imposed or practical limits are as easily bypassed as illusory ones. Some extreme forms of YCYOR do incorporate this idea, and its followers think that reality is so much a function of their belief that they need merely believe they are invincible, and so they become it.


Never mind that they lack the spiritual evolution and awareness to do so, and are attempting to violate their own Higher freewill. They think they can exist in a world without limits just by changing their 3D mind or subconsciously programming themselves through visualization or self-hypnosis. While this does work great to rid oneself of illusory limits, other limits remain.

Now, there are cases of people who can levitate, teleport, bend spoons, and so on. Mind is definitely capable of bypassing the laws of nature. We hold a contract with physicality, which states that we collectively agree to participate by its rules. Our world or imposed limits is indeed held up by self-imposed limits, but to break through these limits, one must be at the same level that one created the limit to begin with.

For example, if you impose upon yourself a limit made on the subconscious level through some trauma followed by autosuggestion, then it is on that subconscious level which the limit must be removed. If it is the Higher Self that holds the agreement with physicality, then it is the Higher Self which can break that contract.


(Let the distinction be made, however, that using technology to levitate, teleport, and time travel is a way of manipulating physicality itself, not our Higher Self).

It is clearly unwise to think that you can, at a lower state of consciousness, void the limit created and imposed from a higher state of consciousness without actually going there. Going there is often the lesson of the limit in the first place. Some of these imposed limits can be forcedly surpassed through intense meditation, but it is a way of short circuiting one's own evolution for the gain of a few new tricks. The tricks themselves are not "bad", merely premature.


When the timing is right and they are well-earned, they will be put to good use and aid one's evolution.

Occult practitioners of the black arts try to develop their psychic faculties without a corresponding increase in beingness, which only results in their descent further into the maw of the negative hierarchy.

For all these reasons, while there are no limits as they can all be surpassed someday and somehow, due to our present physical and mental natures, we cannot break through all limits just yet. It is necessary to be aware of what limits one is truly up against, and which ones can be changed or voided.

Negative forces with lower freewill, or perhaps higher negative forces who do not wish to violate freewill but rather coerce their targets through deception for the purposes of consuming them fresh and whole, use illusory limits to the fullest extent possible.

Illusory limits are those we give power to, despite their actual nonexistence. Nonexistent limits do not violate our freewill. If we give them power and impose those limits upon ourselves, they were indeed inspired by negative forces but actually implemented by us, and thus the negative forces do not dirty their hands with our own freewill violations, for there is no violation if we imposed it upon ourselves.

Imposed limits, such as physicality, can be used against us by negative forces as well. If you are falsely accused of a crime, engineered so by clever negative forces, and are consequently jailed, what keeps you behind bars is the solidity of the walls and threat of apprehension and violence if you try to escape. In this way, despite physicality being voluntarily maintained by a higher aspect of your own consciousness, it is being used by negative forces against you.

Your Higher Self does not sit idly by, not noticing any of this. It allows it to happen to teach you a lesson. Should the case arise where negative forces attempt to physically harm you in such a way that no lesson is learned and many other future lessons would be postponed, the Higher Self can intervene and re-arrange the linear timeline so that negative forces fail. In this way, some people are protected from harm despite massive targeting by negative forces.


Nevertheless, the possibility that physicality itself can be used against you is reason enough to actively use your knowledge and prepare for contingencies.

Concerning illusory limits of the subconscious nature, be aware that subconscious programs are actually surrogate motivators. This means they are passive redirectors of your will, and can in themselves open you up to undesirable probable futures. Before, it was mentioned that struggle often accompanies spiritual evolution. Struggle does not always mean pain, it simply means active application of one's will to progress and learn.


As an analogy, rock climbing can be considered a struggle, but it is still fun for many who do it as a sport. When it comes to spiritual evolution, painful struggle is actually unnecessary, while fun struggle is the ideal way to evolve.

Psychologically painful struggle happens for one main reason: the dissolution of old subconscious programs. Struggle itself is an aspect of spiritual evolution, but the pain results from having to uproot old programmed illusions that one has held near and dear all one's life. The less programmed one is with the old ways of viewing the world, and the more inertia one has against change, the greater the pain accompanying spiritual evolution. It is not a matter of struggle versus no struggle, but painful struggle versus fun struggle.

Like a stuck rudder, programs or surrogate motivators make it difficult to get one's "boat" traveling in the right direction. Moving forward anyway creates friction, which eventually heats and dissolves the programs, but not without causing some discomfort. Progressing without pain can only happen in two ways: either you have already evolved to the approaching level and are merely retracing your steps, or you are struggling with a fun attitude.

However, painful struggle can also be a sign that you are venturing beyond the planned boundaries of your pre-incarnational objectives and the recommendations of your Higher Self. This is most evident if you feel like you are moving against the grand flow, things are going terribly for you in life, it takes much willpower to succeed, and you must often employ negative or STS tactics to do so.


Falling into STS is like sinking into quicksand. It is a struggle to stay afloat, and even more of a struggle to get out. Your painful struggles in life are always the results of errors committed or allowed by some part of you, which placed you temporarily into a negative orientation that now requires restitution.

If you are painfully struggling for any reason other than dissolving your subconscious programs or resolving karmic issues, it is very likely that you are not acting in alignment with your Higher Self. Like assembling flat-pack furniture, if you are struggling and things keep turning out horribly, you are not following the instructions.

Fun struggle is accompanied by a thrust or intense motivation, an inner glow of joy and enthusiasm, and results in a hearty satisfaction. This is the ideal way to evolve spiritually, and virtually guarantees that one is on the right path, in alignment with one's Higher Self. When in this "flow", events in life click into place perfectly. Once one is relatively free from negative surrogate motivators, one is following the flow of the right destiny current and can simply "let go" and have fun with life, struggling but evolving in a positive manner.

