July 9, 2007

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'Area 51: The Alien Interview' fuels the debate as to whether aliens are authentic and seek contact with humankind.


Area 51 is a top-secret underground military base in the middle of Nevada whose existence government officials long denied. Some believe Area 51 is the center of the U.S. government's clandestine UFO research. Edwards Air Force Base, famous as a test center for classified aircraft and other exotic weapons, controls the strange site.


'Area 51: The Alien Interview' features footage allegedly smuggled out of Area 51 by a mysterious character known only as Victor. Taken through a one-way mirror, the footage depicts an alien creature being questioned by a United States general and his telepathic aide.


Viewers will decide for themselves whether this striking film is a true documentation of government efforts to communicate with aliens or... Sean David Morton was instrumental in bringing this film to the public along with many other projects...


He is located at Delphi Associates.