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NASA publishes the images of the sun to the world every day. Surprisingly some of them happened to show the UFOs battles around the sun.



The Battle of September 25. 2001


The battle scene would be too big for human common sense to believe. Are those bright spots and light streaks made by the protons emitted from the sun? Or are those phenomena made by the solar wind which affected the CCD of the observing device? Or are they really battle scenes among alien UFOs? Perhaps many of us think they must be natural phenomena.


However careful study proves they are not natural phenomena. This site is going to prove they are not natural phenomena but the real fighting scene among UFOs. There are many types of pictures of the sun shot by NASA. They are the pictures of the sun shot with various filters.


The normal pictures are shot so that they can observe the sunspot activities in the sun or the prominence. However the pictures introduced here are not for the observation of the sun itself but the observation of the surrounding space of the sun. Therefore there is the supporting bar of the mask for concealing the sun in the leftish below of the picture.


Though the battles around the sun have been confirmed eleven times until now, some of them are introduced below.



The Battle on November 6, 2001


This is one of the battle scenes. Many UFOs are seen

Careful Study show that each bright spot (UFO) are making formation.


The battle formation of the human fighters is a triangle in the least number because they can't move vertically in high speed.


The battle formation of UFOs in the least number is a triangular pyramid, because they can move to any direction.


Some people insist these spots are natural phenomenon. (For example they are energy or light particles emitted from the sun.) But we can understand natural phenomenon can't make the formation.



Saturn-type-bright-object on January 23, 2002

This is the Gigantic Saturn-type-UFO.

Some may think it is the planet like Mercury or Venus.


You will find Saturn-type-UFO disappears in only fifteen minutes in later page.




The Battle on November 5, 2001

The battle of this day was the biggest scale.
The surrounding space of the sun was full of the light streaks of the shock-wave-guns.

The picture seems to show many broken battle-ships are exploding one after another.




The Battle on September 25, 2001 at (10:33) and (21:12)

Both are also battle scenes.

Please note the bright spots are making up groups.



No Battle Scene on September 2, 2000

The following image shows the picture of the surrounding space of the sun when there is no battle.

Please compare with above ones of battle scenes.





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