Lack of struggle is equally suspicious. Fun without challenge, without inner satisfaction, often comes from surrogate motivators influencing one's actions and perceptions. More often than not, something like this is considered "fun" because it is a lack of "pain", be it social, physical, or psychological pain. For example, if you are programmed with social expectations that drinking and partying are key steps in securing one's self-worth, and that not having a bar life makes one lame and unaccepted, then one can squander away much of life in a drunken stupor, blissfully thinking all is fun with this programmed lifestyle.

Much of humanity is lost on a permanent detour off their primary intended life path, due to these surrogate motivators which have been grafted onto their minds from birth via clever programming by negative forces through media, culture, religion, and sometimes directly through abductions and mind control.

Getting rid of these grafts is the first and best action one can take in one's quest for a limitless reality. This will accelerate one's evolution, and soon practical limits fall away until an evolutionary state is reached that is equal to the state where such limits were imposed. Those limits then dissolve as well.

Another trap of YCYOR and the New Age paradigm has to do with "resolving issues" and "removing karmic debt" via cheap gimmicks which only give a temporary illusion that things have been fixed. They are merely patched over and ignored, all the while festering beneath an inflated "happy" persona.

Resolving karma can only happen through forgiveness that permeates deeply into one's subconscious. It is subconscious regrets and grudges that make us choose to incarnate again with karmic life experiences to resolve them. Hypnosis is one of the few methods that can resolve karma without having to go through these experiences because this forgives the issues on the subconscious level where they reside. All karma necessitates is the learning of a lesson, not necessarily the experience of karmic events. If such lessons can be learned under hypnosis, then all the better.

Nevertheless, there are those who ignore their issues rather than confronting them, who try to act positively, think positively, but are doing nothing to get rid of their surrogate motivators via an active increase their awareness and utilization of knowledge. Rather than learning a lesson, they would rather do some meditations, "clearing" sessions, crystal work, or other methods to cover up the warning signs that those lessons must be learned.


The way they try to think and act is opposite of what they are on the inside, and this conflict builds up a lot of anger and anguish. It is amazing how many people, who claim to be love and light New Agers, are actually two-faced, petty, flaky, and moping individuals.


They are an example of the fact that there is no shortcut to learning.


"Evil is the absence of good"

A rock lacks the quality of good. But it is not evil. So lacking good does not make something evil, and evil therefore is not the absence of good.


Evil, characterizing the negative forces, is a force unto itself. It exists as an independent though parasitic creation.

The sleeping half of the Creator, to which all those on the negative path are evolving, lacks any and all creativity. This is why matter itself, though conscious, has almost no freewill and is thus characterized by physical laws which allow the perfect prediction of all future states of such matter (not counting quantum effects, which arise from the interface between the conscious and sleeping halves of the Creator on a subatomic level).


If it can be predicted, it can be controlled, and thus it has no freewill. The point here is to emphasize that negative forces lack creativity. This is not to say they are boring, but merely limited in what they can do. They are always one step behind positive forces, because the latter have the upper hand spiritually when it comes to metaphysical sovereignty and who gets to control whom.

The negative hierarchy, despite having its own individuality, must exploit positive beings and consume their soul energies because they themselves lack originality, creativity, and negentropy, and use the creative soul energies of positive beings (which such beings suckle from the Creator by virtue of their spiritual purity) to counteract the entropic nature of their own evolution. A clock, once wound, will wind down again unless more energy is put into the system. Negative forces need the creative energy to keep up what they are doing, otherwise they will decay.

So evil is not the absence of good because it has its own identity and freewill, though it does depend upon good for its survival because it is parasitic in nature.

YCYOR is once again faulty in inferring that since "evil is the absence of good", evil can be negated just by putting some good in its place. An evil person simply lacks good, according to this idea, and so being good to that person and bombing him with love and light will fill him up with goodness and thus erase the evil, much like annihilating a hole in the ground by filling it with dirt.


Of course, in truth evil has its own solid identity, and prefers to feed upon good, so YCYOR is the perfect mechanism allowing them to do this.


"Nothing happens to you unless you allow it"

This is true, but the question is,

  • Which part of you allowed it?

  • If you stand in the street and a truck is barreling toward you with no intention of stopping, what will allow it or prevent it from running you over?

  • Is it the part of you that is reading this right now, who decides things as mundane as picking up a newspaper or making some toast, or is it the part of you considered the Higher Self?

Obviously, it is something like the latter.


That is, unless you have personally evolved in this body to a state identical with your Higher Self, in which case reality becomes plastic to you since then you can break the contract with physicality. And do not let YCYOR fool you into thinking you are by default functionally identical with your Higher Self, unless you can stop bullets in mid air like Neo at the end of The Matrix.

You can only allow/prevent things that have less freewill than you. And then, only with proper awareness to direct your will in the right direction. Depending on your level of evolution, these allowances or preventions can range from stopping attacks from lower negative entities, to influencing whether or not you get pulled over by a cop this weekend, or whether your car makes it through without a breakdown on a road trip.


These things involve situations with elements that have less freewill than you do, and therefore you can influence them. You are directing your influences downward on the spiritual hierarchy, and that is absolutely fine by all universal laws.

While most everything that happens to you has been allowed at some level or other, there are exceptions. There exist times when, through the leverage of your ego-level freewill, you take actions yourself which mess things up. One example is suicide. If you commit suicide, the Higher Self will not reinsert you in a corrected timeline where it did not happen. It can make it more difficult to carry out, however, to get you to think twice about your decision. Examples include a gun jamming, or rope breaking, etc…


In this case, it was allowed to happen, but by you personally, not your Higher Self.

When a negative entity more powerful than you attacks, this is allowed by the Higher Self because nothing negative that can harm you exists on an equal or greater level than the Higher Self. It therefore has jurisdiction and authority to control and correct all that happens beneath it, though the Higher Self has the wisdom and knowledge to do this with utmost discretion.

When an event happens, be it an attack, an accident, a synchronicity, or something pleasurable, most likely it happened for a reason. It would be wise to reflect upon possible meanings and extract the lessons as efficiently as possible. If not, the lesson may be introduced again and more unjustified pain introduced. The reason may be as simple as that an attack happened because it could. The lesson would then be to ensure than it cannot happen again.

The preceding half of this article listed and described the faults of YCYOR. Numerous as these faults are, the idea of "reality creation" is based upon much truth. One must be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater, to discard the facts because of errors in their interpretation.

Just because YCYOR is dangerous, not all variations of reality creation are necessarily false. It does not mean that reality is so objective that our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs have no effect upon it, that reality is nothing more than harsh struggle for survival by tooth and claw. Manifestation and requesting are real tools available to you, that if used properly and wisely, can make your life as easy as it should be.

What it all comes down to is the following:

You incarnate in this life to learn a certain set of pre-arranged lessons. Through synchronicity, your Higher Self guides the flow of your life on an archetypal level to introduce these lessons when you are ready to learn them. It is up to you, via your freewill, to determine how you turn these archetypal scripts into concrete experiences. You choose how you learn your lessons, the easy way based on awareness, or the hard way based on ignorance.

Under ideal circumstances, you always learn these lessons the easiest way, which is a way most closely aligned with the mindset of the Higher Self, a virtuous spiritual position endowed with awareness and discernment.

But there is much possibility for going astray. Because you have freewill, you can commit "errors". Even worse, negative forces exist to trick and manipulate you into straying as far from your life path as possible. There is no wrong path through life, as all lead to you learning the same lessons in the end. Nevertheless, the farther you stray from the easiest path, the more lengthy, convoluted, and painful the path toward learning that particular lesson.

Thus, for every given lesson, you choose the degree of painful suffering necessary to learn it. If you choose with discernment, no suffering is necessary.

The more ignorant you are, the more painful your struggle. Pain, anguish, and suffering out of ignorance are what negative forces feed upon. They have a vested interest in manipulating you into making ignorant choices. Instead of going home on a clear and straight highway, they trick you into taking a long detour with many tollbooths along the way.

The proper use of manifestation and requesting is to help you learn your lessons as easily as possible. Because learning lessons is all that matters, there is no virtue in choosing the most painful struggle toward achieving them. That is actually a sign of ignorance. Ideally, learning them should be fun, and if you are aware and make good use of what knowledge you have attained, learning will indeed be fun.

Not all lessons must be experienced with pain, because it is obvious that clever people can learn from the mistakes of others. This arises from the concept that, in truth, we are all "one" on a fundamental soul level, and learning from the mistakes of others is an action that illustrates one's correct understanding of this principle. Always having to experience something negative for oneself is a sign that one is separate, alone, and more individuated than one truly is.


The price of that ignorance is having to suffer through a painful experience. Experience is a means to an end of learning a lesson. Those who make experience the end goal are going down the negative path.

There are two ways to end the pain of an unnecessarily arduous path. One either fights to get back on track (such as completing karmic issues or eradicating subconscious programs), or one ignores the pain and continues on the detour thinking all is fine. The latter path is one advocated by YCYOR, where serious problems are ignored rather than confronted and overcome.

If you have made a bad choice in life and are presently painfully struggling because of this choice, the only thing you can do is stop straying even more; you must grit your teeth and gradually move forward in the right direction. It may be difficult to do so, but going forward with a commitment to awareness and discernment is the only permanent solution.

Those on the negative path are ones who have chosen the detour, the path of separation, and have accepted the resulting struggle as a way of life. Rather than getting back on track, they toughen themselves to face the pain, and make an industry out of pulling other beings off track and into the wilderness to be fed upon. Their subjectivity fools them into thinking that their fantasy interpretations of reality are objective.

Manifestation and requesting are methods at your disposal to help you stay on smooth road, or to help you to return if you have strayed. Once you are on that road, you must still move forward. Manifesting and requesting are auxiliary methods to accompany the main thrust of your existence which consists of actively using knowledge to evolve and gather more knowledge, to change your environment which helps other beings evolve as well.


Manifestation and requesting cannot be relied upon alone, but they should also not be abandoned.




Part II

Using proper manifesting and requesting in conjunction with initiative and action on your part is the quickest way to learning the lessons you came here to learn. Manifesting is how you use your metaphysical abilities to synchronistically influence components of your reality, including the lower freewill beings in it, to keep your life from being unnecessarily difficult.


Requesting is how you allow higher forces in your network to watch over you and guide you toward what is best for your evolution and do things that you simply cannot do because of your practical limits.

The guidance, protection, and ease acquired from these two methods merely clear the path through life, but you must still make the effort (fun struggle) to progress and move forward through it. This is why manifesting and requesting (two components to reality creation) comprise only half of proper living. The other half is personal effort and action.

YCYOR promotes the idea that these two things are sufficient to create everything one needs, that no effort at all is necessary. Its followers become armchair experiencers. Like spectators of television football games, they may be watching exercise happen, but they themselves become increasingly out of shape. Doing reality creation without putting forth personal effort leads to an analogous situation, spiritual stagnation.

Here is an example of the balanced application of reality creation principles with personal action:

Let us say you wish to get a better job. Just manifesting and requesting alone will often not be enough to make this happen, if you do not make personal effort to send out resumes and go to interviews. Although possible, it is very unlikely that you can simply sit at home next to the phone and expect a company to call you out of the blue and offer you the job you want. In addition to reality creation, personal effort is absolutely necessary to get results.

On the other hand, consider the possibility that you are too skeptical or proud to even try proper reality creation. In this case, you can send out resumes and go to interviews, but you will find that your "luck" is absent. You must apply a great amount of effort to secure that better job.


If you do reality creation, however, you will find your luck increasing and the perfect job popping up after just a few tries. In that case, you would have made enough personal effort to learn the required lesson, but because you utilized reality creation, which is part of your toolbox in life, you did not have to struggle with more pain than necessary.

In practice, however, your Higher Self ultimately decides what is best for you. If your effort at Reality Creation is in conflict with your Higher Self's judgment, you will not succeed in getting what you want. Often you will later find that what you wanted would have really been a bad idea had you gotten it.

To clarify, just the right amount of personal effort is synonymous with fun struggle. More personal effort than necessary is defined as painful struggle in this article. Struggle or effort is necessary for spiritual evolution. Such effort is optional when you have already learned a particular lesson but are temporarily handicapped due to amnesia of that lesson. Thus, some people can do well with reality creation and not need to apply as much personal effort as others who require that effort to evolve. Reality creation works best for those who are most highly evolved, who do not need to learn those lessons from scratch.

YCYOR makes people think they need less personal effort to get through life than they really do. Illusory limits make people think they need more personal effort. Both are traps designed by negative forces to make their targets either easier to prey upon, or more productive energy producers.

But remember, as far as manifesting is concerned, you can influence reality when it does not violate anyone's freewill. Also remember that freewill cannot be violated if it is not being utilized, and this fact alone allows one to create stupendous synchronicities that incur no spiritual detriment, just by manifesting one's virtuous desires. So you do not need to be "highly evolved" (whatever that means to you), just more evolved than the components of reality you need changed to fulfill your manifestation.

A mundane example is getting a good parking spot at the super market. You can manifest that reality, and most often it will materialize. What happens is that everyone else in the parking lot is too dazed to realize that they can do the same, and they will either miss that good spot "reserved" for you, or else someone will pull out just when you need it.


They will pull out at the right moment because their behavior was influenced by your attempted manifestation to create that synchronous timing. That they pulled out at that precise moment does not violate their freewill, either because the act is too trivial, or because they were too unaware to behave otherwise.

Awareness is what anchors your freewill to a particular thing.


If you do not have awareness of something, your freewill does not claim it, and it therefore becomes easily malleable by forces who cannot or choose not to violate your freewill.


The following four possibilities illustrate the "rule" of this principle:

  1. When you are aware of something no one else is aware of, you can change it easily by manifestation techniques, declaration of your intent, and direct physical action. Because no one else is aware of it, your change of this element of your (and their) reality does not violate their freewill. The only resistance you may encounter in this case is non-allowance by your Higher Self who may see some changes you are attempting to manifest, as detrimental to your learning curriculum.

  2. When you are aware of something that others are aware of as well, a potential tug of war between opposing freewill may occur. Who wins depends on who had the greater amount of freewill and the knowledge to utilize it. Should you have tremendous amounts of freewill, or else are no longer bound to the realities of others, your own reality becomes easily and directly changeable by you, as easily as is done in a lucid dream. But do not be fooled into thinking you are necessarily at that level already.

  3. When you are not aware of something that no other humans are aware of either, then that portion of your environment becomes fluid, much like an unobserved particle becomes a wave function, an enfolded hologram. These elements of your environment are most easily changed by beings who are aware of it, but who cannot or choose not to violate your freewill otherwise. Because you and no one else is aware of it, no freewill anchors that element of reality, and it is free for alteration by lower beings or respectful higher beings.

  4. When you are not aware of something, but another human or entity is indeed aware, then that portion of your reality coupled to theirs is easily altered by them, for such an alteration does not violate your freewill since you did not anchor it to that changeable element.

These four possibilities follow from the laws of freewill and how we create our reality in concert with others. These possibilities also follow from the macroscopic consequences of quantum mechanical laws.

Schroedinger's Cat, a classic thought experiment dealing of quantum mechanics, illustrates these principles, though given a few corrections to the experiment.


The cat, which at any moment may be dead or alive, is physically shielded inside a box through which the scientists can gather no data to determine whether it is, in fact, dead or alive. In truth, it is not necessarily lack of physical perception that makes reality fluid, that allows the cat to be in a wave state of both dead and alive possibilities, but rather lack of conscious awareness of that element.


The scientists staring at the box, wondering if the cat is dead or alive, are influencing and objectifying the state of the cat because despite not being able to see into the box, their consciousness is still directed toward it, they are still aware of the experiment and thus influence it. Consciousness of the cat aside, if the scientists went out to lunch and forgot about the experiment, and no one else in the world was thinking about the experiment either, then is the cat indeed in a wave state including both possibilities.


But the moment anyone focuses their attention on the experiment, whether they know the cat's state or not, the experiment reverts to a non-wave state.

Therefore, when it comes to the fluid nature of elements in one's own reality, it is not enough to merely close one's eyes, but actually disengage one's freewill from it by entirely forgetting about that element. This frees it up for influence by other forces.

Thus, the less aware and alert you are, the more malleable or fluid your reality is to other beings who wish to change it without violating your freewill. Having awareness of something locks it down, then only alterable by direct physical action, or only by metaphysical action on the part of beings with more freewill than you who wisely override your lockdown of that element of reality to ensure your learning lessons flow in smooth sequence.

Therefore, fluidity of your reality is not necessarily detrimental, for most of reality creation requires such fluidity before reality can be reshuffled into what you demand or request. The trick is in becoming aware of all possible changes (locking them down to prevent influence from lower negative forces), and then stating your request specifically and honestly, which opens up one of those possibilities to fluidity. If your request is specific enough, lower negative forces cannot take advantage of that fluidity because it only flows in a direction that is as you specified, without loopholes or opportunity for negative twisting.

It is important to note that if you anchor your freewill to an element of "reality" that does not actually exist, but was artificially created by negative forces, then the creator of that artificial element essentially controls you through that anchor. These artificial reality elements can consist of false paradigms, false perceptions, subjective illusions, and so on.

Another critical thing to realize is that when you do reality creation, unless it is in the form of manifesting which influences the behavior of lower evolved beings, reality transforms only because something higher than your present state of consciousness made it change.

Reality creation, in the form of requesting, changes reality indirectly via a higher force. This higher force often makes it clear to you that you were not the creator of that change, merely its requester. How does it do so? By fulfilling the request in such a way slightly different from the way you requested it.


The synchronicities created to fulfill your request often come as surprises, in a way you did not expect.

The primary reason for this is to prove that you, the ego-level consciousness, are not complete master of your reality.

The secondary reason behind surprising synchronicities is that synchronicities in general happen most easily when that aspect of reality is fluid; it is fluid because you are unaware of it, which in turn leads to its surprising nature when the requested change materializes. If you make a request, then keep expecting it to materialize, never allowing that possibility to become fluid due to your constant obsessing and lack of faith whether it happens or not, if your request is indeed to be fulfilled, it must happen through elements of your reality that are still fluid, not locked down by your constant expecting, and thus consist of elements you are not aware of, which will seem surprising when they create a given synchronicity.

This leads to the core issue of how reality works and how synchronicities happen. What we know to be physical reality is nothing but a shared dream maintained by the collective consciousness of all who participate in this reality. The collective consciousness is bound via a central coordinating mechanism that may be called the Grand Matrix of physicality.


Within this physical universe exist minor matrices, including that overlaying the earth, known as the earth grid. This is a local mechanism interfacing with the collective consciousness of humanity to maintain reality on earth as we know it. Like Einstein said, reality is illusion, albeit a persistent one. Its persistence makes it objective for all practical purposes, but its illusory nature makes it malleable enough to be influenced by our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Our reality consists not only of the present state of things, but our perceived past as well. The sum of our present and past states of recorded personal existence comprise a particular timeline.

We are conditioned to accept that the past is written in stone, and are divided over whether the future is fated, or if it is open. In truth, it is open because we have freewill to change it, or rather, choose which future we manifest by our actions and metaphysical influences.

Those who think the future is alterable are comfortable with the idea of shifting through probable futures, but most are bothered by the idea of a shifting past. In actuality, the liquidity of the future is exactly the same as liquidity of the past. Causality only applies within timelines, and can be thrown out the window if you move between timelines and have your memories (and anything that records the past) rearranged in the process.

Linear time, the idea that our past is set and future yet to come, is all an illusion. Linear time is a product of our minds, a limited interpretation of the way time actually functions. It is not time that moves past us while we watch, but our consciousness which moves through various timelines and experiences. Everything physical, in all its manifestations and possibilities, has already been created and exists as a static hologram.


What has not been created yet is the world path we freely take through these possibilities, which particular experiences we choose, and what paths we take in learning a particular lesson. All probable futures have been created, but which of those futures we choose to move into is open.

All this is not to say that we are hopelessly lost due to the fickle nature of our past and instability of our memories, because changes to the linear past obey the same laws as changes to the present or future, which mean respecting freewill. Manifesting and requesting things which materialize in one's future work best when they do not violate freewill, and changes to the past follow the same rule.

In other words, changes to fluid elements in reality does not only mean changes to present reality, but shifts in an entire timeline, past and present.

Just as negative entities with lower freewill cannot successfully attack you and manipulate your future unless you allow them or have a lapse in awareness, so are they barred from altering your past unless similar conditions exist. This is because past and future are identically frayed.


These negative forces, most existing in a hyperdimensional state beyond linear time, do not concern themselves with causality, with "going back in time" and changing key events, but rather merging an alternate timeline (or dimension) with your current one, which is identical to pulling all of mankind on to that alternate timeline. Whether timelines are merged into yours, or whether you and mankind are pulled into the alternate timeline makes no difference, for both are the same concept.

To these hyperdimensional negative forces, messing with your timeline is simply a matter of moving you and all connected to you spatially across timelines into another, if they can. Because of your freewill and higher protection, they are very limited in where they can move you, or which timelines they can merge with yours. This is just another way of saying that they are limited in what elements of your reality (which includes recorded past and present circumstances) they can change.

All their timeline manipulations only affect linear time. Linear time is the progression of physical events which are in actuality already created and remain a static hologram of quasi- infinite possibilities. Linear time is like the "time" of a movie or audio CD, already recorded, but selectively playable. Actual time consists of one's progression of choices among these possibilities of experience, and is measured not in tics of seconds, but in demarcations of lessons learned.

The timeline manipulations cannot affect your freewill path through the spatial time plane unless that is what you choose, though making a choice difficult for someone is not a freewill violation if it does not keeping him from making that choice.

Choosing, the core process engendered by freewill, is necessary to complete learning lessons in life. With choice denied, freewill is violated, and a lesson is delayed indefinitely. Thus, while negative forces with lower freewill cannot deny you choices, they can bias them toward one most benefiting to their agenda. For them, it is a gamble.


If they win, you will make a foolish choice because you gave in to negative principles such as hatred, laziness, greed, lust, or fear. In that case, they get some of your energy, a partial conversion to their polarity, and the temporary removal of a potential threat to their agenda. If you win, however, the more difficult they biased your choices, the greater and quicker your spiritual evolution, and the more invulnerable you become to further manipulation.


This reveals the ultimate purpose of negative forces, which is to act as resistance for those striving in a positive direction just as weights act as resistance for bodybuilders.

When it comes to timeline manipulations, negative forces of lower freewill can only alter your timeline in a way that biases your choices, that makes things more difficult for you. That is, unless they possess time travel technology which works on physical principles you agreed in the contract with physicality, in which your ego-level freewill can indeed be violated.

Disregarding that possibility, these changes will appear as negative synchronicities to you, also known as bad luck. Your Higher Self does not create bad synchronicities for you, it merely opens the gates and allows a few negative forces to do what they do best. The purpose of such bad luck is to alert you that a change in belief, perception, thought, feeling, and action are necessary.


Whether you change them toward a more negative polarity and carnally fight through them, or whether you follow a positive polarity and proceed with wisdom, discernment, and fun struggle, is entirely up to you. Your goal is to learn the lesson and apply it, so that the particular timeline manipulation and resultant negative synchronicity does not happen again. Remember, when implemented by lower negative forces, it happened only because you were not aware of it, which provided an unguarded bridge into your reality. Become aware to passively protect, and utilize knowledge to actively protect.

So far the article has concerned theory, discussing why YCYOR (You Create Your Own Reality) fails, and why true Reality Creation works.

My goal is to inform you about the importance of using all your life tools and help opportunities, to be careful about assessing what you are truly capable of, and to proceed in life with awareness, wisdom, and discernment. Your learning lessons should be as fun and easy as possible.

To continue, the subject of "positive thinking" needs to be clarified. The problem with New Age's version of positive thinking is that it comes at the expense of awareness, for it is a product of pure ignorance and denial.


On a scale of awareness, there are two places where one feels blissful:

  • either at the point of no awareness, in which one wallows in ignorant bliss,

  • or in total awareness, where one understands that there is nothing to worry about since all preparations have been made and lessons learned.

YCYOR positive thinking urges one to be at the bottom of the awareness scale, while true Reality Creation requires having full awareness.

True positive thinking is not denial or ignorance of the negative, but full awareness and understanding of how to deal with the negative. New Age positive thinking is merely a false fix, an attempt to suppress internal pressure and misery which arise because of fundamental misperceptions due to lack of awareness. If a pressure cooker is about to explode, it is better to turn off the heat than press down harder on the lid. With true positive thinking, your awareness fosters correct perceptions, which lead to the correct emotions and actions to match a given situation.


Perceptions, emotions, and actions are a balanced trinity when awareness is sufficient.

The less awareness one has, the more unbalanced the trinity, with resultant detrimental effects which benefit negative forces. Unbalanced perceptions make it easier for your reality and timeline to be manipulated, for attacks to happen through gaps in your awareness. Unbalanced actions lead to self-sabotage, a missed opportunity to take active protection. Unbalanced emotions lead to either mechanization of the soul, or an overflow of emotional energy which are lapped up by negative forces who feed upon it.

Gaining awareness and utilizing knowledge balances perceptions, emotions, and actions, solving all these problems. For example, we often mistakenly assume that others act upon motivations that are identical to our own. Given the same circumstance, it seems we would behave the same. In reality, there is more to behavior than environmental circumstance.


We differ in our individual experiences, what programs we have assimilated into our neural circuits, our genetic predispositions, what we have learned, our emotional learning path, and the orientation and degree of sophistication of our soul development. Often it is our emotional learning path that determines, via acausal principles and shuffling of the timeline, what circumstances we are born into and encounter throughout life; this complicates the "nature vs. nurture" dichotomy concerning human behavior.

Nevertheless, the assumption that everyone is functionally equal leads to much emotional anguish when we fail to reconcile their behavior with our own. A paradox arises because reality conflicts with our assumptions, and our attempts to solve the paradox without further awareness only puts our hearts through the perpetual grinding stone. In such cases, our perceptions are skewed. For instance, we may mistakenly see a virtually soulless person as having a heart, and then attempt to rationalize how he could do such horrendous things if we ourselves could never commit such cruelty.

False positive thinking would consist of ignoring the paradox rather than solving it. Changing our perceptions via ignorance or awareness may both lead to emotional tranquility, but these comprise only 2/3 of the trinity. The third element, action, differs between the two cases.


Those who ignore the paradox will be incapable of taking appropriate action to rectify the source of their problem.


But were we to gain knowledge about the true nature of this person, after necessary contemplation and discernment we may recognize his true nature. If he has no soul, for example, we would realize that he therefore has no empathy. In other cases, the person may have a different soul orientation from our own, different experiences, or differences in any of the other numerous physical, psychological, and metaphysical variables that bias freewill and contribute toward human behavior.


Being open to the idea that such differences exists prevents us from overlooking them. Therefore, in such cases we neither take offense nor continue to perpetuate the paradox. This corrects our perceptions, and we may then behave in an appropriate manner without spilling emotional energy.

If any single element, be it perceptions, actions, or feelings do not match and balance the others, you will be fed upon, exploited, controlled, and sometimes even sabotaged. For example, if you understand the nature of psychopaths and do not shed tears for their contrived dramas or get into rage over their intentional provocations, but neglect to take any action to stop them from doing so, they will just hammer away at you and feed off you in other ways.


That is because despite your perceptions and feelings being appropriate, lack of action creates the imbalancing factor. Likewise, if you have balanced perceptions and take appropriate action, but your feelings are in turmoil, these etheric vampires stick around to soak up the energy. All elements of the trinity must be in balance.

More generally, correct positive thinking means viewing life from an aware perspective, and thinking/acting/feeling in a manner consistent with this new understanding. The more aware you are, the higher your evolution, and if you are evolving toward a positive polarity, the more resonant you become with your Higher Self. Feeling good emotions is secondary to becoming more aware and acting upon that awareness.


For some New Agers, feeling good emotions is the primary goal, and actions or awareness is often neglected. Unlike this faulty type of positive thinking, the good emotions that result from correct positive thinking happen because of a true understanding of the situation. Without taking action, preparation is avoided, and ignorant bliss becomes short lived. By taking action, preparation is made, and attacks are prevented or defeated.

It is true that you attract what you focus upon. This does not mean that you can prevent what you ignore, however. Attraction of probable futures (or merging of alternate timelines), via manifesting or requesting, does not "prevent" anything, it merely increases the probability of that focused possibility. Prevention requires not ignorance, but the active utilization of knowledge.

How can you know if thinking positively about something is an act of denial or one of understanding?


Sometimes you cannot. The best course of action is to think positively regardless, but always act upon your awareness and do what you have to do, be it prevention, standing up to an imposing force, or actively deconstructing illusory limits. In this way, you attract positive experiences, but also take physical measures to prevent negative situations. The latter is missing from YCYOR, which leaves its followers very vulnerable to attacks.

One rule of thumb that works well for me goes as follows: Let the heart be your compass and intellect be your flashlight. The heart shows you where to go, the intellect shows you where you're stepping.

Your Higher Self does not fear anything, nor does it have hatred, jealousy, vengeance, lust, or greed. These emotions, among others, are to be avoided, but not suppressed. If you have to suppress them, this means you are merely patching over faults in your perceptions rather than increasing your awareness.


You increase awareness by observing, thinking, contemplating, analyzing, theorizing, testing, feeling, and experiencing.


You will know that your positive emotions match your perceptions and awareness if it thrusts you into taking action that cuts off the source of an annoyance at its root, that gets you to change your reality via active participation.

Due to illusory limits and programmed misperceptions, most of us have a more negative outlook on life than necessary. A negative outlook is one that makes us feel we have more limits than we actually do.

When we have negative emotions, they consist of two parts: one subjective half induced by illusory limits, and the other objective half induced by provocations in the environment. To solve the problem of a negative emotion, change must take place both internally and externally. Internally, we must dissolve subjective emotions based on limited awareness by filling in perceptual holes with true understanding. Externally, we cut off the source of an annoyance by taking action based on discernment.

For example, if a person at work pushes your buttons all the time, not only must first you understand his true nature and thus diffuse the subjective half of the negative emotions you would otherwise generate, but you must also take action and stand up to him or do whatever is necessary to get him to stop attacking you, which then removes the other objective half of your negative emotions by cutting off its external source or removing oneself from it.

It is not enough to only extinguish subjective emotions, because objective negative emotions remain unsolved and not acted upon. Thus, the external provocation remains. Ignoring objective emotions and failing to take well planned action leads to a "turn the other cheek" attitude, a submission to violence, and one remains a victim.

Victimhood is not only a state of mind, but a state of inaction. There are some who think that merely changing one's mentality removes them from victimhood. Plenty of talk exists about ridding oneself of "victim mentality", but that is only half of the solution. The other half is to rid oneself of "victim behavior" by not allowing the predator to feed, exploit, or control oneself.

Although malleable, reality does have much objectivity, which as already explained is a consequence of contracts one has made with other beings and forces, contracts made at a level you cannot break without evolving to that level or requesting your Higher Self to make such exceptions. Because of the objectivity of reality, changing your mentality is not always enough to solve a problem; action is often needed. The proportion of mental to physical change required depends on the situation, of course.

But to deny the objective component of such an experience is sheer ignorance, like in the case of a prisoner who thinks he is free just because he changes his mentality and tries to enjoy being imprisoned. Besides, is that not one goal of negative forces in their quest to manipulate us, to get us to love our prison or perhaps deny that we even exist in one? This is another trap of YCYOR, to make us believe our reality is more subjective than it truly is. In truth, our prison is both psychological and physical, internal and external, and breaking out requires changes in both.

When it comes to organic portals, to apply the preceding principles you must first dissolve all subjective negative emotions within yourself by understanding what is really going on, and only then should you take action to remove the rest of the annoyance. If you attempt to remove an organic portal without first changing your perceptions and diffusing the psychologically induced component of your emotional response, the organic portal will simply feed off of you.


Crudely put, their behavior will not change because your over-emotional attempt to tell them off actually gets them off.

By first understanding the situation, what emotions you do have left are objective, righteous, and in alignment with your perceptions; these, the organic portal cannot feed upon. By taking action without submitting food, the organic portal has no choice but to retreat and find someone else to feed on.

The benefits of true Reality Creation, when used in conjunction with personal effort and objective action, should be apparent by now.


The remainder of this article describes two ways of how to apply Reality Creation.



Once again, when it comes to manifesting, you can best influence elements of your reality that you have already evolved beyond, whose associated lessons you have learned, and who exist in a lower frequency of awareness than you.


The less evolved and aware you are, the more you stay slave to your physical reality, and the more you might tend to rely upon technology to manipulate it into obeying your will.

If evolved, you are entrusted with the ability to change lower elements by virtue of your relative higher awareness and discernment. If you try to manifest something for negative reasons, either your attempt will fail due to lack of awareness which generated the negativity, or else you will tarnish your spiritual track record and impose upon yourself some karma. Karma is just a check list of things one needs to experience to learn.

Manifestation requires utilization of one's freewill, the active employment of will, intent, and focus.


Mere mechanical attempts at manifestation tend to fail, unless they are of an extremely ritualistic and symbolic nature which actually comprises a way of hacking into reality.


Ritual and magic is a type of technology, a crutch that atrophies freewill and hitches one's soul to the negative hierarchy if used as an ends rather than a means to an ends. It is recommended that one stay away from ritual and magic, for they are not necessary, and tend to be detrimental methods of manipulating higher forces irresponsibly.

Manifesting means changing your reality without applying physical action. It is a facilitator of physical action, not its replacement. The basis of manifesting involves using one's mind to create or seek out an alternate timeline, an alternate possibility to the way things are now or will most likely go in short time. Present reality and that alternate reality must be made identical in order for manifested changes to materialize.

How exactly one goes about doing this varies from person to person. What works for one might not work for another. To discover what works for you, just think back to all the times you actually got what you intended to manifest and what state of mind you were in.

The following method and theory describes my personal application of Reality Creation principles, which may or may not be identical or similar to what works for you. Keep in mind that these are no substitute for direct action, preparation, fun struggle, or prevention. There merely aid these things, ridding one's life of unnecessary friction.

Here is the method and theory I use:

  • First, you must be fully conscious to manifest something, which means planting your mind firmly upon this point in space and time, becoming aware of the here and now. This channels your will and energy into the actual present reality within which you exist, rather than sloppily diffusing it across random dimensions and moments as is typical of daydreams or states of inattention. This energy will be used to bind present reality to the one you intend to manifest.

  • While maintaining this alertness of the present moment and location, visualize what it is you intend to manifest. This creates an alternate dimension, an assemblage of thought-forms, a way of seeking out candidate timelines which match the intended manifestation. The best fitting timelines are automatically selected, ones that accommodate the freewill of everyone whose realities are coupled to yours.

  • Last, you need to merge your visualized dimension or candidate timeline with present reality. This is done by identifying both of them as being the same thing, by intending and believing that what you visualized is present reality. You use the feeling of full consciousness and awareness of the present reality to empower the visualized reality. They thus become bound together, and synchronicities arise to complete their merger.

To summarize, first you consciously grab hold of the present reality by focusing on this point in space and time, then construct or select an alternate reality by visualizing the subject of your manifestation.


You empower that visualization with the feeling of presence gained from focusing upon the present reality, and then fully bind the two by seeing them as identical.


This process can be abbreviated by skipping the first step, and simply placing full focus and intent into the visualized reality. The purpose of the first step is just to get a feel for "actuality".

In other words,

  • know what you want

  • demand what you want

  • mean what you demand

The more specific you are in your demands, the more likely it will happen. This is because manifestation requires the directing of will, and being specific directs one's will with precision. Being specific also shows use of awareness, the accurate pinpointing of one's demands rather than a blind shot in the dark.

Whether manifesting is an act of wishful thinking or the positive use of one's abilities, depends on whether it aids spiritual evolution, respects freewill, is demanded with full consideration of truth and, is directed downward on the spiritual hierarchy, and is even possible to achieve.

On the one hand, it can be used for negative purposes and the control of others, or it can be used for positive purposes such as protection from redundant attacks and hassles.


Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that the method of manifestation is only auxiliary, to be used for making things as easy as they should be, but cannot be relied upon to actually thrust you through life.



This method is also known as prayer, though it does not require kneeling or folding one's hands.


When requesting something, you can direct it toward all positive and higher aspects of your own consciousness, including your Higher Self, positive entities who are more evolved than you, and the universe itself. The point of requesting is to make use of the network you are part of, to allow higher aspects of yourself to do things that you yourself cannot do because of your limited evolution.


They will help if they deem it a wise thing to do, if it does not hinder your spiritual evolution.

Unlike the process of manifesting, you are not sending your will and energy outward to twist the arm of anyone or anything. You are merely announcing your openness, making an earnest request for help from higher positive sources, who normally respect your freewill and therefore do not intervene unless you give them permission.

Help from higher forces is unlike influence from lower negative forces, who absolutely cannot interfere unless you give them permission, which unfortunately comes in more forms than mere verbal submission. Other forms of permission included your contract with physicality, personal displays of ignorance, and succumbing to subjective negative emotions.

As the saying goes, "God helps those who help themselves", and "ask and ye shall receive".


Reality must be met halfway, and requests are only granted if one has first done everything one can do. In other words, do all you can do, and if you request, the rest will be taken care of.

Like manifestation, requesting is merely an aid to living. Its best application is in helping you get protection from things you cannot personally protect yourself from.



We exist to learn and evolve. The nature of a particular reality we operate within reveal how such lessons should best be learned.


This is because at some level, we choose the circumstances of our lives to best facilitate our evolution. Evolution progresses most efficiently when full use is made of all available resources, physical and metaphysical.

Attempting to evolve while adhering to a purely physical paradigm results in unnecessary pain, friction, and interference. Trying to evolve while only following a metaphysical perspective leads to stagnation, vulnerability, and sloth. But combining both to create a balanced paradigm and approach to life results in efficient learning and evolving. We exist on earth for a reason, which is to learn and evolve by both physical and metaphysical means, by transforming both ourselves and our environment in accordance with divine structure.

Changing our environment without changing ourselves leads to irresponsibility and refusal to learn, while changing ourselves without changing the environment is a selfish act that defeats many people's purpose for even being here. This change of the environment is simply the physical effect of a higher positive metaphysical cause, the creative influx of higher energies which lead to personal actions which change the environment in a way that facilitates the evolution of all.


Change of oneself means personally evolving by gaining knowledge and awareness. The purpose of physicality is to lock different beings into common dimensional arenas of interaction, so they can evolve via that interaction. Thus, the goal of physical existence is to personally evolve by helping others evolve, no matter the polarity.

The objective nature of our reality demands that it is not enough to change the world by merely transforming our internal psychological and spiritual state. We do create our own reality, but at a level beyond our total control at this level of evolution, and thus there are some things we cannot change by merely changing ourselves. These require utilization of knowledge, putting what one has learned into practice.

Internal transformation and growth by themselves only have a passive effect upon reality by setting up synchronicities, passive protection, and other reality creation processes. These can only do so much; they cannot do all.


The rest can be achieved only through active efforts, which occur when internal transformation guides one's actions. When it comes to seeking to materialize something positive, it is not enough to only think positively and do reality creation, but to take action and make it happen. And when it comes to protection, it is not enough to become aware of dangers and request protection or intend that they keep away, but to get into action and take preparatory or preventative measures.


Reality creation facilitates action, but does not take its place.

While YCYOR is a trap designed by negative forces to disarm its targets for easier consumption, true Reality Creation provides metaphysical tools which help one progress through one's learning lessons as efficiently and painlessly as possible.


Manifestation and requesting are methods of true Reality Creation which make good use of our position on the spiritual hierarchy between higher and lower evolved beings and forces.


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